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technology service and support to 5FM, Metro, Radio 2000 and all selector work stations of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, in order to ensure 24 hour availability and up-time of the system. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES Efficient and effective maintenance of the system, in order to prevent system failures and ensure the running of the system at optimal speed Provide backups of all music, programmes and database, in order to ensure data retrieval in cases of failure Set up, manage and cost-effectively utilise the system operational budget Ensure the efficient and effective conversion of advertisements from Radio Airtime Sales to the broadcasting system for broadcast Execution of disaster recovery plans, in order to ensure recovery of all broadcast material in the event of a system failure or malfunction Ensure the provision of and provide day-to-day support and advice to the stations in order to ensure optimal functioning and utilisation of the system Immediate response to queries/faults, in order to ensure timeous resolution of problems Provide on-the-job or informal training on the system, in order to ensure smooth operation of the system and enhanced competence of end users Continually monitor the market for new ideas, developments, upgrades and trends, in order to enhance the systems efficiency and effectiveness Continually upgrade software and hardware to ensure up-to-date information technology availability Liase with Radio management in order to ensure optimal delivery on clients needs and requirements Efficient and effective design and implementation of new systems, in order to ensure optimal delivery on business needs and requirements Efficient and effective capacity planning, in order to ensure availability of disk space Efficient and effective management and maintenance of the database, in order to ensure data base integrity Liaise with external vendors and service providers, in order to ensure delivery on SABC needs and requirements Responsibility for SABCs outside broadcast units, ensuring the provision of an efficient and effective broadcast infrastructure and sound operations of live broadcast QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE Information Technology diploma or equivalent 3/ 4 Years experience in hardware, software, networks and database maintenance UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS SKILLS & BEHAVIOURS

Judgement Makes rational, realistic and sound decisions based on consideration of all the facts and alternatives available Problem Analysis Breaks problem into constituent parts and differentiates key elements from the irrelevant or trivial; makes accurate use of logic, and draws sound inferences from information available. ideas; skilful at negotiating Technical Skill and Competence Demonstrated detailed knowledge and expertise in relation to job; readily absorbs new technical information and keeps up-to-date in specialist areas Decisiveness Willing to make firm and speedy decisions and commit to definite courses of action on the basis of limited information if necessary Customer Service Orientation Concerned to provide a prompt, efficient and personalised service to clients; goes out of way to ensure that individual customer needs are met Stress Tolerance Remains calm, objective and in control in stressful situations; maintains a stable performance under pressure; accepts criticism without becoming over defensive Flexibility Adaptable; receptive to new ideas; willing and able to adjust to changing demands and circumstances Self Confidence Independent and self reliant; conveys a realistic confidence in own ability to select appropriate courses of action and in likely success of own initiatives; able to stand ground in face of opposition Execution Drives projects along, gets results, ensures that key objectives are met Apply, with a concise CV, to: The HR Administrator: SABC KZN. Applications may be sent via e-mail to or fax to (031) 362 5222. Closing date 6 June 2008