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Installation of an Access Control System Proposal to: Platform Petroleum

16th March, 2011.



MARET the technology pacesetters

Access Control System

Access Control Overview: Physical Access Control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, building or room to authorized people. This can be accomplished by a person, such as a receptionist or guard, or by mechanical means such as locks and keys. More recently, Access Control has come to be accomplished by technological means using (primarily) card access systems. Early Access Control systems used a keyless lock with mechanical numeric push buttons. Anyone with the entry code could unlock the door when the correct number sequence was entered. Unfortunately, if the entry code had to be changed (example: if an employee left the company), the lock had to be physically removed from the door to change the code a time consuming and often complex process. Today, the most common type of Access Control system uses access control cards and card readers. These systems use readable cards that allow cardholders to unlock doors by presenting their card to a reading device, offering many more advantages than simple mechanical push button keyless locks. In its simplest form, a card will either unlock the door or not. In more complex systems, a particular card may only allow entry through some doors and not through others, or it may allow entry at particular times and not at others. Necessary information about who has what card and what access each one has, are stored in the controller(s). The readers at each access controlled door relay the particular card ID to the controller(s) which validates the cards associated access permissions and either sends a signal to the door to unlock or not.
MARET the technology pacesetters

MARET the technology pacesetters

Smart Key access control system would be used to control all entrance and exit doors, thereby restricting access into the office and also create a log of entry into the office on the system. The system has a database record of all the doors controlled by an Access control System and a user can be created into the cards. There would be a link to a central power backup supply unit. Users are identified via the presentation of RFID Card. Once the control unit identifies the accessing device and matches it with the record in the control unit database, access would be granted immediately. Senior management and security staff can be allowed access to all areas of the building, whilst other personnel only have access to those areas deemed appropriate to their work. Sophisticated control software allows a system administrator to manage the access rights of all users and monitor site activity.

Controllers may be configured and card users enrolled into the system by using a reader and keypad or remote control device. Usually if it is a simple single door system with few users, configuration and enrollment is performed using a reader and keypad or remote control device. Multidoor, more sophisticated systems use the supplied software program. Information about card holders and permissions is uploaded to the access controllers from the software. Card users can be added and/or removed and access schedules and permissions changed very easily using the software. The PC running the software can be attached to the controllers permanently or as needed. The software can be used to monitor access activity both historically and real-time. A log is generated of which card was presented to which reader, by time, and whether the respective door was opened therefore creating a history of who went through which door and when.

MARET the technology pacesetters

MARET the technology pacesetters

Input the card holders' information and security rights into the database through the software. Upload the data to the master controller. Once the data is downloaded to the controller, it can work offline. When a card is read by a reader, its ID is sent to the master controller. The controller will decide whether the card has the access right. If so, the controller will send command to the door control unit to turn on the electric door lock. Records are stored in the controller's memory and can be downloaded later by the software. Doors are locked and unlocked using an Electric Strike or Magnetic Lock. When a card with the appropriate permissions is presented to a reader, the controller sends a signal to the locking device unlocking the door. Electric Strikes and Magnetic Locks can be either Fail Safe (powered when locked) or Fail Secure (Not powered when locked). In general, buildings without a Fire Alarm system use Fail Safe locks that open during a power failure. In buildings where a Fire Alarm system is installed, Fail Secure electric locks can be used. The Fail Secure locks must be connected to the Fire Alarm system so that in the event of a fire, all the doors will be unlocked by the Fire Alarm system. Magnetic Locks are always Fail Secure, while Electric Strikes can be either Fail Secure or Fail Safe.

Hardware Connection
The following diagrams show examples of how the system is connected:

MARET the technology pacesetters

MARET the technology pacesetters

Master Controller Connect with USB or Ethernet Internal Memory can hold 30,000 cards and 80,000 transaction

Smart HUB (optional)

Expand 1 RS485 port to 8 RS485 ports

Door Control Unit Relay control to open door Connect to SmartKey reader or other brands' readers with wiegand interface.

MARET the technology pacesetters

MARET the technology pacesetters

Readers SmartKey EM or Mifare readers. Other brands can be used.

Card Reader with display (TA Terminal)

Card Smart . The Smart ISOProx II Card offers ISOProx II Graphics proximity technology in a card body Quality PVC, specifically designed to accept a contact Embeddable smart card module. It features a graphics Proximity Access Card quality surface optimized for Photo ID printing.

Magicard Enduro ID Card Printing System

100 x Plain White Cards 1 x Black Ribbon (1000 Images) 1 x Colour Ribbon (300 Images) Badge Maker Lite Software.

Smart Access Manager (S.A.M.) is sophisticated software that manages the card holders' information and access rights. It uploads data to controllers and downloads records from controllers.

MARET the technology pacesetters

MARET the technology pacesetters

Benefits of an Access Control System:

Safety and security compliance Audit and reporting Un-manned controlled access Manage work force (Time and Attendance) Manage infrastructure utilization Emergency incident management

Door Access Solution for Selected doors. Access Control Card and Fingerprint Reader N130, 000
MARET the technology pacesetters

per door

MARET the technology pacesetters

Access Control Card 000 Door Mag Lock and Bracket 000 Exit Button Internal Power and Battery Card (50 units) 000 @ N1,000 N55, N 40, N 10, 000 N5, 000 N50, N150, optional

External Power Back up (Inverter) optional 000 Computer System for Software connectivity N145, 000

Installation and commissioning plus material (Per Door) N45, 000

MARET the technology pacesetters