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Ship Operations

Acergy Polaris

Helideck Inspection Close Out Report

Document Number

Helideck Inspection Report made by HCA 30/10/2006
Inspector: John Monaghan

1.0 Issued for Implementation Dec.10.06

Version Reason for Issue Issue Date Prepared by Checked by Approved by


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TABLE OF CONTENTS..........................................................................................................................................2
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No. Report Ref Cat Description Close-out Comment/Action Status/ Responsibility

1 3.2 Critical Radio Equipment Closed Captain
• VHF Portable : 2 x Icom - Headset away Advise when headset on site 19/11/2006
for repair/replacement Headset arrived onboard
2 2.1 High Miscellanous Closed Captain
Dangerous Goods: No HLO
In order to transport 19/11/2006
• Dangerous Goods and/or passengers safely Update/amend procedures manual.
and efficiently it is important that a robust set
of procedures be in place.

• ICAO / IATA DG Regulations : No Purchase up-to-date copy of

Dangerous Goods Regulations.
3 2.4 High Scales for baggage and freight Confirm that a procedure is in place to Closed Captain
Procedures : ensure that only baggage and freight HLO
that can be accurately weighed is 19/11/2006
loaded onto the aircraft.
4 20.3 High Fire Fighting equipment
Concentrate (Performance level 'B')
• Percentage: Unable to ascertain
Suggest replacing existing concentrate with
new AFFF

• % (marked on container) : no ,
This is an aid to preventing mixing of different
% types. Advise action taken Closed Captain
Even different manufactures can be Foam test result satisfactory
Incompatible Chief Officer
• Capacity of the Tank : 3 x 200 ltr barrels
with inductor that has to be moved from one Paint % on tank and preferably attach In progres
barrel to another Manufacturers label
Suggest replacing barrels with single fixed
tank on either side and use 2 x 20 ltr
containers for hand branch
Advise actions taken and time scale Pending
Number of barrels reduced to 2 on
each side. Planning to replace by
fixed tanks in 2007.
5 20.4 High Fire Fighting equipment
Certificate of Conformity 1. Send a copy of the latest test results 1. Closed
• Cert. of conformity,: test report on to the Captain
concentrate, water and produced foam: HCA office or
No recent test results 2. Carry out an immediate test of the 2. Closed
The effectiveness of the fire fighting system system by
is dependant on its ability to deliver the sending the following to a test
correct mix of foam to the fire. laboratory:
Modern concentrates have very fine a) 500ml Produced Foam
tolerances and it is therefore critical that the b) 200ml Concentrate
system is tested and maintained on a regular c) 500ml Induction water
basis to ensure optimum operation. The above should be supplied and
identified for each foam monitor.
Results to be copied to the HCA
Foam test results are satisfactory by
recognized laboratory in France.
Copy attached.
6 23.1 High Helideck Crew
HLO's (Training to OPITO or equivalent
• DG by air Awareness :
Not all crew trained
It is the responsibility of the duty holder to
ensure that all personnel involved in the
movement of passengers, baggage and freight
have completed a DG awareness course. Confirm that all existing helideck crew In progres HLO
Course can be given by: have successfully completed DG
- An External training organisation awareness training and that a procedure
- Internally by a competent person using IATA is in place to ensure that new crew will
Dangerous be trained prior to commencement of
Goods Training Programme booklets duties
the HCA Dangerous Goods course Several members trained onboard in
( or parallel with helideck audit.
other similar training aids. Training of rest of helideck personnel
If the training is done internally then it should will be planned in as arriving
include a onboard.
test. A record of the course given and test
results are to be
retained for inspection by the Aviation Authority
or HCA.
Note: The validity of this course is 2 years
7 1.7 Low Helideck plans: Not seen Submit a copy of plans if available. open Captain
Plans are not essential but can be useful in Electronic copies will suffice.
some circumstances.
8 3.1 Low Radio Equipment
VHF Main
• Connected to emergency supply/ups: Advise proposals for addressing open Captain
Emergency only Will be reviewed at first opportunity
It is important that lights do not cut out
during a power failure.
9 4.3 Low Meteorological Equipment
Precision barometer Confirm date and calibrate equipment open Captain
• Calibration date & report : on a regular basis
Not known Will be checked and calibrated on
UKOOA recommend every 12 months landing of first helicopter
10 4.6 Low Meteorological Equipment
Pitch / Roll / Heave
• Ability of screenshot be emailed to
(or be interrogated by) helicopter
No, System will not be accepted in Norway
without appropriate upgrade
• Procedure for monitoring parameters:
It is essential that aircrew receive a timely Acknowledge Closed Captain
warning of changes to pitch, roll, heave and N/A
heading parameters. OOW

Confirm that a procedure is in place to

inform aircrew of any changes as
outlined in the HCA Procedures - Pitch,
roll and heave" notice
HLO and Radio Operator are
receiving regular updates from DPO
11 4.7 Low Meteorological Equipment
Location of readouts Advise proposals for communicating Closed Captain
• Radio Operator readily refer to all changes in information to aircrew.
Weather information: No Bridge crew in contact with HLO OOW
throughout any Helicopter operation
12 5.6 Low Helideck Equipement
Windsock Replace Closed Chief Officer
• Condition: Showing signs of age Renewed Dec 2006
13 6.8 Low Helideck Surface
Aircraft tie down points Advise proposals for addressing this and Closed Chief Officer
• Condition : Poor give time scale
Severely corroded such that they are very Dec 2006
unlikely to meet the requirements i.e. that they Renewed
be able to take a strain of 5 tons
14 8.2 Low Helideck Markings
Perimeter Line
• Location:
Around edge of deck with exception of area in
front of Satellite Dish Island
Suggest that it would be better to make
perimeter line straight and have it in line with
chevron as discussed, Area outside landing Advise intentions and time scale
area to then be painted in a contrasting colour Closed Chief Officer
e.g., red lead Complete helideck is re-painted
according advised markings Dec 2006

15 8.5 Low Helideck Markings

D Value
• Actual 'D' value : 18.80 Advise intentions and timescale Closed Chief Officer
The lettering is too big, it should be 100mm and
the measured 'D' is 18,96. The 18.80 must be Complete helideck is re-painted Dec 2006
removed so suggest painting 18.95 in place according advised markings
(letters 100mm width)
• Height : See above See above

16 8.8 Low Helideck Markings

Maximum allowable mass: Confirm deck stress has been calculated Pending Fleet Manager
• Does this agree with the design value: Will be addressed to Acergy naval
Not confirmed architect

19 9.1 Low Helideck Net Confirm that net will be fitted in

• Material : NIL accordance with guidelines below if Closed
Net not fitted for operations around Africa requested by helicopter operator
20 10.1 Low Perimeter Net
• Material : Heavy wire mesh Advise new net fitted and integrity Closed Chief Officer
Due to be replaced w/c 06.11.06 confirmed Nov 2006
New perimeter net fitted
21 10.4 Low Perimeter Net
• Detailed visual inspection:
No evidence of procedure for assessing
perimeter net is fit for purpose
An inspection regime should be incorporated to
ensure the perimeter net can fulfil its life saving
function. CAP 437 requires the net to be capable
of containing a 100kg load
dropped from 1m. Advise what the inspection regime for Closed
the perimeter net is and set up a Nov 2006 Chief Officer
procedure in the RMS to carry this out

Loadtest done on completion of

perimeter net installation, ok
22 10.5 Low Perimeter Net
• Hammock effect: Minimal Assess the safety implication and action
The above test may improve the hammock effect accordingly Closed Chief Officer
Hammock affect minimal (steelwire Nov 2006
23 12.2 Low Turbulence
• Hot emissions : Nil, appropriate limitations will be Closed Captain
Exhausts either side of helideck in line with aft applied
edge Possibility to change funnel exhaust
to lower exhaust when required
24 13.1 Low Obstruction Environment
• State items, location and height above Nil, will be noted as non compliant items In Chief Officer
deck level from SLA: Small satellite aerials are lowered progress
Port foam monitor Other items are outside obstruction
Aerial support on roof aft of helideck free zone however, moviing of aerial
Small satellite aerials on forward edge support will be assessed
25 13.2.1 Low Obstruction Environment
• From 0.12 to 0.33D with a 1:2 Existing flashing red light to be replaced In Chief Officer
Slope: with a steady one mounted on the progress
Satellite dish tower forward starboard corner of the top
Prohibited heading landing sector has already handrail
been applied Flashing light will be stopped and
steady red will be installed
26 14.1 Low Perimeter Lights
• Colour : Yellow with red at aft side
The criteria for helideck lighting has changed.
International Legislation will become effective on
1 January 2009. We are advising UK helideck
operators to
make this change at the earliest practical Review the letter and take such steps
opportunity. as required to meet this deadline. Open Fleet Manager
Attached with this report is a letter from the UK Acknowledge.
CAA to
industry outlining the way forward.
27 14.3 Low Perimeter lights
• All working: Replace/repair In HLO
Several units u/s Will be replaced prior to first progress
helicopter arrival
28 14.5 Low Perimeter lights
• Connected to emergency / ups:: Confirm the following or state intentions. Pending Captain
Emergency only but multiple generators 1. At least two primary generators on
available line Chief Engineer
CAP 437 requires that the electrical supply to at all times.
helideck 2. No effective loss of power as the
related systems be from an Uninterrupted Power load is
Supply being transferred from the failed
(UPS) System. generator to
the live generators.
3. Switching systems for the primary
generators are independent of each

If the above cannot be achieved a UPS

System should be installed so that in the
event of a total
failure of the primary system there will
no loss
of power to the helideck.
Issues to be assessed with technical
department and back up supply will
be planned accordingly (DD2007)
29 15.4 Low Flooflights
• Connected to emergency / ups
See comment for perimeter lights [14.5]

See comment for perimeter lights [14.5] Pending Captain

See 28
Chief Engineer
30 17.1 Low Obstruction Marking and Lighting
• Structures > 15m above deck level Open Fleet Manager
J lay tower Advise timescale for completion
Tower should be lit by obstruction lights every
10m from 15m adl
Issue to be assessed with technical
• Omnidirectional red lights every 10m adl. department and back up supply will
Satellite dish island - see 13.2.1 be considered accordingly (DD2007)
31 20.2 Low Fire Fighting equipment If the documentation cannot be found Open Captain
• Delivery rate (lts/min): then the manufacturer should be
Unable to confirm delivery rate (monitor rated for contacted and the HCA advised
2,000 ltr/min)
32 21.1 Low Rescue Equipment Open HLO
• Accessibility from all access points : Second crash box to be readily
Located at an access point available
An accident/incident may render the crash box
33 21.7 Low Rescue Equipment In
• Grab or salving hook : Remove any sharp points that may progress HLO
Point on the end of the grab hook cause injury
34 21.15 Low Rescue Equipment
• Harness knife c/w sheath Provide sufficient to equip each helideck In
• 1 per deck crew: 1 in box crew member. (1 + 3) Progress HLO
Proper harness knives on order
Meanwhile sharp points will be
35 21.16 Low Rescue Equipment Closed Chief Officer
• BA sets,Quantity:Away for serwvicing Advise on Site Nov 2006
Arrived back onboard
36 22.3 Low Protective Clothing
Helmet with visor
• Quantity : 3
There should be enough PPE for each helideck
crew member i.e. HLO + 3 = 4 in total

Additional unit to be available on site Closed Chief Officer

On order, meanwhile spare FiFi outfit
37 23.2 Low Helideck Crew
• DG by air Awareness : See 23.1 report See 23.1 HLO

38 23.3 Low Helideck Crew

• Heli Admin : See 23.1 report See 23.1 HLO
39 24.1 Low Dangerous Goods
Qualified Personnel
• Nominated Person (Shipper & Packer) : Acknowledge Closed Captain
In the absence of a qualified shipper/packer Noted
there will be a prohibition on the carriage of
dangerous goods from the vessel