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|ssueTrak, |nc.
249 Central Park Avenue, Sulte 200
vlrglnla 8each, vA 23462 USA
l (866) |SSULTPAK (866-477-8387)
l (757) 2l3-l300
|ssueTrak Peatures & 8eneflts
System Capabllltles
Self-Servlce Peatures
Automatlc Asslgnments
Lmall Notlflcatlons
Lscalatlon Pules
Pecurrlng |ssues
Servlce Level Agreements
Servlce Contracts
|ssue Audltlng
Knowledge 8ase Password Peset
Self Peglstratlon
web-based Access
Process Management Solutlons
Qulck Plcks
Lmbedded |mages and Plch Text
|nstallatlon and Upgrades
Screen Pops
Organlzatlon and Group Pllters
Moblle Access
Global |ssues
Operatlon Schedule and Tlme Zone Pro[ects
Mlnlmlze lssue queue backlogs by asslgnlngA
lssues based on pre-deflned crlterla.
Ad[ust tlme calculatlons based on yourA
operatlng schedule and server/user tlmeA
zone dlscrepancles.
Lstlmate and track tlmellnes, expenses andA
progress across multlple lssues throughA
Pro[ects. Track Multlple Pro[ects throughA
Pro[ect Categorles.
work related lssues slmultaneously throughA
Global |ssues.
Perform crltlcal support functlons anytlme,A
anywhere. Malntaln operatlons from theA
palm of your hand. Search, asslgn, edlt, andA
close lssues from your moblle browser.
Keep submltters, asslgnees and otherA
lnterested partles updated through emall.A
Customlze messages ln your own words wlthA
the lnformatlon you wlsh to lnclude.
Lnsure prompt responses by both submlttersA
and asslgnees through escalatlon rules.A
Send emall notlflcatlons, change fleldA
values, add pre-deflned notes and closeA
abandoned lssues.
Submlt routlne lssues such as warrantyA
explratlons, malntenance, admlnlstratlon,A
etc. on pre-deflned schedules uslngA
recurrlng |ssues.
Set and monltor expectatlons for flrstA
response and resolutlon tlmes throughA
Servlce Level Agreements.
Subtract Labor Hours from establlshedA
customer Servlce Contracts.
Store and archlve lssue audlts forA
compllance and legal purposes.
Offer 24-hour access to PAQs, commonA
resolutlons, standard procedures, productA
and servlce lnformatlon, etc. Permlt usersA
to search and vlew publlc artlcles wlthoutA
logglng ln uslng Anonymous Access.
Allow users to change thelr |ssueTrak andA
`Actlve Dlrectory passwords uslng SelfA
Servlce Password Peset.
Deploy your slte over the lnternet or yourA
company's lntranet wlth no cllent-sldeA
lnstallatlon requlred by your users.
Let new users self-reglster from the LoglnA
screen. Have the system emall passwordsA
or glve users lmmedlate access throughA
Self reglstratlon wlth |nstant Access.
Delegate pre-deflned and ad-hoc actlonsA
uslng Tasks. |nltlate pre-deflned processesA
such as Change Management, or New HlresA
uslng Task Groups. make other usersA
temporarlly responslble wlth Next Actlons.
Close all your lssues wlth conslstentlyA
professlonal messages by creatlngA
pre-deflned Solutlons.
Turn common lssues lnto Qulck PlcksA
avallable on the Submlt |ssue screen andA
`whlch can be sent ln vla emall. |ncludeA
pre-deflned fleld values, Tasks andA
Use Plch Text optlons to embed lmage flles,A
format and spell check text, as well asA
lnsert tables and hyperllnks wlthln |ssuesA
and Knowledge 8ase Artlcles.
Provlde baslc lnformatlon to our |nstallatlonA
Program and be up and runnlng ln less thanA
30 mlnutes.
Add flles of any slze and format to |ssues,A
Users, Organlzatlons, Pro[ects, KnowledgeA
8ase Artlcles, `Assets and `Surveys.
|ntegrate a compatlble phone system toA
populate caller detalls on the Submlt |ssueA
screen and caller-entered lssue numbersA
through the vlew |ssue screen.
Make speclflc Qulck Plcks, |ssue Types,A
Tasks, etc. avallable only to members ofA
certaln Organlzatlons and Groups. CreateA
speclflc Slte Colors, Knowledge 8aseA
Artlcles, Pro[ects, etc. seen only byA
members of certaln Organlzatlons.
Cloud: Leased monthly and lnstalled onA
our server(s). Malntenance Plus lncluded A
ln lease.
Support and Malntenance AgreementA
All ma[or releases, updates and upgradesA
Unllmlted phone, web, emall and remoteA
asslstance Monday through Prlday,A
7AM to 8PM (LT/GMT-5)A
Support Slte and Knowledge 8aseA
access 24/7A
Lmergency system-crltlcal asslstanceA
after hours
Lnsure your system ls conflgured to yourA
needs from day one. Our product speclallstsA
wlll gulde your admlnlstrators throughA
lndlvlduallzed setup vla remote sesslonsA
and traln them on utlllzlng your systemA
as effectlvely and efflclently as posslble.
SQL Server 2000, 2005, or 2008:A
Standard or Lnterprlse AddltlonA
Mlcrosoft ||S server 6/7.0A
Addltlonal Detalls Apply
Asslgn lssuesA
8e asslgned lssuesA
Submlt lssues on behalf of other usersA
Admlnlstrate your system
Synchronlzes users wlth Actlve DlrectoryA
through lmports and authentlcatlonA
processes. Supports CAC/Smart CardA
lntegratlon, Slngle Slgn On, AD PasswordA
Pesets, SSL, multlple servers and domalns.
Manages data related to PC and non-PCA
assets. Supports lssues by asset, softwareA
purchases, llcenslng compllance, automatedA
and on-demand PC audlts.
Generates work Orders and |nvolces fromA
Products, Servlces and Labor Hours.A
Supports ad-hoc rate ad[ustments, taxableA
and non-taxable llne ltems.
Converts lncomlng emall lnto new lssuesA
and notes on exlstlng lssues. SupportsA
Attachments and Keywords to determlneA
|ssue Types, Subtypes, Auto AsslgnmentsA
and Qulck Plck values.
Deploys ad-hoc and routlne web-basedA
surveys to target audlences. SupportsA
ln-depth analysls and fllterlng, questlonA
plplng and more than 20 questlon types.
Lstabllshes remote connectlons wlth usersA
through our partner product NTPsupport.A
Supports llve chat, vldeo, on-screenA
drawlng and SSL.
Lmall Saved Searches and Peports ln LxcelA
or HTML to lnterested partles on a routlneA
Search, Save and Share lssue crlterla uslngA
a varlety of output and sortlng optlons.
vlew key metrlcs at-a-glance ln a graphlcalA
dlsplay. Pllter results by |ssue Class.
Deslgn and Share custom Querles andA
Peports from the Peport wrlter.
Pun bullt-ln reports wlth date rangeA
and sortlng optlons.
Organlzatlon: prlmary structural unltsA
such as Companles, Subsldlarles, etc.
Class: general categorles such asA
|ncldents, Change Pequests, |nternalA
|ssues, etc.
Type: descrlptlve categorles such asA
Operatlons, Shlpplng/Pecelvlng,A
Hardware, Software, etc.
Subtype: detalled sub-categorles ofA
speclflc lssue types and hlgher levelA
Locatlon and Peglon: small and largeA
geographlc unlts such as Dlstrlcts,A
Areas, Sltes, 8ulldlngs, Pooms, etc.
Department: functlonal unlts such asA
Accountlng, Admlnlstratlon, Marketlng,A
|T, etc.
Group: role-based unlts such as LndA
Users, Lmployees, Customers, Managers,A
Technlclans, CSPs, etc.
Deflne your own termlnology for how lssues,A
lssue sub[ects, lssue types, pro[ects andA
locatlons/reglons are referred to throughoutA
your slte.
Add your own Menu Optlons wlthln theA
lnterface for easy access to other websltes.
Customlze your slte's color scheme, tltle,A
logo lmages and Dashboard spectrum.
Lnhance accesslblllty for the vlsuallyA
lmpalred wlth embedded navlgatlon.
Create your own drop-down, text and dateA
flelds for |ssue, User and Organlzatlon records.A
Make these flelds "Pequlred and/or "Prlvate.A
requlrements for lssue screens by lssue type.
Deflne your own lncluded flelds, fleld order and
8aslc System Pequlrements
1umpStart Tralnlng Program
Malntenance Plus
Purchase Optlons
Add-On Modules
Peportlng Capabllltles
System Structure
Customlzable System Optlons
|ssue Screens
|ssue, User and Organlzatlon Plelds
Menu Optlons
Slte Appearance
Slte Peferences
Manage |ssues and users by: Structure lssues and reportlng by:
Dashboard Scheduled Peports
Searches and Saved Searches
Peport wrlter
Summary Peports
Actlve Dlrectory Module |ncomlng Lmall Module
Asset Management Module Surveys Module
8llllng Module Pemote Control
There ls no cost or llmlt to the number ofA
Lnd Users wlthln your system. Lnd UsersA
can be glven a varlety of capabllltles,A
lncludlng the ablllty to submlt thelr ownA
lssues, vlew your Knowledge base, runA
reports, asslgn or be asslgned tasks, asA
well as admlnlstrate your users.
ou are only requlred to pay forA
Advanced Users who need to:
ou must purchase at least l AdvancedA
User to admlnlstrate your system.
Owned: Purchased outrlght and lnstalledA
on your server(s). Malntenance Plus may A
be renewed annually.
Annual: Leased annually and lnstalled onA
your server(s). Malntenance Plus lncluded A
ln lease.