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Global History & Geography Sample Exam

1) "When China wakes, it will shake the world." Napoleon, 1817 In this quotation, Napoleon was referring to the A) B) C) D) ability of China to control world trade routes policy of rapid industrialization in China potential of China as a great world power European fear of Chinese culture and traditions 5) Before World War II, Great Britain adopted a policy of appeasement in order to A) demilitarize the frontiers of France and the former Soviet Union B) promote democracy in eastern Europe C) avoid war with Germany D) form an alliance with Italy 6) "Kings sit upon God's throne and rule according to God's law." This statement would most likely have been made by a person who believed in A) glasnost B) absolutism 7) C) democracy D) oligarchy


The cartoon illustrates India's problems with A) B) C) D) 3) conflict between religions groups the monsoon cycle inefficient government agencies an inadequate transportation system

The Roman Catholic Church of the Middle Ages has been compared to a modern-day government because the Church A) insisted on the importance of religion in bringing order to society B) employed artists who might otherwise have starved C) provided for regularly held elections to select members of legislative bodies D) was responsible for providing many services needed by the people

What is the main idea of the cartoon? A) Western imperialism led to the exploitation of people and resources in the colonies. B) Many job opportunities were created by Western colonization. C) Western imperialism improved the quality of life for people in the colonies. D) Many people assisted Western nations in acquiring overseas colonies. 8) A major goal of the Green Revolution was to A) B) C) D) prevent global warfare increase agricultural production limit environmental pollution decrease population growth


With which nation were Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, and genocide associated? A) B) C) D) Myanmar (Burma) Cambodia (Kampuchea) Japan Korea

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13) Which action will help slow the trend indicated by the graph? A) B) C) D) 10) using alternative energy sources lowering worldwide oil prices expanding Green Revolution technology increasing industrialization in developing nations

During the 1970's and 1980's, India and China attempted to improve the quality of life for their people and to increase economic growth by A) B) C) D) seeking overseas colonies changing the political structure adopting policies to limit population growth encouraging farmers to move to the cities The main idea of the cartoon is that in the early part of the 20th century A) the Monroe Doctrine was no longer enforceable B) the United States forcefully extended its influence into South America C) international cooperation maintained peace in South America D) South Americans asked the United States to protect them 14) Which idea of Marxism was violated by the practices of the Communist Party in the former Soviet Union? A) Communism will bring about a close relationship between the fine arts and the communist system. B) Power will be consolidated to be used in the name of the people. C) The old order will not be free to oppose communism once the revolution is successful. D) Privilege and class distinctions will not exist in a communist society. 15) Which letters on the continuum below indicate the appropriate positions of a revolutionary society and a feudal society?


One reason North Korea was the focus of worldwide attention in the mid-1990's is because of its A) B) C) D) commitment to increasing political freedoms development of a strong and expanding economy nuclear weapons development programs efforts to revive communism in Eastern Europe


This map reflects the concept of A) B) C) D) cultural uniformity balance of power ethnic diversity topographic variety A) B) C) D) revolutionary society at A, feudal society at D revolutionary society at D, feudal society at A revolutionary society at B, feudal society at C revolutionary society at B, feudal society, at D

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16) Throughout history, the strategic location of certain waterways has affected the world.

Choose three strategic waterways from the map and for each one chosen: (1) (2) (3) 17) Identify one nation, other than the United States, for which this waterway has been significant. Explain why this waterway has been significant to that nation. Explain how this waterway has affected that nation's policies or actions. 18) Newspaper headlines often provide a means to understanding important historical events or situations. If newspapers had existed throughout history, the following headlines might have appeared when these events occurred. HEADLINES: Ottomans Conquer Constantinople Pizarro Destroys Inca Capital Catherine the Great Encourages Westernization Manchester Textile Factory Hires Many Women Committee of Public Safety Executes Robespierre Emperor Meiji Given Authority To Rule New Constitution Ends Caste System Choose three headlines from the list and for each one chosen: (1) (2) Describe the economic situation illustrated by the drawing. For each of the two sections of the world pictured, describe a specific economic problem that has resulted from the situation. Discuss how nations or regions within one of the sections of the world pictured have attempted to change the situation. (1) (2) (3) Identify the nation or region that is referred to in the headline. Explain one cause of the event or situation associated with this headline. Discuss one effect of that event or situation on the identified nation or region.

The drawing below depicts an economic situation in the world today.


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Document-Based Questions
19) Cultural diffusion has brought both benefits to and put pressures on many cultures of the world. The given document(s) relate to the process of cultural diffusion. Analyze the document and write three to four sentences to answer the question that follows the document.


Explain how the peoples of the world today have benefitted from cultural diffusion. 20) Throughout history societies have defined human rights in different ways. The given document(s) relate to the problems of human rights in different societies. Analyze the document and write three to four sentences to answer the question that follows the document.


Explain the situation that forced the people to flee Kosovo in the picture above.