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Name of Patient: Ward, Floyd Jr.

Anduyan Date Admitted: 9/18/2011

General Data: F.W., 48 year old male, single, Filipino, Roman Catholic, born in Manila on Feb. 2, 1963, currently residing at Block 30 Lot 1, Area F, Salud, GMA, Cavite, currently a family driver, was admitted for the first time at DLSUMC on Sept. 18, 2011 at around 8:45 AM.

Chief Complaint: Right Hip Pain

History of Present Illness: Patient was apparently well until 10 years prior to admission, when he experienced intermittent right hip pain, dull, non-radiating, aggravated by long walks and prolonged standing, relieved by rest. He also had 3 episodes of stiffening, locking and pain of the right hip joint, 10/10 PS intensity, radiating to the lower back. He progressively had difficulty in ambulation, associated with a waddling gait. He did not have any consult, nor take any medications. 1 year prior to admission, the patients symptoms progressively worsened, making him unable to work as a family driver. He consulted the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Philippine General Hospital, wherein laboratory workups were done such as Pelvic X-ray, which revealed osteoarthritis of the Right Hip. He was advised to undergo total hip arthroplasty of the affected joint but did not follow the advise, due to financial constraints at the time as well as the distance of the hospital from their residence. 4 months prior to admission, symptoms persisted; hence patient consulted the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the DLSUMC OPD. He was also advised to undergo Total Hip Arthroplasty, Right. He was prescribed with Paracetamol 500mg tablet PRN for pain. Patient also consulted at the Department of Internal Medicine at the OPD for CP clearance. He was then scheduled for operation on September 19, 2011 at 7am hence admission at DLSUMC.

Past Medical History: Patient had a Right Hip Dislocation secondary to a posterior direct blow to the right thigh in 1979. He allegedly underwent ORIF with pinning of the Right Hip at the Philippine Orthopedic Center. Otherwise

he denies having asthma, allergies, hypertension, diabetes, malignancy, cardiac, renal, hepatic, vascular or CNS diseases. No other previous injuries or hospitalizations.

Family Medical History The patients elder mother has hypertension. Otherwise, there is no family history of asthma, allergies, diabetes, cardiac, endocrine, renal, hepatic, vascular or CNS diseases. Infectious diseases, other heredofamilial diseases, arthritides, scoliosis or osteoposrosis.

Personal and social history The patient is a 48 year old single male who currently has a live-in partner. He currently works as a family driver since 2006. He was previously a jeepney driver for 12 years. He is a smoker with 10 pack years & an occasional alcoholic beverage drinker.


General Patient is conscious, coherent, ambulant but with difficulty, not in cardiopulmonary distress and appears his chronological age of 48. Vital Signs BP = 120/80 mmHg HR = 82 bpm Skin Patient has no pallor, no jaundice, with good capillary refill, and good skin turgor. HEENT Normocephalic head, anicteric sclerae, pink palpebral conjunctiva, full EOMs, no ear, eye or nose discharges, no CLAD, trachea in the midline C/L Symmetrical Chest Expansion, clear and equal bronchovesicular breath sounds, no crackles, wheezes and rales RR = 19 cpm Temp. = 36 oC Wt. = 63 kg

CVS Adynamic precordium, normal rate regular rhythm, no murmur Abdomen Soft, flabby, non-tender Extremities Full and equal peripheral pulses, no edema Apparent leg length: 3.5 cm difference Left leg = 90.5 cm Right leg = 86 cm True Leg Length: 1 cm difference Left leg = 87 cm Right leg = 86 cm (+) waddling gait (+) tip toeing when standing straight (+) trendelenburg sign (+) hypertrophic scar at R hip area (+) LROM at internal rotation & flexion R hip (+) pain on internal rotation & flexion R hip (-) tenderness at the affected area Neurological exam CNs intact 100% 5/5 100% 4/5 100% 5/5 100% 5/5 100% 5/5 100% 5/5

Differentials: JHUN Please include brief intro about the disease then rule in/out based on the patients history & PE. Dont just focus on arthritides, look for other causes of the pxs S/Sx.

Discussion: MARLA Please include the following: -Functional Anatomy -Etiology (for this case and other possible etiology) -Pathophysio, Histopath -Signs & Symptoms -Shentons line -True & Apparent Leg Length

Management: LUIS Please include medical & surgical management with indications. Please include the indication for THA for this patient. Differentiate partial from THA.

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