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The Complete Banking Automation Software

High Performance Banking Software driven by Latest Technology

cyBANK™ is the only voucher based on-line, integrated fully functional co-operating banking software
developed under client server technology using object oriented methodologies and tools.
Web enabled to exploit emerging internet technologies. cyBANK™ supports wide range of operating systems and works
seamless on most of the RDBMS. Unique approach built in cyBANK™ differs from the most fragmented solutions like modules,
options, menus with multilayered passwords. cyBANK™ provides high performance, direct access to complete options through single
screen concept. This has been achieved by building cyBANK™ around functional structure of modern banking operations.
Yet easy to use...
cyBANK™ comes with simple to use innovative GUI screens. contains functional dynamic embedded objects. Fully pictorial options
navigates even a novice user to be comfortable with. No codes required in the entire software. Complete drill down information provides
instant information at your finger tips.

Most comprehensive...
cyBANK™ comes with all the relevant information available to any industry. cyBANK™ includes photo scan and retrieval, ATM
connectivity, branch consolidation, exceptional (nonfinancial) transactions, built-in transaction tracing system helps for easy audit trails.

Advanced Reporting...
Total live reports from voucher to balance sheet instantly. Vital reports like DCB, priority sector, arrears, deposit aging MIS reports like
CRR, SLR, credit monitoring, asset classification with high density customisble graphs and charts, intelligent passbook interface.

Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam & Assamese
Standard Features in cyBANK™
+ Savings Bank
! validation of cheques presented by the customers n
generation of report on inoperative accounts
! all debit transactions to be authorised by at least two people
! generation of daily report on Operative Accounts n
NRE/NRO accounts
! facility to credit interest automatically
! execution of standing instructions.

+ Current Account
l facility to calculate interest on daily products
l inoperative accounts
+ Deposits
l facility to convert into a CCL/OD account or vice versa
l standing instructions to transfer interest amount from
deposit accounts amount from deposit accounts
+ Overdraft Accounts
l facility to provide lien on deposits
l facility to store all the relevant details about security
l maintenance of matured fixed deposits
l automatic validation against the limits
l discounted interest calculations from monthly interest
l facility to convert from one deposit scheme to another
l provision for automatic renewal scheme
l provision for premature withdrawal

+ Loan & Advances

l calculation of penal interest and ovedue interest for all
l generation of notices to the customers about the
pending installments
l classification as per RBI requirements - priority/non-
priority/weaker section, etc.
+ Lockers
l status availability of the lockers + Clearing Options
l customer visit register maintenance l enables purchase/discounting of cheques
l allotment of share l branch-wise aggregation of cheques
l inward and outward clearing schedule
+ Cash Credit
l facility to store all the relevant details about security
l automatic validation against the limits

+ Investments
l opening investment accounts
l renewal of investment
l closing investment account
l interest received details
l details of investment [register]
l schedule of balance
Salient Features
+ Transaction Based + Quick information about all the type of A/c’s
+ Multilingual Support available In all the transaction windows
+ Single Window Concept + Export Option is available for Reports and Pass
+ Unique Person Identity Book
+ Facility to convert into CCL / OD account or vice + Automatic Slab Consideration
versa + Automatic Loan Recovery from SB/CA Accounts
+ Address Repository + User Creation and Restricted Access
+ Multi Account Transfers - One to many, many to + Automatic Consideration of Holidays
one, Many to many (Company accounts) + Addition / Deletion of Denominations
+ Mandatory Day End Reports + Incremental Database Backup facility
+ Clearing
+ Report – RBI
l enables purchase/discounting of cheques
l computation of SLR and CRR limits
l branch-wide aggregation of cheques
l generation of form-I and Form-I
l inward & outward clearing schedule
l priority/non-priority lending reports
l TDL register
+ Interbranch reconciliation
l purpose-wise reports
l maintenance of BAR account
l security-wise reports
l generation of credit and debit advices from the head
l asset classification
office to the branches

+ Shares
l allotment of share
l account closing
l share register
l nominee details
l dividend calculation, credit
l dividend calculation, credit
l dividend warrant generation
l mailing list
l maintenance of share ledger
+ Report – Financial
+ Head office l Day books n Receipts & Payments
l consolidation of data from branches l General Ledger
l clearing (branch clearing) l Cash Book
l investment l Bank Book
l FAM (Fixed Asset Management) l Trial Balance
l generation of RBI & MIS Reports l Profit & Loss account
l allotment of shares l Balance Sheet
l dividend calculation & crediting
l payroll module + Security
l definition of various levels of the users
+ Demand Drafts & Payorders l passwaord protection for all the options
l generation/printing of DDs and POs l generation of audit log to trace each of the
l issue of DDs and POs to customers transactions.
l issue of DDs and POs to non-customers

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