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The Story behind Performing Sri Ananta Padmanaabha Vratam:

Once, in Kruthayugam, a Muni by named Seemanthu lead his life peacefully. His wife name is Deeksha. After giving birth to a lady kid, she died. The name of the newborn baby is Sheela. To take care of the child, Muni married another woman and her name is Garkasaa. She had a cruel mentality and did not care for Sheela. As years passed, Sheela attained the marriage age and was married to a good-hearted person by named Goundiyam. Muni wanted to give some products as seedanam, but his wife stopped him from doing so. Knowing her father's position, Sheela worried for him and for her fate and went along with Goundiyan. As they were traveling, Sheela had a chance to see lots of women crowded near the Shore of Yamuna River. Sheela went towards them and asked what they were doing. They all explained about the pooja. As on hearing about this sheela performed the pooja along with them and wound a 14 Knotted thread in her hand and proceeded along with her husband towards his house. The superior power of the divine thread made Goundiyan a wealthy person and earned lots of respect is midst of the society. Sheela, continuously followed this Vratam with great bhakti and dedication, but the wealthiness made Goundiyan jealous and he started to think all the people as his slave. He didn't give any respect for his wife not for her great Vratam. And, he forcibly removed the divine thread from her hand and threw it in Agni. But, Sheela took the thread from Agni and placed it inside a small Vessel containing milk. But, after this incident happened, all their wealth and respect started to loose its brightness. Their cows were stolen; their house got into fire; misunderstanding and fight between relatives started; Goundiyan realized that all these negative actions are because of the divine thread being taken from his wives hand. He agreed upon his mistake and felt for his action and asked sorry to his wife. During that time, Sheela explained about the great Vratam and about the divine thread. After hearing these, Goundiyan was mentally upset and went towards a forest to perform Tapas. While traveling, he expressed the Thiru Naamam, Anantha, Anantha with lots of tears.

He asked for Ananthan towards everything he saw like tree, cows etc while he was traveling towards the forest and finally, he decided to kill himself. Sri Ananthan (originated) come in front of Goundiyan and took along with him to his house. And as a bhagyam (luck). Sriman Narayanan gave his complete darshan along with Shankha and Chakkaram on GaruDa and then Vanished from that place. After giving his blessings, Sri Ananthan said about the Sri Anantha Vratam and by following it for 14 years, he would regain all of his wealth, a very good status in the society etc. And by following the great Vratam for 14 years, Goundiyan and his wife Sheela, got all the lost wealth's etc., and finally attained the Thiruvadi of Sri Ananthan. It is also said that Pandavars also followed Sri Krishna and the Vratam and would regain their Empires finally. And, Kubera, Bharthan, Deelipan etc have also followed this great Vratam. So, like Goudiyan, Pandavas etc., we will also perform this great Vratam for 14 years and attain all sorts of wealth, Good knowledge and to the top of it, we can reach Swargham with the complete blessings of Sri Ananthan.
Ananta Vrata, dedicated to Lord Shri Maha Vishnu, is a puja performed on the 14th day of the first phase (Shukla Paksham) of the Bhadrapada month. Devotees believe that on this day, Lord Shri Maha Vishnu appears as Ananta Padmanabha. Anantha Padmanabha is Lord Vishnus Anantha Shayana form, during which he reclines on Snake Ananta ( Snake Aadi Shesha). Anantha Vrata, also known as Anantha Chaturdashi Vratam falls on September 03rd, Thursday in 2009. The Purpose of Anantha Vrata: Devotees perform Ananta Vrata to get rid of their sorrows. The word Anantha means endless and they strongly believe that Lord Vishnu will remove all the obstacles and the difficulties in ones life, if the Ananta Vrata is performed with devotion. It is believed that if any one performs the Ananta Vrata for 14 continuous years, that person will be blessed with happiness and prosperity in the life. Lord Maha Vishnus Anantha Shayana form is worshipped on the day of Anantha Chaturdashi. The Posture of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy: The posture of Ananta Shayana Padmanabha Swamy represents the inactive stage of Lord Maha Vishnu. This reclining form indicates Lord Vishnus Yoga Nidra (Meditation). It is believed that reclining on Aadi Sesha, he thinks about the evolution of the worlds and the creation of living beings. History of Anantha Vratam: In some scriptures such as Mahabharata, Anantha Vrata is mentioned as a great observance to get rid of ones sorrows in the life. Lord Shri Krishna advised Yudhishtira (Dharma Raju) to observe Anantha Vrata for 14 years to bring back his kingdom and his whole wealth. Ritual of Anantha Vrata Tying of Anantha Daaram: The important ritual during the Vrata is tying of the sacred thread on hand. First, the performers

of the Vrata place the threads along with the idol of Lord Anantha padmanabha Swamy to sanctify them. The thread is worshipped by placing kum kum on it. This sacred thread is referred as Anantha Daaram ( Daaram means thread). It is made up of 14 threads. Some people make it of 14 knots. Women tie Anantha Daaram on their left hand and men on their right hand. In some places, devotees make a serpent form of Lord Vishnu, Serpent Anantha, using Dhurva grass blades and they place on a bamboo basket and worship. Worship Lord Anantha and clear all the obstacles in your life