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setup disk of fi-series

readme file
october, 2004
copyright(c) pfu limited 1995-2004

this setup disk that is designed to play automatically may not start when "auto
play" setting of your computer is off. in this case, please click a executable
file(ex. "d:install.exe") directly.

high safety required use

this product is designed, developed and manufactured as contemplated for
general use, including without limitation, general office use, personal use,
household use, and ordinary industrial use, but is not designed, developed
and manufactured as contemplated for use accompanying fatal risks or dangers
that, unless extremely high safety is secured, could lead directly to death,
personal injury, severe physical damage or other loss (hereinafter
"high safety required use"), including without limitation, nuclear power
reactioncore control in nuclearatomic facility, airplane automaticaircraft
flight control, air traffic control, operation control in mass transport
controlsystem, medical instrument for life support system, missile launching
control in weapon system.
you shall not use this product without securing the sufficient safety
required for the high safety required use.
in addition, pfu (or other affiliated company) shall not be liable against
the customer and/or any third party for any claims or damages arising in
connection with the high safety required use of the product.


* when installing in windows nt 4.0, windows 2000, windows xp first log on

to administrator before installing.

* if you are getting an invalid page fault in module comctl32.dll when closing
the twain driver, check the windows95 version number.
if the version is 4.00.950 or 4.00.950a, load the cd-rom that came with the
scanner, then execute 50comupd.exe from the redist\comupd folder contained
within the cd-rom.
after this program is executed, please try scanning again.

* users running windows 95, windows nt 4.0 must have microsoft internet
explorer 3.02 or internet explorer 4.0 installed before using these files.

* this setup version includes "axredist" utilities.

if you use "axredist" utilities, \redist\axdist folder.
kind of os | file
german | \ger\deaxdist.exe
japanese | \jpn\jaaxdist.exe
other | \eng\axdist.exe

* when reading the user's guide included in the setup cd-rom,

acrobat may fail to launch depending on your pc environment.
in this case, please start acrobat beforehand from the [start] menu
and then select the user's guide included in the setup cd-rom.

* if you use multiple cd/dvd drives with your pc, the contents of setup
cd-rom may not be displayed depending on the drive where you set the cd-rom.

* software operation panel is installed during twain or isis driver's

however, software operation panel will not be uninstalled during each driver's
uninstalltion process, because it can be used with either of the drivers.
for uninstalltion, select [control panel] - [add or remove programs] -
operation panel"

[quickscan pro demo v3.0 1966 readme]

* operating environment
- microsoft(r) windows(r) 98
- microsoft(r) windows(r) 98 second edition
- microsoft(r) windows(r) me
- microsoft(r) windowsnt(r) workstation ver. 4.0
- microsoft(r) windows(r) 2000 professional
- microsoft(r) windows(r) xp home edition
- microsoft(r) windows(r) xp professional

1) it is not possible to scan only the backsides of images with quickscan pro
over the adf of a duplex scanner.

2) the multipage tiff file limitation of 2gb is valid for quickscan pro.

3) grayscale jpeg file size may not be appropriate to selected jpeg compression
setting. quickscan decompress grayscale jpeg and compress again.
in that process, it may not be used for user selected jpeg compression setting.

4) if qsp can't find the scanner or the scanner is disconnected from the computer
via the scsi or usb cable, the following message will be displayed.
[can't locate scsi device, check cable and power.]

5) if older version of quickscan has already been installed on your pc, uninstall
it before installing this versions.

6) canceling the isis driver in new batch without scanning and then clicking
scan may cause a paper jam. when a paper jam occurs in this case, qsp shows
error" instead of "paper jam error". when this happens, close qsp and start

for more detail, please refer to the following link.

1) if isis driver can't allocate enough memory in the system,
[ssddk: out of memory (allocate size xxxx)] message displays, and then,
[string not found (xxxx)] occurs. please decrease resolution setting or select
smaller paper size, or increase memory on you system when it happens.

2) note on the automatic size and skew detection (automatic page size detection)
the automatic size and skew detection (automatic page size detection) priority
degree is set to 0 - 3. when selecting half-tone the generated scanned image
might show up with streaks. in that case, set the priority degree to 4 and

3) to set the scan area for scanning with the adf using the fujitsu isis scanner
adjust the scan area to the top center position in the "scan area" dialog box.

4) the following scanners support long page document scanning. when you specify
long page (the maximum value for the scanner) using fujitsu isis scanner
the maximum page length is 1744.5mm (60.68 inches). scanning can only be done
b&w mode and the resolution is only up to 400dpi.
fi-4340c, m4097d, fi-4750c, fi-4640s, fi-4750l

to view the manuals on the setup cd-rom, check your pc whether
acrobat(r) reader 5.0 or later (or acrobat 5.0 or later) is installed

internet explorer(r) 5.5 or later is required for viewing the operator's


in order to install the operator's guide onto your pc, please copy the
entire contents of the [manual] folder on the setup cd-rom to the root
folder of your hard disk.
example: c:\manual

open \manual\og.pdf. the language selection menu will be displayed.

click any one of the languages, and the operator's guide of the selected
language will be shown.

you can view getting started by opening \manual\gs.pdf.

click one of the languages, and the getting started of the selected
language will be shown.

note: if the [manual] folder is not copied to the root folder, movies used
in the operator's guide cannot be shown.

microsoft, windows and windows nt are registered trademarks of microsoft
corporation in the united states and/or other countries.
other company name and product name are trademarks or registered trademarks of
individual companies.