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9/30/11 9:45 AM

y name is Afifa Humaira and I am currently a high school student at an international school in Seoul, South Korea. It is my goal one day to obtain a position as a physician, not only with a broad and specific knowledge about health care, but also a welcoming personality to build up a firm relationship with the patients by showing patience and friendly conversati on. I will achieve my goal through my career plan as follows. College I will be attending an English speaking college in the U.S. or Canada and majoring Public Health while minoring English to improve my communication skill, which is crucial in order to interact with my future patients. The campus will be a standard university size with excellence Science and Medical departments. First Jobs After graduating from the university by gaining knowledge and experiences about medical and health care that are required for my first job, I would start to apply in different hospitals that will actually involve me in managing and taking care of their patients.


First Jobs

Development in Jobs & Positions

Capstone of Career

internal organ problems where surgeries are needed. I believe it will not be an easy journey to attain this stage of career, since surgeons are responsible of their patients' lives. This actually challenges me, and I will not give up until I get this position and carry out my job to give out medications to those in need.

High School Degree College Degree in Public Health Medical School Physicians Assistant Physician Surgeon

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Development in Jobs & Positions I would definitely aim for the physician position in the hospital, since that is my goal and ambition in the first place. Although before successfully getting into that position, I will need to be skilled and qualified in treating the patients. I can fulfill the requirements by applying for a lower position first, that way I can slowly learn and adapt myself to the job environment.

Capstone of Career When I am an adult with a successful job as a physician, I would aim higher for a surgeon position. I think by having the authority to perform surgeries, I will have more possibilities to cure patients, especially to those who are having serious

Qualities to Succeed: Discipline Positive minded Patience