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Instruction: Read carefully and answer it honestly. Erasures are wrong. I. Identification: __________________ 1. It is a word processing program that can give you a slide presentation. __________________ 2. It contains the menus for power point. __________________ 3. It displays the program name and the name of presentation being edited. __________________ 4. It is what you see on the screen in the PowerPoint program, where includes elements such as Menu commands, Dialog boxes and Windows. __________________ 5. It contains the menus for PowerPoint and a list of commands or actions you can carry out. __________________ 6. It displays the program name and the name of the presentation being edited. __________________ 7. They are used to Close, Maximize, and Minimize the screen of your program. __________________ 8. It displays buttons that you can select to perform commonly needed editing tasks. __________________ 9. It provides ways to view the presentation on the screen. __________________ 10. It displays information about your document. __________________ 11. It is used to move around your document with the mouse. __________________ 12. Its a hand-held pointing device connected to the PCs system unit. __________________ 13. It is to quickly press and release the mouse button. __________________ 14. It is to click the mouse button twice in rapid succession. __________________ 15. It is to hold down the mouse button while you move the mouse. __________________ 16. It is to move the mouse until its pointer rests out the item of choice. __________________ 17. It is an instruction that tells PowerPoint to do something. __________________ 18. Choose the most common PowerPoint commands by using the mouse to click buttons on ______________. __________________ 19. In addition to choosing command from menus, you can also choose a command from _______________. __________________ 20. It is the easiest and quickest approach to create a new presentation, ask for information and then it creates a set of slides built around the theme you specify. __________________ 21. It which allows you more latitude, lets you apply predesigned outlines, color schemes, and backgrounds to create sets of slides. __________________ 22. It gives you a plain canvas on which to create a single slide. It offers the most flexibility as you expect and assume what you want to do and how to do it. __________________ 23. It lets you adjust a number of formatting options for the selected image.

__________________ 24. It lets you create shapes, add lines, connectors, curves and freeform, and text to drawing objects. __________________ 25. It lets you add a special feature, a delightful one, for adding movement and sound to selected text and graphics on your slides. __________________ 26. It lets you add review comments and send electronic mail messages. __________________ 27. It helps you create macros that automate tasks in the PowerPoint environment. __________________ 28. It gives you the ability to create text entries with special formatting effects. __________________ 29. It lets you switch back and forth between open hyperlinks, establish additional Internet connections, or run special network-related commands. __________________ 30. What is the version of MS PowerPoint we are using in the Computer laboratory? II. Identify the Parts of the PowerPoint Workplace: