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please the court, opposing council and the
members of the jury.
The nurse lies unconscious, maimed and unconscious from
blow to her face. The moonlight spills over her unmoving,
bloody body. In a room close by, a quiet, but desperate
struggle takes place, as the murder merciless suffocates Ms.
Elizabeth beneath his hands.
Betrayed by the one she trusted, Ms. Elizabeth dead
beneath the hands of her murderer. But as she breathed out
her last, a single question haunted her dying mind: Why?
Why would someone she trusted so much betray her like
this? Why would Robin Caldwell, whom she considered
friend, even family, do this to her?
Motive Introduction:
Well, the answer is the question is actually quite simple.
Greed. Greed drove Robin Caldwell. It is what drove him
to coldly murder Ms. Elizabeth. It was his motive behind
this act of betrayal.
serology, he will be able to analyze the evidence reliably
and professionally.
Robin Caldwell was desperate. He had next to no income,
and was under huge amounts of debt. It was then that he
learned of his relation with Ms. Elizabeth and the
inheritance he would receive upon her death.
And when push came to shove, he made a decision. He
forged a plan to betray her trust. He would murder her and
take the 2.5 million dollars of inheritance.
Burden of Proof:
Today, the Prosecution Council will prove this. That Robin
is indeed guilty for pre-meditated murder of Ms. Elizabeth,
beyond any reasonable doubt. How? It is as simple as
counting one, two, three.
Ladies and gentlemen, Robin Caldwell made a decision. A
He made a choice that would spell the death of Ms.
Elizabeth. He made a choice that would push the entire
community of Duluth in terrible shock. He chose, with full
intention, to betray the trust and faith of Ms. Elizabeth. He
made a choice, and today, the Prosecution Council asks you
to make a choice. You must make the choice to set this –
this unspeakable act of betrayal – to rights. We ask that you
return the verdict of guilty.
There is one murder in this case, and it is no other than
Robin Caldwell.
Why? Because there are two things, the motive and the
means, that point toward
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his guilt. He was desperate, and when he found out about
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the inheritance, it became his motive. He had also visited
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Duluth and specifically Ms. Elizabeth’s house multiple
times – the means.
Witness Introduction:
Our three credible witnesses will support this.
The Prosecution Council first brings up Quinn Justice
Waller, a Detective Sergeant with years of experience and a
passion for justice. He has lived and served as part of the
Duluth community for years. Having years of experience as
criminal investigator and in burglary cases, he will tell us
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about all the evidence that has been collected. Evidence,
may we add, that points to the guilt of the defendant.
Second, we bring Nurse Shelby Martinez to the stand, the
woman that saw the criminal first hand. Yes, she was there,
on that night of July 27 when Ms. Elizabeth was brutally
murdered. She would be able to tell us explicit details about
the murderer and his appearance. And finally, we bring up
the testimony of agent Chris Sorum, who offers both
rational, unbiased testimony and a careful, procedural
analysis. As someone who worked as a forensic scientist
for 8 years and specializes in handwriting and blood