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"This was a great question.

My question has been how does someone that does not exist convince anyone that he does? Someone else all together has been the edito r in chief making money on one of the longest schemes we have had in history. Re ad up people In mathematics, a scheme is an important concept connecting the fields of algebr aic geometry, commutative algebra and number theory. A prophecy refers to the message that has been communicated to a prophet which t he prophet then communicates to others. In general, this can message might invol ve divine inspiration, revelation, or interpretation. More specifically, it may be a professed psychic prediction. This is the exact equation of a matrix pyramid scheme. Matrix schemes use the sa me fraudulent non-sustainable system as a pyramid; here, the participants pay to join a waiting list for a desirable product (PASS THE PLATE SUNDAYS) get you (s alvation in this case) which only a fraction of them can ever receive (IE Born into sin ) . Since matrix schemes follow the same laws of geometric progression as pyram ids, they are subsequently as doomed to collapse. So they start out strong, then we have what we have today when it closes down shop. Through the ages many prophets who proclaims themselves christian, started givin g prophecies which they called [New Revelation of Jesus Christ]. These prophets claim themselves to have heard things that is not subject to testing by Scriptur e in the bible,(this is the top of the pyramid) but are claimed to be above test ing because it is received from Jesus Christ directly. Such New Revelation alway s results in a cult which could become very dangerous. An individual is now in a sense lifted to the status of mediator to God, as he or she receives direct com munication from God like the rest of the group can t and nothing said by this prophe t may be challenged against the bible or any other measure because it is said to come from God directly and therefore has the highest authority. Many evangelical churches make room for prophecy, but it is generally accepted t hat all prophecy should be tested against scripture to determine if the source w as truly God, as scripture warns about false Christs that would rise up to decei ve many.2 Tim. 3:16 and 1 Thess. 5:19-22 The conclusion is simple. Its a scheme. millions upon millions upon millions hav e died in the name of gods. The weak have never been helped by any god. On this planet religion is just another scheme. Men and women of gods are no more then s ome of the best salespersons that we employ." - Kendo September 22, 2009 at 10:45 am