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Nathan H


Comment [JH1]: Great introduction Nathan! Your thesis statement is very cler.

the author's life to a river, Personification personification and rhyme were also added. Examples of this are, Longing for some release' and 'ease, release'. The entire poem is full of adjectives describing both the river and the author's life at the same time. This means that there is occasional personification for the river since the poem describes both subjects at the same time. For example, 'waiting for the sun to shine overhead' this would not wouldn't be personification when describing the author, but it would be when describing the river. The extended simile is clearly shown in the title and the phrase 'my life is like a river' also repeats throughout the poem. There are no separate stanzas and there is no rhyming patter. It is present though to make the poem flow.
Comment [JH2]: Avoid contractions.

Besides figurative language, there is also mood in the poem. The mood of the poem changes all the time depending on what part of his/her life the author is describing. The poem shows a life which constantly changes in mood, exactly like a river. , iIn some parts, it's calm and quite, whereas sometimes, it's stressful, difficult and hectic- just like life. Both life and rivers end eventually; that is a similarity that in not mentioned but can be interpreted, this as is negative in most texts. Likewise, stating that there are struggles in life makes the poem
Comment [JH3]: Good transition word!

Nathan H


negative. fFor example the lines, 'sometimes rough and rapid' and 'I don't like rock currents, they are struggles in life'. On the other hand, saying that there is also enjoyment in life, puts a more positive mood to the poem. fFor example, 'I enjoy the nice peaceful waters' and 'sometimes flowing lightly and gently'. The part which clearly shows a mixed emotion is the line 'having ups and downs'. This means that life can be hard but also fun at different times. Overall the mood of the poem transitions depending on what part of a persons life the author is describing.

In addition to mood and poetic techniques, there is also the structure of the poem which makes the poem flow smoothly. The structure makes the poem flow more, much like the river which is used to describe the author's life. The lines are reasonably short , but the amount of syllables in each line make the reader, just read it continuously without stopping constantly when they are not supposed to, making not want to read on. An example of this syllable structure is as follows, 'My life is like a river, Having ups and downs, Twists and turns, trying to smooth them out.' The reason that the author wrote in this structure is again to emphasize that a river does not stop, it continues to flow- just like the lines of this poem.
Comment [JH4]: Great transition statement!

Comment [JH5]: Great point, but you need to conclude your ideas with a statement.

The author expresses how his life is like a river in interesting ways, using different figurative language, as well as mood ands structure. All this adds up making a great poem. The river is a great thing to compare life to since they share many similarities and links. The river also is represented in the form because the structure is smooth and flowing like some parts of a river, as well as some parts of life. The mood is a combination of both negative and positive, but they are both presented in the poem in a way that does not doesn't make them contradict each other.

Comment [JH6]: Great conclusion paragraph.

Poem:My life is like a river Author: Anonymous