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Where is thy bowl?

Capacitate to bear more & have as much as u want Sitting beside a shopping mall amidst thunder of a cosmopolitan city there was y ou; seemingly sluggish, unhappy & devoid of energy... internalizing and repriman ding the creator and self for not being able to accomplish all that you yearned so far. Complaints with it (creator) & self for not enabling yourself be underst ood to all those with whom you share the moments of affection and work. Those wh om you always wanted to bear your purest intents have never understood you. Yes there are complaints with your own self for not allowing this self get rid of al l that what you wanted to shun... and with you this state continues since years together. Though under a state of a concealed depression you are bisected within hope & no hope. You are at this moment experiencing a very peculiar type of con templative state where the roaring sounds of speeding vehicular traffic; sirens etc. are absolutely unheard within you. This meditative state equates the one th at is experienced by the siddhas (the one that are elevated ones in spiritual parl ance). But with you this state of immersion within is not for any furtherance in to the dimension of consciousness instead it is dissolution into the nothingness of deprivation. Suddenly a fair complexioned old fellow bearing nicely trimmed white beard and w ith a medium height appears before you you till that moment were stooped and gazi ng towards the ground beneath as if the surface beneath morphed into a canvas wh ere your nothingness was being screened. You raise your head noticing his presen ce so close and affront you have no interest to know about his presence before y ou but his presence is quite insisting in a most powerful yet abstract persuasiv e language. You enhance the levels of your outward noticing faculty and observe a remarkable glare over his forehead his clothes are as ordinary as should be wi th any other ordinary person on the road with the same age yet he had something t hat hastily drew your immersed self pop out at the surface and dedicate your ent ire awareness to the visitor standing right in front. He initiates upon his discussion with you without any trace of hesitation and ta lks Why dont instead work upon turning your bowl upside & try to capacitate more . You are now caught almost as unaware since the utmost expectancy about this visi tor amidst your mind was; either he shall inquire about some address or shall se ek for some financial assistance but a sentence that could be in form of a sugges tive remedy to your perturbed insight was never expected all of a sudden from a stranger. You are under extreme element of anxiety wherein anything else may land within y our mind but how to accept and take this sudden intruder is not agreeable within your understanding putting it in simpler words you are not able to assess and co nclude as to how should you respond to this gentleman. Anyway gathering all forc e and attention within you come out with a response by enquiring Sir I am sorrydo I know you? and he immediately responds, No you dont need to since the importan t amidst both of us is that I know you all through and through and that suffices our talk These words throw you back and the mind sinks further into the ditch of a nxiety and dullness it is a strange phenomenon in ones life where one experiences the dullness and anxiety both simultaneously where one makes one inactive and t he other activates ones concerns to highest levels. This time you gear up to put up a straightforward response that intends to stall all further discussion and relieve of this intruder. You remark, Sir I am not a ble to gather any sense from your words and moreover I am not able to relate mys elf to you on any count therefore my submission is that I should be excused righ t now. Taking your response the old man immediately replies look my friend it was you triggered for my presence over here and my presence here is merely to resolv e your state of mind towards a solution therefore kindly dont pounce such words t hat thwart my acceptance of your petition These words now force you consider that it is high time to bear this intruder even to an millimeterised extent and you n

ow put all your available might and stand up face o face towards the intruder an d make self ready for a combat. Your words now are as an arsenal towards the old man Who are you? Clarify your pr esence before me or else just move away otherwise This response makes the old man smile; as if he is concealing his identity and was already aware of all that is transpiring within your mind and in response he says (for the remaining part rea d in the part-2 of this small story bearing knowledge and learning; desire2will. com. Dinesh kumar, learning under discipline).