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Gorey Hare & Hound - 15th April 2007

Sponsored by: Ph: 0539480025


1 PERMIT. Held under permit number TBA from the MCUI (SC) ltd., under the General Competition Rules
and Standing Regulations for Short Course Enduros of the MCUI.

2 ACCESS. Start Area: From Gorey town take the R741 heading for Wexford. Follow the arrows to the Start
Area which is about 5km out this road. See for B&B’s

3 SECRETARY of the Event.

TORC, C/O Derek Kehoe,

4 Elmway,
Griffeen Valley,
Co. Dublin.

4 ENTRIES must be made on the official entry form and sent to the secretary of the meeting, together with the
entry fee.
Entries received before 10th Apr 2007 Late Entries
€50 (GBP£36.00) €70 (GBP£50.00)
Note: Sterling fee also includes the cost to the Club of lodging Sterling Cheques.
The entry must be received by the 10th Apr 2007; otherwise late entry fees will be imposed for entries
received after that date. There is no limit on the number of entries. All riders must hold a current National
license issued by the MCUI. – Or - their own National License with a starting permission issued by their
National affiliate of the FIM. (FMN)

5 TECHNICAL CONTROL and REGISTRATION. Sign-on will be open from 8.45am. Sign on will close
at 10.00am sharp. Riders must then present their motorcycles for inspection between 9am and 10.30am on
the morning of the event. Each machine must be in accordance with article 140 of the GCR’S of the MCUI
and comply with the standing regulations for Enduro’s of the MCUI. Motocross bikes are permitted. A
noise test will be carried out in accordance with technical rules. The RIDER will be asked to present his
helmet complete with a current MCUI helmet stamp.

6 TYRES. FIM Standard Enduro tyres, both front and rear are recommended. A part worn MX tyre with a
thread depth of not greater than 13.5 mm will suffice for this event. So as not to give any advantage new MX
tyres are not permitted.

7 STARTING ORDER: Expert and Senior riders will depart @ 11.00am. Clubman, Sportsman & Novice will
depart 5 Minutes after. NOTE: Experts & Seniors must complete the full 3 hours to get a result. Clubman,
Sportsman & Novice do not have to complete the full 3 hours to get a result.

8 COURSE will be forest tracks, some fire road and open fields/farmland. The course is about 15~20 minutes
in duration. You will have to complete as many laps as you can within the 3-hour period. There will be a
refueling area at the start/finish area. Refueling can only take place in this designated area.

9 BAR CODES: All riders will be issued with a barcode, which must be scanned at the end of each lap. It is
the riders’ responsibility to ensure that they get scanned after each lap. If they do not get scanned they will not
be given credit for that lap. The barcode must be placed on the back of the riders’ helmet. Timekeepers will
not help/assist the rider in retrieving the tag for scanning. It is up to the rider to have it readily available for
scanning on the back of the helmet.

10 FIRE extinguisher must be in every rider’s possession in the paddock.

11 PENALTIES will be in accordance with Art.062.64. No tear off’s for goggles are allowed, due to the obvious
litter they cause.

12 VOLENTEERS: Any person abusing a volunteer before, during or after the event will be subject to
disciplinary action as laid out by the MCUI General Competition Rules. It is hard enough to get
voluntary helpers to run events for you, so please respect them at all times. If you have an objection to
any aspect of the event please direct it in the appropriate manner to the Clerk of the Course or MCUI

Clerk of the Course Karl Colton Club Steward Alan Graham

Children’s Officer Michelle Conway Jury Member #1 Dave McCann

Timekeepers Jennifer Kehoe Scrutiny Liam Kelly

Sean Pendred

Secretary of the Derek Kehoe M.C.U.I Steward & Nick Cragie

meeting Jury Member #2