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Prophecy Against Los Angeles

As I drive, I see pictures of L.A., raised to the ground. I ask the Lord about the stands of trees. Will they not be left standing.? An occasional trunk may stand but without leaf. I see a devastated wasteland! an empty desert! I listen for the voices of the birds. Even the crows are silent ! Where the city stood and extended, nothing!

Cause 1: Global Exportation of a Malevolent Culture

God is against you, Los Angeles, city of pornography, city of oppression, home of rape and exploitation. You have beamed evil and malevolence, violence and bloodshed, family dislocation and lewdness, pornography and twisted sexuality across the face of the earth in bold defiance of your God, with your fists raised in challenge to his, saying stop us, God of love. His patience is exhausted. His voice to you has never been silent , from the first preachers on your fields and streets, from the great revivalists to your Jack Hayfords and Lloyd Ogilvies. Every week, your black preachers thunder against your sins, but you do not hear, Los Angeles, and when you do hear a fraction, you cry out that no-one can change these things, let them go on, let them go on...

Cause 2: Global Symbol of Chic Greediness

So excellent in business, so lazy in morals. Such is the greed that has consumed your very being and that of your citizens. Greed and chic. For you love the shows. You love the glitter. Tinseltown will be no more. Supermodels will perish with the lowly. Mansions will be razed just as surely as the hard won homes of the escaping migrant poor of East L.A. Oh, my people, says the Lord, how could you ignore me and bring such ruin on yourselves? How could you be so ignorant of my ways, not willing to fight for truth in the public office, and control of the pornographic machines of Hollywood ? How could you buy into the lie that the free market is good and godly and should never be interfered with, even when daily the evil seeps into your homes through a cable? How could the godly sit and do nothing effective for decades to destroy the core of Hollywood's evil ? Now it is time. It is too late to redeem or convert these structures. It is too late!

Cause 3: City of Incest

It is too late to salvage your honor, so many raped, sexually molested, so that the city seethes with guilt, cries out with mental pains, with images no-one ought to bear. The wounds of immorality lie like great wounds across whole communities, as if a butchers cleaver has carved up your fabric. Houses and homes destroyed into bitterness, violence and incest. And you export this! You talk about it on shows! Shows to show evil? And you call it news! How depraved can a city be? And no Christian effectively raises their voice against such abominations?

Cause 4: City of Perverted Christianity

Except of course in church. I forgot about your churches. So many! So many! So corrupted! So filthy! Greed in the offering basket, oppression and manipulation in the leaderships, tinsel on the stage. But there are some struggling congregations that have not denied my simplicities. Some that seek truth in choosing different pathways of quiet humility. For their sakes I have been trying to speak and have withheld my hand. Tinsel, greed and immorality abound within your walls and reflect in your weekly shows. I cannot abide immorality and worship, injustice and celebrations. An empty Christianity, from liberal to evangelical to Pentecostal to Catholic, there is little difference. Yet there are some who have walked in godly obedience.

Cause 5: A City Symbolizing Perverted Justice

My children, how I would have lead you to become truly a people. But in the name of freedom you have perverted justice. Are there no law courts that cannot be overturned by the wealth of your wicked? Your Rodney Kings, your O.J.s are only the tip of the iceberg of legalized injustice that marks your land. I cannot bear it.

Cause 6: Perversion of Your Gifts to the Nations

I hate you, Los Angeles, with a fury, a vengeful hatred for what you have done to your migrants, those who came seeking new life, new hope, and to them you gave only bonded labor. I hate you, Los Angeles, for what you have done against the nations, the shattering of centuries, shattering of marriages and clans. So much I gave you of creativity, and you turned it into evil. Such a great city of literature and research, of books and ideas. And you perverted them into weapons of evil. Called to be a blessing to the nations, you are known as the scourge of the world. Called to be a light, your media has become a purveyor of darkness. My soul knows nothing but fury. Why should I not release on you all the destruction my hands can muster? Why should I not wipe you out of existence? Give me one reason for allowing you to continue in your pornographic fantasies, in your lust and wine, in your screenplays of barbarity? But you can give me no reason. Yet I wait. Yet I delay. I hesitate. For in this great city there are many who know my name. Why did they not rise up? Why did they not speak out? Why did they not even try to mobilize? Was the technology of evil too strong for them?

Cause 7: Pastors Failing to Seek Justice

How I have loved the pastors of this city, such a bulwark against a collapsing culture, such people of strength when all around is crumbling. There is unity in leadership. But they have not done my will in leading a city into righteousness in its public squares. And there is now insufficient time to redeem. Pastors have played church and failed to organize the workers across the city, across the disciplines into effective strike teams to combat the evil, industry by industry. The pastors wanted the tithe, not the victory outside their churches of societal change for righteousness, loving their own voice, they would not listen to the voices of the workshop, the artisan and the factory worker. So injustice has blossomed and can no longer be cured. Like the bugs on the roots of a dying plant, there is no solution except to root the plant out and burn it. They have loved revival and church growth for it fills their churches. They love events, and even prayer events, but they do not organize for justice. They know nothing of consistent planning to overturn the communal sins. They do not organize to speak to the sins of the city fathers. They do not know the city fathers. They do not know their hidden sins. How is it that to them I have given the gifts of discernment - special gifts to see in and beyond the hearts of men? Yet they have not taken them into the streets , the legal dens and the marketplace! The hour glass is near empty. The city will be no more. For these sins, I will destroy it all. It is past my time of warning. This is what the Lord says,

Viv Grigg