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Philadelphia, P A October 2011

The Free Student Newspaper of Chestnut Hill College



Kaycee Flore 13 deFends the QuaFFle against christopher newport universitys captains oF crucio at the 2010 Brothly love cup. photo contriButed By linda Johnson.

a spot on his back left leg. Gloria confided to The Griffin that Gideons birthmark on his left thigh is his identifying mark. She eventually found herself at the private college observing not one dog, but two. It is Glorias theory that her brothers animal-self fell in love with Kostka, the quiet and gentler canine. She goes on to theorize that this dog is an Animagus as well. Gideon was always very passionate, and his emotions took over his rational actions, she confessed. He could very well have fallen for a foreign witch with similar

qualities to his. Gloria feels certain that Gideon will never return to his human state now that he is with Kostka. Is this true? Could Griffin really be a wizard who has chosen a life with four legs? If Gideon really loves Kostka, it would be unfair to separate the two. The best a student can do is to offer Griffin many sugar quills, as they were a known favorite of Gideon Finchleys.

the alleged gideon Fintchley enJoys a dogs liFe at chestnut hill college. photo contriButed By Max Kaplan.

hestnut Hill College has two advantages over other small Muggle schools in Pennsylvania: dogs. Griffin and Kostka are well loved by many students. The dogs can frequently be seen frolicking by the fountain as students supervise their play-time. But are these dogs really just dogs? Rumor has it that Griffin, the energetic golden pup, might actually be the acclaimed wizard Gideon Finchley. Gideon is an unregistered Animagus in Great Britain, but his disappearance in 2001 forced his sister to come forward with his secret. Gideons enthusiasm and liveliness blossomed every time he morphed into a golden lab. Gideon spoke frequently of traveling to the United States, said his younger sister, Gloria Finchley. She believes he became bored with his job as a historian specializing in Muggle Culture and abandoned his life for a new one in the place he wanted to visit most. Gloria traveled to America, seeking a golden lab with


ince the fall of who is theorized to have comLord Voldemort mitted a heinous crime and is 13 years ago, the serving out his or her sentence, Wizarding com- gallivants through the pitch munity has been waiting to get caught. relatively at ease. Though this undoubtedly The past decade has been seem- looks similar to a group of deingly trouble-free for the magi- capitated flobberworms, the cal population with widespread sports popularity is growing reconstructive efforts in both at an astonishing rate. Indeed, physical and emotional fields. a ministry of sorts has been However, an alarming new de- formed, calling itself the Intervelopment has been national Quidditch discovered, the likes M u g g l e s Association. The of which havent IQA was incorpobeen seen since the believe that rated in 2010, neardays of the Dark Quidditch is ly five years after Lord: Muggles have meant to be the first real-life been reported on on game of Quidditch multiple occasions played to be playing Quid- the ground! was played in Vermont, which by all ditch. accounts is a forlorn piece of How did they infiltrate our society, previously thought to land with minimal avenues for be secure? What else do they recreation. Presently, there are teams know? What led them to play a perverted version of our most all over the United States with IQA-sanctioned tournaments beloved sport? The most alarming aspect happening regularly. This culof this disaster is the desecra- minates in an annual Quidditch tion of Quidditch. The im- World Cup, a severe blow to portance of this sport hardly those of us who have attended needs to be mentioned; it has the real thing and cannot stand been with us since 1050, when to see its name being dragged Gertie Keddie witnessed the through the mud. first recorded game of modern It is not clear how the Quidditch. It brings the global Muggles discovered Quidditch, Wizarding community together and whats more disarming is and is one of the few common- the level of infiltration evident. alities present in all countries. Not only has the non-magical However, our sacred pastime is population taken Quidditch and being marred more and more mutated it beyond recognition, each second. but a few team names reflect an Most substantially, and ununnerving amount of knowlfathomably, the Muggles beedge of long-kept wizarding lieve that Quidditch is meant to secrets. The Amherst Animagi, be played on the ground! Our Silicon Valley Skrewts, and the sources tell us that games are played on a field, with people New York Badassilisks are just running around and holding a few examples. Obviously, broomsticks between their legs. something must be done, or the Additionally, the Golden entire Wizarding world may be Snitch is not an incarnation of at risk. the rare Snidget but a person, dressed ludicrously in yellow. This unfortunate individual,




See page 3 for rita SkeeterS excluSive & controverSial report

the free Student newSpaper of cheStnut hill college olivia Marcinka 13 editor-in-chief interiM opinionS editor Mary Marzano 12 Managing editor zac grubb 12 newS editor Jen JoneS 12 Style editor Mary franceS cavallaro 13 online editor Michael bradley 14 deSign director hannah caMpbell 11 copy editor liz caMpbell 12 copy editor weStly MandoSke 13 buSineSS Manager Marilee gallagher 14 SportS editor bleu lane 12 Style editor JeSS veazey 13 photo editor Skyler Stillwaggon 14 layout Staff dana conSalvo 12 copy editor JeSSica pennell 14 copy editor


14 5/12 YeaRs LateR
here is one Hogwarts headmaster that will forever live in virture forgotten by none and remembered by all. He is none other than the Great Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump and Chief Warlock of the Wizagengamot. His life began in the summer of 1881, born to Kendra and Percival Dumbledore. He was joined by two younger siblings, Aberforth and Ariana, and began to lead a normal life as a magical child. Due to Percivals attack on Muggle children, the family was outcasted. Albus became the head of his family, caring for his mother, brother and fragile Ariana. Albus attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he showed excellence in his studies. He was placed in the Gryffindor House where his exceptional talent was revered and respected. His life continued in Godrics Hollow, the location of Harry Potters first home. There Albus befriended worldrenowned dark wizard, Gellert Grindelwald. Their friendship would tragically endhighlighted by the death of Ariana. The two wizards would later fight a famous duel in 1945, when Al-

d In RemembRance of the
alBus duMBledore taught at hogwarts school oF witchcraFt and wizardry For over sixty years as proFessor oF transFiguration and was naMed headMaster oF the school. he was a role Model For his students and colleagues aliKe.

SuSan Magee, M.f.a adviSor the griffin StriveS for accuracy and fair repreSentation in all of itS publicationS and correctneSS. if an error iS found, e-Mail the iSSue nuMber, the article in which the error waS found, and the correction that needS to be Made. the reSulting correction May be printed in the next edition of the griffin. Make your opinion heard by SubMitting letterS to the editor or contributionS to the griffin. SubMiSSionS becoMe property of the griffin and are SubJect to editing for Style, clarity and Space concernS. the viewS repreSented in SubMiSSionS do not repreSent the viewS of the college or the griffinS adviSor. SubMiSSionS alSo do not necceSSarily repreSent the griffinS poSition.

bus defeated Grindelwald and imprisoned him in Nurmengard. Dumbledore made his return to Hogwarts as a Professor of Transfiguration, after declining the position of Minister of Magic on several occasions. He went on to become Headmaster of Hogwarts where he took part in the education and growth of two exceptional wizards Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. He would end up dedicating his life to the conflict between the two. On June 30th, 1997, this revered and admired Professor, Students from CHCs own Mask and Foil theater troupe will provide entertainment, food, fun and games. To end the first day of fantasy fun, Falconer Jennifer Pena will be presenting Hedwig the Owl at the Stagecrafters Theater Grounds from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. On Sunday the 15th, make sure to participate and search in the scavenger hunt for young witches and wizards on behalf of McNallys Tavern. Use your magical minds in a fun game of chess at the Wizards Chess Tournament at J.K. Jenks Elementary School from 1:15 p.m. until 3 p.m.. And end the day in a sweet way by decorating your own cookie at the one and only Florean Fortesues Ice Cream Parlour (Bredenbecks Bakery & Ice Cream Parlor). Whether spending the day in town or on the college grounds, we hope you have a fun filled and magical day!

wizard and man, faced his last spell. His life as a friend, teacher, sibling, mentor, and leader will never be forgotten. His contributions to wizard-kind and magic itself are endless. Due to his legacy of equality and integrity in the wizarding world, Albus Dumbledore will forever be a household name.


Special edition
weStly MandoSke ravenclaw 13 coordinator olivia Marcinka gryffindor 13 (herMione granger) writer & copy-editor alySSa cherewaty hufflepuff 13 writer nicole heigl hufflepuff 14 writer Max kaplan gryffindor contributing writer trevor phelpS hufflepuff 14 photographer nina roSenberg ravenclaw 12 writer Skyler Stillwaggon Slytherin 14 layout JeSSica pennell ravenclaw 14 (rita Skeeter) writer & copy-editor kala giannone gryffindor 15 writer liz hererra hufflepuff 15 writer JeSSica oneill ravenclaw 13 writer Stephanie reif gryffindor 13 writer JeSS veazey gryffindor 13 photographer

the chestnUt hILL bUsIness assocIatIon PaRtneReD WIth chestnUt hILL coLLeGe, sPonsoRs the fIRst haRRY PotteR WeeKenD. see PaGes 6 & 8 foR moRe DetaILs.


atch out Diagon Alley, Chestnut Hill is taking over! As the weekend of the Brotherly Love cup arrives at Chestnut Hill College, excitement and thrill brews as the Harry Potter scene leaks into the local town. During the weekend of October 14, 2011, the quaint village of Chestnut Hill magically transforms into a scene ripped right from the pages of the Harry Potter series. The weekend starts with the Opening Ceremony on Friday at 6 p.m. at the Top of the Hill Fountain Plaza. All day Saturday the popular local toy store, ODoodles is hosting Weasleys Wizard Wheezes from 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. Up the street, Professor Sprouts Herbology is happening at Robertsons. Then head to Chestnut Hill College for some good ol Quidditch as their tournament kicks off at noon. Teams from various colleges and universities across the East Coast will be representing pure Potter skill as they compete for the ultimate win.


MUGGLE: FriEnd or FoE?

isgraceful? Yes. Unacceptable? Completely. A blow to wizards everywhere? Certainly. Yet most frightening about the Muggles recent adoption of Quidditch is the path that led them there. How did muggles, devoid of all magical ability, delve so deeply into our society as to learn the secrets of Quidditch? And exactly how far did they get? I, in a series of courageous and admirable interviews, have uncovered the startling truth. And here it is: the Muggles are planning an uprising. Though Muggles playing Quidditch may not seem like the first step in a revolt, it undoubtedly is. What else would necessitate their infiltration? Indeed, my source from the mysterious, all-powerful and corrupt International Quidditch Association has proven my keen instincts. The IQA is comprised of top government officials, and is the foremost ruling body in the Muggle community. Ive been told exclusively, that Muggles have been aware of our existence for a while now, and the time for revolution has come. Up until now, Muggle Quidditch has been seen as a minor annoyance, a blip on most wizards radar. My original assumption attributed the Muggles knowledge to a breach in

Letter from chc quidditch founder


security from within the Ministry. Or perhaps as a bartering chip by the Head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects to uncover the Muggle enigma of eckletricity. However, since this new evidence has come to light, I fear the truth is far more dire. Although the method of Muggle invasion is still under investigation (see my article in next weeks Griffin), we now know their final goal: to take over and rid the world of magic. I wont bore my readers with dreary details, but rest assured that the facts have been verified: the Muggles are planning a mutiny, and the wizarding population must be prepared. Despite their lack of powers, Muggles do have numbers on their side. I propose a proactive approach: we strike while they are still preparing. This may seem harsh, but my readers know that I would never suggest such a thing if it wasnt absolutely imperative. The Muggles have integrated themselves into our world, and are plotting domination. Quidditch is the first step. Destruction of everything we hold dear is the second.

i v e months ago, I made the ceremonial march from the rotunda of St. Joseph Hall to the lower-parking-lot graduation tent in a Hogwarts-esque black robe to receive my diploma. I left much behind: I was Editor-in-Chief of this very paper, an Officer for student government and far too many of the clubs that vied for your membership at the Club Fair. Most notably, I left my slot as our campuss Quidditch Commissioner. For the sake of brevity, Ill give you the bedtimestory version of how Quidditch landed on our campus. In 2008, when Miley couldnt wait to see you again and the Jersey shore was only a place, I saw a YouTube video of Middlebury College students tackling, tossing, and Snitchcatching, all atop wooden brooms. Strangely, it worked, and at that moment I knew the sport of Quidditch was a perfect fit for Chestnut Hill College (a real-life Hogwarts if there ever was one). Later that year, we hosted our firstever Quidditch on the Hill tournament with four teams, followed by an incredible third-place win at the Quidditch World Cup in Middlebury, VT, beating teams from the likes of Louisiana State University and Princeton University. We took the World Cup by storm. Our team arrived to the cheers of an entire fan bus, which embarked on the nine-hour drive at midnight that day. The Griffins were the only team with a mascot and had custom-made jerseys; our chaplain, Father Rick Malloy, wooed news networks with his sacred saxplaying. The teams trip, entirely funded and supported by the College, was followed

up with an awards ceremony and many hallway congratulations in the weeks after. While the rest--that is, two more stellar World Cup performances, ESPN appearances, and hosting one of the East Coasts biggest tournaments seems like history, there is much we take for granted. Our smallness and close-knit environment afford us benefits far beyond small class sizes, benefits we can only understand when put into perspective. At Chestnut Hill, unlike many institutions, Quidditch is a community effort: Athletics lends the soccer field for tournaments; Institutional Advancement helps prepare students for press interviews; Student Activities, among other invaluable tasks, helps order essentials like t-shirts, equipment, and jerseys; Sister Carol cheers the team on from the sidelines. At other institutions, particularly larger ones, Quidditch is often overlooked by administration and its players must fight uphill battles for funding and recognition. The team at Phillys own University of

Pennsylvania, for example, is seeking funding that cannot exceed $750 (barely enough for a starter set of equipment). New York Universitys team fought a widely-publicized battle with administration over its partsport, part-club status. As you begin or end your journey at Chestnut Hill, I challenge you to not take your institutions size for granted, but to use it to your advantage at every opportunity. You will seldom find a college that can so whole-heartedly back a student initiative as magical as Quidditch (which, I might add, our fine administration saw potential in far before it was the Wall Street Journal cover story that it is today). If you take my words of advice youll not only get your galleons worth, but youll have far more than seven books of stories to share by the end. Mischief Managed, Max Kaplan Public Relations Director Intl Qudditch Association

Max Kaplan, puBlic relations director oF the iQa posing with a Quidditch Fan at the First Brotherly love cup hosted By chestnut hill college in 2010. photo contriButed By Max Kaplan.
Warmly, Hermione Granger

You beat them, bark orders at them, and treat them like prisoners. House-elves are among the most foul-treated race of the wizarding world. Sufficed to say, the treatment of elves and other beings has been utterly unethical. How do you decide to treat one race of creature any worse than another? You simply do not. This slavery gives proof to the flaws that the wizarding world continuously condones. Elves have desires; they can feel physical pain. But time after time, well-established families abuse and degrade the elf identity. Elves are a race of courage and cunning. They can willingly serve as friend and confidante to those who gain their respect. Take Dobby, a house-

While on expedition in Central Europe, world renowned magizoologist, Luna Lovegood, located a colony of Nargles. Previous to her discovery, the species was assumed to be extinct, if not mythical. Lovegood reports over 200 were inhabiting a single plant of misletoe. While the creatures are not aggressive, the colony did attempt to steal Lovegoods belongings on numerous occasions. Ill never leave without my radish earrings again, Lovegood says. Allegedly, the jewelry works as Nargle repellent. Lovegood created them herself. Unfortunately, the naturalist says she will not be selling the protective items.


elf who has served so dependably to the malicious Malfoy family. Dobby, forced into servility, was faithful until the end, but smart enough to break from the domestic reign to help out a dear friend and equal, Harry Potter. Why are the other witches and wizards of our time incapable of encouraging a balance of powers? Can you not see the strengths that elves exert? A division has been made between differences in blood. Elves are now a damaged race, worn with wrinkles and cloaked in nothing but tattered burlap sacks. Because of the prejudices of pure-blood elitists, those who look different are set apart and disgraced. Maybe these vile families are simply too stupid to

understand their actions. They cannot see past their insipid arrogance to make a real change. But the problem is seemingly on a higher level, involving the pardoning by the entire magic community. I have contacted the Ministry of Magic several times through heavily-worded mail and pertinent protest. However, my actions have been turned down, beaten to the same disgrace as the elf society. If you have any questions, concerns, or you would like to join my quest for elf equality please send an owl to the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare office.


4 the chestnut hill college 2010 world cup teaM. photo contriButed By valerie Miller 14.

Win Percentage Games Played

Ranking is based on results of World Cup 2010 and any tournaments or games played after November 2010 between offical teams. 8 villanova university 12 chestnut hill college

Average Points Against

Average Points Scored

85.7% 58.6 75% 70

40 35 50 40

7 4 7 6 14 7 9 7 5 11 9

15 JetpacK ninJa dinosaurs 71.4% 67.1 17 laFayette college 18 vassar college 28 Johns hopKins u. 38 penn state 39 suny geneseo 45 ny BadasslisKs 46 u. oF Maryland 59 stony BrooK u. delaware valley dragons state college area hs christopher newport u 66.7% 63.3

64.3% 70.7 42.9 57.1% 62.9 71.4 44.4% 47.8 61.1 42.9% 51.4 68.6 40% 58 84

in Quidditch, each teaM Must have at least seven MeMBers--three chasers, one Keeper, two Beaters and one seeKer. scoring points is priMarily up to the chasers. they handle the QuaFFle (a volleyBall in Muggle Quidditch) and aiM to throw it through one oF three hoops. it is the JoB oF the Keeper to BlocK the opposing chasers shots. the Beaters control the Bludgers. in Muggle Quidditch, dodgeBalls act as Bludgers. it is the Beaters JoB to hit their opponents with Bludgers. when a player is hit, he or she Must drop any Ball in his or her possession and taKe a lap around the pitch. the seeKer plays alMost independantly FroM his teaM. his sole responsiBility is Finding the golden snitch. in Magical Quidditch, this is a tiny, golden Ball which Flies swiFtly around the pitch. Muggles have adapted the gaMe By developing the idea oF the huMan snitch. a runner is dressed in viBrant shades oF gold and yellow, and a tennis Ball is put into a socK, then tucKed into the BacK oF his shorts. the seeKer Must catch the snitch and retrieve the tennis Ball FroM hiM. when this occurs, the gaMe ends. however, unliKe real Quidditch, the snitch is only worth 30 points versus a sensiBle 150.

36.4% 56.4 73.6 22.2% 34.4 74.4 no data availaBle no data availaBle no data availaBle

Is your cauldron wearing thin? Do you spend more time mopping your floor than mastering your potions? Come on down to Connies Cauldron Corner for brand new cauldrons. Our pewter pots prices cant be beat.
be concession stands with refreshments, Harry Potter treats, t-shirts, and raffle baskets. Other events at the tournament include a life-size chess tournament and a bucking broom. Additional excitement in the town includes a Dark Arts class, Quidditch balance training, and Harry Potter characters. The Quidditch board is so grateful for ideas being considered and put into action. Without Emily and the town of Chestnut Hill, Harry Potter Weekend and the Brotherly Love Cup would not be in occurrence.

CRIstIna dIaz 15 majoR: enGlIsH lIteRatuRe Hometown: toms RIveR, nj team: GRyffIndoR beateR fun faCt: CRIstIna spRaIned HeR RIGHt wRIst at QuIddItCH pRaCBut that wont Keep her FroM playing!

Sending the Brotherly Love, CHC Quidditch Committee

photo aBove By trevor phelps 14 Rosa Iott 13 House: Hufflepuff Hometown: GRoton, Ct majoR: CHemIstRy, mInoR: latIn snItCHInG style: InvIsIble I plan to blend In wItH tHe CRowd as lonG as possIble. pHoto by jess veazey 13

Letter From the Q-Board

Back in February, when we originally picked out the date for the Brotherly Love Cup, we honestly hadnt had the slightest clue as to what exactly we were getting ourselves into. Just two years ago, our tournament was merely a few school teams playing a couple hours of Quidditch on a lazy afternoon. This year, however, the Brotherly Love cup has come a long way from the original small scale event. It has grown into 18 teams

playing over six hours, on two pitches, not to mention an entire weekend devoted to our boy with the scar in the town of Chestnut Hill. This would not have been even remotely possible if it werent for the hard work and dedication of some amazing people here at CHC. With the help and dedication of Student Activities, especially Emily Schademan, the Quidditch board has turned a lazy afternoon into an exciting tournament involving college, community, and high school teams. There will be two pitches with constant games and a half-time show including broom races, costume contests, and snitch tag. There will also

jt tRujIllo 15 House: RavenClaw Hometown: deRRy, nH majoR: HIstoRy snItCHInG style: avoIdant I dont even want tHe seekeRs to see me. pHoto by jess veazey 13 valeRIe mIlleR 14 majoR: undeCIded Hometown: tRevose, pa team: GRyffIndoR postIon: beateR fun faCt: val Is a Half-blood; HeR fatHeR Is a maGICIan. photo By trevor phelps 14

or many, the release of the eighth and final Harry Potter film marked the end of not only a beloved tale, but childhood. On June 23less than a month before the climatic releaseJ.K. Rowling announced a new Potter Project: Pottermore. Pottermore is an interactive website which offers a unique reading experience of the Harry Potter series. As you travel through the website the goal is to find hidden objects which reveal exclusive information from J.K. Rowling herself. Pottermore will be opened to the general public some time this month. Currently, only 1 million beta testers have access to the digital magic. A handful of these lucky individuals can be found right here at Chestnut Hill, including me. I, like many fans, zoomed through the first steps of Pottermore, anxious to be sorted into a Hogwarts house. While someone could easily find a sorting test similar to Pottermores with a quick Google search, there is one important difference. J.K. Rowling personally created the questions for Pottermores sorting test. It


maRy fRanCes CavallaRo 13 House: Hufflepuff Hometown: pHIladelpHIa, pa majoR: enGlIsH lIteRatuRe, mInoR: seCondaRy eduCatIon posItIon: CHeeR CaptaIn & CoReoGRapHeR Im not atHletIC enouGH to play, But i really wanted to Be involved in Quidditch. photo By Jess veazey 13


is as close as any Muggle will ever get to putting on the Sorting Hat. Once your house is Pottermore Official, there is no going back. Naturally when I, a self-identified Slytherin, was sorted into Gryffindor I was more than a little confused. In fact, I cried upon seeing my Welcome to Gryffindor banner. I slammed my laptop shut and left the room immediately. J.K. Rowling and the Sorting Hat had made a mistake, I was convinced. Often, Gryffindor and Slytherin are considered to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. How had I ended up being so radically incorrect? I began reading Harry Potter when I was nine and something about the house of Slytherin quickly drew me to it. They werent the goody twoshoes Gryffindors... And lets face it, neither was I at that age. Ask my mother, I was headstrong and lived to push boundaries (little did I realize these are two staple Gryffindor traits). I maintained the identity for a decade, despite my apparent lack of Slytherin characteristics, only to be given a reality check


by the Internet. Maybe Im being dramatic, but this test induced somewhat of an identity crisis. It has been over a month since my sorting and I still do not truly feel like a Gryffindor. Regardless of my apprehension, anyone who knows me insists the Hat got it right. But, me? Brave? Ive never thought so. I do what needs to be done, period. Its how I have always lived and it never struck me as at all courageous. Today Im still a little hesitant to accept my Gryffindor status, but its something Ive been warming up to. My initial feelings have begun to dissipate and Ive begun to see what really makes me a Gryffindor. Besides, not all Gryffindors are goody two-shoes.


Although The New York Times created a childrens bestsellers list following the popularity of the Harry Potter series, it has always been much more than a childrens story. Its reach, influence and importance cannot be denied and is evident in many facets of everyday life. Adults and children alike continue to revel in the magic of this series, despite the final books release over four years ago. Harry Potter raised literacy rates among youth, and affected its readers in a way that had never been seen before. We grew up with these characters: Harry, Ron, and Hermione. We savored their triumphs and lamented their losses. Nothing quite rivaled the midnight book releases where the bittersweet anticipation was countered by the impending regret from rushing through it. For me, Harry Potter was definitive of my childhood, and though I am a college student, nearly twenty, I still very much belong to the Harry Potter Generation. In elementary school my friends were Harrys friends, my classes were Harrys classes, and soccer might as well have been played on broomsticks. I skipped recess to read, had a collection of sticks that

the haRRY PotteR GeneRatIon

doubled as wands, and tried to make Butterbeer on more than one occasion. In short, I was absolutely, irreparably in love with Harry Potter and the universe that surrounded it. These were the early days of the fandom; only the first three books had been released and the movies had yet to be conceived. Considering this, the growth and permeability of the series was all but astounding to me. I distinctly remember the day the movie was announced: the implications were more exciting to me than Christmas morning. These days, this infatuation of mine is anything but rare. It is nearly impossible to avoid the captivating spell of Harry Potter. Even if the books escaped your interest, the movies may have. If neither was for you, perhaps a trip to Orlando, Florida to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter entranced you. If nothing else, the explosion of merchandise and advertising was sure to capture attention. The Harry Potter community is everywhere; it crosses all ages, races, genders, classes and occupations. That is where the

magic truly lies: what else can unite people

with a plethora of differences in such a powerful way?

Harry Potter, as embarrass-

ing as it may be to admit, has genuinely formed me into the person I am today. Without this series of seven books and all the hullabaloo that followed, the hard times in my life would have been that much harder. If I am ever in a tough spot, you better believe that I turn to Harry, Ron and Hermione. I can get lost in the halls of Hogwarts, fly far above the Quidditch pitch, and brew potion after potion. This book series has taught me that who we were does not define who we become, that friendship is our most valuable commodity, and that good will truly triumph over evil. And the greatest effect of our relationship with these books? The Harry Potter series is a common thread among many of my generation, and they forever will be.


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1. norwood fontbonne acadeMy 2. the leaky cauldron (Mcnallys tavern) 3. the green houSe (roBertsons) 4. valley green-gottS (valley green BanK) 5. MiniStry of Magic (chestnut hill Business association) 6. phoenix feather (el Quetzal) 7. weazleyS wizard wheezeS (odoodles) 8. J.S. JenkS eleMentary School 9. hogSMeade grill (chestnut grill) 10. StagecrafterS theater 11. florean forteScueS (BredenBecKs ice creaM)


Wizard seeking roommate. Must be open to an array of exotic magical plants and fungi. Send inquiries to Todd Stuhl. LOST KNEAZLE Male; four years old; ginger & white fur; answers to Cletus. If found, owl Mildred Mibbler for reward. Caution: cover eyes, will try to scratch. Self-soaping dishcloth NEW AND IMPROVED--now self-cleaning. Never worry about dirtying your dishrags again! Available at Poppys Home Supplies.



omeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare. Dracula by Bram Stoker. Ulysses by James Joyce. We can now add the Harry Potter series to the list of books that define a generation. J. K. Rowling gave us a new world to escape to, with its own creatures, sport and vocabulary. Many readers our age grew up with Harry Potter; most would say it was a huge part of their childhood. In youth, we would anxiously await each release of the new book or movie. Well, the series is over now but the Harry Potter world is far from being solely a childhood memory. The memory continues to live on because of Harry Potters impact on many readers, Muggles, dreamers and believers. There are countless Youtube parodies, such as: Harry Potter Puppet Pals, Like its Quidditch (Like a G6 parody), and this writers persownal favorite, A Very Potter Musical (1 & 2). Every parody made, caught the eyes of the series lovers and kept us laughing. You see, Harry Potter is not over just because there are no more movie releases. In addition to the Youtube sensations and on a much broader scale, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida has a new theme park called The Wizarding World of Harry Pot-

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for eventS and tiMeS See pageS 2 and 8

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art contriButed By ashley stryKer

ter. The attraction opened on June 18, 2010. The theme park is Hogsmeade brought to life including The Three Broomsticks, the Hogwarts castle, Ollivanders, Honeydukes and much more. There you can enjoy a chocolate frog, every flavored beans or a cold glass of Butterbeer or pumpkin juice. This book has come seemingly to life in the Muggle world. With the help of Rowlings imagination, readers wonder which Hogwarts house they would be in if they were not a Muggle. There are quizzes online that even help along the process of being sorted but only a few are accurate, so be sure to keep a wary eye. I am proud to say that I am a Hufflepuff, however, I did not find that surprising at all. Pottermore, a website where Rowling will release electronic versions of Harry Potter and new information that was left out of the series, continues the journey into the magical world. Pottermore opens to everyone in the end of October 2011 but has been open to those who during this past summer, registered and completed the Magical Quill challenge. After witnessing Muggle Quidditch, it is impossible to say that ones childhood has ended. Schools across the country have been playing Quidditch as a very competitive school sport. Although fun and reminiscent of Harry Potter flying after the snitch, Quidditch is an intense sport. To some magic-folk, it might appear to be a silly game where you need to run with a broom between your legs, but this sport is very versatile. It is a mix of Muggle basketball, rugby and football oh yeah and the players do not have pads or any type of protection. Quidditch became such a huge deal in Muggle colleges and universities that the International Quidditch Association has decided to hold the Quidditch World Cup in New York City, New York. See, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Harry Potter. Whether through parodies on Youtube, watching a fan-made Potter musical, ordering a Butterbeer-flavored Frappucino from Starbucks or grabbing a broomstick and playing Quidditch with a few good friends. Regardless of how you keep Harry alive in your memory, it is as long as you remember him that counts.


Muggle-curious wizard is wondering what exactly is the function of a rubber duck? Answers and explanations can be sent to the Department of Magical Law, Ministry of Magic.


QuIddItCH Is Intense; Its a sport that is halF strategy and halF Bravdo. - westly MandosKe ravenclaw 13

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Thyme and Vine is seeking a witch or wizard of age with a green thumb. Experience in a wide range of plants is preferred but not necessary. Some plants may require more intensive care than others. Send an owl to Thyme & Vine at Old Branch Knoll.

Crazy for crups? Seven purebred puppies are in need of a loving home. Pups are fiercely loyal and protective. Tails remain intact. If interested, owl Caroline Crowley for details.

3 bedroom home for rent, available immediately. Equipped with House Elf; basement inhabited by ghoul. Direct owls to Melinda Maller.


arieS: You have been holding yourself back for too long. This libra: You sometimes get stuck in negative thoughts, but this will

Looking Into the Future

weekend eventS
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Live Psychic Chestnut Grill 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Ghost Tour Chestnut Grill 8 p.m.

month, prove just how strong and courageous you can really be. With the confusing conjunction in Libra out of the way and The Moon firmly out of Aries in the second part of October, you are now in complete control. If youve been dreaming about joining your houses Quidditch team, now is a perfect time to try out.

pass. This has been due to a huge planetary conjunction of The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and at times The Moon all in Libra at the same time. But it gets better further into October and you will gain more control over your own destiny. If there is still some fuzziness going on in your head into November then start looking for an antidote to Wrackspurts.


tauruS: With the power of Jupiter in your court you are about to come across a great opportunity that you will regret if you dont take. Jupiter will give you inspiration and allow your ideas to prosper, almost as if you were wearing Rowena Ravenclaws coveted diadem. By mid-October the changeable Moon will give you reason to think twice before rushing ahead, just keep calm and stay focused.


Scorpio: Once the first week of October is over and Mercury lessens its affects on The Sun you will gain more confidence. You will have more ability to overcome setbacks and stand firmer on your own. In fact, you will be feeling so much more powerful that you may even start to believe that you are The Chosen One. And it will only continue to get better into the next month. October 23rd to late November is a time that you can express yourself with confidence, as The Sun shines at its brightest on Scorpio.
pared to those around you, stay grounded and dont be over-influenced by outside forces to make rash changes. People will respect you more if you stand firm, even if it means you become a little more stubborn. As a great wizard once said, It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends. Apply that bravery and dont allow those closest to you to walk all over you. Although a moment alone is good on October 18th, the rest of the month of October you should seek a little more company.

Madame Puddifoots The Night Kitchen 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Are You Brave Enough to Face the Goblin? Valley Green-gotts Bank 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Scarecrow Contest Morris Arboretum 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Owls Eye Hay Maze Woodmere Art Museum 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Hair Braiding El Quetzal 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Quidditch Training East Highland Avenue 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. Defense Against the Dark Arts Stagecrafters Theater 12:30 & 2:30


geMini: Pull yourself out of that SagittariuS: Although October started off a little slow comPensieve. You are making yourself feel worse by dwelling on the past instead of being grateful for what you have now. The planetary alignments near the end of October will bring you new

opportunities and will help you reach your goals successfully. But be wary towards the end of the month when the North Node opposes Jupiter in Taurus and Mars retrogrades in Leo, it may well try to divert your carefully made plans.

cancer: You will find new opportu-

nities to grow with the full support of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and Libra and you will give others the chance to see what you can achieve. Often times with each new achievement you may feel like strutting around like a proud Hippogriff but with the influence of Mars and the Moon opposing Pluto it would be wise to keep your head down at certain times, especially on the 19th.

capricorn: Its time to stand up and make some decisions about

yourself and the people around you (we wouldnt go as far as to suggest checking under their left arms sleeve,but you can never be too careful).Your friends, family and colleagues are counting on you. The ideal time was just after The Moon left Capricorn around October 8thbut the lasting effects of the Libran conjunctions are still there, although making those positive changes will be more difficult to achieve from the 10th of October onwards.

leo: Things are not always as they seem. Make sure you do your

research before you rush into anything. Be particularly wary of your friends when they offer to share their Bertie Botts Every Flavored Bean. Learn to compromise instead of getting angry and upset with others. This month Mars gives you the balance you need. Though not particularly on the 6th of October when that balance was upset by The Moons influence in Aquarius, however, the rest of the month will regain its equilibrium.

virgo: This is an ideal quiet time to get to know your romantic piSceS: Make your plans for the rest of what could be a very Norwood Fontbonne Academy
partners better, especially if things are already going well. Plan for Mars to add a little more excitement later in the month. If you arent in a relationship then the manifestation of a powerful infatuation may be achieved through the very effective potion Amortentia. The Moon and Mars in Leo are an especially difficult combination to resist. Also, those who are sincerely helpful may be less difficult to find amongst the crowd thats not actually on your side. interesting and productive month. Dont get too ambitious with ideological ideas and just concentrate on getting simple things right for the best results. Take a trip into Hogsmeade with some good friends and enjoy the relaxing and re-energizing atmosphere. By the end of the month you should also have the necessary strength to take charge at home and make good compromises for everyone when familial conflicts arise. 11 a.m. & 12 p.m. Sorting Hat East Highland Avenue 1 p.m. Costume Contest & Parade CHBA Office 2 p.m.

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and remain extra focused to seize each new opportunity this month. Dont stress about O.W.Ls yet and just take each day one at a time. Neptune in Aquarius will help you with the patience side of the equation, but it is up to you to liberate yourself from outside influences. However, help will be given through the combined opposition of Jupiter in Taurus and Mercury and Venus in Scorpio in the middle of October.

aquariuS: You need to show patience

Madame Puddifoots The Night Kitchen 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Scarecrow Contest Morris Arboretum 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Weazleys Wizard Wheezes ODoodles 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Quidditch 101