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Luis Lloyd M.

Layco -Informative

BSCS 2-4

Pokemon: Gotta Catch em all!

Prepare for trouble. And make it double. To protect the world from devastation, to unite all people within our nation, to denounce the evils of truth and love, to extend our reach to the stars above. This is one of the striking lines in the Pokemon series that made a huge hit not only for kids but also for those people who are young at heart. It has left its mark in the TV industry, gaming industry, even in books, action figures, stuff toys, trading cards and many others. Pokemon has been known globally. My addiction to pokemon started when I was in grade 2 when my tita gave me a present. It was a set of pokemon cards. At first, I really have no idea how to play this. But after my cousin introduced the steps in playing, I got so interested that I try other pokemon games like pokemon gold. Up till now, I am still active in collecting pokemon items and playing computer games all about pokemon. So, in order to satisfy my hunger for more pokemon stuff, I searched more about it. I found out that pokemon was the idea of Mr. Satoshi Tajiri. Satoshi was born on August 28, 1965 in Tokyo. His father was a Nissan car salesman and his mother was a housewife. As a child, he enjoyed collecting insects as a hobby. And by that, his playmates call him Dr. Bug. It was his dream to develop a game where children would be able to collect and train different kinds of creatures, while being able to trade them with their friends. Satoshi Tajiri wanted kids all over the world to experience the same kind of joy that he felt when he collects his bugs. And when he reach the age of 17, he became captivated with arcade games and began writing and editing a fanzine called Game Freak. During that time, it was handwritten and stapled together. But one day, Ken Sugimori, who later illustrated the original set of Pokmon, saw the magazine at a djinshi shop, and decided to get involved. Satoshi first conceived the idea of Pokmon in 1990. After he saw a Game Boy, all the ideas came rushing in. Pokemon is a story about a 10 year old boy named Ash Ketchum who lived in a small village called Pallet Town. His dream is to become the worlds greatest Pokemon master, collecting badges, one trainer at a time. He was forced to accept the cute and cuddly Pikachu from Professor Oak as his starter Pokmon because he carelessly broke his alarm clock and woke up late in the morning to get his first pokemon. Still, Ash was determined to achieve his

goal, and with the help Pikachu, they can defy gravity. Along the way, he met his friends that help and accompany him in his journey to the exciting world of Pokemon. Pokemon teaches us to value our friends and to never give up on our dreams. We should dream big and always reach for the stars. Like Ash who keeps on going even at times when he feels so down and troubled. Even though pokemon received so much cynicism and intrugues, Satoshi and the rest of his team still manages to survive and keep their heads held high. You, as a newbie in this very exciting world, do you want to be the master of pokemon? Do you have the skills to be number one?