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Kalpesh M.

6, Shri Ram Park Society, On Chandola Canal, Near Jawahar Chowk,
Maninagar, Ahmedabad-380 008 (Gujarat)
Tel. (Res.) +91-79-25351208

Dated: November 4, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

It was with great interest that I am in touch with your firm for a job posting from one of the
important sources for the position which is related to internet/web security field. Review of my
credentials will confirm that I am capable of serving as the catalyst for achieving revenue
objectives and organic growth through effective contributions towards Information Security &
Hacking (penetration testing).

Special Note (proof about my achievements): Recently, on 3rd August 2006 I proved with a
challenge through a LIVE telecast on IndiaTV that India's all ebanking, eshopping,
etrading(shares, etc.) websites can be hacked. I proved this giving a challenge to all legal and
technical experts. During the live telecast, there were legal experts, technical experts, Mr.
Shakeel Ahmed(IT Minister), Rajat Sharma and Indiabulls Director Mr. Gagan Banga. I hacked
more then 50 websites LIVE in front of camera in a legal manner with an intention to help the
nation. This is a big LIVE demo globally proved first time openly between public in general. No
hacker or information security professional has challenged and / or proved globally to hack or find
so many vulnerabilities at a time. This was my research of 5 to 7 years. This was a LIVE and
breaking On - Air Exclusive News for continously three hours from 9 to 12 PM, and which lasted
for 3 days on electronic media channels and several days in some magazines and print media in
several states. This is the world’s biggest ever Hacking proved challenge in legal way to help the
Nation and with an intention to work for National Interest.

Recent URL’s –


I was serving Indian Army(Intell.), Ahmedabad as an Information Security Expert, with

responsibilities including administration & maintenance of hardware or software troubleshooting,
Internet Security & rendering consultancy services against hacking loopholes and some other
intelligence tasks. I have also provided consultancy services to the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a
short period as Technical Assistant, on R&D efforts to generate new ideas and take possible
steps to counter hacking threats, and rendered advice as to how hacking can be used to counter
cyber crime.

I hold MCSE and CCNA Certifications, and have some knowledge in Networking, Database /
Systems Administration, IT security and Technical Support also. I understand that working for
your organisation requires a candidate who is team oriented and is able to deal with people in
various departments. I am confident that I possess these skills, which will help me to perform the
job efficiently and effectively.

I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you to evaluate your needs & share my ideas. Pl.
see the attachment too which includes my brief resume.

Thanking you.
Yours’ sincerely,

(Kalpesh M. Sharma)

Kalpesh Sharma
6, Shri ram park society
on Chandola canal, near Jawahar
Chowk, Maninagar, Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad -380008
telephone: (home) +917925351205 (office) +917925852075
Contact by email:
date of birth: 10 November, 1978

Experience in networking, systems administration, it security and technical support with

prestigious organizations

Job objective:
Seeking assignments in internet security & hacking to check loopholes & vulnerability in
web sites / network security with a technology-driven organization of repute.

Total years of experience: 6.00 years

Current location: Ahmedabad
Location preference: no preference

• B.Sc (computers) from Almeda university in 2001

Other qualification(s)/ certification(s)/ Programme(s) attended

• Microsoft certified systems engineer (mcse)
• Cisco certified network associate (ccna)
• Hardware & software troubleshooting (comptia a+)

Summary of skills and experience

A competent professional with around 6 years experience in networking, systems
administration, it security and technical support with prestigious organizations. Currently
serving Indian army, intelligence dept., Ahmedabad as information security expert.
Distinction of providing technical consultancy to the chief minister of Gujarat, on issues
related to hacking and R&D initiatives. Experience in the network administration and
maintenance, technical troubleshooting of hardware, software, internet and email related
issues and finding solutions to vulnerabilities related to cyber crime. Presently writing a
book - 'A Full stop on E-system'. Wrote several articles which got published in
newspapers in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. A
team player with excellent communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.
Areas of exposure & expertise

plan, design, install and configure LAN/WAN as per organizational requirements,
governed by communication protocols. Set up and maintain technical documentation.
Troubleshoot all networking problems to ensure minimum downtime and maximum
availability of network.

Systems / database administration

oversee installation of operating system and application software on windows,
deployment of servers, network, console, power and monitoring the same. Plan and
implement software rollouts, patch management, and OS deployments/upgrades,
unattended installations. Devise strategies for disaster recovery management, including
planning and designing servers for back up and recovery of database information.
Maintain archived data on tape & hard disk drives using raid (hardware & software raid).

It security
ensure compliance with various cyber laws (Indian / global) for setting up and
maintaining it / is security systems. Formulate strategies for preventing cyber crime like
hacking of websites. Assess organizational requirements for network security and
implement security software / devices like firewalls and filters for protection against virus
/ spam attack from the web.

Technical support
oversees the configuration of various hardware devices and peripherals like computers,
servers, network printers, and assign user nodes. Extending high-end technical support on
various servers and ensuring high customer satisfaction levels through prompt redressal of
their problems. Install and configure network printer and other hardware devices like
computers, wireless and fiber optic devices. Assign user rights to access network
resources. Ensure prompt resolution of queries put forth by internal / external customers
and maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

Skill type Skill name

Database Oracle 8.0, d2k
Language C, visual basic
Network Windows 2000
Os Windows 98, XP
Tools Easy recovery
Password finder

Work experience
January' 2003 - January' 2005 at Shubhlabh Technologies
Information security expert
job profile/company profile:
Penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, ethical hacking (hacking for helping is
known as ethical hacking). Finding loopholes & mistakes in website by performing
hacking experiments after prior permissions, in order to create a better solution so that no
one else can hack any websites anymore.
Achievement/projects: expert at information security system

January' 1999 - January' 2003 at Mahadev Hiralal Marfatia

hardware engineer
job profile/company profile:
Hardware & software trouble shooting. Purchasing parts and repairing computer system.
Recover data loss and maintain database incase of accidental deletion.
Achievement/projects: expert as a hardware technician and maintenance of parts and
computer system along with keeping a view on data safety.

Additional details
entrepreneurial venture
started independent venture in 1996 to provide consultative support on technical issues
related to information security, email and internet-related issues to govt. And private
sector clients. Provided services to chief minister of Gujarat, NASA, Indian army
(intelligence), etc.

currently writing a book titled - 'a full stop on e-system' on issues related to it security and
various kinds of hacking. Have written a number of articles which have been published in
leading newspapers in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka and

currently doing a research on a project which is related to finding of geographical location
of a computer's IP address. The ratio of this project is 99:1 where it's not possible 99%,
but trying this as a challenge because majority of 'it' field needs this technology.

1) e-banking hacking - the most popular 128 bit encrypted websites which uses security
service from world's most famous security service provider - Verisign Inc. No one has
until now explained hacking and transferring money in internet banking, because no one
has until now done this due to maximum security of such sites.

2) Credit card number hacking: a mathematical algorithm, through which worlds any
credit card number of any company or bank can be generated. Software prepared by me
and is tested to be quite successful.

3) Mobile hacking: no one has until now listened of hacking without using internet
connection or computer. Yes! Only with the help of activated sim mobile service and an
instrument this is possible. Tested by me.
4) E-shopping hacking: all sites within India are none secured for me, which are related to
shopping online.

5) E-trading: same as e-shopping, only methods and techniques have changed.

6) 1000's of crores of funds in India are on risk in banking sector.

7) Mobile recharge voucher code research: I am currently doing a research which is under
process, which will generate all the prepaid numbers of recharging vouchers of all
companies step by step, without purchasing and scratching the recharge coupons.

8) Creating new idea’s: I am also involved in creating new idea's, for which I am selected
in top 200 brains of India by one of the television channels in India in third round.
However, 4th and 5th rounds are under process yet. An idea where not only few
thousands, but all 100 crore Indian peoples will get employment, and thus 100% removal
of poverty. For this, no govt. Appointments, no self-employment schemes or even a single
rupee expenses needed from government of India. I have already filed public interest
litigation in Supreme Court to take action on this idea after I prove it in front of hon.
Court. It's an amazing idea, where no expense by any govt. or pvt. firms and then too
employment. From last fifty years after freedom, no political party was able to solve the
unemployment and poverty problem in India which now can be solved with this valuable
idea project. All kinds of business idea's which can generate maximum revenue are also
being researched by me.

9) Electronic voting machines: I have also being doing a research on EVM's which are
used India for voting. 99 % my research says that I can prove within 100 seconds that
when I perform an experiment on a button of any party in the voting machine, either the
vote will go in that party's account only or the vote will go in all other party's account,
except on the button where settings are configured. In this way, one thing will be clearly
proved, that voting machines are not secure for results. 1% I am yet not sure because I
have not got the machine to practically test it, though I applied several times to election
commission of India.

10) Difference in 'it' security in India and international market: topics such as security
weakness and strength between companies in India and at international level. What is
needed and what is to be rejected, what should be next step in security, etc. Will be
discussed here.

11) Audio/Video v/s legal system of India. : I can prove in court after a legal permission
taken by advocate, that though forensic lab. If an expert reports a particular video or audio
to be true or false; I can prove it alternate. For example - if forensic lab says that a
particular video is true, I can prove it wrong. If they say that it's false, I can prove it
correct. Thus, in short, I want to say that no judgments can be given on the basis of
audio/video and that it should not be entertained as evidence by legal system of India.
Please note this is a suggestion for the legal system of India and do not take it as contempt
of court or any kind of illegal activity.
12) Legal hacking methods: a process of hacking developed first time through out world
and named by me as legal hacking. A method, where hacking on either e-shopping
website or e-banking website is done, but which cannot be proved in court to be as
hacking. Thus, hacking also done and proved to be innocent also.

13) 'IT' Act 2000: I have read whole 'it' act 2000 of 160 pages from Supreme Court
website and found that there are several mistakes in some of the sections which have to be
changed, else criminals can escape and innocents can get trapped. I had applied to DST,
Delhi with evidence of their reply in this connection. And my communication result was
that now, there is a new modified 'it' act.

14) Gravitational force: currently I am doing a research to prove that Newton’s law of
gravitation force was wrong and to a maximum extent I am getting success in my
research. However, I am not able to proceed further due to financial problems on my end.