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Electro magnetism in ancient Egypt

An overview
Lets jump straight in and have a look at an electro magnetic circuit called the 'Toroidal power unit' ..TPU.

This is in fact an infinite loop of magnetism. To see one of these made, explained ( simply ) and see it work, here is a simple youtube clip I found. here is a short clip showing how north & south individual magnets pass through each other

The downloadable pdf document by Edward Leedskalnin can be found here

Leedskalnin proposes that all life has these north & south magnets travelling through and that the secrets of gravity are contained within unlocking this 'secret'. He calls the TPU the 'eternal life' circuit. We can see why when we remember that after six months of leaving the TPU charged, he then discharged the energy which maintained it's power in lighting up the light bulb. But what if that power could be accessed without the need to break the circuit. Could it be that the ancient civilisations had indeed already done this ? Can we show that they had some kind of magnetic power source ? I am going to show you a series of photographs that in my opinion do indeed show a portable power unit. Also that they had knowledge of the 'coil' and it's properties. Moreover, that they had 'gadgets' that somehow harnessed this power and were actively using it ! This image from Khorsabad 8th century BC. This figure is supposedly watering the tree of life.

Take a good look at the 'bucket'

A closer look.

Now take a look at these images from La Venta, Mexico...

look at his clothing, look at the vehicle he is in. what is he doing ?

lets take a closer look at what's in his hand....

Do you think this is the same object ? Where's the tree that his is watering ? I would suggest that the object in his hand is a portable power supply and it is magnetic. Why do I think it is magnetic ? Because of this next picture which in my opinion clearly shows that the sword is attracted to the object. The artist is depicting what he sees, otherwise the sword would surely be neatly arranged by the side of the body.

This is how the Babylonians portrayed this device. IMO the Egyptians depicted it in another way. How did Leedskalnin describe the TPU... an 'eternal life' mechanism. And this is how the Egyptians portrayed eternal life.

The Egyptian Ankh which represents ( in it's most common translation ) 'eternal life' Another object strongly associated with the ankh is the 'was' or staff

Lets take a closer look at the bottom of the staff. It is curiously shaped rather like a magnet or a tuning fork.

Is it a collector of north & south magnets ? Or does it produce vibration similar to that of a tuning fork ? Now lets look at the top of the staff

Is that a djed I see in between the staff and the ankh ?

hmmm... a curious looking object. I'm asking you to look at this from a practical point of view. Is it art or does it serve a purpose ? Does it closely resemble coils of some kind ? Here are the most accepted and common interpretations of the objects I have shown you. Ankh............... eternal life Djed................ stability Staff................ power The documents left to us by Ed Leedskalnin show a different view of electricity and magnetism. When we put it together we make 'gadgets' like the TPU. Did the Egyptians put something together using the staff, the ankh and the djed to create a 'gadget' ? The function of this 'gadget' is open to interpretations, however when taken into consideration with Leedskalnin's view that the 'life force' could possibly be controlled by N & S magnets, it fits with the Egyption obsession with 'eternal life'........... Allspark.