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APMRG Mid-Year Seminar & AGM

The Changing Face

of Pharmaceutical Marketing
and Research

Date: Wednesday June 2, 2004 Time: Registration from 8.30am

Venue: The Crystal Room, Luna Park, 1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point.
Christopher Shaw has worked in the pharmaceutical can learn from our consumer colleagues and open our minds to new
industry for nearly ten years across international markets techniques and learnings from the FMCG markets and consumer insights, as
and following an eight-year career in management well as understanding the importance and relevance of branding within the
consulting. Presently Marketing Director for Eli Lilly Australia, pharmaceutical market.
he has held numerous marketing and sales roles with Lilly
UK and Lilly USA prior to arriving in Australia late 2003. Nicole Inglis has been working in Market Research for
Most recently he was Global Marketing Director for one of the companies’ 8 years. Nicole comes from a tourism and consumer
major neuroscience products and based at the company corporate background but since joining Jigsaw in 2000, she has seen
headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Initially from Britain, Chris has a the light and been working entirely within the Healthcare
BSc in Management Science from the University of Sunderland and an MBA Division. The increasing importance of the end-user in
from Warwick Business School. pharmaceutical marketing has allowed Nicole to utilise her
past experiences of consumer behaviour research in the context of the ethical
Kieran Schneemann has held a number of positions in the arena. Nicole’s area of interest lies in optimising interactions with healthcare
Commonwealth Public Service, including the Department of the professionals in the context of depth interviews and focus groups.
House of Representatives, the Commonwealth Office of Protocol
and the National Audit Office. He left the private sector earlier Jane Adams graduated from the University of Newcastle
in his career to join the Audit Office. Following the election of with an honours degree in psychology. She recently submitted
the Howard Government in 1996, he joined the Office of the her PhD thesis examining the effects of legislation on the rates
Minister for Science and Technology, the Hon Peter McGauran MP, as Chief of of adolescent smoking. She has worked in both the mental
Staff. In 1997 he moved to the position of Chief of Staff to Senator the Hon Nick health and public health research areas, and lectured at the
Minchin. He worked for Senator Minchin for a period of five years in the University of Newcastle Faculty of Nursing for seven years.
Industry and Finance portfolios. Kieran possesses a wealth of knowledge in Jane has been involved in the coordination of evaluation projects at state and
management, policy development and government process and has a sound Commonwealth government levels, utilising her expertise in both qualitative and
appreciation of the economic, political and social environment in which the quantitative research methods. At M-TAG, Jane is the Senior Quality of Life
pharmaceutical industry operates. Kieran was appointed to the position of Chief Analyst, where she conducts utility, willingness-to-pay and quality of life studies
Executive Officer of Medicines Australia on 1 February 2003. with community, health professional and patient samples.

Mike Welling has a BSc (Hons) in Biology from the Chris Joscelyne was the Australian spokesman at the United
University of Southampton and has been based in London Nations Global eBusiness Forum in Geneva. He is a leader in
working in ‘Futures’ - the worldwide communications research Australia’s IT security sector, serving on the board of the
expertise centre of Initiatives, where he was responsible for the Australian IT Security Forum. He has served as the Australian IT
Asia Pacific. As head of international research, he was Industry delegation chairman for bilateral talks with the United
responsible for developing the proprietary Matrix modelling States on protection of the national information infrastructure.
tool and leading its worldwide training and implemetation. He is considered Chris is a Certified Practising Marketer with over 30 years experience in
a leading expert in this field within Initiative primarily for writing the broadcast media and information technology. In 1994 Chris founded
algorithms behind the awareness model and for developing a series of Australian Projects, a company engaged in the commercialisation of new and
associated applications within the modelling tool. His most recent work has emerging IT security solutions, working closely with strategic partners in
been the development of a leading edge multi-media awareness modelling Australia, the United Kingdom and USA.
tool for Coca-Cola. He now works with Initiative Media in Sydney.
Malcolm Rankin’s career spans 30 years in the advertising
Steve Robson is a registered pharmacist with a Master of
and marketing industry in Australia and the UK, in agencies
Business and a Graduate Diploma of Marketing (UTS). He has
such as Leo Burnett, Grey Advertising and Ted Bates (UK).
supplemented his three degrees with more than 20 years of
Initially, his primary focus was media, commencing as TV
pharmaceutical marketing, advertising and sales with
Buying Manager at Leo Burnett Sydney, and rising to the role
companies like Pfizer, Wella and Reckitt Benckiser. Steve is
of Media Director on the board of Grey Advertising, Australia.
currently Managing Director for one the leading healthcare
Subsequently, Malcolm became a partner in two Australian-based agencies.
advertising agencies, Hammond & Thackeray. In his 9 years with this
In 1992, Malcolm established Vision Marketing Communications,which
business it has grown more than 400% and successfully opened new offices
currently has the exclusive rights to market the APRAIS client/agency
in Melbourne and Auckland. Six years ago, H&T formed a financial
relationship appraisal. Malcolm is a past committee member of the AFA
partnership with The Interpublic Group (IPG) – the second largest
(NSW), past board member of Sydney Radio Station 2SM, and is currently
communications group in the world. At this time H&T started to work with
the Australian Chairman of Child Sponsorship Organization CCF (Aust).
Initiative Media (also part of IPG) developing world-leading media planning
and buying techniques for OTC and DTC advertising and more recently in
pharmaceutical markets. Gill Lowe has created and launched a vast number of
strategic medical education initiatives designed to cultivate
Peter Wells is the founder of Nilewide, a company whose acceptance and support of products by opinion leaders,
aim is simply to move our thinking about marketing along one GPs and other health professionals. She has spent 20 years
step further each week, through critically reviewing and working in training, publishing, continuing health care
analysing the latest thinking from around the world. As a education, and management consulting. Prior to joining
relentless traveller, and after a career in international Princeton Clearpoint Gill was General Manager of IntraMed, in Canada and
marketing on 4 continents, Nilewide provided the perfect Australia. Gill has developed and conducted numerous seminars and
opportunity to explore and challenge our most fundamental thinking. Peter is workshops on presentation and facilitation skills, medical education in the
a columnist for a number of UK publications, including the journal of The marketing mix, leadership, coaching, sales, and marketing. Gill is a graduate
Marketing Society UK, Market Leader, has contributed chapters to a book for in education and history from the University of Lancaster, UK and was a high
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, written speeches for business leaders school teacher before immigrating to Canada.
for conferences as varied as the Australian Institute of Marketing and World
Glen Cross is currently Senior Product Manager in
Economic Forum, and regularly speaks at international marketing conferences
Gastroenterology at Pfizer Australia. Starting out in
in many countries. Nilewide includes among its clients leading marketers,
Melbourne as a GP sales representative in 1995, Glenn has
advertising agencies and universities in Australia, Europe, UK, USA and
had eight years in sales and marketing roles in the Australian
Africa, and has offices in Sydney, Johannesburg, London and Philadelphia.
pharmaceutical industry; firstly with G.D. Searle, then
Pharmacia Australia and now with Pfizer Australia.
Rebecca Leat graduated from the University of London with The past five years have involved various product management roles
a BSc (Hons) in psychology, and has been working in covering portfolios as diverse as OTC brands, global blockbuster launches
pharmaceutical market research for the last 12 years, both on and locally managed co-promotions.
a global level as well as within Australia. Rebecca has been at
Jigsaw Strategic Research for 3 years where she heads up the
healthcare division. Rebecca’s two main interests lie in how we
8.30am Registration and coffee
9.00am Changing the Face of Marketing and Research - Welcome and Introduction. Chris Shaw, Marketing Director, Eli Lilly
9.15am Does the R&D Based Pharmaceutical Industry in Australia have a Voice? If so, what is it?
Kieran Schneemann, CEO, Medicines Australia. In this presentation Kieran will focus on research & development
based pharmaceutical companies and raise some of the major issues that will face the industry as a whole over the next few
years, that is, in the next term of the federal government. He will also discuss the role Medicines Australia will play.
10.00am The New Face of Media - Interfacing Media and Quantitative Research to Maximise ROI. Mike Welling,
Head of Research & Technology, Initiative Media and Steve Robson, Managing Director, Hammond & Thackeray.
Combining the extensive sales data available to the pharmaceutical industry with innovative, new computer modelling software
allows media to be targeted to both measure and maximise return on your investment in advertising. An actual case study will
show how this process works.
10.40am Morning tea
11.00am Keynote Session
At the Coal Face - the Latest Thinking in Patient/Consumer Interactions and its Relevance on Market
and Research. Peter Wells, Nilewide. It is one of those things we all want to deny – we simply don’t think very much.
If we deny this we can continue to believe that people think about our brands, our ads and can answer questions about them.
But, if we accept that most decisions are made subconsciously based on habits, and that we don’t think about most of the things
that go on around us, including the marketing communications we are exposed to, then we need to ask some serious questions
about where marketing and research go next. As Nobel Prize winners, neuroscientists, evolutionary psychologists and a few ad
researchers take aim at our basic tenets, maybe we should think a bit more about thinking, or more importantly the lack of it.
It will change the way we think, or don’t, about marketing and its tools.
11.40am The Rise in Patient Empowerment and Brands in the Pharmaceutical Market. Rebecca Leat and Nicole Inglis,
Jigsaw Research. This paper will explore and review the role and importance of the patient in the pharmaceutical market and
how this helps us understand the role of brands for both patients and physicians. We can then understand what the implications
are for the pharmaceutical industry in general and market research specifically.
12.10pm Conjoint Analysis in the Australian Pharmaceutical Marketplace - Practical Examples and the Potential
for Future Use. Jane Adams, Senior Quality of Life Analyst, M-TAG. Conjoint analysis is a tool that can be used
by sales and marketing teams within the pharmaceutical industry to better understand the value proposition for their products.
This presentation will use real life examples to demystify this useful approach.
12.45pm AGM (non members leave for lunch)
1.00pm Lunch
2.15pm Keynote Session
IT Security – Threats and Defence. Chris Jocelyne. The ability to assemble, store, manage and disseminate research
information electronically exerts powerful leverage on the effectiveness and efficiency of the research enterprise. However, the
dark side of this technology is that it exposes research data to unprecedented levels of privacy breaches, inquisitive browsing,
sabotage, virus attack, vandalism and computer crime. Today’s challenge is managing and handling electronic information in
a safe, secure and confidential way. Hear the issues explained in a practical and highly entertaining presentation, free of
technical jargon.
3.00pm Laurel and Hardy, Morecombe and Wise, Champagne and Caviar, Fred and Ginger.....
Why Great Partnerships Achieve Great Results. Malcolm Rankin, Managing Director, Vision Marketing
Communications Pty. Ltd. What are the most common issues between clients and their marketing suppliers? And how can they be
overcome? This interactive presentation aims to demonstrate how to achieve far better results for the A&M money spent through
improved relationships, moving from the master/servant dynamic to one of true partnership. Case studies, will show how this can
be achieved.
3.30pm Hello, is anyone awake out there…? Engage your audience and improve retention using interactive
tools and techniques. Gill Lowe, General Manager, Princeton Clearpoint Medical Communications. Pharmaceutical
companies invest a great amount of time and money on live educational events for customers and internal staff. But what do the
participants walk away with - and how do you know? There is substantial evidence to prove that adults learn and retain
information best when they are involved in the process. In this session we will review some of this evidence and explore how the
use of interactive tools and techniques can improve the retention rate of participants who attend live educational events. So don’t
come thinking you can sit back and relax…this is an interactive session that is designed to keep you awake!
4.15pm The Changing Face of the APMRG. Glenn Cross, President, APMRG and Senior Product Manager, Pfizer. In this
short session, Glenn will facilitate feedback from the audience on a number of suggested APMRG innovations and current activities.
4.30pm Cocktails in the Sunset Room
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The Changing Face of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Research, June 2, 2004

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