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Human Resource Management Background and Introduction

The current business arena is characterised by ever changing technologies and management practices. Keeping in view these quick changes, there is a strong need to human resource managers to be equipped with best and efficient management practices. Research in the human resource methods can guide the domestic and international economies and can contribute to maximising workers productivity (Johnson 2002, pp. 285). Hiring is a process that can be defined as a system that will help in the development of effective workforce (Aycan 200, pp. 252-60). The seed of best human resource practice is sown right at this phase. With continuous improvement and development of skills, and by the help of various training methods, a better workforce is created. The recruitment phase is indeed the single most important element for the success and failure of an HR program. HR managers employ various tools and methods and customs in the recruitment phase to make sure that the hiring is fair enough to enable the firms to hold the expected outcomes requiring in a more precise way. (Wright and McMahan, 1992). The current study uses a specific HR recruitment structure that links and streamlines the current research in the subject area. This structure suggests the possible ways to experts that how to deal with the problem of hiring the best. Managing most talented and qualified people from amongst a large number of alternatives is thus a strong challenge especially in the IT sector. It plays a vital role for top level managers, experts and for those who are making every possible effort to enhance the hiring process to compete in IT industry (Heyes 1996, pp. 7-21). This structure is relates to the subject in sense that it may help overcome different problems related to HR challenges in term of fast changes in the hiring process in the IT sector that is on boost at the moment. IT sector is usually challenged for grand attrition volume because of its grand

Human Resource Management

competitive type, and at the same time it has become very vital to develop the best available methods to give a bright future for the IT industry (Hill 2000, pp. 105 & Nolan 2002, pp. 88). With the help of capable, competent and talented HR pool, organisations can work far better and may give better services. This research will examine the management and practice of human resource using various paradigms, and how effectively and efficiently these practices are applied in the information technology (IT) sector. An effective selection method is very vital for the economic development as more and more new methods are being applied for achieving outstanding outcomes in the ever reforming working climate.

1.3 History of HRM in Indian Information Technology India stands as the second most populated country on earth; followed by China. With the current population trends, it is expected that India will become the 3rd biggest nation in next few years (Budhwar and Boyne, 2004). The initial stage of HRM was in 1925, when Union Trade Act was passed. Following this, the Industry Act was passed by the Royal Commission in 1934. In the beginning of 90s there were a lot of problems for Indian economy like low foreign exchange rate, negative industrial growth, high inflation rate etc. To handle this situation, Indian government developed a more liberal business environment and encouraged economists and the business community to establish the free market economy. At the same time, Chinese economy was growing at a rapid speed after making changes in its financial rules and regulations(Hill 2000, pp. 105). Keeping the need to economic revival and policy changes Indian economists headed for changes to give some boom to the Indian economy. As a result, the focus of the

Human Resource Management

Indian government was directed in making a congenial business environment where Indian firms could develop themselves through better HR management (Budhwar and Boyne, 2004)

1.4 Research Questions What recruitment and selection methods are observed in the growing Indian information

technology sector and how can other emerging trends make an impact on these practices? In which way Indian IT firms are able to handle the critical affairs and challenges in

relation to their recruitment and selection processes as compared to other methods? What criteria and process should be adopted by HR experts to develop their skills as well

as employees capability?

1.5 Research Aim: The purpose behind this study is to observe the Indian HR methods so that we can develop some good ideas which can help the HR team, HR management and HR investigators in future. This research investigates how the IT industry can maintain its speed and what possible changes the IT firms can implement in their hiring process. The research outcomes will suggest many ways to HR team and identify a structure that will fit in current and future hiring process in a market that is growing by almost by the pace of light.

Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and selection is the fundamental HR process followed by every small and large firm. This process is guided by a companys need for manpower in the phases of

companys expansion or when a company needs to fill any existing vacancy within the company (Smith 1999, pp. 70). HR teams need to follow this process to get the best candidates for their

Human Resource Management

company. In the preliminary stage, a comprehensive analysis is required for the current job position to understand the nature of the job. After the analysis of job description and identification of the prospective candidates profile, a company will get an overall idea about where the HR team should focus more during the recruitment phase. For the purpose, the HR team needs to make sure that the recruitment process will be in structural framework of related the company. According to Randhawa (2007) a framework according to organizational value system ensures the most beneficial recruitment outcomes. This framework provides skilled employees to the organization with job satisfaction. Recruitment and selection process must be fair and just for attracting skilled employees (Shepherd 1996, 40). An unfair and prejudiced hiring framework is useless and will prove expensive for organization. Poor recruitment

framework can result in long term losses in the sense that the HR team will need to conduct the recruitment process once again as the unfit employees are fired or go away.

2.1.1 Meaning and Definition Recruitment can be defined as a process of finding best candidates by obtaining job application through a systematic process; reviewing, and screening the candidates through tests, interviews etc and finalising and posting the selected candidates to their positions. This is a process of identifying most capable people for the current job vacancy for related organization. The process starts when a job application is available for candidates and ends when that application is received back by HR team (Aswathappa, 2005). Recruitment process helps the organization to find prospective people and at the same time recruit them on available job ((Lengnick 1988, pp. 70). Recruitment means furthering the human resource

Human Resource Management

development in organization and selection of new people who can contribute as per the requirement criteria of the organization (Saari 1988, pp. 31).

Recent Development in Recruitment & Selection Practices In recent times, some development took place in recruitment and selection practices. These include the E-recruitment which is a good way to deal with some problems that arise during recruitment and selection practices. E-Recruitment is very effective for all organisations but those that fall under the IT sector in India need further development because the older practices are not good enough to find capable candidates for organization (Johnson 2002, pp. 295). New techniques should be found to screen capable candidates. Similarly, small companies are now looking to stand and compete with big firms. These small organizations are conducting more researches in recruitment and selection practices (Hill 2000, pp. 105). Aligning the current HR practices with the global standards is indispensable for survival in highly competitive business environment. IT firms have to chose and recruit highly sophisticated and capable candidates. Small firms could use recruitment and selection methods in a better way as compared to multinational firms. As previously mentioned, recruitment practices and processes were not effective for many IT firms. Also, in recent times, new development in HR practices will provide a good chance to small firms to play their role more effectively in industry and establish a strong position in the field of human resource practices (Barber et al.1999). In the past, small organizations were not getting positive attention for their recruitment processes. The small and medium IT firms overlooked the importance of best HR practices.

Human Resource Management

An effective recruitment and selection process plays a vital role to enhance the success ratio of a small and medium business organization lacking a good HR structure and framework (Karpuzoglu, 2001; Williamson, 2000; Tanova, 1999). Many management article reviews provide evidence of poor follow up of best recruitment practices. Furthermore, only a few out of the two hundred academic HR journals take small organisation as a research sample and conducted any research on recruitment and selection practices in small organizations. An observation suggests that small organizations like to have an informal recruitment procedure. On the other hand, big organizations like to go with formal way of selection (Barber et al., 1999; Carroll et al., 1999 Deshpande). A formal way of selection attracts more and more job applications and gives wide and better options to HR team screen out suitable candidates for the available job.

Aims and Objectives of Recruitment The main objective of the recruitment is to get the best, capable and talented candidates for the organization. The recruitment process is guided by a number of managements

objectives. Every organization intends to choose candidates who can enhance the image of company in market by using their talent, experience and knowledge. The other primary objective of recruitment is to build up a strong path for future developments. Ployhart (2006) added that the main objective of selection and recruitment is to select and recruit talented candidates by observing and screening their educational background and their way of thinking towards the organizational success. Some observational researchers illustrate that informal way of recruitment encourages employees to stay along with organization instead of other recruitment practices (Taylor, 1994; Breaugh, 1981). Researchers also find that there is a deep relation

Human Resource Management

between recruitment method and available job options and performance of new employee for organization. Taylor and Schmidt (1983) did one study in an organization and they found that the employee who was selected by the informal way of recruitment way performed well as compared to an employee who was selected in the formal way. Formally, supervisors in the line management would screen out the applicants on his personal judgment. The supervisors, given their short and irrelevant experience and training for the recruitment practices failed to get the best talent for the company. This study described why informal recruitment is better than formal or regulated recruitment (Griffeth et al., 1997).

2.4.1 Policy decisions on recruitment and selection It is observed by many researchers that management literature shows a development in the duties of the line management (Dobbs, 1993; Lawler, 1986; Storey, 1992). New duties are give to line managers which allow them to make new decision and policy for their organization in the field of human resources.

Skill Shortage and Recruitment There are two different factors that heavily impact on HR management in SMEs. The first relates to choosing between the internal and external work force market and the second relates to developing the HR mix through local and national work force market (Mahoney and Desktop, 1986). It is observed that big firms have a good chance to take advantage on small firms by focusing more on internal work force market and give them required training as per the requirement of the organization. Moreover it has been observed that small firms are less likely to

Human Resource Management

bring capable candidates because the way in which they train their employee is less effective as compared to big firms.

Selection Process Selection process is the most important part of HR because it will help the organization to survive in the competitive market. Selection process is a fundamental HR practice that involves creating a change environment in organization. Many HR people are involved during the selection process and this is the reason why the selection process follows a series of steps such as building an application pool, initial screening of resume, conducting interview, final screening and offering and negotiating the job (Heyes 1996, pp. 21). The subsection that follows elucidates the entire selection process.

2.5.1 Steps in Selection Process Job Analysis Analyzing the available job is the initial move to get an overall description about the job and its requirements (Johnson 2002, pp. 286). Analysis of current job provides full information about what kind of talent should a candidate have to apply for the vacant job.

Sources and Methods Analysis of job need also requires some data about specific job and requires some additional knowledge that can help the organization to achieve its aim of fulfilling the job by the most deserving candidate(s). Many researchers suggest different methods which can be used to collect information and data which will give some additional but important knowledge for job

Human Resource Management


analysis. One method is taking interview that will give an outstanding of the results and information. In addition to it, on-job performance observation can also be used for the analysis of job description. Candidates who are applying for the job can be questioned about how they would perform their job as they are hired (Heyes 1996, pp. 7). Some important things like training manual, research outcomes and other sources would be helpful to describe the job description.

Candidate Assessment Once the job specification is done, the next move is to come up with the right kind of system to provide more and more data about deserving applicants for making a final personal decision. Interview and psychological tests are a good medium to judge the quality of applicants (Gibb 1997, pp. 13). This system brings the attention of HR team towards the most capable candidates for the available job and guides the candidates about how they could perform well.

Interviews This is the best method of choosing candidates from a long list. Normally all candidates who pass the written test are called for interview with the HR manager or any member of selection team. During the interview, a candidate has the chance to prove himself in front of company representative. At the same time, the company representatives have the chance to judge the candidate whether he/she is capable for the vacant position or not.

Selection criteria

Human Resource Management


Selection criteria is a mode by in which an organization sets some standards like skills, knowledge and ability desired by the applicants. Selection criteria isolate the pool of competent employees who fit in best within the organization (Dimaggio 1983, pp. 147). It is observed that multinational firms have their own special selection committee; their job is to make sure that applicant can handle the physical, mental and psychological pressures and he would be able to adopt himself for future developments of firms and individual.

2.5.4 Selection methods There are a number of selection methods available for every big and small firm. Taking interview is most likely and traditional way of choosing applicants. Some other modern way like aptitude test, general knowledge test, group discussion, psychological test and physically test is also become a part of selection in resent time (Salgado et al., 2001).

First Review Requirement for Job

Job Analysis Define critical factor Define Applicant Talent Make interview question

Invite Job Applications

Chose the talented applicant

Review selection process

Human Resource Management


Selection Tests Four standards for criteria are suggested by researchers for the test: standardization, reliability and validity. sensitivity,

Psychological tests Psychological test helps the organization to make sure that candidate is mentally strong and he can handle the situations in worst conditions. This test screens out applicants who are intellectually strong and have reasonable mental strength. Recent research proves that psychological test gives more reliable evidence as compared to other tests (Coskun 2002, pp. 91). This test plays a vital role in the selection process and some standards should be kept in mind which is set by HR team and organization during monitoring process of this test.

Induction Induction is conducted by training manager for new candidates to understand new business environment. It is vital for candidate to adjust themselves with new staff and get a brief knowledge on health and safety regulation from training manager.

On the job induction training On the job induction training help the organization and candidate to face and understand the challenges of IT sector. New candidates get 2-3 month on job training, during this period candidates have a chance to understand new environment and organization have a chance to

Human Resource Management


judge new candidates (Johnson 2002, pp. 294). This is important because fresh graduates or other employee who come from different firms need to understand the ground situation where they are going to work. Every year thousand of fresh graduates pass from universities and the HR teams chose the most talented candidates them. Once hired, they make him capable as per organization requirement by on the job induction training.

2.7 Selection Criteria in Indian IT Companies Almost every IT company follows the same process for their recruitment. Every organization sets some standards as per their requirement but one common requirement for candidates who want to become a part of IT industry is that they must have an IT diploma or an IT degree. Apart from IT diploma and degree, applicants need to pass writing test and nowadays popular online assessment test has become a prime requirement to make sure applicants have needed skills. Some additional but vital good English language and aptitude test has now become a part of selection in IT industry (Stewart and Knowles, 2000). IT companies also prefer those candidates who have a good hold on C, C++ languages (Carroll 1999, pp. 250).

2.8 Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd. 2.8.1 Company Introduction Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd provides many services related to IT such as software development. Company has a strong reputation in the field of providing new opportunities to talented candidates, customer service, quality and impressive technology. They have a good track record in customer satisfaction and providing IT solutions around the world. Their aim is providing user friendly software and particular solution for all kind of enterprise problems. The

Human Resource Management


company always focuses on innovation that helps it to make effective methodologies so that it can concentrate on its core competencies. Since the business environment in India is on peak, especially in the IT sector, IT has become very hard to survive and compete for IT firms in that conditions. At the same time Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd realizes the importance of human resource which can help the organization to gain more in all fields. Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd likes go with a world-wide delivery model with cost effectiveness. These things help the firms to add their customers as a corporate partner. In the recent times, the company got many offers from all over the world for its IT services. It is just because they did remarkably in the past and to gain productivity and attract more customers. In a digital world, the company is able to develop new software solutions and this is the reason why company gives more focus on recruitment. The company needs talented candidates who can innovate new software as per the customer requirement and the firm is doing every possible effort to find and recruit new employees. The Company never compromises on the quality and this will help them to get an ISO 9001:2000 approval. Firms already established its software development centres in India and they are handling some additional projects as well.

Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd Services 1. Languages services: - C, C++, C#, ASP XML, Java 2. Visual Basic, Jscript, .Net, Visual Lisp 3. CAD Technology 4. Auto CAD, Micro Station, ESRI, MapInfo 5. Auto Desk Map, Object ARX, CADopia intelliCAD

Human Resource Management


DATABASE TECHNOLOGY 1. MS SQL, Access, Oracle Relational and Spatial 2. Software product testing, Mercury Tools, Winrunner 3. Test Director, TSL

2.9 Introduction: Igate Global Solutions Ltd IGATE is another IT company offers many IT services and solution from their head office in city Bangalore. This is an operational technology firms which offers services for data analytic, advance infrastructure management etc. their objective is to bring innovation in

customer services with cheap cost. Ashok trivedi established this firm and make it a world famous brand in business world.

Services offered by Igate Technology consultation service Solution for enterprise set up Maintenance and development of Application Service for Data Analytics Management Service in Infrastructure

Recruitment techniques used by IGATE Recruitment methods are almost same in both companies. As these companies become modern, they advertise vacant job in internet first. After the advert, candidates who want to apply

Human Resource Management


for that job need to go online, they need to register themselves with company website. Their login ID helps them to get a result of psychometric test which falls under the initial stage of recruitment. Another method of recruitment is arrange a recruitment camp in IT educational institutes and chose best student form there with good IT and management skill (Coskun 2002, pp. 105). This is a good way for new student to enter in IT corporate world. HR team conduct some test like reasoning and skill tests, student required to bring college ID card with 2 photos and 2 photocopies of their CV along with educational documents. During campus placement companies concentrate focus on fresh graduates with good academic knowledge of and MCA (Master of Computer Application).

Some condition for psychometric tests student need to bring: 2 copies of CV 3 passport size photographs Rs 100 online examination fees A college student photo ID Card A writing Pad/Pencil, eraser and Gum. HR managers have to find out all the internal and external sources which can help during recruitment. In addition to it, a manager is also responsible to find out the best person after searching and analyzing the data base within company (Heyes 1996, pp.11). Some other sources also used by HR manager include getting services from recruitment consultant. This trend also occurs in advanced countries like in Britain it. Recruitment consultant give best match to HR team because they has wide range of data base of talented candidates, with this other sources like advertising the vacant job on the official web-site of company and on other job web-site like

Human Resource Management


'' 'naukri.Com. Etc. besides this interview for vacant job can be arranged and frame work of job must be create by HR manager and on next step it must be checked by HR boss and then it will ready for advertisement.

2.9.2 Screening and Short-listing of Candidates Screening of Resumes Screening the resume of applying candidates is a job of senior HR manager. In addition to it, a comparative analysis between qualification of candidate and company requirement is made. The selected resumes are then forwarded to head office for further progress (Barney 199, pp. 112).

Short listing of Resumes Head office sends back a list of best match applications to senior manager for arranging interview. At this point, the interview panel becomes active and it sends e-mail or message or makes a phone call to short-listed candidates to convey information regarding time, date and venue etc (Coskun 2002, pp. 164).

Online Written Test Senior HR manager sometimes decide to take a written test of applicants before interview. This means candidates have to pass the written test only before they can be eligible for interview. There is a set percentage to achieve by candidates in order to quality to the next round of recruitment process.

Human Resource Management Employment Application Form


This form is sent by organization after achieving all the goals in written test, academic and professional assessment. Applicants need to fill and signature the form contains all the information which is already mentioned in their CV.

The Interview Panel The member of interview panel is appointing by HOD with the guidance of senior HR manager. Every member of interview panel has to play a different role during interview with a different set of question. Preliminary Interview Preliminary interview is taken by senior HR manager for screening the list of candidates. Preliminary interview makes sure that candidates are selected as per the condition set by the organization. This interview full fill the quires about candidates like is there any gap between education or previous work if candidates have gap than give details why it is , any supporting document which can help the interview panel during interview or any special thing which need more attention like any option is blank or not filled properly by candidates (Amit 1993, pp. 3346).

Next Level Interview In next level interview senior HR manager give all the reports to interview panel including filed application form, marks of written test with assessment form. In this stage candidates have to underline the knowledge, skill, talent gained in his last job or study. The interview panel give further guideline to applicants about next procedures.

Human Resource Management


References verification In case if any candidate shows previous work experience in application form, he must give full information including address and contact numbers. References verification is normally done by HR team; this is a normal work for them. HR team verifies any query about applicant by sending E-mail, by make a phone call or through letters (Breaugh 1981, pp. 144).

Selection decision After a brief discussion with chief executive and top boss of concern department, final result is announced by senior HR manager. Salary discussion It sounds strange to discussion salary to a applicant but it is vital to establish a understanding in the beginning of a new job.



3.1 Strategy of Research I adopted qualitative and quantitative research practices in order to collect more data on subject In addition to it; a mixed approach is also adopted to explain the findings. Researchers suggest three research strategies: 1. quantitative, 2. mixed, 3. qualitative.

Quantitative Research The simplest form of conducting research is quantitative research this is a core area which is not very complex to undertake any data analysis but the analysis could be incorrect or unsuitable. It is a method which guides how to collect data and how to analyze it by using mathematically based practices method in statistics. According to Aliaga and Gunderson, quantitative research is the key area for all findings and research. Some queries rise up when we decide to do any research like what, why, how and we have to explain these queries by quantitative method for successful research.

Qualitative Research This type of research includes a big range of approaches and not a single out of these approaches depends on numerical analysis. This kind of research mainly focuses on a particular case. Quantitative research method is conduct research about any case in a systematic way. Research mainly split in basic and applied. The aim of basic research is to increase the knowledge and it is encouraged by mental interest in a phenomenon (Aycan 200, pp. 60). Applied research helps to enhance the standard of

Human Resource Management


practice of a precise exercise. Some steps involves in qualitative practice like observation, interview, case studies etc.

3.2.2 Mixed Approach In this kind of method researchers put together all parts of both qualitative and quantitative research method to get a aim of breadth and deep knowledge. The effectiveness of mixed study is based on study questions which led to enhance the interest of mixed approach and modification of mixed approaches helps to make a balance between quantitative and qualitative patterns by taking services of both quantitative and qualitative approaches mixed approach has make new way that can mixed both approaches in a single study observing theoretical and methodological congruence. Therefore researcher will use mixed approaches for questions which will put some highlight on E-recruitment and other type of HR elements.

3.1.4 Action Research Action research is a kind of researching style which makes sure that things are going as per the expectations. In action research, questions show the aim and direction of research. It is not just described the case, it provides deep study which improve a situation. In this process researcher will work with other not for them. The research develops a link between theory and method. To be concrete, researcher A and researched B both try to solve the problems X so it is become ABX system, and each one of them called independent elements and their relational ship can be define on the basic of their relationship. This method is not fit for my research despite having a advantage of problem solving.

Human Resource Management 3.1.5 Experimental Research


This research is best for observing and testing non cultural subjects which cannot convert by their region like physics, chemical and mechanical methods. But most elements in the pattern of experimental collection vary spatially, temporally, culturally. The experiment of repeating suggests the limit of result and some possible way of instability in addition to it can show a path in which outcomes can be generalized. This approach has many advantages in study but despite this it has some disadvantages which can leads to poor outcomes or findings like chance of human error, irrelevant samples etc. so experimental research is not up to the standard for research study.

3.1.6 Comparative Research Comparative research helps to judge the different elements by making comparison between various elements which are described before data collection. Comparative research has to make sure that the data which will help us in research should be valid. Comparative research is vital for findings because, it can illustrate the basic of research before data collection, but problem is it will not work in all fields of comparative study. It is not sure that concept behind study would be able to compare almost every field. As per (Mills G 2003) this research is now become a history and not used by many researchers, reason behind this, a comparison conduct by any researcher could be wrong or mislead the aim of subject.

3.1.7 Evaluation Research Evaluating research helps to measure the standard of work. It is very vital process which concentrates on results and research structure. Evaluation research method finds out criteria and

Human Resource Management


aim behind study. This type of research can be considered as a formative which gives feedback on every step of research development and monitor all the situations. WNK 2006) On the other hand this research method is not performing well because of lack of awareness about the study consideration. During evaluation research some queries rise which leads to some problem like the actual scale of problem, which criteria should be use to overcome. However I am going to consider evaluation research as my method of research. This type of research is cheap and judges every part of my research. This research method is used by many researchers world-wide.

3.2 Primary & Secondary Data Primary Data Primary data is taken from the study and many researchers use different method to collect primary data like conduct face to face interview, telephonic interview, online questionnaire etc. Normally primary data is collected by researchers for outstanding results and research analysis.(Saunders et al., 2003). Generally this data is gathered by researchers to carry out research. (Saunders et al., 2003 ). After sending the research question between workers of two different organizations, some data is collected by researcher in a form of answers of research questions. In addition to it some important data is also collected form informal interviews of selected applicants. Another way of collecting primary data was formal interview conducted with human resource teams of both IT organizations.

Human Resource Management Interviews


Interview is a process in which a person from organization HR team gives all the relevant information asked by researchers. The Information getting from interview is usually expensive but gives very important data about subject. Group interviews: - When any interviewer conduct interview with many people usually called a group interview. It depends on the researcher that he wants to take the interview in any organization or outside as per the research requirement. There is many advantages of taking interviews like it provides vast knowledge about research which is very effective as compare to other practices. Group interview enhance the quality and quantity of research elements. ( Burton et al. 1977 ). Likewise in order to discover different face of problem, primary and secondary data helps to collect relevant information and clues (Collis, J. & Hussey, R., 2003). Other way of record primary data is open and close ended queries in a form of question has been sent to euraka infoweb workers. Human resource department of related firm respond in a good manner against any queries and that was the prime source of gathering primary data. During conversation on phone or by E-mail or by face to face with company workers give all the knowledge about their organization e-recruitment process, criterias.

Secondary Data The secondary research illustrate the data which is mention in anywhere in a form of documents, books etc in addition to it is already been adopted by other researcher to fulfill their aims. The gathering of this data is not as expensive as primary data. In my research secondary data is collected and then investigate on initial stage and then researcher moved to primary data.

Human Resource Management


Secondary data gives additional knowledge about the way in which research should be done. Secondary research suggests the edge of a research practices with relevant recommendations. The secondary data is collected with the help of internal source including organization documents, websites, reports published every year. External source: External sources which provide secondary data are mainly government reports, books periodicals, and newspapers, dissertation abstracts international. (Kumar 2005) The another way of collecting data is related government documents, book which includes relevant data, newspapers.( kumar 2005)

Human Resource Management CHAPTER 4 RESEARCH ANALYSIS (3000-3500)


Data Analysis The data which is collected during research from primary and secondary sources should be judge in well manner only than we can get suitable answers of research queries. Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd conducts all the actions in a stringent climate. So in these conditions it is vital for organization like curtina to develop a boost and incorporated action against e-recruitment. This kind of situations produce some problems for researchers that in which way they can gathered data from different aspects and the best suitable model which will fit in a long and short term erecruitment strategies. Therefore methodology is adopted to figure out the data and focus on different aspect that how creates an impact on research (Gill, J. & Johnson, P, 1997). All the research conclusions mention on charts which flash many style and landscape make during research study. The main objective for acknowledge research is a combination of e-recruitment policies and procedures of the Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd in addition to it, their aim and way of implementation. Excel chart will produce a comparative analysis between quantitative and qualitative research. The all sides of Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd e-recruitment process have been examined to find out the reliability of subject. (Denscombe, M., 2002).

Triangulation Method of Data Analysis This practice is vital and can be apply in any form of qualitative research in addition to it very effective in investigating other issues. A triangulation practice is an approach which combines various research procedures in one study. This method illustrates a vast area of data

Human Resource Management


which is collected by the help of qualitative and quantitative practices to gather. These allow contemplation of different valid justification and prevent taking any initial set of offers ignoring another justification of any query (Gill, J. & Johnson, P, 1997)

Validity: when any researcher find the data and then add this data in collection, first important thing to make sure or find out the collected data is valid or not if it is valid, to what extent. Data validity can be achieved by the limit to which turn in a dependent variable aspect to controlled variation in an independent variable. As soon researchers achieve this, soon they get their aim of research and can judge their success in research study. (Trochim, W.M.K., 2006) Reliability: Reliability of research data is important aspect of qualitative study. Data reliability means the data which we are going to research or adopt should be consistence and should have a evidence to prove this. Reliability is very important for researcher and have various types depends on it use and implementation.

Test-Retest Reliability: This is connected with a measurement in which the score remain similar after some tests. Challenges: One thing is sure that investigator faced lot of problems and challenges during data gathering and research layout and many more. Research information area is very wide and broad, in these conditions it becomes difficult for investigator to come up with a unite observation. Other problem faced by investigator is superiority of information about topic. a lot of data was available based on e-recruitment but the real needed information about other organizations was inadequate. Further information was taken from Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd. Thus basic study start with primary research and goes through with assessment and standards.

Human Resource Management


Research Ethics This is a necessary requirement and principle which have to keep in mind during research and collecting data. Research ethic is important to keep while referencing the secondary data. When I conduct study in Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd full workers information including name, post etc were taken where it was necessary. The link of that information is judge very closely. However some information was not provided by staff of organization because they were bound by organization rules. (APA ORG 2009).

Human Resource Management Chapter Five: Findings & Conclusion


The literature which is used in research was adopted without any cost; there is vast data available in university of Wales Cardiff which I used. I also used literature from central library in Birmingham which is near my house. Primary information will be collected by taking an interviewer-administered (saunders et. al. P280 2000). The information which I got after conducting interview proves that in most recruitment case they find out desired IT employees with the use and help of new methods and techniques like e-recruitment, organization like Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd now getting huge job forms from world-wide. When HR department receive thousand of application for any job, in these conditions they have a good chance to choose best talented applicants among all of them (Cappelli 2004, pp. 472). This is all done because of e-recruitment effectiveness. Researcher receive response various respondents and after the result I observed that HR team is fully satisfy with this recruitment process through they had the chance to go during their selection period. On the other hand some respondents do not agree that e- recruitment is as effective as previous traditional method. They believe that traditional method suggest the organization, to judge and appoint from out of some listed candidates. They also believe that if organization receives number of application for some jobs, there is a chance to lose talented candidate. The whole system is becomes very lengthy in a situation, where there is a tough competition in filling job application form. During recruitment there was many times when HR recruitment team find that, it is not easy to maintain lengthy human resource method of recruitment. When company need to fill any vacant job immediately, it is often disturbing to select a talented applicant for job. This type of scenario is opted in IT industry with great enthusiasm (Coskun 2002, pp. 202).

Human Resource Management


There are some industries like food industry, customer care; where candidates can be recruited for general vacancy without any lengthy HR process. This kind of job does not require any technical background. On the other hand, there are different criteria set by IT organization for some jobs like technician or consultant. That is because the ongoing procedure of recruitment is given less attention by IT organizations rather employer find it easy to post the vacant post as first come first serve basic (Johnson 2002, pp. 289). The data was analyzed by researcher at a first glance which was collected by conducting interview with various staff members from both organizations. The whole information is further figure out to get final output. One thing which researcher observed that employees from both organizations were highly qualified with required technical qualification. When researcher asked to the workers of both organizations about taking formal interview, they took part actively and were really desirous during all sessions of interviews. However, researcher was very closely to Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd because of easy access to inside the organization and good understanding with staff. A comparative analysis was conduct after getting responses from the concern departments of both IT organizations. After making a comparative analysis researcher was in a position to tag a visible gap in recruitment methods of above mention organizations. The people of both firms was really cooperative and provided all the needed information about organization and recruitment process and their view point about hiring process. Manager of firms allowed the investigator to come inside the organization and spread the research question among current employees and to meet the people who were selected by their management including 4-5 people in one group. Investigator was bound to finish their conversations in 40 minutes because that time was very busy in these organizations. Besides this one group who respond against the question asked by

Human Resource Management


researcher , two employee from HR selection committee was actively support us during research and provide all additional information which was really help full for research study. The group of employees was responding against queries; showed a mixed indication while briefing their view points. Investigator was failed to meet twice with HR staff which was second meeting as per the schedule because at the same time they were busy in their works. After lot of efforts meeting conducted by HR manager for just 20 minutes, during this time investigator allow to ask the different queries about organization, hiring and selection procedures used by concern department. Age group of respondents

40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15%

20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 above60 below20

5% 0% 0-10 0-20 0-30 0-40 0-50 0-60

Researcher spread their questionnaire in related IT organization and the employee who was giving their services to both IT firms was the age group of 30-39 and second age group was 20-29. Researchers observed that with the rise of the age group, a down word trend seen in the working employee.

Human Resource Management



30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 26% 14%
male femail


25% 20% 15%


10% 5% 0% 17% 23%


Gender: when researcher spread their queries among the

workers of the two related

organizations, they found that the people who was working in Curtina and respond against queries was more male workers as compare to female workers. On the other hand in IGATE , the

Human Resource Management


situation was different in his case, the figures of both male and female workers was almost same. There was total 70 queries was sent to different employees of both organizations. WORKING EXPERIENCE IN RELATED FIELD (IGATE)
50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 42% 49% 2% 7%
0-4 5--9 10--14 15--20


50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 36% 47% 14% 3%
0-4 5--9 10--14 15--20

Work experience in IT Employees who was giving services to both organizations was very experienced in their relevant fields. Some employees were having 4-8 year of experience in the same field and some of them were having 3-4 year work experience in addition to it , some employee's was just

Human Resource Management


appointed by these organization for further development and these new workers was also a part of research who reply against research queries. There was some top level and some other people who had an experience of 10-12 years. When researcher did a comparative analysis between two related IT firms, they found quantity of workers with experience in igate was less on the other hand Curtina Tech has more workers those have work experience in IT field Hiring criteria followed by both organizations? After analyzing the data, it was observed by researcher after having a meeting with human resource department of both IT firms that curtina Pvt. Ltd likes to hire applicants who has some working experience in relevant field on the other hand igate likes to hire fresher candidates instead of experienced applicants. One other thing was common in both organizations, which they both like to hire new and graduate candidates by campus placements.


35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 17% 33% 20% 22%
Graduate experience operationl expertise without any formal qualifaction fresher

Human Resource Management IGATE PVT LTD.

50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 3% 30% 16% 42%
experience Graduate


operationl expertise without any formal qualifaction fresher

After getting reply from both related IT firms, it was clearly observed by researcher that online hiring method has become a popular hiring practice for selecting and recruiting talented applicants. A comparison in made to get figure that which organization is using more online sources, observers found that igate was using more online services to hire candidates as compare to Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd. Data collected by researcher shows Curtina Tech got 28% of profit from online hiring method on the other hand igate got 38% profit from same practices. One interesting thing was observed by researcher that both organizations spend platy of money on print advertisement, despite the fact that they are aware of online method is best as compare to print advertisement. Both firms did some internal recruitment and will do again as per the requirement of vacant job within organization. Responses got from both firms by questionnaire and interview; it was observed that igate was very active to hire people from their own firms on the basic of experience and nature of vacant job.

Human Resource Management Q2 organization is worth-while? CURTINA PVT LTD.



40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10%

internal hiring onile hiring print advertisement recruitment agencies







40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 26% 39% 13% 22%
internal hiring onile hiring print advertisement recruitment agencies

Out of following which hiring practices is most cost effective? The response got from respondent of both organizations, researcher observed that both organization realized the importance of online recruitment and got profits in term of revenue and

Human Resource Management


talented candidates within time. HR head of both firms was agreed on one point that online is a cost effective practices of hiring capable applicants. It was seen that curtain Pat Ltd is rely more on private hiring agencies while igate would like to go with print media.


40% 30%
print media

online recruitment

10% 0% 19% 32% 39% 10%

40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 38% 26% 32% 10%
print media online recruitment recruitment agencies all are equal cost effective

Human Resource Management


Q.3 The most effective hiring practices? CURTINA PVT LTD.

60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 42% 58%
online recruitment other methods

60% 50% 40%

20% 10%

online recruitment other methods

46% 56%

After analysis the data collected by taking interview and other ways, it was observed by researcher that both firms had a different view point in a common major method of hiring. Curtain Pvt ltd likes to go with other recruitment methods as compare to e-recruitment. Company

Human Resource Management


hires some times by on line but it was observed that curtain has using other methods very effectively. Curtain hire by the help of privates hiring agencies, print media, hiring within organization and word of mouth. Opposite this, igate see e-recruitment is best way of recruiting talented applicant out of thousands applications. Igate has their own web-site which allows people to fill the form and pass the online test, gets interviews and work in organization.

Q4 what are the major challenges experienced in E-hiring?

40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0%

geeting the candidates at the right time
dependibility genuine candidates





45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 42% 17% 41%

geniune candidates getting the candidates at the right time depandibility

Human Resource Management


E-recruitment helps the organization to choose desirable applicants out of thousands of applications received by HR for vacant job. This modern technique is famous among the IT organizations as a result almost every organization built their web-sites to advertise new job and to get more job application which late on helps them to find suitable applicant as per the job nature. Although e-recruitment has some legitimate reason, yet this modern technique is not able to give some vital indication. HR system of both organizations came up with dependability point of applicants who are motivated to go with this modern technique. In addition to it, one more issue faced by both firms is hiring the right applicant on the required time. Analysis the reply got from HR after interview; it was observed that curtain Pvt. Ltd and igate reflect dependability is the main problem experienced for E- hiring. Igate reflect that choosing capable applicant is biggest concern with Ehiring. Thought organization has their own web-sites which help them to get desired candidates with necessary quality and ability. How overall did you find the interview questions? CURTINA PVT LTD.
50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 19% 9% 43% 29%
easy very easy difficult very difficult

Human Resource Management


40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 36% 18% 29% 17%
easy very easy difficult very difficult

IGATE The reply got from various respondents for this question was observed and develop in a form of pie chart. Question was difficult according to the employee of curtain Pat. Ltd, on the other hand igate employees feel queries were just normal. When researcher try to find out the reason behind it, respondent says that organization recruit and select only few applicants as there were less empty jobs in the organization. Because of this, it is become a prime requirement for firm to set a tough task during selection process for candidates to get vacant job. In oppose to it igate respondents gave mixed reply most of them took the side of the questions that queries were easy and some other said questions were difficult to answer. It was observed by researcher during discussion with such people that related firms has got different other ways to hire the applicants to judge the talent so it is not necessary to set hard queries.

Human Resource Management What kind of personality attributes are you looking while selecting a candidate? CURTINA PVT LTD.


35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 22% 19% 35% 24%
technical knowledge pressure handling experience criteria managerial skills


45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 33% 12% 42% 13%

technical knowledge pressure handling experience criteria managerial skills

It was observed during research study about both related IT organizations that work experience is the key requirement during hiring process. Both firms think that applicant who has some previous work experience, can play their duties very well and can easily handle the burden

Human Resource Management


of work. They also think that experience holder candidates can work well without a long training session which cost a lot, in these conditions organization can save a lot of money. Both firms are based on information technology, so technical qualification is the next vital need after experience for them. Likewise igate being totally an IT integrated firm. They pay less focus on candidates with managerial abilities. On the other hand cutian Pvt. Ltd likes to recruit candidates with managerial abilities. One more common thing in both firms, they focus on potential IT applicants as well. Q9How satisfied are you with the HR team for the selection Process? CURTINA PVT LTD.
40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 38% 21% 29% 12%
not satisfied neither satisfied nor unsatisfied satisfied very much satisfied

Human Resource Management IGATE PVT LTD.

50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 46% 29% 19% 6%


satisfied very much satisfied not satisfied neither satisfied nor unsatisfied

The query was asked to employees who are faced selection process during their recruitment that to what extent they are delight with the HR hiring process of related company. It was an interesting query for respondent and researcher because this query was able to find out the level of satisfaction of employees. After collecting the replies from respondents, it was observed that 38% workers of curtain pvt ltd were delighted with HR hiring process of related company. Never the less, a big amount of employees believes that HR hiring team is not effective. Just 12 % employees were satisfied with HR team in curtain pvt ltd. On the other hand 46% employees of igate mention that their HR team is very effective. Some replies label as neither satisfied nor dissatisfies.

Q 10How satisfied are you with the selection methods which select Potential Candidates? CURTINA PVT LTD.

Human Resource Management


40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 29% 9% 39% 23%
skill and pyshometrict test written test face to face interview telephonic interview


45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 19% 8% 43% 30%

face to face interview telephonic interview skill and pyshometrict test written test

It was quite wonderful to know that in which way HR management can handle and implement its hiring method and to what extent organizations want to proceed with these practices. As it was figure out that related organizations took the side of their hiring methods and they were quite pleased and satisfied with current ongoing methods. It was observed few times during the interview with human resource team from both related organizations that some HR team members did not feel comfortable to reply against queries. Skill test and psychometric test were likes very much by both firms because these two tests give them very beneficial outputs. In

Human Resource Management


addition to it, both firms agree on one point that written test and face to face interviews would need to boost more to ge It was quite surprising that a much needed attention was not give to telephonic interview by both firms. Both want to get talented candidates but they think taking interview on phone is wastage of time. Q11 How satisfied overall did you find the competency of HR team? CURTINA PVT LTD.

40% 35%

25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 29% 9% 39% 23%
Satisfied Very satisfied Not satisfied No comments

Human Resource Management IGATE


45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 25% 47% 19% 9%
Satisfied Very satisfied Not satisfied No comments

After analyze the responses got from respondent of related firms, it was observed that employees were fully satisfied with capability of their relevant HR teams. Despite this some employees were not satisfied with the capability of HR teams, they observed that HR team members were task oriented. After this researchers try to find out the reason why employees were against the HR team, but respondent ignore this question which was quite surprising for researchers. In addition to it, some employees were denied to reply against same question so therefore question is label as no opinion by researchers.

12. How overall did you find the aptitude/psychological/written test? CURTINA PVT LTD.

Human Resource Management


40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 39% 19% 29% 13%
Excellent Good

Neither good Nor Bad


50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 46% 32% 17% 5%

Excellent Good Bad Neither good Nor Bad

Researcher collect the reply from respondents and observed that both related firms like to recruit candidates by judge them on the basis of aptitude, psychology and written test. Employees from both firms were likes to go along with these selection criteria. Respondent believes that these tests bring outstanding outcomes for HR team as well as for organization. Both organizations are IT based so basic requirement for empty vacancy is candidates must have a diploma or degree in information technology. Because of this reasons HR team from both firms mentioned that in these conditions it is become vital to go with these tests during selection. Some

Human Resource Management


HR managers were also a part of research, their reply shows that they also agree with this statement that these test is very effective. On contrary only 2% were ruled out the effectiveness of skill tests.

How satisfied overall did you find the selection process including Reference/CRB check? CURTINA PVT LTD.
40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 38% 17% 28% 17%
Satisfied Very Satisfied Somewhat satisfied Nor satisfied


40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 28% 37% 20% 15%
Satisfied Very Satisfied Somewhat satisfied Nor satisfied


Human Resource Management


All respondents respond as per their personal experience which is faced during their hiring process. igate employee was quite happy with reference check because it was a simple CRB check by company. But on the other hand curtain pvt ltd employees mention their CRB check was a long and very detailed process. Because of This reason some respondent were not satisfied at all with long and detailed CRB check. However most of respondents were agree about the validity of such test.

Conclusion After analyzing all the sides of the study, it was observed that HR management supported very effectively to the studied IT organizations. As the Indian IT sector is growing at rapid speed, it attracts candidate from all over the word. At the same time, HR teams make every possible effort to get most desirable candidates from out of applications received from all over the world. Organizations like Curtain Pvt. Ltd and Igate adopted latest method of hiring which is become very popular in business world for effective HR management.

Recruitment and Practices adopted in emerging Indian IT companies Organizations are now in a position where they can realize the value of latest hiring methods to execute their HR management requirements. These latest hiring methods are related with selection practices. Some latest hiring methods are:1. Hiring with the help of private recruitment agencies. 2. Print media 3. Campus placement in IT colleges

Human Resource Management 4. on line recruitment.


Selection Practices Research has shown that companies are adopting a great number of selection practices to select skilled and experience candidates with other possible skills. Some of the best techniques which are being used are. The result of research study illustrate that firms are using different types of selection methods to chose talented and experience applicants. They use many methods some of them mention below:1. Psychometric test 2. Live Projects and Assignment 3. face to face interview 4. Work culture test

The Curtain Pvt. Ltd takes advantage of all the available options to recruit capable candidates especially online process as they provide much evidence to support their comments on online hiring. Most of the human resource employees were helpful and tried to provide all the relevant information about the research topic. Researcher asked many queries to HR employees which were write down on a file for a purpose of getting more deep knowledge about research topic. The conversation was very healthy from both sides on research questions which were connected to each other for getting clear information. The duration of interview was around half an hour, this short of period was less as compare to question to ask but HR employees was bound with time limit. The main purpose of meeting was collecting relevant information as much as

Human Resource Management


possible on selection and hiring. Collected supporting evidence which was provided during interview analyzed very deeply to find out the recent approach in related sector. After making a comparative analysis between responses got from both firms, investigators tried to make a picture of present HR methods. For getting this information researcher was been to India once. During his visit he meets with HR team of both firms and finishes his some personal work as well. Researcher made every possible effort to finish the research on fixed time.

Possible threats As the competition become hard in IT market, all organization wants to enhance their HR management. They believe that by doing this they can improve their hiring methods and can make an advantage in competitive market. Firms are doing everything to select desirable candidates who can work as per the skill and talent needed for vacant job. Employees who can finish all the project work on time and can handle the job pressure and perform well in all situations; these qualities are first preference while recruiting the new candidates. However since the online hiring and psychometric test comes under the use, from that time these `test are not able to provide much benefits as expected from them. Firms look satisfied to find candidates by their online web-sites. Despite this, firms dont want to rely on these tests, because out of thousands application it is a tough job for HR team to chose suitable applicant. Usually this selection process takes long time and required a big amount of money. HR management is doing investigation on such test because they observed these tests performed not well as it was expected and not based on actual reasoning.

Suggestions and Recommendations

Human Resource Management


HR management has always been a vivid topic yet there are some methods which need further development. An improved method can help the HR selection team to play their role more effectively during recruiting. Such methods are important to manage as per the situation. In a competitive business conditions where many opportunity emerge for candidates, to utilize these opportunity candidates have a chance to get their aims. On the other hand, same conditions and opportunities produce difficulties for concern department to observe very carefully each and every situation. The related research suggest some vital steps, with the help of these steps concern department can improve the ability of their employees which will leads to far batter recruitment and selection practices. The observation after collected data analysis provides same suggestion and recommendation to both firms so they can change and amend their current and future policies.

Recommendations for Eureka Infoweb Curtain pvt ltd has used most of popular hiring methods but online hiring is a more positive action from HR. One thing observed after the final outcomes was that the modern hiring techniques used by company is very effective which saves their time and cost. Company should do more research on current situation of market that they can understand what kind of candidates they need for further development as per ongoing flow. Curtaina pvt ltd is developing firm with better HR employees. Research shows that related firm is very effective in choosing desirable applicants by means of various tried practices to be able to deal with required attributes. However company need to update himself with time to time on coming developments.

Human Resource Management Recommendations for IGATE Global Solution LTD


Igate global solution taking every possible step which can enhance and full fill all the requirements related to hiring process. Igate research studied present market scenario and observing market flow on time to time which make the organization a pioneer in present IT market of India. However, company is depend a lot on online hiring, so it is recommend for company that they pay attention to some other available methods of hiring to hire capable and talented applicants. It is also advised for company that they look after their HR system and update this system time to time which is depend so much on one particular method which close the door for other options of hiring. Till the date company is not much active to take action to understand the other hiring practices aspect online recruitment. They have to go for other options as well. Igate would like to go with only b.TECH , MCA passed students at the initial stage; it may affect its hiring method by not dealing with other talented employees because company has to provoke on training amount.

Limitations of study The related study was related to recruitment and selection process of Indian IT organizations. It was bound with only two particular organization mentioned above so it was almost impossible to do research in other firms because of the limited time. Researcher was in india for just around one month so was a difficult task for researcher to do study of other firms. The collected data is limited and it is not represent the whole IT sector in addition to it, above mention information is not be attend as actual information of whole IT industry. As concern respondents was very busy in their works and sometimes it took more time to do research in

Human Resource Management


addition to it, it was hard for researcher to meet many respondents at the same time so due to this, some meeting was delayed and cancelled.

Human Resource Management References


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Human Resource Management


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Human Resource Management


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Human Resource Management


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Human Resource Management


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