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College of Nursing

Summary of Typology

Name of Student(s): Bea Andrea C. Caraan and Ma. Christina G. Limpin

Group and Section: AHSE 2E2


According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of
Needs. The needs of safety and security
are subordinate to Physiological Needs.
We need a safety physical environment.
To feel safe and secure.

According to the Energetic Nutrition

Due to current farming practices, mass
food production, processing, and
cooking, our foods are fewer nutrients
dense than they were in previous
years. That is why we need to take a
daily multiple formulas in order to
help get the nutrients that one may
need to prevent certain diseases. 1. Inability to recognize that giving
• The three children of the family is not vitamins to their child. Will help them
taking vitamins. protects their child in different types of
diseases that they may acquire in their
2. Lack of knowledge that taking vitamins
can promote the stability of their health
and can supplement the other vitamins
&minerals that can’t acquire in their
daily meal.

• The stairs of the residence of the No side rails is a Accident Hazard

family Biscocho is wooden and has no Inability to recognize that stairs with no
side rails. side rails can be an accident prone for their

Inability to recognize the importance of

• The Biscocho Family doesn’t have having their own Toilet Facility.
their own Toilet Facilities. The toilet
facilities which they are using at
present are at their neighbor.
Lack of personal belongingness/ utensils.
• The only have few utensils used. They 1. Inadequate knowledge that using
only use one type of knife for different one type of knife in different
varieties of raw food. They lack also variety of raw food will prolong the
of other appliances at their home. time of the preparation of their
2. It may lead to accident especially if
they are using wrong types of knife
in chopping raw foods.

• They don’t have their own Food Inability to have a refrigerator that is
essential storage of foods.
a. Lack of knowledge that refrigerator
is essential storage of food. It will
help them not to spoil their left over
b. If they have their own refrigerator
they can store raw food, that they
can save energy as they go and go
to market.
• There are presence of insects & Lack of knowledge that insects & rodents
rodents at their house. are vectors of diseases that can make the
members of the family ill. Presence of
rodents & insects are signals of lacking in
maintaining proper hygiene at their house.

• Parents don’t have immunization Inadequate knowledge that immunization is

very important in preventing thyself from
and their children haven’t communicable diseases.
completed their immunization.