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GRUPA MARE <-> INTERVAL 21 Februarie 4 Martie Grupa Mare este compusa in aceasta saptamana din urrmatorii copii: Alexia, Luca, Rafael, Serena In aceasta saptamana copiii ce apartin Grupei Mari au recapitulat cuvintele, expresiile si notiunile invatate in perioada anterioara. In plus, au invatat verbul to be care a fost introdus in diverse propozitii simple si am recapitulat toate poeziile organizand pe seama acestora diverse concursuri interactive. 1. Expresii / cuvinte uzuale yes no maybe please thanks thank you you're welcome hi hello good morning good afternoon good evening bye goodbye goodnight see you! see you soon! see you later! 1 da nu poate te rog mersi mulumesc cu plcere salut (informal) bun bun dimineaa (folosit pana la prnz) bun ziua (folosit intre prnz si ora 18) bun seara (folosit dupa ora 18) pa la revedere noapte bun ne mai vedem! ne vedem curnd! ne vedem mai trziu!

have a nice day! have a good weekend! excuse me

sorry no problem it's OK sau that's OK don't worry about it do you speak English? I don't speak English

o zi bun! un weekend plcut! m scuzai (poate fi folosit s atragi atenia cuiva, s treci de cineva sau s i ceri scuze) scuze nicio problem e bine, e OK nu-i f griji vorbii englez? nu vorbesc englez

I understand I don't understand I know I don't know OK of course of course not that's fine that's right sure as soon as possible that's enough it doesn't matter it's not important it's not worth it I'm in a hurry I've got to go I'm going out sleep well

neleg nu neleg tiu nu tiu OK desigur desigur c nu e bine aa e sigur ct mai curnd e destul nu conteaz nu e important nu se merit m grbesc trebuie s plec m duc afar somn uor

I like ... him her it I don't like ... him her it I'm sorry I'm really sorry sorry I'm late sorry to keep you waiting sorry for the delay look! great! come on! only joking! sau just kidding! bless you! that's funny! that's life! damn it! what's happening? come in! please sit down could I have your attention, please? let's go! hurry up! get a move on! calm down please be quiet shut up! stop it! don't worry don't forget congratulations! well done! good luck! bad luck! 3

mi place ... de el de ea el/ea (obiectul) nu-mi place ... de el de ea el/ea (obiectul) mi pare ru mi pare foarte ru mi cer scuze c am ntrziat mi cer scuze c v-am fcut s ateptai scuze de intrziere uite! foarte bine! nu se poate! glumeam sntate! (dup un strnut) ce nostim! aa e viaa la naiba! ce se ntmpl? intr te rog ia un loc ai putea s fii ateni,v rog? s mergem! grbete-te! mic-te! (informal) calmeaz-te te rog f linite taci! termin! nu-i face griji nu uita felicitri! foarte bine! mult noroc! ghinion!

never mind! what a pity! what a shame! happy birthday! happy New Year! happy Easter! happy Christmas! sau merry Christmas! happy Valentine's Day! glad to hear it sorry to hear that I'm tired I'm exhausted I'm hungry I'm thirsty I'm bored I'm worried I'm looking forward to it I'm in a good mood I'm in a bad mood I can't be bothered long time no see! all the best! see you tomorrow!

nu conteaz! ce pcat! ce pcat! la muli ani! un an nou fericit! Pate fericit! Crciun fericit! la muli ani de Sfntul Valentin! m bucur s aud asta mi pare ru sa aud asta sunt obosit sunt epuizat mi-e foame mi-e sete sunt plictisit sunt ngrijorat atept cu nerbdare sunt ntr-o bun dispoziie sunt ntr-o proast dispoziie nu m pot obosi nu ne-am mai vzut de mult! toate cele bune! ne vedem mine!

2. Poezii My angel Dance my angel, Show no fear, Show your love, And show your tears, Fly my angel, Spread your wings, Glide down to me, Into my reach, Sing my angel, And let them hear, That beautiful voice, I've heard for years Bunnies Bunnies are brown, Bunnies are white, 4 Winter time is for me Winter time is full of light, Winter time is big and bright, Winter time is full of fun, Winter time has lots of sun, Winter time is full of fruits, Winter time is time to be free, that's why Winter time is for me.

Breakfast Get up, little Freddy,

Bunnies are always, An Easter delight. Bunnies are cuddly, The large or the small, But I love the chocolate ones, The best of them all.

Breakfast is ready, Butter and cheese, All that you please. Milk and bread For little Fred, Tea and jam For brother Sam.

Twinkle, twinkle Little Star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky. When the blazing sun is gone, When he nothing shines upon. Then you show your little light. Twinkle, twinkle, all the night. Then the traveler in the dark, Thanks you for your tiny spark.

He could not see which way to go, If you did not twinkle so. In the dark blue sky you keep, And often through my curtains peep. For you never shut your eye. 'Til the sun is in the sky. As your bright and tiny spark, Lights the traveler in the dark. Though I know not what you are, Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Little Johny wants to play

Good morning dear teacher Good morning how are you? We are all very happy To say hello to you

One, one, one. Please, cat, run! Two, two, two, The dog is after you, Three, three, three, Three birds on a tree, Four, four, four, Four cats on the floor

I have a cat, Her name is Kit, And by the fire She loves to sit. Each day I bring Her dish of milk And smooth her coat That shines like silk.

Now I have a little puppy Who can do some funny tricks He jumps to play with me, He runs after sticks.

When Bunny goes Out to tea, She washes well, As you can see. She scrubs her paws And then her toes, Her long, long ears And little nose.

Let us try to be polite, In everything we do, Remember always to say 'Please!' And don't forget 'Thank you!' 3

Butterfly, butterfly Where do you fly? So quick and so high In the blue blue sky? 6

Ten tiny fingers Ten tiny toes A perfect smile And a button nose Skin so soft Eyes so blue Who could I mean? It has to be you

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