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Retribution Paladin guide (Patch 4.

Hello Youtubers and fellow World of Warcraft players, this is Basitei from the Bronzebeard EU server on the Horde side, and I am going to go over how to play a Ret paladin for PvE. Now before I go over the simple basic mechanics of how a Retribution Paladin is surpose to DPS, I would like to say that Retribution Paladin are not easy for beginners or the faint of hearts, because you have to practice and learn the proper rotation and how to blow your CDs at the right time and learn the knowhow of this class and that is my goal by the end of this video, is to learn you the viewer, of how to play a Ret paladin. Now Let us begin this guide. You must know that there is some basics that you must learn before we are going to go over the prober rotation, and that is how to gem, enchant your gear, reforge and look for the stats of a piece of an item to see if it is an Upgrade. Talents and Glyphs: 7/2/32 talents build Prime Glyphs: Glyph of Templars Verdict, Glyph of Seal of Truth and Glyph of Exorcism. Major Glyphs: Glyph of the Ascetic Crusader, Glyph of Divine Protection, Glyph of Hammer of Wrath. Major Glyphs: Your own choice! Enchants: Enchants is pretty much strait forward. You want enchants that increases your attack power or strength value by a significant amount. (Say what enchants I have) Gemming: Gems that you want for your sockets: Blue = Etched Demonseye, 20 strength + 20 hit Red = Skillful Ember Topaz, 20 strength + 20 mastery Red = Bold Inferno Ruby, 40 strength Strength is King, no argument about that. When youre gemming, you want to get as much strength as you can but there are some exceptions to the gemming, like say that you have a red socket bonus that gives you equal or more strength then if you would have gemmed it with a 40 strength gem. The head from either the Stonemasons Helm from Vanessa Vancleef on Deadmines heroic or the Tier 11 token that you can get from either Nefarion or Alakir as the loot table for Alakir has updated in patch 4.1. In the socket bonus for both these two head pieces are a +30 strength socket bonus, now if you would have gemmed it with a 40 strength, then you lose out on 10 strength and that is not what you want. Now about

the Etched Demonseye gem, I would or will suggest to only gem your socket to get you your socket bonus or either equal or more strength as I said before and if you under the hit capped.

Reforging: Now for Reforging. You want to reforge your gear your gear to the point of where you got minimum 8% and 26 expertise. Now by reforging you should this in your mind before you reforge are these stats priority and that is Mastery > Crit > Haste. Mastery: Our Mastery is now a damage increase as off patch 4.1. The more mastery you have next to your Strength, the more DPS you will be doing in raids. Crit: Crit being our next stat priority next to mastery is not as important as Mastery, so I will say if you have a piece where you have crit and haste, is to either reforge the haste or crit into Mastery, if either one of is higher than the other or if you are hit/expertise capped. Haste: Haste is our least priorities stat because it does not give us any DPS increase, so it is the same as crit. It is a stat that can be reforge to either hit or expertise if you are not capped, or mastery depending on how much rating it has. Rotation: Not scripted. Pure Judgment (no punt intended)