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En 103 Sanders Researched Essay

1. For your research project, each of you will explore a topic of your choosing, with the exception of abortion, gun conh'ol, death penalty, legalization ofmarijuanalalcohol (or the Yankees) and write a 5I 8 page researched essay. This essay wiII be both informative as well as persuasive. In a 5-8 page resem'ched essay, you will posit an argument, or take a position, and SUppOlt your point-of-view throughout by delving into your own reasoning and that of others (outside research). Remember an argument is not a hostile, one-dimensional diah'ibe on what you think. You must illustrate your reasoning by coming up with legitimate reasons, backed up with support (personal, cultural observations/ research)-- resources should add credibility to your point of view and help you [mther your thinking about this topic/problem. However, don't just rely on yeah sayers, you must include nay sayers, those who have valid arguments against your views and/or position. (We do this to show readers that you've thoroughly examined your issue.) Effective arguments are fair and balanced and show your readers that you are intelligent (have something to say/add), logical, and articulate (via a well-written and well-constmcted wlitten argument).

2. Research Requirement: At least five secondalY sources must be used: two of which must include one peer reviewed article and one non-print source (personal interview, documentary and so on) You may include additional research as long as the research doesn't over take your point of view and voice. It is ctitical to maintain control over your information; tills means your voice and ideas must be clearly evident! 3. The final essay will be at least 5 full pages of text, include research from a variety of sources (see above #2), all of which will be documented on your works cited page according to MLA. Failure to submit a complete essay with works cited will result in a failing grade for the researched essay. Suggestion: keep working bibliography/works cited attached to your text! In addition, all essays must be submitted to tumitin (via Angel). For this assignment, you are allowed to submit multiple times so take advantage of this and revise your essays to ensure you haven't unintentionally plagiarized. Essays that show an originality report with more 25% will be penalized by one letter grade. 4. All bOlTowed infOl1llation, whether paraphrased, summalized, or quoted must be cited according to MLA (to be further covered in class). See MLA Style book (blue handout, produced by Evans Library and Leatl1ing Commons). Your text, The Seagull Handbook, is also a valuable resource!