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comHom e Markets Products Press Events Contact us Jobs Support BMS > Textile machine monitoring > QualiMaster Textiles Products & Solutions Spinning Weaving & Knitting Dyeing & FinishingEnergy Monitoring Press ReleasesEventsTestimonialsDownload brochures Spare parts Corolab Parts overviewDelivery time and price Download parts listContact Us QualiMasterFabric Inspection and Optimized CuttingMain PageDownloadsBMS is proud to introduce QualiMaster , a Windows based system for on-loom, grey and finished fabric inspection. Installed as a stand alone system or as an extension to BMS s WeaveMaster production management system, QualiMaster offers a powerful fabric inspection module that allows full quality analysis and fabric classification in first, second, third, quality. Weaving plants equipped with the WeaveMaster production monitoring system can integrate QualiMaster s powerful on-loom inspection package, thus minimizing the risk for off-quality fabric in the weaving plant and reducing the workload in the grey fabric inspection department. For finished fabric inspection, special software for optimized mapping and cutting allows to maximize the first quality yield with a minimum of cut operations.Touch Screen Fabric Inspection Terminal BMS introduces a new touch screen -based terminal for fabric inspection. Mounted on the inspection table and linked with the yardage clock, this terminal offers a Windows-based Graphical User Interface for defect entry. The defect codes are shown as buttons on the screen. The inspector enters the defect just by tapping the corresponding button . Special buttons are vailable for running defects, cut outs, mending, etc As an option, defects can also be entered through an external keypad. While inspecting, the piece map is continuously displayed on the screen and eventual erroneous entries can be corrected on the spot. For each piece, a defect map with grade calculation is available and sent to the central computer for storage and reporting. Interfaces are available for: Barcode readers for piece identification Defect marking devices Scales for registration of piece weight Printers for defect maps and piece labelsOf course, BMS still offers its well known DU6P/FI data unit for fabric inspection. This terminal features a full travel keyboard with numerical and unction keys and a 4-line display for communication with the operator. On-loom Fabric Inspection In order to reduce the high risk for off-quality on machines equipped with off loom take ups, QualiMaster offers a solution for on-loom inspection. Using the data entry capabilities of BMS s data units installed on the looms, the inspector enters the defect codes or declares the fabric defect free . Each entry is automatically related to the pick counter, allowing the generation of a defect map during weaving. Of course, QualiMaster also interfaces with the

BMS Cyclops automatic on-loom inspection device. Based on the concentration of defects and stops, the system predicts the quality of the fabric. Alarm messages are sent in case of an off quality product and at doffing a quality advice is formulated.Grey and Finished Fabric Inspection QualiMaster supports all features needed in grey and finished fabric inspection. Besides the de-fects, the piece map shows all cut-outs from the input roll with their corresponding grade. For each output roll, a detailed map with location of all defects is available. At the end of each piece or cut-out, QualiMaster can print a ticket. Customer or style dependant ticket lay-outs can be defined by the user. In finished fabric inspection, QualiMaster translates the inspection results in commercial information such as piece length, grade, allowances, which are printed on the final piece ticket. Quality Reporting The QualiMaster fabric inspection software offers extensive reporting allowing the user to make conclusions related to weaving, warp preparation and even to yarn suppliers. With the report generator, these reports can be customized to suit the needs of every textile mill. Some typical reports within QualiMaster are: Defect Analysis by Style Different fabric styles can be compared with each other as far as defect ratio or points is concerned. This type of analysis is used to identify critical styles from a quality point of view. For each fabric style, all pieces inspected during the selected period are shown in detail while the graph on top of the report allows a quick quality comparison by style. Per style, a pareto analysis shows the ten most important defects. Inspector Performance Report At the beginning of the shift, the inspector logs on. This allows the manager to follow up on the inspected length and the defects detected by each operator. Managers can compare several inspectors for the same fabric style over a longer period of time. From this type of report, the quality control manager can easily spot the inspectors needing additional training for a specific style or others that are slower than the average.Optimized Mapping and CuttingQualiMaster offers a very powerful package to optimize the cutting of big rolls into smaller pieces. If inspection and cutting are done in a two-step process, QualiMaster calculates where to cut the fabric based on the defect map and grading criteria. It takes into account customer requirements such as minimum/maximum piece length, minimum defect free zones, etc and generates a cut proposal so that a maximum yield in first quality is obtained. These cutting instructions can be printed out or sent directly to a terminal at the cutting table upon identification of the roll. Interfaces are available for automatic cutting and packing machines. QualiMaster

sends the cutting instructions to the computer of the cutting machine that cuts the roll into smaller pieces as calculated and prints the labels to be fixed to every piece. Through interfaces with automatic palletizers, the pieces that are cut and packed are automatically put on the right pallet. QualiMaster knows when the pallet or container is completed and gives the instructions to transport it to the finished goods warehouse.

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