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Gods Origin by Lucaci Cristian-Adrian Anul 2A,Grupa 5 As far as 10 000 BC history is abundant with carvings and writings reflecting

peoples respect and adoration for the SUN,and it is simple to understand why,as every morning the Sun would rise bringing vision,warmth and security.Without it the early cultures understood the crops would not grow,the life on the planet would not survive.These realities makes the sun the most adorable object of all times. Likewise the early civilizations were also aware of the stars presence in universe,and by tracking them they were able to anticipate events such as full moons and eclipses.They in turn catalogued the celestial groups in constellations.

The cross of zodiac is one of the oldest conceptual images in human history.It reflects the Sun as it figuratively passes through the 12 major constellations over the course of a year,and it reflects also the 12 months,the 4 seasons,the solstices and the equinoxes.

The early civilizations personified the Sun as a representative of the Unseen Creator or God,The light of the world,and the constellations usually representative elements of nature that happed during that period of time(ex.Aquaris-the water bearer who brings the spring rains).
Horus is the Sun God of Egypt around 3000 BC.horus=sun,light Seth is the Dark God of Egypt ,who was the personification of of evil.

The mythological battle between the two gods represent the mythological battle between dark vs. light or good vs. evil.

The story of Horus-born on December 25th of a virgin Isis Mary,his birth was accompanied by a star in the East,which in turn 3 kings followed,located and adored the newborn saviour.At age of 12 he was a prodigal child teacher,at the age of 30 he was baptized by a figure known as Anap,afterwards began his ministry along side with 12 disciples traveling about and performing miracle such as healing the sick and walking on water.After he was betrayed by a Typhon,Horus was crucified,buried for 3 days and thus resurrected.These attributes of Horus,whether original or not seam to permeate many cultures of the world the same mythological structure.

Attis of Phrygia-born on December 25th of a virgin Nana,crucified,buried and thus resurrected.

Krishna of India-born of a virgin Devaki with a star in the East,he performed miracle and upon his death resurrected.
Mithra of Persia-born on

December 25th of a virgin ,he had 12 disciples and perform miracles and upon 3 days of his death resurrected.

of Greece-born on December 25th of a virgin,he was a traveling teacher who performed miracles such as turning water into wine,and upon his death resurrected.


The fact of the matter is there are numerous saviors from different periods from all over the world which subscribe to these general characteristics. 1. Budda,Sakia of India;

2. Zhule,Osiris,Orus of Egypt; 3. Odin of Scandinavians; 4. Crite of Chaldea; 5. Baal and Taut of Phoenicia; 6. Indri of Tibet; 7. Bali of Afghanistan; 8. Jao of Nepal; 9. Thammuz of Syria; 10.Xamolxis of Trace->Romania; 11.Beddru of Japan; 12. Thor,son of Odin, of Gals; 13.Fohi and Tein of China; 14.Prometheus of Caucasus 15.Jesus Christ of Israel.