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BA 1 MIT Assignment

Instructions to students. General instructions for all assignments:

Prepare the assignment in a word processor document for online submission Your name should be included in the footer of each page of the assignment document, and all pages should be numbered. Start each question/topic on a new page in the document and provide a heading for each question. Paginate your document so that it is neatly presented. The assignment must be submitted on or before the due date specified. There are penalties for late submissions. Collusion and copying are not allowed. Each assignment must be done entirely by you. There are severe penalties for copying and collusion including loss of marks in the assignment, failing the entire subject or dismissal from the course. Outside materials may be used in assignments but all such material must be quoted and referenced if included verbatim. In general you should present your ideas and understanding in your own words.

Specific Instruction for this assignment:

All written or essay type questions in this assignment are to be answered in writing using a word processor. Use a proportionally spaced font such as Times Roman 12 point for normal, essay-type written answers. Credit will be given on the basis of the content of the assignment with regard to the quality of the work, its presentation, and also evidence of research and reading done.

Computers are changing every aspect of our lives from entertainment to shopping, from the work we do and where we do it, to how we communicate with friends and relatives. Even though we are still hearing negative news about the dot-com bubble from the late 1990s through 2001, the death of the Internet has been greatly exaggerated. Not only is it alive and well, but thriving. The difference between then and now is that many of the companies went bust primarily because of poor business planning or simply because their product wasnt viable to begin with. As might be aware, many companies are remodeling their businesses and information systems with the Internet in mind.

Information systems are the foundation for conducting business today. In many industries, survival and even existence is difficult without extensive use of information technology. No longer can we imagine going to work and conducting business without them. As a society we have come to rely extensively on the use of information appliances such as cell phones, BlackBerrys, handhelds, and other hardware. Communicating and conducting business is increasingly being carried out through the use of e-mail, online conferencing, and international teleconferencing. Internet technologies have become essential business tools. From the above two paragraphs, you can realize the importance of Information Systems for a company.

You are required to perform the following tasks:
a. Select a SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) or a company that has subsidiaries or franchise.

b. Identify the mission statement(s) of the company c. Conduct research and identify the products or services or both of the chosen company. d. Outline the goals and key objectives of the organization. e. Analyse the environmental factors which affect the company.
f. Use SWOT analysis and Porters 5 forces model to determine the weakness of the

g. Analyse the business processes and information requirements at each of the levels

of the management and recommend information systems at each of them to support the major business functions of the organization giving it the required competitive edge. The information systems need to be reliable, sophisticated and user-friendly. You need to state clearly the information systems, the purpose they would serve and prioritize them. h. Critically evaluate the security measures that are in place for their information system. Justify their suitability. If there is no security in place or unable to find these, some research must be done to find out suitable measures to secure their information system and justify with reasons. i. Information System involves in heavy investment of software, hardware, network, telecommunications, and security infrastructure. However, the latest development

in providing IT solutions is through Cloud Computing. Analyse suitability of Cloud Computing to provide Information services to the chosen company The marking scheme will be as follows: Mission statement, products/services Goals and objectives Environmental Factors SWOT analysis and Porters Model Analysis of Information requirements at each level of management Suitability of IS for the chosen firm Security for Information System Suitability of Cloud Computing Content and Originality Documentation(with proper references) Total Assignment weight age Assignment Length Recommended Font/size Format 05 05 10 10 15 15 10 10 10 10 100 40 % Minimum of 2000 and Maximum of 3000 words. Times New Roman/ 12 Standard Report