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HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world.
Headquartered in London, HSBC has an international network comprised of over 9,800
offices in 77 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas,
the Middle East and Africa. The bank’s 253,000 employees are located mainly in the UK
(56,000 employees), the US (43,000), Brazil (28,000), Hong Kong (26,000), Mexico
(20,000) and France (14,000). Admirably, HSBC acknowledges that it operates in
countries that present a range of social, ethical and environmental challenges. HSBC is
structured according to its consumer groups, providing a comprehensive range of
financial services, including: personal financial services; commercial banking; corporate,
investment banking and markets; private banking; and other activities. HSBC clearly
identifies its top priority as the financial return to its 200,000 shareholders. However, the
bank also states that, ‘our goal is not, and has never been, profit at any cost…tomorrow’s
success depends on the trust we build today.’ Thus, in HSBC customer satisfaction is
considered an important strategic objective to allow the bank to continue to be successful
in the long term.


The Jews in Jerusalem introduced a kind of banking in the form of money lending
before the birth of Christ. The word 'bank' was probably derived from the word 'bench' as
during ancient time Jews used to do money -lending business sitting on long benches.
First modern banking was introduced in 1668 in Stockholm as 'Svingss Pis Bank' which
opened up a new era of banking activities throughout the European Mainland.
In the South Asian region, early banking system was introduced by the Afghan traders
popularly known as Kabuliwallas. Muslim businessmen from Kabul, Afghanistan came to

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India and started money lending business in exchange of interest sometime in 1312 A.D.
They were known as 'Kabuliwallas'.


The number of banks in all now stands at 49 in Bangladesh. Out of the 49 banks, four are
Nationalized Commercial Banks (NCBs), 28 local private commercial banks, 12 foreign
banks and the rest five are Development Financial Institutions (DFIs).

Sonali Bank is the largest among the NCBs while Pubali is leading in the private
ones. Among the 12 foreign banks, Standard Chartered has become the largest in the
country. Besides the scheduled banks, Samabai (Cooperative) Bank, Ansar-VDP Bank,
Karmasansthan (Employment) Bank and Grameen bank are functioning in the financial
sector. The number of total branches of all scheduled banks is 6,038 as of June 2000. Of
the branches, 39.95 per cent (2,412) are located in the urban areas and 60.05 per cent
(3,626) in the rural areas. Of the branches NCBs hold 3,616, private commercial banks
1,214, foreign banks 31 and specialized banks 1,177.

Bangladesh Bank (BB) regulates and supervises the activities of all banks. The
BB is now carrying out a reform program to ensure quality services by the banks.
Currently the major financial institutions under the banking system include:

• Bangladesh Bank
• Commercial Banks
• Islamic banks
• Leasing Companies
• Finance companies

Of these, there are four nationalized commercial banks (NCB), 5 specialized banks, 11
foreign banks, 26 domestic private banks, 4 Islamic banks currently operating in

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8% NCB
Islamic Specialized

Generally, the commercial banks and finance companies provide a myriad of

baI1king products/services to cater to the needs of their customers. However, the
Bangladeshi banking industry is characterized by the tight banking rules and regulation s
set by the Bangladeshi Bank, All banks and financial institutions are highly governed and
controlled under the Banking Companies Act-1993.

The range of banking products and financial services is also limited in scope; all local
banks must maintain a 4% Cash Reserve Requirement (CRR), which is non-interest
bearing and a 16% Secondary Liquidity Requirement (SLR). With the liberalization of
markets, competition among the banking products and financial services seems to be
growing more intense each day. In addition, the banking products offered in Bangladesh
are fairly homogeneous in nature due to the tight regulations imposed by the central bank.
Competing through differentiation is increasingly difficult and other banks quickly
duplicate any innovative banking service.

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is one of the world’s leading, and most international, banks with 2.6 million Commercial
Banking customers in 62 locations. These customers include sole proprietors,
partnerships, clubs and associations, incorporated businesses and publicly quoted
companies. The globalization of their activities has been very marked in recent years, and
we are uniquely placed to help them through offering supply chain management, cash
management and business introductions all over the world. In 2006, pre-tax profit in
Commercial Banking grew strongly, by 21 per cent, due to growth in customer assets and
liabilities and our success in serving customers internationally.

B. HSBC in BANGLADESH: HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

Limited) obtained license from BANGLADESH BANK on 17 April 1996 to conduct banking
business in the country and commenced formal banking operations on 3 December 1996
through opening a branch at Dhaka. In Bangladesh, the HSBC Group is represented by
Hong Kong Bank, which has its head office in Hong Kong and a holding company,
HSBC Holding Plc, which is incorporated in England. On 31 December 2000, total
capital and reserves of HSBC in Bangladesh were Tk 535.7 million, which comprised
core capital Tk 441.6 million, and supplementary capital Tk 94.2 million.

Businesses of HSBC in Bangladesh cover personal banking, cash management,

remittances, corporate banking, trade services, custody services, and treasury and
securities services to the customers. It expanded its operations in the country through
opening a full-fledged branch at Chittagong, one off shore unit and two cash booths in
Dhaka. The management team for the bank in Bangladesh is headed by a chief executive
officer appointed by the head office. The bank's work force had increased from 38 in
1998 to 172 in 2000.

Deposits accumulated in the bank in December 2000 was Tk 3,234.8 million,

which comprised current deposits Tk 1,064 million, savings deposits Tk 1,074.1 million

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and fixed deposits Tk 1,096.7 million. The bank did not provide loans and advances
during the first year of its operations. Loans and advances made by HSBC up to
December 2000 amounted to Tk 2,096.9 million. Areas of lending by the bank are
industrial units of readymade garments, pharmaceuticals, jute and jute goods and
consumer products, and trade and commerce. Classified loans of the bank were Tk 21.9
million (0.57% of total) in 2000. The bank was one of the firsts to introduce personal loan
schemes and automated teller machine (ATM) service.

Investment of the HSBC Ltd in Bangladesh in 2000 was Tk 250.82 million, of

which Tk 250.80 million and Tk 0.02 million were in government TREASURY BILLs and PRIZE
BONDs respectively. In the same year the amount of deposits the bank maintained with
other banks was Tk 341.42 million (Tk 4.58 million in Bangladesh and Tk 336.90 million
abroad). The volume of foreign exchange business handled by the bank in that year stood
at Tk 4,137 million.

Assets of the bank excluding off-balance sheet items were valued at Tk 3,880.2
million in 2000, when the off-balance-sheet items accounted for Tk 2,669.2 million. The
bank had no borrowing from the interbank market during 1999 and 2000. Till December
1999, HSBC in Bangladesh continued to suffer net losses every year, as the operating
expenses were greater than the operating incomes. In 2000, the bank earned a net profit
of Tk 18.2 million after adjusting provisions for taxation and classified loans


A. BUSINESS/ CORPORATE BANKING - Business Banking from HSBC offers the

flexibility of solutions specifically catered to customers growing business needs and
management of their business. A Business Banking Account with HSBC provides access
to a wide range of products as valued Business Banking Customer. HSBC's business
accounts are no longer just a medium to deposit money and make standard payments.
With Business Banking customers have access to a range of products, which target their

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business growth. Therefore, opening Business Banking Account requires a reasonable
minimum balance.

HSBC offers an unmatched efficient banking structure along with a whole range
of products and services to suit all business needs. At HSBC understands that running a
business takes time, money and planning. That is why extensive range of products and
services has been designed to give maximum value with the minimum of paperwork and

With over 9,800 offices and a presence in over 77 countries and territories
including the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa, and
with over 100 million customers, HSBC has the ability to take the business forward.

The following services are offered free of cost to business banking account holders

1. BUSINESS SERVICE ACCOUNT: Business Banking Account will enable customers to

receive credit of all their cash/cheque deposits along with inward remittances and make
all local payments and provide them access to its wide range of services for the
customer’s business requirements.

(a) 24 HOURS DEPOSITS: Customers may deposit upto BDT 50,000 cash per transaction
and any BDT amount in cheque 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our ATM
Machines, conveniently located Sales and Service Centers. EasyPay Machines are also
available for deposit of BDT 50,000 cash per transaction and any BDT amount in cheque
to customer’s Business Banking account. Customers can use both ATM Machine and
EasyPay Machine at any available location FREE OF COST.

(b) 24 HOURS WITHDRAWALS: Customers can withdraw cash from any of the
conveniently located HSBC ATM Machines using their Business Banking Account ATM

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(c) 24 HOURS BILL PAYMENTS: Paying bills any time of day and night has been made
as easy and accessible than ever before with HSBC Easy Pay Machines located at its
sales and service centers. Easy Pay Machines are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Through Easy Pay, both HSBC and Non - HSBC customers can make deposits and pay
their utility bills, HSBC Credit Card payments and etc. Customers (both HSBC and Non
– HSBC) can pay bills of:

A customer service representative is also available from 9:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days a

week, except government holidays, to assist customers to deposit cash/cheque and pay
their bills FREE OF COST.

(d) PHONE BANKING: Business Banking Account also provides access to accounts
through HSBC’s state of the art Phone Banking facilities. This is a secure, easy, efficient
system which allows to check account balance, order cheque books and much more 7
days a week, 24 hours a day FREE OF COST.

(e) HSBC CHEQUE BOOK: For payments to beneficiaries through your Business
Banking Account HSBC offers one account payee chequebook (50 cheque leaves) per
month FREE OF COST. You may receive additional chequebooks with a minimal service

(f) STATEMENTS VIA FAX: HSBC now offers the option of receiving statements via fax
everyday FREE OF COST.

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A Business Banking customer may request for the following additional services:

(a) OD FACILITY: To ensure that cheques are honored when fund is not available, in
emergencies, Business Banking Account provides with an overdraft against 100% margin
of fixed deposit.

(b) INTERNET BANKING BY HSBCNET: Business Banking Account provides HSBCnet

Internet Banking service, to check balances, download statements and make payments
within HSBC accounts from ANY appropriate Internet enabled PC!

(c) TRADE SOLUTIONS: HSBC offers its global reach and local expertise in handling
trade business, including the complete range of services that would facilitates import and
export. These include:

• IMPORT SERVICES: Issuance of Letter of Credits (Documentary Credits) and

other import services

• EXPORT SERVICES: Electronic Documentary Credit Advising (EDCA) and other

export services


HSBC is the leading market maker globally, quoting competitive prices in all
tradable currencies, and acting as a primary provider of liquidity to the market 24 hours a
day. Its dynamic Corporate and Institutional marketing teams provide up-to-date market
intelligence, advice and timely execution of deals to the customers throughout the trading
day, including the following:

(a) SPOT FOREIGN EXCHANGE: A spot contract is a binding obligation to buy or sell a
certain amount of foreign currency at the current market rate, for settlement in two
business days time.

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(b) FORWARD FOREIGN EXCHANGE: A forward exchange contract (or forward
contract) is a binding obligation to buy or sell a certain amount of foreign currency at a
pre-agreed rate of exchange, on or before a certain date.

in Dhaka offers competitive FX rates to the corporate and retail customers.

(d) WEEKLY CURRENCY NEWSLETTER: HSBC in Dhaka provides comprehensive

commentaries on recent market movements. This helps the customers to decide on
important Foreign Exchange and Money Market issues.

3. CORPORATE BANKING: HSBC have a full range of products and services, which

(a) OVERDRAFT: A convenient and flexible form of short-term financing for routine
operating expenses and overheads of your company.

(b) IMPORT AND EXPORT LOANS: Loans against import are available to customers
when they purchase under Documentary Credit or Documentary Collections terms.
Pre-shipment finance is available to you to meet your working capital requirements.
Advances are granted upon production of a buyer's contract or export DC.

(c) DP/DA PURCHASE: A cash advance made to customers when they have exported
goods to a buyer through Documentary Collections, either on a Documents against
Acceptance (DA) or Documents against Payments (DP) basis.

(d) LONG-TERM LOANS: HSBC customizes a Term Loan to finance the fixed assets that
businesses need (such as land, new premises, equipment and machinery). It may be a
Greenfield project or an expansion of an existing plant that may be financed at
competitive floating rate of interest.

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 9

(e) Guarantees and Bonds: HSBC in Bangladesh issues a full range of Performance
Guarantees, Advance Payment Guarantees, Financial Guarantees and Bid bonds for
supporting the underlying business of customers. The availability of credit facilities is
subject to HSBC's Internal Credit guidelines and approval process.

4. TRADE SERVICES: HSBC provides the following Trade Services:

(a) EXPORT SERVICES: With over 9,500 offices in 79 countries and territories, customers
can be rest assured that an HSBC office is close to them, wherever they are exporting to.
HSBC is available to provide customers with advice on any aspect of their trade
document preparation and can also provide with working capital finance to assist to
source raw materials Export services include:

►Pre-shipment Finance

►Post- shipment Finance

►Documentary Credit Advising

(b) IMPORT SERVICES: With over 130 years of experience supporting importers
globally, HSBC is well positioned to fulfill trading needs. A full range of import services
handled by experienced staff is available, ensuring that import documents are processed
without delay. Import services include:

►Documentary Credits

►Import Collections

►Import Finance

►Shipping Guarantee

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(c) TRADE EXPRESS: Trade features as an integral part of the Bangladesh economy and
this trend is set to continue. Competition in trade, however, continues to grow stiffer for
local customers (both domestically and internationally). In order to facilitate their
competitiveness, HSBC provide priority customers the ability to handle their transactions
more quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Trade Express is an umbrella service, which combines traditional trade products,

document delivery services, reinforced by HSBC's proprietary state of the art e-banking
(Hexagon and Electronic DC Advising), designed to provide tailored solutions for
priority customers from the convenience of their own office remote banking.

The benefits delivered by Trade Express are

• Real-time intimation of Export Documentary Credit (DC) delivered to your email

account or fax number, along with a copy of the documentary credit enabling
faster and more accurate handling of exports.

• Export transaction advices delivered to your desk through email or fax and import
transaction advices through Hexagon.

• Online issuance and amendment of Import DCs from your office, reducing cost
and process time for you.

• Online access to your Import and Export facility positions.

• Real-time correspondence with the bank through Hexagon enabling you to

electronically present your requests and instructions in a secure and fast manner.

• Extended counter hours and our commitment to quicker turnaround of


• Document pick up and delivery services.

• Minimal documentation / sign up formality.

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5. PAYMENTS AND CASH MANAGEMENT: These services include:

(a) ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SERVICES: HSBC's Global Payments and Cash

Management services provide domestic and regional transaction solutions to blue-chip
companies throughout the world. Services include a comprehensive range of traditional
account and transaction services, augmented by its liquidity and financial management
techniques and delivered via its global electronic banking system, Hexagon.

It is committed to service excellence, with its reputation for stability and

understanding of the region has repeatedly been recognized through citations by major
business publications. With its local expertise in Bangladesh, HSBC is well versed in
local practices and regulations affecting the management of cash on a domestic and
regional basis.

(b) PAYMENT AND COLLECTION: Most corporate treasurers cannot afford to spend time
worrying about routine payments. HSBC in Bangladesh has the technology to put them in
better control of routine operations and has been successfully handling payment
requirements throughout the nation for its corporate clients. HSBC provides with
benefits, which include:

• Reduction in payment time.

• Availability of payment details through Hexagon.

• Easy reconciliation of payments/receipts through Hexagon statement.

• Centralization of control of payments.

• Network coverage of almost 200 locations nation-wide.

Country-wide Collection: As receivable management is crucial to financial cycle,

HSBC has developed products to efficiently manage customers’ requirements and reduce
cost. The services and benefits include:

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• Cost reduction through efficient fund management.

• Detailed MIS on cash collection, resulting in better management.

• Account reconciliation done through Hexagon.

• Centralization of control of all your cash and instruments.

• Network coverage of almost 200 locations nation-wide.

• Quicker cash collection into a central account, resulting in greater earnings.

(c) HEXAGON CHEQUE WRITER: The latest addition in the Payments and Cash
Management services is Hexagon Cheque Writer. It is a cheque writer product which is
also a built-in module of Hexagon, global electronic banking. It is designed to facilitate
corporate customers for preparing, printing and updating the PC ledger (ledger
maintained in cheque writer). Services and benefits include:

• Preparation of cheques through Hexagon Cheque Writer.

• Reconciliation of cheques at the Hexagon ledger.

• Advice along with cheque leaves.

• No further installation required since it is built in our Hexagon module.

• Recurrent payments can be stored and printed.

• Convenience of in-house cheque printing.

(d) ELECTRONIC BANKING: Provides access to customers’ account from their PC 24-
hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world with Hexagon

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 13

Cash Management Services: Hexagon offers comprehensive cash management services
in an easy-to-use and highly secure system. This provides customers timely and accurate
account information and gives total control over their finances.

Customers can pay to third parties at ease and can affect instant fund transfer between
their own accounts

Trade Services: Hexagon significantly reduces the documentation and physical delivery
required for trade finance, resulting in both faster and more accurate processing and
administration. It will reduce data entry and related errors and you can store frequently
used documentary credit (DC) in templates and recall them as needed to speed in your

Salary Payment: Salary payment to staff is at customers’ fingertips by using our MT_
100 module through Hexagon. Customers can import salary from their existing payroll
system and send it to bank through Hexagon. From these staff’s accounts are credited
immediately and error-free.

Information Services: Hexagon is essential in today's fast moving markets. Hexagon

provides a wide range of market information prepared by experts around the world,
enhancing opportunities for profit. Customers get precious metal prices, spot rates, stock
prices, index values and foreign exchange commentary everyday.

Report Writer: Hexagon report writer is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for accessing
and managing accounts, trade finance and security information. Report writer allows
customers to organize their accounts in a variety of ways of convenient and customized
reporting. It is easy to integrate with their current accounting package.

Offline Mode: Hexagon can be used offline to prepare payment instructions,

documentary credit application; customers can trace and send them at your convenient
time, cutting phone costs. Offline mode also reduces clerical work and speeds up their

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(a) SAVINGS PLUS: With HSBC's Savings-Plus Account, customers can earn interest from
the account on a monthly basis rather than at the end of six months.


• Interest will be paid at the end of each month instead of six months.
• Free ATM card with daily withdrawal limit of BDT 50,000.
• Free phone banking facilities.
• Free personalized chequebook.
• Monthly statements.


• Any resident Bangladeshi above 18 years of age is eligible to open a Savings-Plus


Terms and Conditions:

• Minimum opening balance is BDT500,000

• Interest payable only for balance of BDT 500,000 or above.

(b) CURRENT ACCOUNT: With an HSBC current account, making payments has never
been so simple. It includes the following services:

Easy Pay: Easy Pay machines offer customers and non-customers an easy, convenient
and quick way to make deposits, payments and instructions. The Easy Pay provides
services 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

ATM: Provides access to the account through an ATM card, without having to visit a
branch! Customers can access to their current account via ATM 24-hours a day, seven
days a week.

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 15

Phone Banking: HSBC Phone banking Service lets customers conduct banking
transactions - 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year

Personalized Chequebook: Current Account holders receive a free personalized


(c) SAVINGS ACCOUNT: HSBC Savings Account is a secure, rewarding and accessible
way to manage routine money matters effectively. It allows customers to complete any
number of transactions without charge, penalties or a reduction in credit interest. For
savings accounts HSBC neither have any ledger fee nor have limit on number of
transactions. It also provides ATM, Phone banking, & Personalized Chequebooks.
Interest rate structure encourages you to save. Interest is calculated daily and credited to
your account every 6 months. Minimum balance requirement is of BDT 50,000 to receive
daily interest.

(d) POWERVANTAGE: HSBC PowerVantage customers receive special and immediate

assistance at Bank branches, while a host of services ensures that customers control their
finances easily and efficiently. PowerVantage makes banking effortless, allowing
customers to get on with your busy day. It includes the following services:

Free Personal Accident Insurance Cover: PowerVantage customer receives accident

insurance cover for the amount of BDT 100,000. The Premium will be covered by the

Endorsement of Foreign Currency: Customers can endorse foreign currency in their

passport against the travel quota absolutely free of charge.

Special Loan Rates: PowerVantage customers are entitled to special reduced rates on a
Personal Installment Loan and a discount on the processing fee for a Car Loan.

Auto sweep of Funds: To benefit from a higher rate of interest, customers can issue
standing instructions to have funds transferred between their current and savings accounts
and time deposits.

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 16

Standing Instructions: Customers can set up standing instructions of any fixed amount
to be paid to selected parties' accounts with HSBC, free of charge.

Special ATM Card: PowerVantage ATM Card provides a high cash withdrawal limit of
up to BDT 50,000 at any of HSBC's ATMs across Bangladesh.

Monthly Composite Statement: A monthly PowerVantage statement helps you keep

track of all your accounts with HSBC.

(e) HSBC SELECT: HSBC Select - a customized banking proposition offering exclusive
privileges and unrivalled personal attention. HSBC Select is designed to provide you with
a superior service offering, access to exclusive facilities, preferential pricing, convenient
services and personal attention, allowing you greater personal and financial freedom.

Key Features:

►Dedicated relationship managers: One-on-one assistance is available from a personal

relationship manager to manage customer’s financial requirements.

►Privileged access: Exclusive HSBC Select Centers offer a private lounge, reserved car
parking for customer’s convenience and priority service.

►International credit card: HSBC's International credit card (MasterCard) provides

customers flexibility and convenience while traveling internationally. The credit card
entitles exclusive discounts worldwide.

►Pre-approved overdraft facility: HSBC Select customers receive a pre approved,

unsecured overdraft facility to give them flexibility and help them meet any emergency
financing needs.

►A free HSBC global Select ATM card: This card is issued against resident foreign
currency deposit. It allows to access cash from over 800,000 ATMs around the world, 24

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hours a day (subject to foreign exchange regulations). For Select customers, normal
transaction fees are waived.

►Improved pricing: Avails customers improved pricing on loan products, credit

facilities, remittance and other services.

►An integrated account statement: Provides customers with a consolidated update on

their total financial position.

►Emergency cash disbursement: Customers receive emergency cash at any HSBC

branch worldwide (subject to foreign exchange regulations).

►Waiver of fees: There will be no fees on purchase or sale of foreign currency, required
for travel purposes (limits apply).

►Commission free endorsement: There will be no commission charge on the

endorsement of foreign currency for self and spouse.

►Higher ATM limits: Customers enjoy a higher ATM withdrawal limit up to BDT
150,000 each day.


(a) PERSONAL SECURED LOAN: A Personal Secured Loan is a fixed loan secured by
customer’s time deposit held with HSBC. The loan provides customers with the
flexibility to meet any emergency cash needs, so that they don't have to encash their high
yield investments.

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 18


• Loan amount is up to 90% of the value of your taka time deposit or WEDBs or
80% of the value of your foreign currency time deposit or USDBs with minimum
loan amount of BDT90,000
• Competitive interest rates
• Processing fee - BDT1,000
• Flexible repayment schedules ranging from 12 to 60 equal monthly installments
• Partial prepayment and early settlement facilities
• Automatic and free transfer of monthly installments from your savings account
without affecting the interest earned on that account.
• Option of one time repayment at the end of loan tenure with discounted interest
rate is available.

(b) CREDIT CARD: HSBC's co-branded credit card with Prime Bank gives the freedom to
pay for goods and services without the hassle of carrying cash. The card is accepted at
shops, restaurants, hotels, airlines and travel agents, departmental stores, hospitals and
diagnostic centers, practically anywhere in Bangladesh displaying the MasterCard logo.


►Customers can enjoy between 20 to 50 days of interest free credit from the date of each

►After receiving monthly statement, customers can either choose to pay full or a
minimum of 8% of the current balance shown in the statement or BDT 500 whichever is

►Interest is 2.5% per month and will be calculated on a daily basis;

►Credit limit range from BDT 50, 000 to BDT 200, 000;

►Annual fee is BDT 2, 000;

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 19

►Customers can get additional first supplementary card for free, with a
shared credit limit;

3. CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS: HSBC has a total of 6 service centers throughout the
country. They are located at:

►Dhanmondi: Mumtaz Plaza, House No. 07. Road No. 04, Ground floor, Dhanmondi
R/A, Dhaka 1205

►Banani: Sharif Plaza, 39 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213

►Uttara: House No. 41, Road No. 07, Sector No. 04, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 1230

►Gulshan: House No. SWG-2 (Corner of Road No. 05, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212

►GEC Circle: Golden Plaza, 1692 CDA Avenue, East Nasirabad, Chittagong 4000

►Jamal Khan: Equity Millennium, 59 Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong

Features: These Customer Service Centers have the following services.

►Opening accounts.

►Applying for any of HSBC loan products and knowing detailed features of all the
products from HSBC Mobile Sales Officers (MSO) stationed at Customer Service

►Using ATMs;

►Using Easy Pay Machine;

►Access to Call Centre;

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 20

►Access to Phone banking;

►Access to HSBC website;

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 21


The objective of this study is to determine the customers’ satisfaction level at HSBC

In order to conduct this study report both primary & secondary data have been utilized.
The secondary data have been collected from published literature, journals, company
information (web links), other related sources, etc. The primary data have been obtained
through interviewing 50 HSBC account holders of different profession & age group.
Interviewing has been conducted using a structured questionnaire containing 22 questions
representing the five dimensions of customer satisfaction measurement. A sample
questionnaire has been annexed in the appendix A. The time period of the study lies in
between 19 June 2007 to 17 July 2007.


The study report consists of few limitations:

►The report has been conducted within a limited time frame.

►The study is self financed.

►Only selected Branches have been considered for the study.

►Samples were selected conveniently.

►For the convenient of study non probability samples have been used.

►Amateur user of SPSS software for Data Analysis;

►The sample size does not represent the total population.

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 22


Superior service quality is widely acknowledged as a driver of perceived value,

which, in turn, will enhance customer loyalty (Parasuraman and Grewal, 2000) and
improve the provider’s image, sales and profitability (Buzzell and Gale, 1987;
Gummesson, 1993). Therefore, the notion of service quality has been examined in
previous studies of various services offered by HSBC.


Customer satisfaction, a business term, is a measure of how products and services

supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. It is seen as a key
performance indicator within business and is part of the four perspectives of a Balanced
Scorecard. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers,
customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key
element of business strategy.


Organizations are increasingly interested in retaining existing customers while

targeting non-customers; measuring customer satisfaction provides an indication of how
successful the organization is at providing products and/or services to the marketplace.
Customer satisfaction is an ambiguous and abstract concept and the actual manifestation
of the state of satisfaction will vary from person to person and product/service to
product/service. The state of satisfaction depends on a number of both psychological and
physical variables which correlate with satisfaction behaviors such as return and
recommend rate. The level of satisfaction can also vary depending on other options the
customer may have and other products against which the customer can compare the
organization's products.

Because satisfaction is basically a psychological state, care should be taken in the

effort of quantitative measurement, although a large quantity of research in this area has
recently been developed. Work done by Berry, Brodeur between 1990 and 1998 defined

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 23

ten 'Quality Values' which influence satisfaction behavior, further expanded by Berry in
2002 and known as the ten domains of satisfaction. These ten domains of satisfaction
include: Quality, Value, Timeliness, Efficiency, Ease of Access, Environment, Inter-
departmental Teamwork, Front line Service Behaviors, Commitment to the Customer and
Innovation. These factors are emphasized for continuous improvement and organizational
change measurement and are most often utilized to develop the architecture for
satisfaction measurement as an integrated model. Work done by Parasuraman, Zeithaml
and Berry between 1985 and 1988 provides the basis for the measurement of customer
satisfaction with a service by using the gap between the customer's expectation of
performance and their perceived experience of performance. This provides the measurer
with a satisfaction "gap" which is objective and quantitative in nature. Work done by
Cronin and Taylor propose the "confirmation/disconfirmation" theory of combining the
"gap" described by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry as two different measures
(perception and expectation of performance) into a single measurement of performance
according to expectation. According to Garbrand, customer satisfaction equals perception
of performance divided by expectation of performance.

The usual measures of customer satisfaction involve a survey with a set of statements
using a Likert Technique or scale. The customer is asked to evaluate each statement and
in term of their perception and expectation of the performance of the organization being

More than a decade ago, Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (1988, 1991)
conducted extensive studies in different industries and developed the SERVQUAL
instrument: a 22-item scale with a set of service quality dimensions to quantify a
customer’s assessment of a company’s service quality. Five key dimensions of service
quality — reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles — have been
identified and form the foundation on which a lot of other studies on service quality have
been built. SERVQUAL is widely recognized and used, and it is regarded as applicable to
a number of industries, including the banking industry (Yavas, Bilgin, Shemuell, 1997).
However, SERVQUAL has been subject to certain criticisms, including vagueness in the
definition of expectations, its dubious applicability in some industries (Teas, 1993), the

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 24

need for expectation measurement (Cronin and Tayer, 1992, 1994), and SERVQUAL’s
dimensionality (Carman, 1990). Moreover, the traditional service quality dimensions
cannot directly apply to Internet banking, because it represents a different and unique
service delivery process.

The SERVQUAL instrument has been the predominant method used to measure
consumers’ perceptions of service quality. It has five generic dimensions or factors that
are stated as follows (van Iwaarden et al., 2003):

(1) Tangibles: Physical facilities, equipment and appearance of personnel;

(2) Reliability: Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately;
(3) Responsiveness: Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service;
(4) Assurance (including competence, courtesy, credibility and security): Knowledge
and courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence;
(5) Empathy (including access, communication, understanding the customer): Caring
and Individualized attention that the firm provides to its customers;

Service quality has been shown to be a significant predictor of behavioral

intentions, e.g. likelihood of recommending, repeat purchase, switching, and complaining
(Bitner, 1990). Woodside, Frey and Daly (1989) found that there is a significant
correlation between service quality and repurchase behavior in the health care industry.
Findings from Dabholkar (1996) indicate that customers’ feelings correlate positively
with the intention to use. In light of these findings, the present study investigates the
relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and future consumption

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 25


Descriptive of Appendix B shows the results of Customer Satisfaction level at HSBC

Bangladesh in terms of five dimensions, ‘Tangibles’, ‘Reliability’, ‘Brand
Responsiveness’, ‘Assurance’, and ‘Empathy’. Each dimension was measured averagely
on a seven point Likert scale. Based on perception, the elements those customers’ rates

Modern Looking Equipment (Mean= 4.22, Std. Dev=1.982)
Visually Appealing Physical Facilities (Mean= 3.86, Std. Dev= 2.129)
Neat Appearance of Employees (Mean= 3.94, Std. Dev= 1.570)
Appealing Appearance of Materials (Mean= 4.38, Std. Dev= 1.497)
Act according to Promises (Mean= 4.64, Std. Dev= 1.575)
Sincere Interest in Problem Solving (Mean= 4.50, Std. Dev= 1.919)
Performs the Service Right the First Time (Mean= 4.40, Std. Dev= 1.714)
Provides Services at the Time Promised (Mean= 5.00, Std. Dev= 1.512)
Insists on Error Free Records (Mean= 4.36, Std. Dev= 1.882)
Informs exactly when Services will be provided (Mean= 4.18, Std. Dev= 1.987)
Gives Prompt Services (Mean= 4.48, Std. Dev= 1.632)
Employees are Always Willing to Help (Mean= 4.44, Std. Dev= 1.728)
Never too Busy to Respond Customer Requests (Mean= 4.16, Std. Dev= 1.800)
Employees Behavior Instill Confidence in Customers (Mean= 4.52, Std. Dev= 2.102)
Customers Feel Safe in Transaction (Mean= 4.86, Std. Dev= 1.690)
Consistent Courtesy of Employees (Mean= 4.84, Std. Dev= 1.877)
Employees have the Knowledge to Answer Customers' Question (Mean= 4.92, Std. Dev=

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 26

Gives Customers Individual Attention (Mean= 4.38, Std. Dev= 1.427)
Has Convenient Operating Hours for Customers (Mean= 4.34, Std. Dev= 1.710)
Has Employees to Give Customers Personal Attention (Mean= 3.84, Std. Dev= 1.845)
Has Best Interest of Customers at Heart (Mean= 3.96, Std. Dev= 2.176)
Employees Understand Specific Needs of Customers (Mean= 3.92, Std. Dev= 1.700)
Customer satisfaction level should be measured based on the customer’s perception of the
services offered & received. Customer perception of the services offered & received is a
significant determinant of Customer Satisfaction measurement. This perception may be
developed from past or present experience. The following table shows the mean &
standard deviation scores of each dimension of customer satisfaction level along with the
aggregate score of all dimensions.

Table 1: Showing the score of Perception Regarding Customer Satisfaction

Factors Mean STD. Deviation

Tangibles 4.10 1.794
Reliability 4.58 1.720
Responsiveness 4.31 1.786
Assurance 4.78 1.924
Empathy 4.08 1.431
Aggregate 4.37 1.731

Aggregate Customer Satisfaction Level score of HSBC Bangladesh is 4.37 which

indicate a satisfactory performance where satisfactory level is considered in between 4.00
to 4.50.

Moreover, HSBC has established a strong position in terms of Assurance & Reliability,
indicating that customers of HSBC are very much reliable on the services it provides.
Overall the customers have expressed positive perception in terms of tangibles,
responsiveness, and empathy.
The following figure shows the Means of Customer Satisfaction Level measuring

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 27






Tangibles 4.1
Reliability 4.58
Responsiveness 4.31
Assurance 4.78
Empathy 4.08

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 28

From the above analyses, it is evident that HSBC has many positive features and
the customers are mostly satisfies with the services offered. In spite of this fact, it has
been observed that many customers are not aware of all sort facilities provided by HSBC.

Though this study can’t provide conclusive evidence to determine particular

courses of action and further research will be required to provide conclusive evidence.
But the management of HSBC should consider the findings and take all necessary steps
for further research and if they think that the customers of HSBC are homogeneous in
their choice and preferences, they may consider the following recommendations to gain
more customer base and achieve more customer satisfaction along with maintaining
existing customers’ delights

► The Management of HSBC should conduct more product & services awareness

► The HSBC Management should critically evaluate the deviation in means in order to
create balance in all dimensions of customer satisfaction measurement tools.

►They should increase the level of providing personal attention to individual customers.

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 29


►HSBC Group, A brief History, available at;

►Raihan, A. (1999), “Status of Banking Technology in Bangladesh,” A Seminar Paper

presented in BIBM, July 1999;

►Rahman, M. M. (2003), “Present Status of E-Banking in Bangladesh,” Journal of the

Institute of
Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB), Vol, 50, No. 1 (June): 101-113;

►The HSBC Business Profile, available at:;

►A Framework for Determining and Prioritizing Critical Factors in Delivering Quality

Services, Dr. Arash Shahin, Department of Management, University of Isfahan, Iran

►Parasuraman, A., Zeithaml, V.A. and Berry, L.L. (1994), "Reassessment of

expectations as a comparison standard in measuring service quality: implications for
future research", Journal of Marketing, Vol. 58, pp. 111-124.

►Interrogating SERVQUAL: a critical assessment of service quality measurement in a

high street retail bank, Karin Newman, Professor, Middlesex University Business School,
London, UK

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 30


Age: [18-25] [26-33] [33-50] [50-above] Gender: [Male] [Female]

Profession: [Business] [Service Holder] [Student]

Please show the extent to which you believe HSBC has the feature described in the
statement. Write number that best shows your perceptions.

[ Strongly Disagree ] [ Strongly Agree ]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1. HSBC has modern looking 12. Employees in HSBC are

[ ] [ ]
equipment. always willing to help you.

2. HSBC’s physical facilities are 13. Employees in HSBC are

visually appealing. [ ] never too busy to respond to [ ]
your request.

3. HSBC’s reception desk 14. The behavior of employees

employees are neat appearing. [ ] in HSBC instills confidence in [ ]

4. Materials associated with the 15. You feel safe in your

service (such as pamphlets or transactions with HSBC.
[ ] [ ]
statements) are visually
appealing at HSBC.

5. When HSBC promises to do 16. Employees in HSBC area

something by a certain time, it [ ] consistently courteous with you. [ ]
does so.

6. When you have a problem, 17. Employees in HSBC have

HSBC shows a sincere interest [ ] the knowledge to answer your [ ]
in solving it. questions.

7. HSBC performs the service 18. HSBC gives you individual

right the first time. attention.

8. HSBC provides its service at 19. HSBC has operating hours

[ ] [ ]
the time it promises to do so. convenient to all its customers.

9. HSBC insists on error free 20. HSBC has employees who

[ ] [ ]
records give you personal attention.

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 31

10. Employees in HSBC tell you 21. HSBC has your best interest
exactly when services will be [ ] at heart. [ ]

11. Employees in HSBC give 22. The employees of HSBC

[ ] [ ]
you prompt service. understand your specific needs.

Thank you very much for your time, cooperation & patience

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 32

[SPSS Analyzed Data]

Gender Type Occupation Age Group
Valid 50 50 50
Missing 0 0 0

Gender Type
Valid Cumulative
Frequency Percent Percent Percent
Valid Male 31 62.0 62.0 62.0
Female 19 38.0 38.0 100.0
50 100.0 100.0

Valid Cumulative
Frequency Percent Percent Percent
Businessman 17 34.0 34.0 34.0
Service Holder 19 38.0 38.0 72.0
Student 14 28.0 28.0 100.0
Total 50 100.0 100.0

Age Group
Valid Cumulative
Frequency Percent Percent Percent

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 33

Valid 18-25 13 26.0 26.0 26.0
26-33 17 34.0 34.0 60.0
33-50 16 32.0 32.0 92.0
50-Above 4 8.0 8.0 100.0
50 100.0 100.0

The following Graph shows the Frequencies of Samples in terms of Gender, Age
Group, and Occupation.

Gender Type




Male Female
Gender Type

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 34

Age Group




18-25 26-33 33-50 50-Above
Age Group





Businessman Service Holder Student

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 35

Descriptive Statistics

N Minimum Maximum Mean
[ Tangibles ]
Modern Looking Equipment 1 7 4.22 1.982
Visually Appealing Physical 5
1 7 3.86 2.129
Facilities 0
Neat Appearance of Employees 2 7 3.94 1.570
Appealing Appearance of Materials 1 7 4.38 1.497
[ Reliability ]
Act according to Promises 2 7 4.64 1.575
Sincere Interest in Problem Solving 1 7 4.50 1.919
Performs the Service Right the First 5
1 7 4.40 1.714
Time 0
Provides Services at the Time 5
2 7 5.00 1.512
Promised 0
Insists on Error Free Records 1 7 4.36 1.882
[ Responsiveness ]
Informs Exactly when Services will 5
1 7 4.18 1.987
be Provided 0
Gives Prompt Services 2 7 4.48 1.632
Employees are Always Willing to 5
1 7 4.44 1.728
Help 0
Never too Busy to Respond 5
1 7 4.16 1.800
Customer Requests 0

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 36

[ Assurance ]
Employees Behavior Instill 5
1 7 4.52 2.102
Confidence in Customers 0
Customers Feel Safe in Transaction 2 7 4.86 1.690
Consistent Courtesy of Employees 1 7 4.84 1.877
Employees have the Knowledge to 5
2 7 4.92 2.029
Answer Customers' Question 0
[ Empathy ]
Gives Customers Individual 5
1 7 4.38 1.427
Attention 0
Has Convenient Operating Hours for 5
1 7 4.34 1.710
Customers 0
Has Employees to Give Customers 5
1 7 3.84 1.845
Personal Attention 0
Has Best Interest of Customers at 5
1 7 3.96 2.176
Heart 0
Employees Understand Specific 5
1 7 3.92 1.700
Needs of Customers 0
Valid N (listwise)

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 37

Case Processing Summary

Valid Missing Total

N Percent N Percent N Percent

Age Group *
Gender Type *
Employees are 50 100.0% 0 .0% 50 100.0%
Always Willing to

Age Group * Gender Type * Employees are Always Willing to Help Crosstabulation

Employees are
Always Willing
to Help Gender Type Total
Male Female
Strongly Age 33-50
Disagree Group 3 3
Total 3 3
Moderately Age 26-33
2 2
Disagree Group
33-50 2 2
Total 4 4
Somehow Age 26-33
2 5 7
Disagree Group
33-50 2 0 2
Total 4 5 9
Neutral Age 18-25
0 3 3
26-33 3 0 3
33-50 2 0 2
Total 5 3 8

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 38

Somehow Agree Age 18-25
3 3
26-33 3 3
4 4
Total 10 10
Moderately Age 18-25
0 5 5
Agree Group
26-33 2 0 2
33-50 0 3 3
Total 2 8 10
Strongly Age 18-25
0 2 2
Disagree Group
33-50 3 1 4
Total 3 3 6


Group Statistics

Gender Std. Std. Error

Type N Mean Deviation Mean
Modern Looking Male 31 4.03 2.373 .426
19 4.53 1.073 .246

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 39

Visually Appealing Male 31 3.94 1.931 .347
Physical Facilities
19 3.74 2.469 .566

Neat Appearance of Male 31 4.00 1.506 .270

19 3.84 1.708 .392

Appealing Appearance Male 31 4.06 1.590 .286

of Materials
19 4.89 1.197 .275

Act according to Male 31 4.90 1.758 .316

19 4.21 1.134 .260

Sincere Interest in Male 31 4.94 1.825 .328

Problem Solving
19 3.79 1.903 .436

Performs the Service Male 31 4.39 1.476 .265

Right the First Time
19 4.42 2.090 .479

Provides Services at Male 31 4.81 1.662 .298

the Time Promised
19 5.32 1.204 .276

Insists on Error Free Male 31 4.13 2.125 .382

19 4.74 1.368 .314

Informs Exactly when Male 31 4.35 2.009 .361

Services will be
Provided 19 3.89 1.969 .452

Gives Prompt Services Male 31 4.45 1.729 .311

Female 19 4.53 1.504 .345
Employees are Always Male 31 4.06 1.750 .314
Willing to Help
19 5.05 1.545 .354

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 40

Never to Busy to Male 31 4.84 1.594 .286
Respond Customer
Requests 19 3.05 1.580 .363

Employees Behavior Male 31 4.61 2.305 .414

Instill Confidence in
Customers 19 4.37 1.770 .406

Customers Feel Safe in Male 31 4.52 1.730 .311

19 5.42 1.502 .345

Consistent Courtesy of Male 31 4.23 1.839 .330

19 5.84 1.500 .344

Employees have the Male 31 5.23 1.820 .327

Knowledge to Answer
Customers' Question 19 4.42 2.293 .526

Gives Customers Male 31 4.48 1.411 .253

Individual Attention
19 4.21 1.475 .338

Has Convenient Male 31 4.16 1.369 .246

Operating Hours for
Customers 19 4.63 2.166 .497

Has Employees to Give Male 31 4.45 1.804 .324

Customers Personal
Attention 19 2.84 1.463 .336

Has Best Interest of Male 31 4.55 2.307 .414

Customers at Heart
19 3.00 1.563 .359

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 41

Employees Understand Male 31 4.03 1.941 .349
Specific Needs of
Customers 19 3.74 1.240 .285

Independent Samples Test

Levene's Test
for Equality
of Variances t-test for Equality of Means
Std. 95%
Mean Error Confidence
Sig. (2- Differ Differ Interval of the
F Sig. t df tailed) ence ence Difference
r Upper
Modern Equal
21.00 -1.65
Looking variances .000 -.853 48 .398 -.494 .579 .671
5 9
Equipment assumed
Equal 4
-1.00 -1.48
variances not 5.0 .321 -.494 .492 .497
4 6
assumed 10
Visually Equal
Appealing variances -1.06
5.587 .022 .317 48 .752 .199 .626 1.457
Physical assumed 0
Equal 3
variances not .299 1.3 .767 .199 .664 1.552
assumed 86
Neat Equal
Appearance variances
.363 .550 .342 48 .734 .158 .462 -.770 1.086
of assumed
Equal 3
variances not .332 4.5 .742 .158 .476 -.809 1.125
assumed 24
Appealing Equal
-1.95 -1.68
Appearance variances 1.856 .179 48 .056 -.830 .424 .022
8 3
of Materials assumed

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 42

Equal 4
-2.09 -1.62
variances not 5.8 .042 -.830 .396 -.033
5 8
assumed 30
Act Equal
according to variances 4.534 .038 1.530 48 .133 .693 .453 -.217 1.603
Promises assumed
Equal 4
variances not 1.693 7.8 .097 .693 .409 -.130 1.515
assumed 22
Sincere Equal
Interest in variances
.025 .876 2.121 48 .039 1.146 .540 .060 2.232
Problem assumed
Equal 3
variances not 2.100 6.9 .043 1.146 .546 .040 2.252
assumed 64
Performs the Equal
Service Right variances -1.04
2.410 .127 -.067 48 .947 -.034 .505 .981
the First assumed 9
Equal 2
variances not -.062 9.0 .951 -.034 .548 1.087
assumed 56
Provides Equal
Services at variances -1.16 -1.39
4.697 .035 48 .252 -.509 .439 .373
the Time assumed 0 2
Equal 4
-1.25 -1.32
variances not 6.5 .217 -.509 .407 .309
2 8
assumed 16
Insists on Equal
-1.11 -1.70
Error Free variances 7.829 .007 48 .272 -.608 .547 .492
1 8
Records assumed
Equal 4
-1.23 -1.60
variances not 7.8 .225 -.608 .494 .386
0 1
assumed 36
Informs Equal
Exactly when variances
1.101 .299 .792 48 .432 .460 .581 -.708 1.628
Services will assumed
be Provided
Equal 3
variances not .796 8.8 .431 .460 .578 -.710 1.630
assumed 17
Gives Equal
Prompt variances .939 .337 -.156 48 .877 -.075 .480 .891
Services assumed

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 43

Equal 4
variances not -.161 2.3 .873 -.075 .464 .862
assumed 05
Employees Equal
are Always variances -2.02 -1.97
.001 .972 48 .049 -.988 .488 -.006
Willing to assumed 4 0
Equal 4
-2.08 -1.94
variances not 1.9 .043 -.988 .474 -.032
6 4
assumed 01

Never to Equal
Busy to variances
Respond assumed .023 .881 3.859 48 .000 1.786 .463 .855 2.717
Equal 3
variances not 3.867 8.4 .000 1.786 .462 .851 2.721
assumed 68
Employees Equal
Behavior variances
Instill assumed 2.748 .104 .396 48 .694 .244 .618 -.998 1.487
in Customers
Equal 4
variances not .422 5.4 .675 .244 .580 -.923 1.412
assumed 14
Customers Equal
-1.88 -1.87
Feel Safe in variances .874 .354 48 .066 -.905 .480 .061
5 0
Transaction assumed
Equal 4
-1.95 -1.84
variances not 2.3 .058 -.905 .464 .031
0 1
assumed 51
Consistent Equal
-3.22 -1.61 -2.62
Courtesy of variances 1.401 .242 48 .002 .501 -.609
6 6 4
Employees assumed
Equal 4
-3.38 -1.61 -2.57
variances not 4.0 .001 .477 -.655
8 6 8
assumed 11
Employees Equal
have the variances
Knowledge assumed
5.492 .023 1.374 48 .176 .805 .586 -.373 1.983
to Answer

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 44

Equal 3
variances not 1.299 1.7 .203 .805 .619 -.457 2.067
assumed 52
Gives Equal
Customers variances
.071 .790 .654 48 .516 .273 .418 -.568 1.114
Individual assumed
Equal 3
variances not .647 6.8 .522 .273 .423 -.583 1.130
assumed 96

Has Equal
Convenient variances
Operating assumed 8.941 .004 -.943 48 .350 -.470 .499 .532
Hours for
Equal 2
variances not -.848 6.9 .404 -.470 .554 .667
assumed 23
Has Equal
Employees to variances
Give assumed
2.494 .121 3.279 48 .002 1.610 .491 .623 2.596
Equal 4
variances not 3.450 4.1 .001 1.610 .467 .669 2.550
assumed 73
Has Best Equal
Interest of variances
9.895 .003 2.580 48 .013 1.548 .600 .342 2.755
Customers at assumed
Equal 4
variances not 2.825 7.4 .007 1.548 .548 .446 2.651
assumed 24
Employees Equal
Understand variances
Specific assumed 6.212 .016 .592 48 .556 .295 .499 -.707 1.298
Needs of
Equal 4
variances not .657 7.8 .515 .295 .450 -.609 1.200
assumed 73

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 45

Customer Satisfaction Level at HSBC Bangladesh: PAGE 46