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What dose Information technology involves?

A: information handling, information retrieval(How we get the information ), computers , telecommunications, software deployment () What is IT? -> Information technology Computer in business, retail () , delivery () : ->Data mining( ), package tracking (, ), forecasting models () Distance education Employ computer forensics : the application of computer systems and techniques to gather potential legal evidence. Computer programs like the Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) can catalog and index a hard drive and help investigators recover deleted or damaged files from computers used in the commission of a crime. ( )
Radio frequency identification (RFID) : tags are placed on the ears of livestock so that animals can be tracked and a record can be kept in case of disease outbreaks

databases - subsystems - patient simulators - , surgical robots - :

The ability of the computer to store, process, and distribute vast amounts of information globally and immediately has led to tremendous breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals and disease prevention. People are living longer, healthier lives, and computers have played a large part in this development. How can becoming computer literate help you in a career? Answer: Becoming computer literate will help you perform your job more effectively and make you a more desirable employee. ( ) What does it mean to be computer literate? Answer:

What exactly is a computer, and what are its four main functions? Gathers data(user input data), processes data into information , output data or information , store data and information What is the difference between data and information? Data ,: data Information: data Ex: data 052720411 , information : (05)2720411 What are bits and bytes, and how are they measured? Bits: binary digit bytes: 8 bits 1KB = 1024 Byte = 1024 *8 bits 1MB= 1024 KB = 1024 *1024 Byte = 1024*1024*8 bits (Megabyte) 1GB = 1024MB (GB=Gigabyte) 1TB = 1024GB (TB=Terabyte) What devices do I use to get data into the computer? Through input device : keyboard ,mouse , scanner What devices do I use to get information out of the computer? Printer() , LCD/CRT Monitors , (Monitor = > ) Whats on the motherboard? CPU,RAM, Expansion cards and slot () , Built-in components Where are programs and information stored? Memory or Disk RAM : Random access memory : , ROM : Read-only memory : ,( Bios ) Internal : internal drive:() External: external drive:, How are devices connected to the computer? Usb, serial and firewire , Ethernet port How do I set up my computer to avoid strain and injury? Position monitor correctly Use adjustable chair

Assume proper position while typing Take breaks Ensure adequate lighting What is the origin of the Internet? Developed for secure military communications , How can I communicate through the Internet? Instant-messenger (MSN,Skype) , E-MAIL , VoIP( Voice over IP) What are the various kinds of multimedia files found on the Web, and what software do I need to use them? Graphics , audio ,video (,,),, media player,kmplayer ,realplayer

What is a Web browser? What is a URL, and what are its parts? Protocol -> , /front/index.php / How do I search the Internet effectively? ,, Web 2.0 Web interactions between people, software, and data Social web where the user is also a participant New applications that combine the functions of multiple applications Examples include blogs, wikis, podcasts, and social networking sites. E-Commerce E-Commerce: conducting business online

Business-to-consumer (B2C) Business-to-business (B2B) Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) Connecting to the Internet Dial-up connections Broadband connections DSL Cable FiOS Satellite Fiber-optic service (FiOS) coaxial cable Wireless Access Increases mobility and productivity Requires a Wi-Fi hotspot Requires either internal or external wireless access card for device Aircards provide wireless access through mobile devices when a Wi-Fi hotspot is not available Software: A set of instructions that tells the computer what to do , Software System software application software. System software application software msn,,skype Freeware: Copyrighted software you can use for free Beta versions: Programs still under development Shareware: Software that allows users to run it for a limited time for free Open source: Free to use The OS: Operating System windows 7 , Utilities: :backup( ),security(:),diagnostic(),recovery(

) : Single-user(),single-user single-task , single-user multi-task , multi-user What software is included in system software? Task manager (), calculator(),disk defragment().. What are the different kinds of operating systems? Linux, windows, unix, mac osx Platform: an operating system combined with a processor. Device drivers : Programs that enable the operating system to communicate with peripheral devices Provided by the manufacturer of the device (,) Plug and Play: Hardware and software standard Facilitates the installation of new hardware : BIOS RAM , File name: Name assigned plus file name extension Up to 255 characters Characters not legal in Windows file names: Character not legal in Mac file names: : Mac file names are case sensitive /\*?<>|: