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SQUARE OF NINE COURSE DESCRIPTION William Delbert Gann is a legend in the world of stock and commodity trading.

He is said to be one of the most successful stock and commodity traders ever lived. Square of Nine is one of W. D. Ganns tools used in his trading. It is an elaborate tool that requires knowledge and practice to apply to markets. Square of Nines origin goes back to Egypt and W. D. Gann was not first to use it. It resembles a pyramid looking down from the centre with each triangle (or wedge) representing sides of a pyramid. Rumour has it that W. D. Gann came across Square of Nine when he was in India. He knew the importance of squares and square roots in predicting the vibrations, the ups and downs in the markets and developed a keen interest in this tool.

Square of Nine is used to confirm tops and bottoms in the market working for both price and time. Timing the markets, working out when tops and bottoms are likely to occur was one of W. D. Ganns specialties. Square of Nine is a spiral calculator with ever increasing numbers going in a clockwise direction. Squares of odd and even numbers line up perfectly at opposite diagonals. W. D. Gann also placed a circle of dates around this Square making to tool doubly powerful. In this one day course we will study four of the most significant ways of using Square of Nine in Financial Markets in general and Indian Market in particular. Lesson 1 will explore the First Dimension of Market Analysis: Price. You will be able to confirm the prices the markets make as they reach potential tops and bottoms, when a change in trend is due. By using the Cardinal and the Ordinal Axes you will learn how to align price points using Square of Nine and where support and resistance can be found for the next Market Move. Lesson 2 will take you to the second dimension of Market Analysis as defined by W. D. Gann: Time. Cycles form an important part of Market moves and timing your entry and exit can be very important in favourable trade execution. We will use previous Tops and Bottoms to get indications of current market moves and when a change in trend is due. Any analysis technique needs to stand the test of time. We will cover how you can verify the effectiveness of Square of Nine and these techniques by checking out the harmony of the past market moves, Tops and Bottoms. Trend following techniques make the bulk of Trading Systems used by professional traders. Square of Nine will equip you with the extra edge to confirm your analysis by applying this time and price tool. In Lesson 7 you will learn how to use the third dimension of W. D. Gann Analysis: combining Price and Time. By analysing the harmony between Calendar Days, Trading Days, Price Ranges and Absolute Price, you will understand why the market changes trend when it does. Equipped with this knowledge you will then apply this technique to the present time and work out time and price clusters ahead. In Lesson 8, we will bring the Square of Nine analysis back to Price and look at how the ranges (price difference) between Tops and Bottoms harmonise in squares and square roots. These four lessons are just small cross section of the sixteen different techniques we will teach you. Here is the full list of techniques we will cover: 1. PRICE: Alignment on the Cardinal or Fixed Crosses 2. DATE: Comparing two dates using the outer date wheel 3. PRICE and DATE: Start with a Turning Point, look for 90 , 180 , 270 either from the date or the price for further Turning Points

4. PRICE gives DATE, DATE gives PRICE: Price of one Turning Point gives Date of another Turning Point (same angle). Date of Turning Point gives price of another Turning Point (same angle). 5. DATE: Pick a significant Date (ATH, ATL, start of contract, start of NYSE). Pick a significant Turning Point and work out difference between the two and the angle this corresponds. As new Turning Points form calculate their difference from the same starting date and calculate and match the angle. 6. DATE: Start with a significant Date and place in the middle of SQ9. Find the second date at Cardinal or Fixed Crosses 7. PRICE: Find major range on Cardinal or Fixed Cross 8. DATE and PRICE harmony: Look for alignment between Calendar Day Count, Trading Day Count, Range of a run at 0 , 90 , 180 , 270 and 45 , 135 , 225 , 315 9. DATE and PRICE harmony: Match Calendar Day Count, Trading Day Count of 2nd last move with last move and look for degree alignment 10. DATE and PRICE: Creating Channels 11. DATE and PRICE: Current Price compared with Calendar Day Count/Trading Day Count since trend change 12. DATE and PRICE: Current Range compared with prior trend Calendar Day Count/Trading Day Count 13. DATE and PRICE: Current Calendar Day Count/Trading Day Count compared with prior trend Price Range 14. DATE and PRICE: Price ending prior trend compared with Calendar Day Count/Trading Day Count of current trend 15. DATE and PRICE: Price range in current trend compared with Calendar Day Count/Trading Day Count of current trend 16. PRICE: Start with a significant Turning Point and place the price in the middle of SQ9. Find the second price Cardinal or Fixed Crosses There are many software tools available for Square of Nine from Excel Spreadsheets to fancy rotating wheels. You certainly can work on Square of Nine with pen and paper too if you like. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be able to use and apply the techniques no matter which tool you are using. Remember all markets are interrelated and Square of Nine can and has been used worldwide by traders to get an extra edge to their trading. Wouldnt you want to add this very powerful tool to your trading toolkit? You have the rare opportunity of learning Square of Nine from an International Speaker and a Professional Trader: Sinan Koray.

When Does It Start?

Six Weekend Webinars starting 22 October 2011

What Youll Learn....

How To Confirm The Prices The Markets Make As They Reach Potential Tops And Bottoms Use Previous Tops and Bottoms To Identify To Work Out Cycles and Changes in Trend Analyse the harmony between Calendar Days, Trading Days, Price Ranges and Absolute Price Analyse the Price Harmony Between Tops And Bottoms Understand why the market changes trend Work Out Time And Price Clusters Ahead

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A special DVD that has one hour of Square of Nine Tuition as taught in my Webinars focussing on S&P500

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The Square Of Nine Training Is The Only Training In The World of its Kind You Cant Get It Anywhere Else Your Investment Is

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What others are saying: Sinans workshop has been a real blessing for me. I have been a little lost in direction for methods of improving my personal internal feelings and with his tools I will in future definitely improve. Michael Wright, Sacramento, CA USA I feel very strongly in my growth as a trader and also as a human. I feel I have come a long way doing Sinans Courses and I am at the best place I have ever been in my life in all areas. And I want to continue on the path I am on. It is only going to get better. I would recommend anybody who values their life to do the courses. Leah Williams, Darwin, Australia I wanted to write you a note to thank you for the wonderful seminar yesterday. I took ten pages of closely written notes, which have given me oodles of work to go on with. I re-read many of the notes last night, and again saw much that was immensely practical. I must admit I was blown away by the whole mock-up of your presentation. I cant even imagine the amount of work that you have put into the preparation from the PowerPoint slides and notes to the making of the DVDs, courses, booklets, and of course the organisation of the day itself. I was expecting to get some useful action steps, but what you provided far exceeded expectations. I was very impressed by the way it was organised too, which was definitely an aid to learning. I have had a stunning week in the markets after your seminar. Tim Walker, Sydney Australia

Who IS SINAN KORAY? Sinan Koray is the founding Director of Trading Stress Free, a leading Education and Coaching Organisation based in Sydney Australia offering services to individual investors and professional traders worldwide. He is a trained Counsellor and Coach with over twenty one years of experience. He has been trading the global markets over the past eleven years with real estate, shares, CFDs and Futures. He is the author of three books including Lift Me Up. He has trained tens of thousands of people in Technical Analysis and Emotional Mastery. Sinan is passionate about the power of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sinan currently trades Futures Contracts on Currencies and Commodities. He has integrated many different Square of Nine Analysis Techniques to create his own unique approach which he presents in Australia USA and now in India. Trading Stress Free is a trading name for Internetworking Pty Ltd, the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence (number 402043) issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission