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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough

Pokmon Games: Pokmon Yellow

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Walkthrough Note: Surfing Pikachu click here

%he Beginning and PaIIet %own

Like in the Red and Blue versions, you start out with Professor Oak giving you a lecture on
Pokmon. You get to choose a name for yourself in the game, and your rival. After that, you appear in
your house in Pallet town. Go to the computer in the corner, and you can get a Potion. Leave the
house. You can go next door to your rival's house, and his sister tells you that he's over at Prof. Oak's
lab. Go to the lab, the large building below your rival's house. You will find your rival there. He says
that Prof. Oak told him to come because he was going to give him a Pokmon. Oak doesn't seem to
be around, though. Go outside again and walk up to the grass on the north end of Pallet Town. After
two steps (wow! One more step than in the Red and Blue versions!) Oak runs after you, telling you
that there are wild Pokmon in the grass. A Pikachu appears, and he captures it. He tells you not to
go into long grass without your own Pokmon, then he takes you back to his lab. Your rival is still
there, waiting. Oak tells you to take the Pokball on the table, so try and go get it. Your rival runs over,
pushes you out of the way, and grabs the Pokball! Oak lets him take it, then gives you the wild
Pikachu that he caught earlier. You get to choose a name for it. As you walk away, your rival calls
after you, asking for a battle with your new Pokmon. This is the first fight of many you will have in the
game. Your rival sends out Eevee, the Pokmon that he got, and you send out your Pikachu. Both of
your Pokmon are at level 5. Your Pikachu knows Thundershock and Growl, his Eevee knows Tackle
and Tail whip. The Eevee is easily defeated by a few Thundershocks, but if your Pikachu gets hurt
badly you can use the Potion you got earlier to heal it. f you win, your Pikachu grows to L6 and learns
Tail Whip. Your rival walks off. Strangely, your Pikachu comes out of its Pokball. Oak says it will be
happier if it stays outside. You can look at its face to see whether it is happy or not. Right now it looks
pretty upset. Go outside and back to the grass that you first met Oak in. Continue upwards. You will
fight your first wild Pokmon here, probably a Pidgey or Rattata. You can't catch them until you buy
some Pokballs, so be patient and keep going upwards. Talk to the people you meet along the way.
One of them will give you a free potion. After a while you will reach Viridian City.

Viridian City

Pidgey Rattata

Your Pikachu might be hurt from fighting, so go to the Pokmon Center to heal it. Pokmon
Centers are buildings that say "PoK on the front. You can heal your Pokmon, switch Pokmon, get
items, and other things in them. Walk up to the person at the desk with the Chansey beside her. She
will heal your Pokmon. Leave the building. Now you need to get some Pokballs. Go to the building
that says "MART. When you go inside, the salesperson gives you something to take to Prof. Oak.
You need to go back to Oak's lab in Pallet town. Give the item to Oak, and he will give you a Pokdex.
t will keep track of which Pokmon you have seen and caught, and also have information on them.
Go back to Viridian City, and to the Pok Mart again. Now you can buy things. Get a couple
Pokballs. Now you can go catch some Pokmon. Make sure Pikachu is healed, then go back into the
grass below the city. When a Pidgey or Rattata appears, fight it until it has nearly fainted, then use a
Pokball. f the Pokmon is weak enough, you will catch it. Once you catch a Pokmon, go back to
the Pokmon Center to heal it. Now you can fight with that Pokmon, as well as Pikachu. After you get
a Rattata and Pidgey, walk to the left of Viridian. There will be a small patch of grass. Don't walk
above that grass yet. You can catch Spearow, Mankey, and Nidoran female and male. Catch a few. f
you catch more than six Pokmon, they will go to Someone's PC (later called Bill's PC) on the
computer in the Pokmon Center. You can switch them with other Pokmon in your team if you want.
Once you have a team of six Pokmon, start training them. Walk around in the grass and KO other
Pokmon. recommend doing this until your Pikachu and one other Pokmon are at least level nine.
Then you can go above that grass, but heal your Pokmon first because your rival will be there. He
will fight you with a level 9 Spearow and a level 8 Eevee. f you win, you will get some money. Now
you can heal your Pokmon once more, and then continue walking upwards to Viridian Forest.

Viridian Forest

Pidgey Pidgeotto Caterpie Metapod

There will be some new Pokmon here to look out for, like Caterpie and its evolution, Metapod.
The evolved form of Pidgey, Pidgeotto, is also here, although it is very rare. A Caterpie is a very good
Pokmon to have because it evolves very quickly. t will be a strong Butterfree by level 10. There are
also a few trainers who have mostly bug-type Pokmon. f you have a Spearow, it will be very useful
since its Peck attack is super effective against bugs. Walk through the forest, picking up items and
fighting the Pokmon. This place is very good for gaining levels. After a while, you should make it to
the top left corner of the screen, the entrance into Pewter City.

Pewter City

Like Viridian City, there is a Pokmon Center and a Pok Mart here. There is a road on the right
that leads to Route 3 and Mt. Moon, but when you try to go there, a person leads you to the Pewter
City Gym. You need to beat the gym leader before you can leave. At the upper part of the city is the
Museum. You need to pay some money to get in, but they have some exhibits of Pokmon fossils that
are pretty interesting. Later, when your Pokmon know the skill Cut, come back and enter the other
part of the museum. Some people there will give you some Old Amber that is useful later. Train your
Pokmon a bit more, then head to the gym.

Gym 1, Brock
Pokmon: Geodude L10, Skills: Tackle.
Onix L12, Skills: Bide, Bind, Screech, Tackle.

The people in Brock's gym specialize in rock and ground Pokmon. You need to fight a few trainers
before him. f they are easy for you, go ahead and fight Brock. f they are hard, level up your Pokmon
some more. Brock starts with a Geodude at level 10 and then has an Onix at level 12. f you have a
Butterfree that knows Confusion, it should beat him pretty easily. f not, start with a Pokmon that
knows Leer, Growl, Tail whip, or some stat lowering move, use it a few times, then attack with stronger
damaging moves. After you beat Brock, you get the Boulder Badge, which raises the attack of all your
Pokmon by a little, and lets them use the skill Flash when you teach it to them. You also get TM 34. f
you use it on one of your Pokmon, it will teach it the attack Bide.

Route 3

Rattata Mankey SpearowSandshrew

Leave Pewter City to the right and keep walking along. There are a bunch of trainers along the
way. After some more walking, you will find a Pokmon Center near the entrance to Mt. Moon. n the
center, you will find a man who is selling a Magikarp. Magikarp is the worst Pokmon in the game
(until it evolves), so don't buy it unless you have extra money and really want it for some reason. You
can easily catch Magikarp later. After healing your Pokmon, enter Mt. Moon.

t. oon

ClefaryGeodude Zubat Sandshrew

There are a lot of new Pokmon inside Mt. Moon. f you see a Clefairy, try and catch it! They are
really rare! There are a lot of trainers around. After a while, you will get to the bottom floor, and run
into a lot of people in black uniforms. This is the first time you need to beat Team Rocket. After
beating a few Rockets, you will find a person guarding two fossils. Beat him, and he will let you
choose one of the fossils to take. f you chose the dome fossil you can get Kabuto later, if you chose
the helix fossil you can get Omanyte. After you get the fossils, Jesse and James show up, and try to
get the fossil from you. They have an Ekans, Meowth and Koffing, all at level 14, and they are pretty
easily beaten. Find the exit, and leave to Route 4.

CeruIean City

Like the other cities, Cerulean has a Pokmon Center, a Pok Mart, and a gym. t also has a
few other interesting things. n one of the buildings, you will find a woman with a few Pokmon,
including a Bulbasaur. f your Pikachu is really, really happy, and about level 20 or above, she will give
you the Bulbasaur. To the north of the town is a bridge with a bunch of trainers on it. When you near
the bridge, your rival appears again, and fights you. He has a level 18 Spearow, a level 15
Sandshrew, a level 15 Rattata, and a level 17 Eevee. After you beat him, start heading across the
bridge and fighting the trainers there, going back to the Pokmon Center when necessary. When you
talk to the last trainer, he will give you a nugget, which you can sell at a Pok Mart for a lot of money.
Then he tries to talk you into joining Team Rocket. You refuse, and fight him. North of the bridge is a
trainer with a Pokball beside him. f you talk to him, he says he is a bad trainer, then asks if you want
his Pokmon. Say yes, because it's a Charmander! He will give it to you. f you feel like you are ready
to fight the gym leader, Misty, go back down to the gym and fight her.

Gym 2, Misty
Pokmon: Staryu L18, Skills: Tackle, Water Gun.
Starmie L21, Skills: Bubblebeam, Harden, Tackle, Water Gun.

Misty specializes in water-type Pokmon. f you have trained your Pikachu well, Misty should be very
easy to beat. Bulbasaur, Oddish and Bellsprout do well against her, too. When you beat her you get
the Cascade Badge, which makes all Pokmon up to level 30 obey you. t also lets your Pokmon use
the skill Cut once they have learned it. She also gives you TM11, which teaches the water-type skill

Route 25

Cross the bride again and head to the right. You will find a small patch of grass, and a ton of
trainers. Try to catch a few Pokmon in the grass there, you can find the cool and rare Pokmon Abra
in it. f one appears, try to paralyze it or just throw a Pokball. Abras teleport away if you spend too
long attacking them. f you catch an Abra, use a TM on it so it can fight. Once it evolves it will learn a
lot of cool moves, but now it only knows teleport which will take you back to the last Pokmon center
you were at if you use it out of battle. Now keep going to the right. Fight the trainers for experience if
you want, but you can go around some of them. After a while, you will reach Bill's house.

BiII's House

Bill is a Pokmaniac. You might have heard people talking about him in the Pokmon center.
When you enter his house, you will find a Pokmon in it. To your Pikachu's surprise (Pikachu makes
some pretty funny faces here!), the Pokmon is really Bill! Help him get back to being himself by going
over to his computer and turning on the transformer machine once he is inside it. As thanks for helping
him, he will give you a ticket to a party on the S.S. Anne in Vermilion City. After you leave his house,
visit him again and he will show you some information on Eevee and its evolutions. Now leave again
and go back to Cerulean City. Find the house with the police officer in front of it. She will have moved
away from the door so you can go in. Apparently, someone had broken into the house and stolen a
Dig TM. Walk through the hole in the back wall and you will find a Team Rocket member in the back.
Beat him, and he will give you the Dig TM. Now walk around the house, and keep walking down
around the side of the city. You will get to a new place, Route 5.

Route 5 and Route 6

There is a lot of grass, and at the bottom is a house. This is the Daycare Center. f you want,
you can leave a Pokmon with the person there, and he will raise it slowly. You need to pay some
money to get it back. This is a great place to leave a Pokmon like Magikarp, but the daycare person
seems to like replacing good attacks with bad ones that the Pokmon learns. f you want a good
Pokmon on your team, you should probably raise it by yourself. At the bottom of Route 5 there are
two other buildings. The larger one is a gatehouse to Saffron City. The guards won't let you go there
yet. Go into the other building. There is a girl there who will trade a Machoke for a Cubone, so come
back later when you have an extra Cubone. When you trade, the Machoke will evolve into
Machamp! n the building is a tunnel from Route 5 to Route 6. Go all the way through the tunnel. You
will come out on Route 6. There is a lot of grass here, and some trainers. There is also a pond. Later,
when you can surf, go back to the pond and surf on it. You can catch Psyduck and Golduck there.
Keep heading down and you will get to Vermilion City.

VermiIion City

There are a bunch of places to visit in this city, also the usual Pokmon Center, Pok Mart and
gym. Next to the Pokmon canter is a building. Go inside. Talk to the man and he will give you an Old
Rod. Use it when standing in front of some water, and you might catch a Magikarp. One of the
buildings near the Pok Mart is a Pokmon Fan Club. When you walk in, your Pikachu falls in love
with a Clefairy! Go talk to the president of the club. After listening to him talk about his Rapidash for a
long time, he will give you a Bike Voucher. f you go back to the bike shop in Cerulean, you can
exchange it for a bike. Now find the long dock on the southeast part of the city. Walk on it for a while,
and you will find the S.S. Anne.

%he S.S. Anne

Thanks to Bill, you can visit the S.S. Anne. t is full of trainers to battle, and has lots of items to
pick up. Enter all the rooms you see, a lot of them have items in them, some have trainers wanting to
fight. You can make a lot of money fighting the trainers on the ship. There are a lot of water Pokmon
owned by sailors, so your Pikachu should come in handy. f your Pokmon get hurt, leave the ship,
heal them, then come back. Here is how to fight all the trainers on the ship. When you first enter the
ship, you are in a hall on the main deck. Go left, don't go down the stairs, then go down. You will enter
the Mess Hall. Search all the garbage cans, you will find a Great ball. They catch Pokmon more
easily than Pokballs. Now leave the hall and look at the right side of where you entered the ship. You
will be on the lower deck. Fight all the trainers in the rooms. Go back up the stairs, and go down the
stairs above the Mess Hall. Now walk down and go down the next set of stairs you find. Walk to the
left and you will find a bunch of trainers at the bow of the ship. Go back to your right and up the stairs
you just came down. To your right will be a long hall. There are a lot of trainers in the rooms. You
might want to heal your Pokmon now, because your rival will appear at the end of the hall. His
Pokmon are between levels 17 and 20. After beating him, go to your far right, then up. Go down the
stairs. You will find the Captain there. He is really seasick, but if you go up to him and talk, you will rub
his back and make him feel better. As thanks, he will give you HM01, Cut. Teach it to one of your
Pokmon, but be careful, that Pokmon can never forget it once it has learned it. Leave the ship and it
will sail off.

Gym 3, Lt. Surge

Pokmon: Raichu L28. Skills: Growl, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Thunder Bolt.

Now you should be ready to face the gym leader. He specializes in electric Pokmon, so ground
Pokmon like Sandshrew, Diglett and Geodude or a Pokmon that knows Dig will beat him pretty
easily. f you want to beat him really, really easily, and you have a Nidorino or Nidorina and a Moon
Stone, use the Moon Stone to evolve your Nidorino/a into a really strong poison/ground-type. Go to
the gym. Cut down the tree in your way. Unlike the other gym leaders, you need to solve a puzzle to
get to Lt. Surge. Along with the usual trainers you can beat, the room is full of garbage cans. Look in
them. After a while, you will find a switch in one. The other switch will be in a can next to the first one.
After pressing both switches, a door opens, and you get to fight Lt. Surge in there.
He only has one Pokmon, but it's still pretty hard to beat. After beating him you will get a
Thunder Badge, which will let you use Fly when your Pokmon know it. t also increases the speed of
your Pokmon by a bit. He also gives you TM24, Thunderbolt, which is probably the coolest electric
move in the game. Your Pikachu will learn it by itself later, so you can teach it to a different Pokmon.

Route 11

Rattata Raticate PidgeyPidgeottoDrowzee

Route 11 is to the right of Vermilion City. There are a lot of trainers, and a huge amount of
grass. You can find a new Pokmon here, Drowzee. The building at the far right leads to Route 12. f
you go through, though, you will find that a sleeping Snorlax blocks the way. n the building, go up the
stairs. Professor Oak's Aide is at the top, and he will give you an tem Finder if you have caught at
least 30 different Pokmon.

igIett's Cave

Diglett Dugtrio

Common Rare
The entrance to Diglett's Cave is near the dock that leads to the S.S. Anne. Enter the cave, and
go to the other side. Along the way, you will get attacked by tons of Digletts. There are also Dugtrio,
but they are really rare. Find the exit at the other end of the cave, and leave. You will find yourself at
somewhere familiar.

Route 2

When you leave Diglett's Cave you will be back on Route 2, next to Viridian Forest. Walk down
and pass the house. There is a man in it who will trade his Mr. Mime for a Clefairy. Cut down the tree,
and keep going downwards. Eventually, you should find a big house. Go inside and talk to the people.
They will tell you about HM05, Flash, and if you have caught 10 different kinds of Pokmon, they will
give it to you! Leave the house and go down the rest of the way, there are items lying around there. f
you go back to Viridian and Cut a few bushes down, someone should give you TM42, Dream Eater.
Now go all the way back to Cerulean City.

Route 9 and 10

Rattata Raticate Spearow Fearow NidoranNidorinaNidoranoMachopMagnemite

ll are Common
Go through the burglarized house again, but this time leave the city using the path on the far
right. t should be blocked by a tree that you can Cut down. Keep walking right. You are now on Route
9, which is filled with other trainers who will fight you. Go to the far right. There is a patch of grass that
has the usual common Pokmon, and a few new ones, Machop and Magnemite. (Note: when you can
Surf, come back here to get to the Power Plant). Walk down and you will arrive at a Pokmon Center,
and the entrance to the Rock Tunnel.

Power PIant

MagnemiteMagnetonVoltorb Grimer Muk

When your Pokmon are at higher levels, come back to route 10 and Surf down to the Power
Plant. There are a lot of items here, and electric Pokmon to catch. Also, the second Legendary Bird,
Zapdos, is near the exit.

The electric/flying Zapdos, like the other Legendary Birds, is very hard to catch. Save
the game before trying to get it! You will need a ton of Ultra Balls, and a Pokmon with a
sleep/freeze/paralyze attack will be really helpful, too. Zapdos is at level 50. Try to get it
down to just a few HP. t is hard to hit with Pok Balls, you need to put it to sleep, paralyze
it, or freeze it to be able to hit it better.

Rock %unneI

Zubat Geodude Machop Onix

CommonCommonCommon Rare
Be sure to heal your Pokmon before entering, there are a lot of wild Pokmon and trainers in
here. You probably should have a water, grass, ground, or psychic Pokmon in your team. You also
need a Pokmon that knows Flash, or you will have a REALLY hard time getting through. When you
first enter the tunnel, everything will be dark. Have your Pokmon use Flash to light the place. t's hard
to show how to get through the tunnel without pictures, but will try to explain. Walk down and to your
right, fight the trainer, then go up until you find a ladder. Go down it. Now walk down a few steps, then
go to your left. Go up when you can. Keep going up and right. There will be a few trainers. Eventually
you should find a ladder. Go up the ladder, then head down and to your right. There will be a trainer,
and a ladder above him. Go down the ladder. Walk left and up, there will be some trainers. There is a
ladder at the top left corner of the screen. Go up it (you are nearly out!).Now walk down, past the two
trainers, then to your left. There will be another trainer, then a sign. The exit is the ladder near the
sign. There are four trainers after you exit the tunnel. f you need to heal your Pokmon badly, take
the path to your right and walk around the trainers. You will arrive in Lavender Town

avender %own

The people in Lavender Town are all talking about Team Rocket and how cruel they are to
Pokmon. They have killed a Cubone's mother! Before you try to stop Team Rocket, there are a lot of
things that you can do in Lavender Town. They are selling a new and important item at the Pok Mart,
Revive. t costs 1,500p, but it will revive a fainted Pokmon and restore half its HP. The building under
the Pokmon Center is the Abandoned Pokmon House, where Mr. Fuji takes care of abandoned
Pokmon. Mr. Fuji is being held at the top of the Pokmon Tower, you'll have to save him later. n the
second house is someone with a Cubone. The Cubone's mother had been killed by Team Rocket.
The final house is the home of the Name Rater. He will let you change the nicknames of your
Pokmon. Did you get your male and female symbols mixed up, so you were surprised when your
Nidoran, Bob, evolved into Nidorina? The Name Rater can help you. Now look at the huge, tall
building at the upper right of the city. That is the Pokmon tower. Enter, and you will find a lot of
people grieving for their dead Pokmon. You can climb the stairs, but you won't get very far. You will
get attacked by unidentified ghosts, which will scare your Pokmon so much that they can't attack!
Also, your rival will be there, on the second floor. He has Pokmon from level 22 to 25. You will need
to exit the tower, and come back when you have a Silph Scope, which will identify the ghosts.

Route 8

Leave Lavender Town to your right. There are a lot of trainers here. You should fight them for
experience, because there is another gym leader coming up. You can't get through the gate to your
left, yet, but there is another underground passage to Route 7. Go all the way through the passage
(you can bike if you want to save time). Exit the tunnel, then go up and left. You will arrive at Celadon

CeIadon City

Celadon has the largest department store in the Pokmon world. Like Lavender Town, you
might hear complaints about Team Rocket. Before you go to beat them, take a while to explore and go
shopping. One of the larger buildings near the Pokmon Center is Celadon Mansion. f you enter from
the front there are some people to talk to on a few floors. One of the floors has the people who made
the game. Come back there after you have completed your Pokdex and they will give you an award.
Now go around to the back of the mansion and enter through the secret door. Climb all the stairs, and
you will find a room with a man and a Pokball on a table. Get the Pokball. There is an Eevee inside!
Eevee is a cool and unique Pokmon that can evolve into three forms (five in Gold and Silver). You
might have heard about it on Bill's computer. Now leave the mansion and go to the huge building
Celadon Department Store. Here is a list of the floors and all the stuff you can buy on them:

Celadon Department Store
Floor 1: Service Counter
Nothing to buy.
Floor 2: Trainer's Market
Great Ball- p600
Super Potion- p700
Revive- p1500
Super Repel- p500
Antidote- p100
Burn Heal- p250
ce Heal- p250
Awakening- 200
Paralyz Heal- 200
TM32 (Double Team)- p1000
TM33 (Reflect)- p1000
TM02 (Razor Wind)- p2000
TM07 (Horn Drill)- p2000
TM37 (Egg Bomb)- p2000
TM01 (Mega Punch)- p3000
TM05 (Mega Kick)- p3000
TM09 (Take Down)- p3000
TM17 (Submission)- p3000
Floor 3: TV Game Shop
TM18 (Counter)- Free! Talk to the man at the counter by the stairs.
Floor 4: Wiseman Gifts
X Accuracy- p950
Guard Spec- p700
Dire Hit- p650
X Attack- p500
X Defend- p550
X Speed- p350
X Special- 350
Pok Doll- p1000
Fire Stone- p2100
Thunderstone- p2100
Water Stone- p2100
Leaf Stone- p2100
Floor 5: Drug Store
HP Up- p9800
Protein- p9800
ron- p9800
Carbos- p9800
Calcium- p9800
Rooftop Square: Vending Machines
Fresh Water- p200
Soda Pop- p300
Lemonade- p350
TM 13 (ce Beam)- Give the girl on the top floor Fresh Water.
TM48 (Rock Slide)- Give the girl on the top floor Soda Pop.
TM49 (Tri Attack)- Give the girl on the top floor Lemonade.
Be sure to have an extra water, soda, or lemonade left over for the guards around Saffron City.
f you give it to them, they will let you through. The drinks can also be used as Potions.

Gym 4, Erika
Pokmon: Tangela L30, Skills: Bind, Constrict, Mega Drain, Vine Whip.
Weepinbell L32, Skills: Acid, Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore.
Gloom L32, Skills: Acid, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore.

Erika specializes in grass-type Pokmon. Her gym is full of plants. You will need to Cut a few down to
get to her. Like usual, there are a bunch of smaller trainers to face before Erika. Use them to level up
and make sure that you can face her. She is the trainer that looks different from the others. f you have
fire Pokmon, they will be very useful against her. So will psychics, poison-types, and bugs. After
beating her, you will get the Rainbow Badge. t raises your Pokmon's attack by a bit, and makes all
Pokmon up to level 50 obey you. You also get TM21, which is the grass-type move Mega Drain. t
does a lot of damage and heals you at the same time. Great for teaching Bulbasaurs!

The Game Corner

You may hear some people around the city complaining about the Game Corner, a big gambling
place. One person will give you a Coin Case if you talk to him. You can use it to store coins that you
win playing the slots. You can exchange those coins for prizes at the building next to the Game
Corner. Here is what you can get:
Abra- 230c
Vulpix- 1000c
Wigglytuff- 2680c
Scyther- 6500c
Pinsir- 6500c
Porygon- 9999c
TM15 (Hyper Beam)- 5500c
TM23 (Dragon Rage)- 3300c
TM50 (Substitute)- 7700c
There are a lot of ways to get coins besides playing the slots or buying them. Walk around and
talk to the people in the Game Corner. A lot of them will give you coins to make you go away. You can
also walk around pressing the A button a lot, there are many hidden coins on the floor that you will

Team Rocket's Hideout
n the back of the Game Corner is a suspicious looking person who is guarding a poster. Fight
him, and he will go away. When you examine the poster more closely, you will find a hidden switch. t
opens the door into Team Rocket's hideout. This is a very annoying building. t's full of Rocket people,
who sometimes have poison Pokmon, and there are a lot of propulsion pads on the floor, which force
you to move in one direction until you hit another pad that stops you. Your goal in this building is to
defeat Giovanni, the head of TR, who is on the fourth floor down. Before you get to him, you need to
get the Lift Key from a Rocket on another part of the fourth floor down. After beating him, talk to him
again and he will drop the key. Now find the lift and take it to Giovanni. Before you can enter his room,
you get attacked my Jessie and James again. They still have Meowth, Koffing, and Ekans, at level 25.

Giovanni is the head of Team Rocket. He specializes in ground and rock Pokmon, but also has
a Persian. He starts out with a level 25 Onix, then a level 24 Rhyhorn, and finishes with his level 29
Persian. Once you beat him, he gives you a Silph Scope, which will let you identify the ghosts in the
Pokmon Tower of Lavender Town. Go back there.

The Pokmon Tower
Now that you have the Silph Scope, you can catch ghost Pokmon and rescue Mr. Fuji. Your
rival is on the second floor, if you haven't beaten him already. There are a lot of items lying around
and Channelers to fight. And it turns out the ghosts are Gastlys and Haunters, although Haunters are
rare. Normal and fighting moves don't work on ghosts, and ghosts don't have weaknesses, but these
are ghost/poison types. Treat them like poison Pokmon and attack with psychic, rock, and ground.
They really aren't that hard to beat, after all. Keep going up the stairs. f you need to heal your
Pokmon, keep heading up. There is a square on the ground by a Channeler that will completely heal
all your Pokmon. When you get near the stairs on one of the floors, you get attacked by a different
ghost, the Cubone's mother that Team Rocket killed. This Marowak is pretty tough, and can't be
caught. When you get to the seventh floor, Jessie and James appear once again, but now their
Pokmon are at level 27, and Koffing and Ekans have evolved into Weezing and Arbok. After beating
them, Mr. Fuji takes you to his house and gives you his Pok Flute, which will let you wake up the
Snorlaxes blocking routes 12 and 16.

Route 16

Get to Route 16 by leaving on the left side of Celadon City. There should be a big sleeping
Pokmon blocking the road. t's a Snorlax! Play the Pok Flute to wake it up. Try to catch it, it's pretty
good. You will need a few Ultra Balls or a lot of Great Balls and some patience. t knows Rest, a move
which completely recovers its self, but puts its self to sleep, too. After catching/KOing the Snorlax, you
can pass it. But first, Cut down the tree that you passed before the Snorlax. Walk behind it and talk to
the girl in the building. She will give you HM02, Fly, which lets your flying Pokmon carry you to towns
that you have already visited. This is a really useful move! Now head inside the building past where
the Snorlax was. t's the entrance to Cycling Road.

CycIing Road

Doduo Dodrio Fearow Ponyta

Common Common Common Common

f you have your bicycle along with you, you can enter Cycling Road. There are a lot of trainers
there, and their Pokmon are mostly fighting and poison types (psychic Pokmon will come in handy
here!) from levels 26 to 33. They aren't very hard to beat. Continue on down the slope. When you get
to the bottom, exit, and you will be at Fuchsia City.

Fuchsia City

This is a cool city, mainly because of the Safari Zone. There's the usual stuff you find in a city,
you can buy Ultra Balls at the mart now. There is also another gym leader here. He's pretty strong, so
take some time to train your Pokmon a bit more before trying to beat him.

Gym 5, Koga
Pokmon: Venonat L44, Skills: Psychic, Sleep Powder, Tackle, Toxic.
Venonat L46, Skills: Psybeam, Psychic, Supersonic, Toxic.
Venonat L48, Skills: Double Edge, Psychic, Sleep Powder, Toxic.
Venomoth L50, Skills: Double Team, Leech Life, Psychic, Toxic.z

Koga is a really tough gym leader to beat in the Yellow version. Be sure to get lots of awakenings,
antidotes, and potions. f you have a strong Pokmon that knows Rest and a Pok Flute, you will have
a pretty easy time beating him, but first you have to get to him. Koga's gym is full of invisible walls. f
you have a color Gameboy, you can see the walls if you look closely. f not, you need to slowly find
your way through them. Once you have beaten Koga, you get the Soul Badge. t raises your
Pokmon's defense and lets you Surf when you have gotten HM03. He also gives you TM06, Toxic,
which you are probably familiar with after fighting him. t poisons the other Pokmon and doubles the
poison damage each turn.

%he Safari Zone

f you want to complete your Pokdex, you need to spend a lot of time and money here. You
have to pay 500p to get in, but it's worth it. You get 30 Safari Balls to catch Pokmon with. You don't
get to fight them like normal, you have to throw rocks and bait at them to make them easier to catch.
The zone is also divided into four areas: Main, 1, 2, and 3. Here are the Pokmon you can catch in
each area:

Main Area: Nidoran (m), Nidorino, Nidoran (f), Rhyhorn, Exeggcute, Paras, Parasect, Chansey, and
Tangela. Fish for Magikarp, Dratini and Dragonair.
Area 1: Cubone, Marowak, Exeggcute, Nidoran (m), Nidoran (f), Nidorina, Lickitung, Scyther,
Tauros, and Chansey. Fish for Magikarp and Dratini.

Area 2: Cubone, Exeggcute, Kangaskhan, Nidoran (m), Nidoran (f), Nidorina, Pinsir, Rhyhorn,
and Scyther.

Area 3: Cubone, Marowak, Exeggcute, Nidoran (m), Nidorino, Nidoran (f), Pinsir, Tangela, and

Some of the Pokmon are really, really common, others are very rare. The rarest are
Kangaskhan, Chansey, Scyther, Pinsir, Tauros, Tangela, Lickitung, Dratini, and Dragonair. They are
also the hardest to catch. There are a few other things in the Safari Zone that are really important.
Pick up all the items lying around, especially the ones in Area 3. You need the Gold Teeth! Also, there
are two buildings in Area 3. n one of them, a person will give you HM03, Surf. This is a very good
move in battle, one of the best water-type moves. t also lets your Pokmon carry you over water.
When you are out of the safari zone again, go to the Game Warden's house. He seems to be having a
hard time talking. f you give him his teeth, he will give you the last HM, HM04, Strength. t lets your
strong Pokmon move boulders. Now you need to head to Saffron City to get the badge there. By now
your Pokmon are probably close to being over level 50, so you need the Marsh badge to keep them
obeying you.

Saffron City

You can enter the city from any of the four gatehouses around it. Be sure to bring Fresh Water,
Soda Pop, or Lemonade along with you, you need to give it to the guards to get through. There is a
ton of stuff to do in this city. Two gyms (one unofficial), lots of people to talk to, lots of items to get, and
Team Rocket to beat. Go into every house, and talk to everyone you can. Mr. Psychic will give you a
really cool TM29, Psychic, which is the strongest Psychic move in the game. There are a lot of Team
Rocket members around, and even one blocking the door to the gym! You need to do something
about that. Go into the biggest building, the Silph Co. headquarters.

Silph Co.
This is the largest building in the game, and it's full of Rockets. Their Pokmon's experience
levels are 25 and up. Talk to everyone, there are a lot of scared employees who will give you things.
There are also a ton of items lying on the floor. There is an elevator, plus lots of things on the ground
that transport you to different floors. There is even a person and some beds that act like a Pokmon
Center on the ninth floor. f you want to get through this building as fast as possible, do this: On the
fifth floor, in a narrow hall near the bottom right of the screen is the Card Key. This item opens closed
doors. You will need to fight a couple Rockets to get to the key. After you get it, go to the third floor.
There is one door that you can unlock, leading to a small room with another door and a transport pad.
gnore the door and step on the pad. You will now be in a small room with an employee and your rival.
Fight your rival. His Eevee will have evolved into Jolteon, Flareon or Vaporeon (Vaporeon if you lost
the first battle against him, Flareon if you won the first battle but lost or skipped the battle in Viridian
City, and Jolteon if you won both battles). His Pokmon are from level 35 to level 40, and his team is
nearly set. f you have a really hard time beating him, you might want to change your team a bit. After
beating him, talk to the other person in the room. He will give you a Lapras. Now go on the other
transport pad in the room. You will be attacked by Jessie and James again. They still have Arbok,
Weezing, and Meowth, now at level 31. Beat them, then go inside the office. Fight Giovanni. His
Pokmon are now levels 35 to 41, he has some strong ground types, plus some high level Nidoran.
After beating him, all the Rockets leave, unblocking the entrances to a lot of buildings and the gym.
Go in all the buildings, some people will give you items.

The Fighting Dojo
There is a smaller, unofficial gym near the big one. This one specializes in fighting Pokmon.
Beat all the trainers (Psychic and flying Pokmon do well here). When you beat the leader of the gym,
you get to choose either a Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan as your prize.

Gym 6, Sabrina
Pokmon: Abra L50, Skills: Flash.
Kadabra L50, Skills: Kinesis, Psychic, Psywave, Recover.
Alakazam L50, Skills: Psychic, Psywave, Recover, Reflect.

Sabrina is one of the harder gym leaders to beat, and it's also difficult to get to her. There are a lot of
rooms in her gym, all with teleporters and trainers. Most of the trainers have psychic or ghost
Pokmon. You need to use the teleporters to get from room to room until you find Sabrina. She
specializes in psychic Pokmon. She has an Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam, all at level 50. The Abra
is pretty easy to beat if you have a Pokmon that knows Swift. The Abra only knows Flash which
lowers your accuracy, but Swift hits all the time so it doesn't matter. Attacks that aren't special do a lot
of damage to Sabrina's Pokmon, because of their low defense. f you have a Pokmon that knows
Slash or Dig, you shouldn't have much trouble beating her. When you win, you get the Marsh Badge,
which makes all Pokmon up to level 70 obey you. You also get TM 46, Psywave.

Route 19

Go back to Fuchsia City, and walk south until you end up on a beach with a house (f you have a
Surfing Pikachu, you can play the Pikachu's Beach mini game by talking to the man in the house) and
some trainers. Surf down, then to your left. There are a lot of Tentacool in the water, and some
trainers to fight. After a while you will reach the Seafoam slands. Go onto the land, and enter the

%he Seafoam IsIands

Zubat Golbat Slowpoke Slowbro Krabby Kingler Seel Dewgong


Fish for Krabby, Kingler, Staryu. Surf for Staryu, Tentacool.

This is another long and annoying dungeon. The good news is you can skip it, but it takes a lot of
backtracking and you miss the chance to catch another legendary bird. f you aren't interested in
catching some high-level aquatic Pokmon, and don't want to catch Articuno, go back to Pallet town
and surf down. You should arrive at Cinnabar sland. Skip ahead in the walkthru a bit until you get to
the part about Cinnabar. f you want to get through the islands and catch Articuno, keep reading. After
entering the island, explore around a bit. On the bottom floor, you will find some water, but the current
is too fast to surf in. You need to stop the current with boulders. On some of the floors, you will find
boulders on the ground near holes in the floor. Push the boulders through the holes using Strength,
then jump down after them. After a while, you will have blocked the current. Surf around, and you will
find a small island with a bird sitting on it. That is Articuno, the legendary bird of ice. After catching
Articuno, you can exit by climbing up a few ladders in a row. The first ladder is on land near the
bottom right of the screen. The other ladders are near the places where the first ladder leads. You will
soon be at the exit. Now Surf left to get to Cinnabar sland.

Like Zapdos, you will need some luck and a ton of Ultra Balls to capture this ice and
flying Pokmon. Save the game before fighting it! There is only one Articuno in the game, so
you don't want to K.O. it accidentally. Put it to sleep, freeze it, or paralyze it, then get it down
to a few HP and keep throwing Ultra Balls until you catch it.

Cinnabar IsIand

For such a small island, there is a lot of stuff to do. (Note for people who have played Red and
Blue: The Missingno. cheat doesn't work here). There's the seventh gym, but the door is locked right
now. There's the usual Pok Center and Mart. There are two other buildings. The upper one is the
Pokmon House, the bottom one is the Pokmon Lab. Go in the lab. There are a lot of people in the
rooms inside who want to trade, and there is something very cool in the last room. f you give your
Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil, or Old Amber to the scientist, he will turn them into Omanyte, Kabuto, or
Aerodactyl for you. Now go in the Pokmon House.

The Pokmon House
Pokmon: Rattata, Raticate, Growlithe, Grimer, Muk, Ditto.
Your mission in this building is to get the key to the gym. There are also some new Pokmon to
catch and some cool TMs. There are journal entries lying around, read them to learn about some
interesting Pokmon, Mew and Mewtwo. Also, the statues have secret switches in them. They close
all the open doors and open all the closed doors. When you first enter the building, walk down the hall
until you find some stairs. Go up the stairs. Go in the room on the upper left of the floor and go up the
stairs. Walk to the right a little then down. You may have to push the switch on the statue to open the
door. There is a scientist standing in front of two parts of the wall, which seem to have broken away.
Jump off the larger part farther away from the scientist (jumping off the other part returns you to the
second floor). Go down the stairs near the two rows of plants. You are now in the basement. n the
room to your left is the TM for a really good skill, Blizzard. Push the switch on the statue. Now go to
the far right again and go up through the newly opened door. Walk up, past the scientist, and into the
room with all the beds. Push the switch. Leave the room and go all the way to the left. There is a table
with TM22, Solar Beam, the strongest grass-type move. n the room below you, you will find the
Secret Key. Now leave the house and go to the gym.

Gym 7, Blaine
Pokmon: Ninetales L48, Skills: Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Tail Whip.
Rapidash L50, Skills: Fire Spin, Growl, Stomp, Take Down.
Arcanine L54, Skills: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Reflect, Take Down.

Blaine's gym is locked with a key that you need to find in the basement of the Pokmon House. Once
you have the key, you can enter the gym. There are many locked doors in front of Blaine. You can
open them by answering a quiz question on the computer terminals near each door, or by beating the
trainer near them. The trainers in this gym specialize in fire Pokmon. You can easily beat them with
ground, rock, or water types. Kabutops and Omastar are really useful, they are both rock and water.
Once you have beaten Blaine, he gives you the Volcano Badge. This raises your Pokmon's special a
bit. He also gives you TM38, Fire Blast, which is the strongest fire-type move in the game.

Viridian City

Okay, you're very near the end of the game now. Surf up from Cinnabar sland and you will
arrive back in Pallet town, you've gone around in a big circle. Go up to Viridian City. Remember that
gym there that was closed? t's open now. Raise your Pokmon a bit more, and then go to battle the
final gym leader.

Gym 8, Giovanni
Pokmon: Dugtrio L50, Skills: Dig, Earthquake, Fissure, Sand Attack.
Persian L53, Skills: Double Team, Fury Swipes, Screech, Slash.
Nidoqueen L53, Skills: Double Kick, Earthquake, Tail Whip, Thunder.
Nidoking L55, Skills: Double Kick, Earthquake, Leer, Thunder.
Rhydon L55, Skills: Earthquake, Fury Attack, Horn Drill, Rock Slide.

After you get the first seven badges, the gym in Viridian City opens back up. The gym is full of trainers
with strong ground-type Pokmon, plus those annoying transport pads like at Team Rocket's
headquarters. Speaking of Team Rocket, the gym leader is Giovanni, the head of TR! Once you beat
him, you get the Earth Badge, which will make any Pokmon of any level obey you. You also get
TM27, Fissure, which is very inaccurate but KOs any (not flying) Pokmon in one hit.

Route 22 and 23

Go to the left of Viridian City, the place where you caught Nidoran near the beginning of the
game. Once again, your rival is there. t seems like he's already tried to beat the Elite Four, and wants
to show you how tough they are. f you beat him easily, continue. f not, take some time to level up
your Pokmon some more. Now continue to your left until you find a building, the entrance to Route
23. Head upwards, there are guards that make sure you have enough badges to continue. When you
reach the top, go through the door to Victory Road.

Victory Road

Zubat Golbat MachopMachokeGeodudeGraveler Onix Marowak

When you enter Victory Road, you will notice some boulders lying around, there are also
squares on the ground that block your progress and some strange circles. Here's how it works: push a
boulder onto a circle using Strength, and one of the squares will go away. There is a boulder near the
entrance. Push it over onto the circle to your right. Now go up the stairs in front of the entrance, walk
up, and then go up the stairs in the upper left corner. There is another boulder and circle below you.
Push the boulder onto the circle, then go up the stairs and to your right. Get off the stairs, walk as far
right as you can then up until you are in an open area with an item and a trainer. Go up the ladder
nearby. Above you is a boulder, ignore it. Walk up and left. You will come to a small room with a
ladder and a circle. Go down the ladder. When you walk to your right, you will find the last legendary
bird, Moltres. After catching Moltres, return to the boulder you ignored. Push it up until it nearly hits the
top of the screen, then left. Put the boulder on the circle near the ladder to where Moltres was. Now
walk back to where that boulder originally was. There are stairs to your left, near a trainer. Go up the
stairs and continue to your left until you can't go anymore. Go down, then right. There are two trainers.
Continue past them. You will find a boulder near a hole. Push the boulder down the hole, then jump
down after it. You will land next to the boulder. Push it left until it lands on a circle. Go up the stairs
near where the boulder and you landed, then walk to your right until you get to more stairs. Go up.
Walk upwards and go down another ladder. Exit to your right. Congratulations, you have made it to
ndigo Plateau!

This fire/flying Pokmon is the last of the legendary bird trio. Use the same techniques
as you did on the others (sleep/paralyze/freeze, get it down to a few HP, throw lots of Ultra
Balls). This Pokmon has an annoying Fire Spin attack, so be sure to have a Burn Heal just

Indigo PIateau

You have finally made it to the Pokmon League! This place is like a Pok Mart and Center
combined. Heal your Pokmon and buy a ton of Full Restores and Revives, you will need them when
facing the Elite Four. You also might want to go back into Victory Road for a while to level up a bit
more. When you are ready, go through the back door of ndigo Plateau to face the Elite Four. You
need to fight them in order, without healing your Pokmon. Bring lots of items.

Pokmon: Dewgong L54, Skills: Aurora Beam, Bubblebeam, Rest, Take Down.
Cloyster L53, Skills: Clamp, ce Beam, Spike Cannon, Supersonic.
Slowbro L54, Skills: Amnesia, Psychic, Surf, Withdraw.
Jynx L56, Skills: Double Slap, ce Beam, Lovely Kiss, Thrash.
Lapras L56, Skills: Blizzard, Body Slam, Confuse Ray, Hydro Pump.

Lorelei is probably the easiest of the Elite Four, but she's still really hard to beat. Electric Pokmon
(except Zapdos, it's weak to ice) will have an easy time against her, but grass types are weak to ice,
too. Lorelei's first three Pokmon have a very high defense, so attack strongly with special attacks
(grass and electric work well). The Jynx is easily taken out with a fire attack or any strong move.
Lapras is really hard, use electric and grass if you want an easier time.

Pokmon: Onix L53, Skills: Dig, Rock Slide, Screech, Slam.
Hitmonchan L55, Skills: Double Team, Fire Punch, ce Punch, Thunder Punch.
Hitmonlee L55, Skills: Double Kick, Double Team, Mega Kick, Hi Jump Kick.
Onix L56, Skills: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Screech, Slam.
Machamp L58, Skills: Karate Chop, Leer, Strength, Submission.

Bruno isn't that hard if you have psychic, flying, grass, and/or water Pokmon. The Onixes have very
bad special and HP, so psychic works great against them, as well as being super effective against the
fighting types. His Machamp has good stats but knows really weak attacks, so you shouldn't have
much trouble with it.

Pokmon: Gengar L56, Skills: Confuse Ray, Lick, Mega Drain, Substitute.
Golbat L56, Skills: Leech Life, Supersonic, Toxic, Wing Attack.
Haunter L55, Skills: Confuse Ray, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Lick.
Arbok L58, Skills: Acid, Glare, Screech, Wrap.
Gengar L60, Skills: Confuse Ray, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Psychic.

Agatha is really, really annoying. Her Pokmon can confuse, paralyze, poison, and put your Pokmon
to sleep, lower your Pokmon's stats, and raise theirs and recover their HP while doing damage to
you. f you attack quickly with ground, rock, and psychic attacks before they can get you, you should
be able to beat them.

Pokmon: Gyarados L58, Skills: Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Leer.
Dragonair L56, Skills: Hyper Beam, Slam, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave.
Dragonair L56, Skills: Bubblebeam, Hyper Beam, ce Beam, Wrap.
Aerodactyl L60, Skills: Fly, Hyper Beam, Swift, Wing Attack.
Dragonite L62, Skills: Blizzard, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Thunder.

Dragon Pokmon are very rare, and very strong. They are resistant to many different things. One of
the few things they are weak to is ice. Dragonite takes 4x damage from ice attacks. f you don't know
any ice moves, this battle will be a tough one.

Your Rival
Pokmon: Sandslash L61, Skills: Earthquake, Fury Swipes, Poison Sting, Slash.
Alakazam L59, Skills: Kinesis, Psybeam, Psychic, Recover.
Exeggutor L61, Skills: Barrage, Hypnosis, Leech Seed, Stomp.
And one of the following combinations:
Cloyster L61, Skills: Aurora Beam, Clamp, ce Beam, Spike Cannon.
Ninetales L63, Skills: Confuse Ray, Fire Spin, Quick Attack, Tail Whip.
Jolteon L65, Skills: Pin Missile, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder Wave.
Magneton L61, Skills: Screech, Swift, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave.
Cloyster L63, Skills: Aurora Beam, Clamp, ce Beam, Spike Cannon.
Flareon L65, Skills: Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Reflect.
Ninetales L61, Skills: Confuse Ray, Fire Spin, Quick Attack, Tail Whip.
Magneton L63, Skills: Screech, Swift, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave.
Vaporeon L65, Skills: Aurora Beam, Hydro Pump, Mist, Quick Attack.

Your Rival has beaten the Elite Four before you! You need to beat him to become the Pokmon
League Champion. He has one of three different teams, depending on how many times you have
beaten him. The teams have a variety of strong Pokmon, so switch a lot to take advantage of
weaknesses and resistances. After beating him, Professor Oak comes and puts your Pokmon into
the hall of fame, and the game ends. or does it? You can beat the Elite Four as many times as you
want for money and experience, and you still need to complete your Pokdex. There is also a place
that you haven't been yet.

%he Unknown ungeon (CeruIean Cave)

Sandslash Golbat Gloom WeepinbellGraveler Rhyhorn Rhydon Ditto

Common Common Common Common Common Common Rare Common

Parasect Venomoth Lickitung Chansey

Common Common Common Rare

Fish for Goldeen and Seaking.
Go to Cerulean City. Walk up, over the bridge, and to the water on your left. Surf until you come
to a cave. You might have been here before, but a guard would have blocked your way. Now that you
have beaten the Elite Four, the guard has left, and the Unknown Dungeon is open to you. (Note to
people who have played Red and Blue: The maps for this dungeon have changed in yellow). The
Pokmon here have stats from level 50 and up. There is one unique Pokmon in here, and it is the
strongest one in the game. This is kind of hard to explain, but here is how to get to it: Walk left from
the entrance and Surf left as far as you can. Walk up and go up the ladder. Walk down, taking the left
fork, then right as far as possible, up, right, down, right, then when there are two ways going up, take
the right path. Go down the ladder. Walk all the way left and down, then go up the stairs and the
ladder. Walk all the way up, and take the first path on your right (it goes down and right). Walk down to
the bottom of the screen, right, then up to the ladder in the upper right corner. Go down the ladder.z
Walk down the stairs below you, then over to your right. Continue along the path until you find a
ladder. Go up it. Follow the path until you find a ladder near the upper left corner of the screen. Go
down the ladder. Follow the path in the only way possible, and go down the ladder. Now you are on
the bottom floor, and are nearly there. Explore until you find water. Surf right, then up. Get out of the
water and look around for another small lake. Once you find the water, surf left, down, then right. You
will come to a small island. SAVE THE GAME!!! Walk up the stairs and get ready to fight the strongest
Pokmon ever, Mewtwo.

This psychic Pokmon is incredibly strong. t has the highest stats in the game. t is at
level 70, and knows Psychic, Swift, Barrier, and Recover. f you still have your Master Ball,
now is the time to use it. f you don't have it or you want a challenge, you can still catch
Mewtwo the normal way. Use the techniques that you used for the Legendary Birds. You
really need to freeze, paralyze, or put Mewtwo to sleep. Freezing it is especially good, was able to
catch a frozen Mewtwo in a Great Ball once. Mewtwo's attacks are extremely powerful, and it can heal
itself with Recover. This is one tough Pokmon. f you catch it, you are truly a Pokmon Master.