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10. tn 12. 13. 14, 15. CONTENTS BOOK I . Antiphon 1—While the King Sitteth at His Table . Antipbon 2—His Left Hand Is Under My Head, and His Right Hand Doth Embrace Me . Antiphon 3—I Am Black but Comely, O Ye Daughters of Jerusalem . Antiphon 4—Lo, the Winter Is Past . Antiphon 5’—How Fair and How Pleasant Art Thou BOOK II Ave Maris Stella 1—When the Salutation Gabriel Had Spoken Ave Maris Stella 2—Jesus ‘Tender Mother, Make Thy Supplication ‘Ave Maris Stella 3—So Now as We Journey, Aid Our Weak Endeavor . Ave Maris Stella 4—Amen (Finale) BOOK IIL Magnificat 1—My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord Magnificat 2—For Behold from Henceforth All Genera~ tions Shalf Call Me Blessed ‘Mags.ificat 3—And His Mercy Ison Them That Fear Him Throughout All Generations ‘Magnificat #—He Hath Put Down the Mighty from Their Seat (Cantilena) ‘Magnificat §—He Remembring His Mercy Hath Holpen His Servant Israel Magnificat 6—Gloria (Finale) 11 14 7 19 21 23 30 34 37 40 45 46 ANTIPHON I While the King sitteth at his table, My Spikenard sendeth out the Perfume thereof. G.P.R. Ponds et Anches 4.8.10 GF OA So. Dipe § Reets 4.8.8 16 ft ened Opus 18,No.1 ‘ao20) Ped. input Rosie¢ id Organ Maestoso. MANUAL. ff PEDAL. Copyright, 1920, by Marcel Dupré. nas vars