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Horseshoe Point Invitational 2011

International Riding School at Horseshoe Point, Pattaya 02 04 December

General Information
Name of Competition Dates Venue Horseshoe Point Invitational 2011 02 04 December Horseshoe Point Pattaya THAILAND

Sponsored by B.GRIMM and LOCCITANE

Organisers Address International Riding School at Horseshoe Point and Contact Details 100 Moo 9, Tambon Pong, Amphur Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 THAILAND Telephone: +66 (0) 38 248 026 TeleFax: +66 (0) 38 735 060 Email: Website: Competition Main Arena Jumping (OUTDOOR): 75m x 55m Warm-up Arena: 60m x 20m Grounds Main Arena Dressage (INDOOR): 60m X 20m Warm-up Arena: 50m x 25m

Rules & Regulations

- The competition will run under the rules and regulations of the Fdration Equestre Internationale (FEI), unless otherwise stated. In case of any dispute or protest, the organizer has the right to give the final decision regardless of the rules. - When riding, all riders are expected to wear standard helmets at all times. - The competition grounds and stables are to be kept clean and tidy at all times. A BHT 500 fee will be collected if the stall and its surroundings are not cleaned up before departure. For safety reasons, take care with electrical wires and appliances. There is NO smoking or cooking in the stables, or, where flammable materials exist (i.e. hay and bedding storage areas). - Traffic rules and regulations will be implemented and must be followed by all competitors and guests during the competition. Horses always have the right of way. - All dogs must be kept on leash at all times. - All horses must have an EIA and Surra certificate with a negative result not older than three (3) months. We require that all competing horses must be vaccinated against Japanese B Encephalitis (JEE), and Equine Influenza. We recommend that all horses are vaccinated against Tetanus and dewormed regularly. This is for the well-being of all horses travelling to competition. - Horse Identification Numbers will be distributed on the arrival of horses. Please pick it up from the Riding School Office/Tack Shop. Horses leaving the stables to train or compete must have their numbers at all times. - A BHT 50.00 replacement fee, for each number, will be charged, if the rider requires replacement due to lost horse number. - Winners should attend the prize giving ceremony mounted unless otherwise stated. - Prize Money, Trophies, and Sponsored Products will be awarded in selected classes and will be based on the number of entries. Ribbons will be awarded to all placers in all the classes. 1 placing every 3 competitors, maximum placing per class is on the schedule. 3 riders/entries make a class less than 3, class will be cancelled.


Vaccinations and EIA Certificate

Horse Numbers

Prize Giving and Classes

Closing Dates Late Entries Entry Fees - Entries must be received by fax, mail, or email and confirmed on or before Friday, 25 November 2011. - If time and space allows, late entries will be accepted until Tuesday, 29 November 2011. All late entries will be charged an additional BHT 100.00 on top of the applicable entry fee. A penalty of BHT 50.00 will be charged for entry changes and withdrawals. - Entry fees must be paid at the Riding School Office at least 1 hour before the start of the class. - Before your horse will be permitted to leave Horseshoe Point, a Payment Slip or Invoice must be obtained from the Riding School Office, signed by an authorized person, and with an official stamp. This will only be issued once all accounts have been settled and must be shown to the Stable Supervisor for checking and signing. It must be presented to the security at the gate before they will allow any horse to leave. - Participation in this event signifies an agreement to the General Release. The competitors maybe photographed, interviewed, and videos taken, which the organizer may use for their own advertising purposes and at their own discretion.


Release of Liability

*Please reserve your room directly with the Horseshoe Point Hotel as soon as possible as room
availability is limited. Please bring/show the competition invitation (club invitation), the schedule or entry form (with entries) and mention that you are a competitor/participant to avail of the special rate.

Horseshoe Point
Telephone: 038 253 500 Fax: 038 253 599 Email: or

Dog (inform in booking) 500 per night All rooms include Breakfast All prices are inclusive of Tax and Service Charge Food & Beverage Jay Dee La Quinta

A La Carte - by the menu Drinks (happy hour) - snacks

Horse accommodation Standard Stall Using Rice Straw as Bedding BHT 500.00/day Veterinary and Farriery Services available if needed/required.

General Release Horseshoe Point Invitational 2011

I understand the inherent dangers of riding or being around horses and I am willing to accept the risks of working with or on horses. I hold the International Riding School and Horseshoe Point; its owners, employees, agents, sponsors, and/or volunteers harmless for any and all injuries or illness incurred by myself, my horse(s) and others that accompany me in the International Riding School and Horseshoe Point property. I shall bring no claims, demands, actions, causes or action and/or litigation against International Riding School and Horseshoe Point and/or its associates as stated above, for any loss due to bodily injury or death sustained by me, my minor children, legal ward, or horse(s) in relation to the premises and operation of the International Riding School and Horseshoe Point; which includes riding, handling, or being near horses while at the International Riding School and Horseshoe Point. I understand and agree that the International Riding School and Horseshoe Point is not responsible for any act, occurrence, or element of nature that can scare, endanger or cause harm to a horse, causing it to react in an unsafe manner. I understand and agree that by using the facility at International Riding School and Horseshoe Point, I have to repair or reimburse the International Riding School and Horseshoe Point for all expenses which include materials and time in the event of any damage to stables, equipment, jumps, arenas, or any part of the property that is damaged by my horse(s) or myself. I understand and agree that inhumane treatment of the horse(s) or repeated unsafe acts will immediately void all agreements and I will forfeit all rights to access this premises. I understand that the International Riding School and Horseshoe Point shall not be liable for any untoward incident and injury to the horse(s) or damage to any personal property should my horse(s) escape from the enclosures while inside the property. And I fully understand that I will be personally responsible for any damages and/or injuries to other person or their belongings and properties, that is either caused by me, my dependent(s), my employee(s), and my horse(s) . My participation in this event signifies my agreement with the above statements.