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Name Meaning

Aachman intake of a sip of water before puja

Aadesh command, message
Aadi first, most important
Aafreen encouragement
Aakash the sky
Aalap musical
Aashish blessings
Abdul-Azeez The servant of the Almighty
Abdul-Baari The servant of the Creator
Abdul-Ghafoor The servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Haafiz The servant of the Protector
Abdul-Hameed The servant of the Praiseworthy
Abdul-Haseeb The servant of the Respected
Abdul-Jabaar The servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Jaleel The servant of the Great
Abdul-Khaaliq The servant of the Creator
Abdullah The servant of God
Abeer color
Abhay fearless
Abhayananda delighting in fearless
Abhayaprada another name for Vishnu
Abhi, Abheek fearless
Abhibhava overpowering, powerful, victorious
Abhicandra with a moon like face
Abhidi radiant
Abhihita expression
Abhijaya complete victory
Abhijit victorious
Abhijvala blazing forth
Abhilash desire
Abhimand gladdening
Abhimani full of pride, another name for Agni as the eldest son of Brahma
Abhimanyu Arjuna's son
Abhimoda joy, delight
Abhinabhas renowned, famous
Abhinanda to rejoice, to praise, to bless, delight
Abhinandana felicitous, delighting, welcoming
Abhinatha lord of desires
Abhinav novel
Abhinava new, young, fresh, modern
Abhirup pleasing
Abhishek an auspicious bath for a deity
Abhisoka passionate, loving
Abhisumat radiant, synonymous for sun
Abhisyanta splendid, son of Kuru and Vahini
Abhivira surrounded by heroes, a commander
Abhra cloud
Abhrakasin with clouds for shelter, an ascetic
Abhyagni towards the fire
Abhyudaya sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity
Abhyudita elevated, risen, prosperous
Abjayoni born of the lotus, another name for Brahma
Abjit conquering water
Acalapati lord of the immovable, lord of mountain
Acalendra lord of the immovable, the Himalayas
Acalesvara god of the immovable, another name for Shiva
Acanda without anger, gentle
Acarya teacher, another name for Drona, Asvaghosa and kripa
Acaryanandana, son of the teacher, another name for Asvatthaman
Acaryasuta, Acaryatanaya
Acchindra flawless, uninterrupted
Acintya surpassing thought, incogitable
Achal constant
Achintya Inconceivable, name of Lord Shiva
Achyut Imperishable, name of Vishnu
Acyutaraya worshipper of the infallible, a devotee of Vishnu
Adalarasu king of dance
Adarsh ideal
Adesh command
Adhik greater
Adhikara principal, controller
Adhipa king, ruler
Adhita a scholar
Adil Sincere, just
Adinath the first lord, Lord Vishnu
Adikavi first poet
Adit from the beginning
Aditeya another name for the sun
Aditya the sun
Adityanandana son of the sun
Adityavardhana augmented by glory
Adripathi master of the mountains
Adwaita non-duality
Adwaya unique
Adway one, united
Agendra king of mountains
Aftab,Aftaab the sun
Agasti, Agastya name of a sage
Agha pre-eminent
Aghat destroyer of sin
Agharna the moon
Agneya, Agnikumara son of agni
Agniprava bright as the fire
Agrim leader, first
Agriya first best
Ahmad praiseworthy, commendable
Ahsan mercy
Ahijit conqueror of the serpent
Ahilan knowledgeable, commanding
Aijaz favor
Aiman fearless
Ainesh the sun's glory
Ajay, Ajinkya, Ajit invincible
Ajitesh Vishnu
Ajmal pious
Ajamil a mythological king
Akalmash stainless
Akalpa ornament
Akash the sky
Akhil complete
Akhilesh lord of all
Akmal complete
Akram excellent
Akroor kind
Akshan eye
Akshar imperishable
Akshath, Akshay indestructible
Akshit permanent
Akul a name of Lord Shiva
Alagan handsome
Alagarasu handsome king, King of beauty
Alam, Aalam the whole world
Alamgir the lord of the whole world
Aleem knowledgeable
Alhad joy
Ali protected by god
Alok a man with lovely hair
Aloke light
Amal unblemished; pure
Amalendu the unblemished moon
Amalesh the pure one
Amanath treasure
Amanda active
Amar immortal
Amartya immortal, Amber of the sky
Ambarish the sky
Ambuj lotus
Ameya immeasurable
Amil invaluable
Amin, Ameen divine grace
Amir rich
Amit without limit
Amitbikram limitless prowess
Amitiyoti limitless brightness
Amitabha, Amitav limitless luster, name of Lord Buddha
Amitrasudan destroyer of enemies
Amiya Nectar, delight Amlan unfading, ever bright
Amlankusum unfading flower
Ammar the maker
Amod pleasure
Amogh a name of Lord Ganesh
Amoha clear, straight
Amol priceless
Amolik, Amolak priceless
Amrit, Amrik nectar
Amulya priceless
Anadi eternal Anal fire
Ananda, Anand joy, happiness
Ananmaya one who cannot be broken
Ananga, Anang name of Cupid, Kamadeva
Ananta, Anant infinite
Anarghya priceless
Anbarasu king of love
Anbu love, kindness
Anbuchelvan kind, king of love
Anbumadi kind and intelligent
Angad an ornament
Angamuthu made of pearls
Anil the wind god
Animish, Animesh open-eyed therefore attractive
Anirudhha free, grandson of Lord Krishna
Anirvan undying
Anisa supreme
Anish Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Aniteja immeasurable splendor
Anjasa guileless, deceitless
Anjum a token
Anjuman a token, a symbol
Ankur sprout, new life
Ankush check, an instrument used for guiding elephants
Anmol priceless
Anshu, Anshuman the sun
Anshumat luminous
Anu an atom
Anugya authority
Anuha satisfied
Anuj younger brother
Anunay supplication, consolation
Anup, Anoop without comparison
Anupam without comparison
Anurag, Anuraag love
Anuttam unsurpassed
Anwar devote of God
Apparajito undefeated
Apurva, Apoorva unique
Arav peaceful
Aravan, Aravali righteous
Archan worship
Archit worshipped
Ardhendu half moon
Arghya offering to the Lord
Arham equivalent word like OM for Jain community
Arhant, Arindam destroyer of enemies
Arijit conquering enemies, son of Krishna and Subhadra
Arivalagan intelligent and handsome
Arivali smart, intelligent
Arivarasu king of wisdom
Arivoli glowing with intelligence
Arivuchelvan one whose wealth is his wisdom
Arivumadhi intelligent
Arivumani intelligent gem
Arivunambi confident and intelligent
Arjit earned
Arjun Pandava prince, bright
Arka the sun
Arnav ocean
Arnesh lord of the sea
Arokya very pious
Arshad pious
Arul gods grace, gods blessing
Arulchelvan blessed
Arumugan lord Murugan
Arun, Aroon mythical charioteer of the sun, dawn
Aruni name of a devoted pupil
Arvind, Arvinda, lotus
Arya honored, noble
Aryaman the sun
Asao, Asav essence
Aseem, Ashim limitless
Asgar devotee
Ashis benediction
Ashok, Ashraf without grief
Ashu quick
Ashutosh Lord Shiva
Ashwin, Asvin a Hindu month
Asit, Ashit the planet
Aslam greeting
Aslesh embrace
Atanu cupid
Atal immoveable
Atiya to surpass
Atma soul
Atmaja son
Atmananda bliss of soul
Atralarasu skilled king
Atreya receptacle of glory
Atul, Atulya matchless
Avadhesh King Dasaratha
Avanindra, Avanish lord of the earth
Avatar incarnation
Avikshit not see before
Avinash indestructible
Avkash limitless space Avatar incarnation
Ayog institution
Ayushman blessed with long life
Ayyapan ever youthful
Azeez Friend, close to someone or something
Azhagar the handsome one
Azhar famous, luminous
Azzam the lord, Almighty
Badal cloud, rain
Badri, Badrinath Lord Vishnu
Bahubali a Jain Tirthakar
Bahumanya honored by many
Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya
Bahurai with great riches
Bajrang name of Lord Hanuman
Bakhtawar one who brings good luck
Balachandrav the crescent moon
Baladhi deep insight
Baladhitya the newly risen sun
Balaji strong
Balakumar youthful
Balamurugan young lord Murugan
Balan youthful
Balanath lord of strength
Balaravi the morning sun
Balbir, Baldev strong
Balgopal, Balagovind, baby Krishna
Balaraj strong
Balaram the brother of Lord Krishna
Balvindra, Balvinder, strong
Banbihari Lord Krishna
Bandhu friend
Bandhul pleasing
Bankebihari Lord Krishna
Bankim curved
Bankimchandra crescent moon
Bansi flute
Bansilal Lord Krishna, the first lord
Barid cloud
Baridbaran color of the cloud
Barindra the ocean
Barun Lord of the Sea
Basanta spring
Basavaraj lord of bulls
Bashir harbinger of good things
Basistha a sage
Basudha earth
Bhadrang beautiful body
Bhadranidhi treasure of goodness
Bhagaditya the sun which bestows wealth
Bhagat devotee
Bhagirat with glorious chariot
Bhagyanandana controller of destiny
Bhajan adoration
Bhagwant fortunate
Bhargyaraj lord of luck
Bhairav Lord Shiva
Bhanu the sun
Bhanudas a devotee of the sun
Bharadwaj a sage, a mythical bird
Bharat son of Shakuntala and founder of Bharat of India
Bhargava Lord Shiva
Bhaskar the sun
Bhaumik attached to the earth
Bhavamanyu creator of universe
Bhavesh Lord Shiva
Bhishma one who has taken a terrible vow
Bhojaraja lord of generosity
Bhooshan decoration
Bhooshit decorated
Bhumi earth
Bhupathi lord of the earth
Bhuvanesh the lord of the world Vishnu
Bibek conscience
Bibhas a raga
Bibhavasu the sun, fire
Bijal lightning
Bikram prowess
Bilva a sacred leaf
Bimal pure
Bipin forest, free
Birbal brave heart
Bitasok one who does not mourn
Bodhan kindling
Boudhayan the name of a sage
Brahmabrata ascetic
Brahmadutt dedicated to Lord Brahma
Bratindra devoted to right deeds
Brijesh, Brijmohan Lord Krishna
Buddhadeva Gautama Buddha
Budhil learned
Bukka heart, loving, sincere

Chaitanya the name of a saint, consciousness

Chakor a bird enamored of the moon
Chakradev, Chakradhar,
Lord Vishnu
Chakshu eye
Chaman, Chamanlal garden
Champak a flower
Chanakya son of chanaka
Chanchal restless
Chandak the moon
Chandan sandalwood
Chandrabhan the moon
Chandrachur Lord Shiva
Chandrakanta the moon
Chandrakiran moonbeam
Chandrakirthi as famous as the moon
the moon
Chandramohan attractive like the moon
Chandran, Chandranath the moon
Chandraprakash moonlight
Chandraraj moonbeam
Chandrashekar Lord Shiva
Chandratha nectar of the moon
Chandrodaya moonrise
Charan feet
Charu agreeable, charming, genteel
Charudatta born with beauty
Charuvardhana one who enhances beauty
Charuvindha striving for beauty
Chaturbhuj four armed
Chanyana moon
Cheliyan rich, resourceful, prosperous
Chellamani precious gem
Chellamuthu precious pearl
Chellapan precious
Chemmal premier, best
Chetan consciousness
Chetana perceptive, consciousness
Chevatkodiyon Lord Murugan
Chhandak the charioteer of Lord Buddha
Chidambaram home of Lord Shiva
Chidananda Lord Shiva
Chiman curious
Chinmay, Chinmayananda
blissful, supreme consciousness
Chinnadurai prince
Chintan thought
Chinthanaichelvan intelligent, thoughtful
Chintya worthy of thought
Chirag lamp
Chiranjeev, Chirantan,
Chithayu born of intellect
Chitrabhanu fire
Chitragupta secret picture
Chitral of variegated color
Chitrarath the sun
Chitrasen a king of Gandharvas
Chitresh moon, wonderful lord
Chitta mind
Chirtrang with multicolored body
Chittaranjan joy of inner mind
Chittesh lord of the soul

Dabeet warrior
Daha blazing, very bright
Daivya divine
Daiwik by the grace of God
Daksha able, talented
Dakshesh Lord Shiva
Dakshi the glorious
Dakshina donation to god
Dalajit winning over a group
Dalapathi leader of a group
Dalbhya belonging to wheels
Daman one who controls
Damian tamer
Damodar with a rope around the waist
Danuj born of danu, a danava
Danvir charitable
Debashis benediction of god
Darpan a mirror
Darshan paying respect, religious text
Dasharath the father of Lord Rama
Dasharathi Lord Rama
Dasmaya beautiful
Dattatreya given by Atri
Dayada son, inheritor
Dayakara compassionate
Dayanidhi treasure house of mercy
Dayasagara ocean of compassionate
Dayashankar merciful Lord Shiva
Debashish the lords blessings
Deenabandhu friend of the poor
Deep a lamp
Deepak lustrous
Deepan lighting up
Deepankar lord of light
Deependu bright moon
Deepesh lord of light
Deepit lighted
Deeptanshu the sun
Deeptendu bright moon
Deeptiman, Deeptimoy lustrous
Dev God, king
Devabrata a name of Bhisma
Devachandra moon among the gods
Devadas follower of God
Devadarshan familiar with gods
Devadatta god given
Devadhipa lord of the gods
Devadyumna glory of the gods
Devajyoti brightness of the Lord
Devak divine
Devakantha beloved of the gods
Devamadana gladdening the gods
Devanand joy of the gods
Devang from god
Devaraj king of the gods
Devarpana offerings to the gods
Devarya divine belief
Devendra Lord Indra
Devdutta king
Dev Kumar son of gods
Devnarayan king
Devnath King of gods
Devesh Lord Shiva
Deveshwar Lord Shiva
Deviprasad gift of the goddess
Devya devine power
Dhanajit wealth
Dhananjay Arjuna
Dhanesh lord of wealth
Dhanraj Lord Kuber
Dhansukh wealthy, happy
Dhanvant wealthy
Dharanidhar Shesh - the cosmic serpent
Dharendra king of the earth
Dharmachandra moon of dharma
Dharmadas one who serves his religion
Dharmaditya son of dharma
Dharmanand one who takes pleasure in his religion
Dharmendra God of religion
Dharmendu light of religion
Dharmpal protector of his religion
Dharmveer religious
Dhavalachandra white moon
Dhawal white
Dheeman intelligent
Dheemant wise; intelligent
Dheer gentle
Dheerendra god of courage
Dheivamani blessed gem
Dheeran achiever
Dhevan godly
Dhevaneyan pious
Dhikshit initiated
Dhinakar the sun
Dhinanta evening
Dhipin exciting
Dhiraj emperor
Dhritiman patient
Dhruv unshakeable the Pole Star
Dhwani sound
Dhvanya suggested meaning
Dhyana meditation
Dhyanesh meditative
Dilip an ancestor of Lord Rama, a king
Dilawar brave
Dinanath protector
Dinapati the sun
Dinar gold coin
Dindayal kind to the poor
Dinesh, Divakar the sun
Divyanga divine body
Divyendu the moon
Drupad a king, father of Draupadi
Dulal dear one
DuraiMurugan Lord Murugan
Dushyanta a king from the epic Mahabharata
Dwaipayan the sage Vyasa
Dwijaraj, Dwijendra king of Brahmins; the moon
Dwijesh river
Dyumani lord Shiva
Dyutit illuminated

Edhas happiness
Edi Herb
Ednit evolved
Eeshwar God
Egaiarasu King of charity
Eha Lord Vishnu
Ehimay all pervasive
Eka Lord Vishnu
Ekachandra the only moon
Ekachith with one mind
Ekagrah focused
Ekaksha Lord Shiva
Ekana Lord Vishnu
Ekanath king
Ekanga single bodied
Ekalavya renowned for his devotion to his guru
Ekambar sky
Ekansh whole
Ekapad Lord Shiva
Ekaraj emperor
Ekatan closely attentive
Ekram honour
Elango prince, author of tamil masterpiece Silappadhikaram
Elil handsome
Elilarasan, Elilarasu,
handsome, king of beauty
Ellu sesame seed considered sacred
Elumalai lord Venkateshwara, lord of seven hills
Eshwar Lord Shiva
Etash luminous
Evyavan Lord Vishnu

Faakhir proud, excellent

Faaris horseman, knight
Faarooq one who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Fadi the redeemer
Fadl outstanding, honourable
Fadl Ullah excellence of God
Fahad lynx
Faisal decisive
Faiyaz artistic
Faiz gain
Fakhry honorary
Falak the sky
Falgu lovely
Falguni, Phalguni born in Falgun, a Hindu month; Arjun
Fanibhusan Lord Shiva
Fanindra the cosmic serpent Shesh
Fanishwar lord of serpents, Vasuki
Fanish the cosmic serpent Shesh
Fareed unique
Farhad, Farhat happiness
Faris ability to discern, perspicacity
Faraz equitable
Farid wide
Farukh, Farokh power of discrimination
Fateen clever, smart
Fateh victory
Fatik crystal
Fawaz successful
Fidaa sacrifice
Firdaus paradise
Firoz name of a king
Fravash guardian angel
Fuad heart

Gagan sky
Gajanand Lord Ganesh
Gajendra the king of elephants
Ganapati Lord Ganesh
Ganaka one who calculates
Gandharva celestial musician
Gandhik Fragrant
Gandhar Fragrance
Gandharaj king of fragrance
Gandharva celestial musician
Gandesha Lord of fragrance
Gandira Hero
Ganendra Lord of a troop
Ganesh son of Lord Shiva & Parvati
Gangadhar holding the ganga, Lord shiva
Gangesh Lord Shiva
Gangeya of the Ganga
Gangol a precious
Ganjan Surpassing
Garisht Heaviest
Gaurinath Lord Shiva
Gautam Lord Buddha
Gavisht abode of light
Gayak singer
Gayan sky
Geet song
Ghalib excellent
Ghanashyam Lord Krishna
Giri mountain
Giridhar Lord Krishna
Giridari Lord Krishna
Girik Lord Shiva
Girilal Lord Shiva
Girindra Lord Shiva
Giriraj Lord of the mountains
Girish Lord Shiva
Gokul A place where Lord Krishna was brought up
Gopal Lord Krishna, protector cows
Gopesh Lord Krishna
Gopichand name of a king
Gorakh cowherd
Gourishankar Mt. Everest
Govinda Lord Krishna
Grahish lord of the planets
Granthik astrologer, narrator
Grihith understood, accepted
Gudakesha the archer Arjuna
Gulfam the colour
Gulzar gardener
Gulzarilal name of Lord Krishna
Gunalan filled with virtue
Gunayukth endowed with virtue
Gunjan buzzing of a bee
Gunwant virtuous
Gupil A secret
Gurdeep light of the teacher
Gurpreet love of the teacher
Guru teacher
Gyan knowledge

Habib beloved
Hafiz protected
Hakesh Lord of sound
Hamid friend
Hamir A raga
Hans swan
Hansaraj king of a swan
Hanuman, Hanumant the monkey god of Ramayana
Hardik heartfelt
Harekrishna Lord Krishha
Harendra Lord Shiva
Haresh Lord Krishna
Haridas servant of Krishna
Harigopal Lord Krishna
Harihar Lord Vishnu
Harikanth dear to Indra
Harkrishna Lord Krishna
Harinaksh Lord Shiva
Harinarayan Lord Vishnu
Hariom Lord Vishnu
Hariprasad blessed by Lord Krishna
Hariraj king of lions
Hariram Lord Rama
Harish Lord Shiva
Harishankar Lord Shiva
Harishchandra King of Surya dynasty, charitable
Harith lion
Haritbaran green
Harjeet victorious
Harmendra the moon
Haroon hope
Harsh happiness
Harshad giver of joy
Harshaman full of joy
Harshavardhan creator of joy
Harshil joyful
Harshit joyous
Hashmat glory, joyful
Hasit happy
Hassan an Islamic
Heer diamond
Hem gold
Hemadri the Himalaya
Heman golden yellow, made of gold
Hemanga Golden bodied
Hemant early winter
Hemamdar golden creeper
Hemendra lord of gold
Hemendu golden moon
Heramba Lord Ganesh
Himachal the Himalayas
Himadri Himalaya
Himaghna the sun
Himnish Lord Shiva
Himanshu the moon
Himmat courage
Hiranya gold
Hiranmay golden
Hirendra Lord of diamonds
Hitendra well-wisher
Hriday heart
Hridayanand joy of the heart
Hridaynath Lord of the heart, beloved
Hridik Lord of the heart, beloved
Hriman wealthy
Hrishikesh Lord Vishnu
Hritish Lord of heart
Hurditya joyous
Hussain Islamic thinker, saint

Ibrahim Abraham; earth

Ibhya possessor of many attendants
Idris fiery Lord
Iham expected
Ihit prize, honour
Ikshu sugarcane, sweetness
Ilaiyavan youthful
Ilamporai Prince
Ilamurugu young Lord Murugan
Ilandevan young master
Ilancheliyan Full of youthful potential
Ilango Chera Prince who wrote Tamil masterpiece Silappadhikaram
Ilanthirayan Young man whose influence extends beyond the seas
Ilavalagan Young and handsome
Ilavarasan Prince
Ilavenil Brilliant
Imtiaz power of discrimination
Imaran strong
Iman name of raga
Inakanta beloved of sun
Inbanathan happy
Indivar blue lotus
Indra excellent, first
Indrajeet conqueror
Indrakanta Lord Indra
Indraneel sapphire
Indrasena the army of Indra
Indrasuta son of Indra
Indratan as strong as Indra
Indubhushan the moon
Induhasan, Indukanta like a moon
Indulal moon's lustre
Indumat respected by moon
Indushekhar like a moon
Inesh a strong king
Iniyavan pleasant natured
Intekhab chosen
Iqbal desire
Iraiyavan blessed by the supreme
Irfan knowledgable
Iri Hanuman, son of wind god
Irya powerful
Irshaad signal
Isaiarasu king of music
Isaivalan skilled musician
Isar Eminent, Lord Shiva
Ishan Lord Shiva
Ishrat affection
Ishwar god
Itish such a lord
Iyyappan Lord Iyyappan, youthful
Izhar submission

Jadhav a yadava
Jag the universe
Jagachandra moon of the universe
Jagad universe
Jagadayu life spring of the universe
Jagadev Lord of the world
Jagadbandu Lord Krishna
Jagadip lamp of the universe
Jagan universe,world
Jaganmay spread over the universe
Jagannath Lord Vishnu
Jagath the universe
Jagadish Lord of the universe
Jagesh Lord of the world
Jagjeevan worldly life
Jahan the world
Jai conqueror
Jaichand victory of the moon
Jaidayal victory of kindness
Jaidev victory of god
Jaigath victorious
Jaigopal, Jaikrishna victory of Lord Krishna
Jaimini an ancient philosopher
Jainarayan victory
Jaipal Lord Brahma
Jairaj Lord of victory
Jaisal famous folk
Jaishankar victory of Lord Shiva
Jaisukh joy of winning
Jaitra leading to vitory
Jaiwant victory
Jalad giving water
Jalal glory
Jalendra, Jalindra Lord of the water
Jalendu moon in the water
Jalil revered
Janak father of Sita
Janamejay, Janardan Lord Vishnu
Janav protecting men
Janith, Janya born
Japa chanting
Japan muttering prayers
Japendra Lord of chants-Lord Shiva
Japesh Lord of chants-lord Shiva
Jasapal very famous
Jasamit protected by fame
Jasbeer victorious hero
Jashan, Jashun celebration
Jaspal Lord Krishna
Jaswant famous
Jatan nurturing
Jatin pertaining ato saint
Jatya pleasing
Javed immortal
Javin swift
Jawahar jewel
Jayad causing victory
Jayanta Lord Vishnu
Jeemutbahan full of life
Jeevan life
Jehangir Akbar's son
Jenya true
Jhoomer ornament
Jignesh curiosity to research
Jihan the world
Jishnu Arjuna
Jitendra conqueror
Jivitesh God
Jogindra, Joginder Lord Shiva
Jograj Lord Krishna
Jugnu a firefly
Jujhar one who struggles
Jusal pari
Jyotichandra splendour
Jyotiprakash splendour of the flame
Jyotiranjan joyous flamae
Jyotirdhar holder of the flame
Jyotirmoy lustrous

Kabir famous sufi saint

Kalapriya lover of art
Kailas abode of Lord Shiva
Kailashchandra, Lord Shiva
Kalash sacred pot
Kalidas, Kalimohan, a devotee of Goddess Kali
Kalipada, Kalicharan,
Kalith understood
Kalpa able, fit
Kalya pleasant
Kalyan welfare
Kamal lotus
Kamalakar Lord Vishnu
Kamalesh Lord of Kamala
Kamalnayan lotus eyed
Kamalapati Lord Vishnu
Kaman desired
Kamat unrestrained
Kamik desired
Kamod a raga
Kamraj cupid
Kamran success
Kamukh passionate
Kanad an ancient
Kanan a garden
Kanak gold
Kanal shining
Kanchan gold
Kandan cloud
Kandarpa Cupid
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna
Kanhaiyalal Lord Krishna
Kanishka name of a king
Kanishta youngest
Kantimoy, Kantilal lustrous
Kanu Lord Krishna
Kanvar young prince
Kanwal, Kanwaljeet lotus
Kanwalkishore lotus; Lord krishna
Kapil name of a sage
Kapish Lord Hanuman
Karan Karna, the firstborn of Kunti
Kareem kind
Karna the firstborn of Kunti
Karnik judge
Kartar master
Kartik a Hindu month
Kartikeya elder son of Lord Shiva
Karun compassionate
Karunakar merciful
Karunamay full of light
Karunashankar merciful
Kashif connoisseur
Kashinath Lord Shiva
Kashiprasad blessed by Lord Shiva
Kashyap name of a sage
Kathith well recited
Kaunteya son of Kunti
Kausar lake of paradise
Kaushal perfect
Kaushik sage Vishwamitra
Kaustubh a jewel of Lord Vishnu
Kavan water, poem
Kavi a poet
Kaviraj doctor
Kaustav a legendary gem, a gem worn by Lord Vishnu
Kedar a raga
Kedarnath Lord Shiva
Keshav Lord Vishnu
Ketan home, banner
Kevalkumar, absolute
Keyur armlet
Khadim servant of God
Khajit Lord Buddha
Khalid immortal
Khazana treasure
Khemchand, welfare
Khushal perfect
Kinshuk a flower
Kiran ray of light
Kiranmay full of light
Kirik sparkling
Kirit a crown
Kirtikumar famous
Kishore, Kishorekumar young
Kotijit conquering millions
Kovida wise
Kriday Lord Krishna
Kripal merciful
Krishna, Krishnachandra, Lord Krishna
Krishnakumar, Krishnala,
Krishanu fire
Krishnaroop dark
Kshaunish king
Kuber, Kuberchand god of wealth
Kulbhushan ornament of family
Kuldeep light of family
Kularanjan star of family
Kulik well born
Kumar prince
Kunal son of emperor Ashok
Kundan pure
Kundanlal golden
Kundir strong
Kunja grove of trees
Kunjabihari Lord Krishna
Kush son of Lord Rama
Kushal clever
Kusumakar spring

Lagan appropriate time

Lakshin with auspicious marks
Lakshmigopal Lord vishnu
Lakshman younger brother of Rama
Lakshmibanta fortunate
Lord Vishnu
Lalit, Lalitkishore,
Lalitkumar, Lalitmohan
Lambodar Lord Ganesh
Lankesh Ravana
Latafat elegance
Latif elegant
Lav, Luv son of Lord Rama
Lavana handsome
Lochan the eye
Lohitaksha Lord Vishnu
Lokajit conqueror of world
Lokesh Lord Brahma
Loknath Lord Vishnu
Lokranjan Lord Vishnu

Madan Cupid
Madanapal Lord of Love
Madangopal, Madhav Lord Krishna
Madhavdas servant of Lord Krishna
Madhu honey
Madhuk a honeybee
Madhukanta the moon
Madhukar honeybee
Madhumay consisting of honey
Madhup a honeybee
Madhur sweet
Madhusudan Lord Krishna
Madin delightful
Madur a bird
Magan engrossed
Magadh son of Yadu
Megha a star
Mahabahu Arjuna
Mahadev Lord Shiva
Mahaj a noblel descent
Mahaniya worthy of honour
Mahanth great
Mahanidhi a great treasure house
Maharath a great charioteer
Maharth very truthful
Mahavir a Jain prophet, also the super courageous one
Mahendra Lord Vishnu
Mahesh Lord Shiva
Maheshwar Lord Shiva
Mahijith conqueror of the earth
Mahin the earth
Mahindra, Mahipal,
a king
Mahir expert
Mahith honoured
Mahmud the Prophet of Islam
Mahtab the moon
Mainak a mountain a Himalayan peak
Makul a bud
Makur mirror
Malay a mountain
Manajith one who conquered the mind
Mannan meditate
Manas mind
Manasi born of the mind
Manasyu wishing, desiring
Manav man
Manavendra a king
Mandan adorning
Mandar a celestial tree
Mandeep light of the mind
Mandin delighting
Mandir temple
Mandith adorned
Mangal auspicious
Mangesh Lord Shiva
Manohar beautiful, captivating
Mani a jewel
Manibhushan supreme gem
Manik ruby
Manikandan another name for Lord Ayyappa
Manindra Lord of the mind!
Manish intellect
Manishankar Lord Shiva
Manith honoured
Mannath a vow to a deity
Mannith chosen
Manjeet conqueror of the mind
Manmatha Cupid
Manmohan pleasing
Manoj born of the mind
Manonith carried by the mind
Manoth born of the mind
Manoranjan, Mansukh pleasing
Manth thought
Manu original man
Manuj son of Manu
Manyu mind
Mardav softness
Markandeya a devotee of Lord Shiva
Martanda the sun
Marut the wind
Maruti Lord Hanuman
Mayanka the moon
Mayur peacock
Megh cloud
Meghashyam Lord Krishna
Mehboob beloved
Mehdi a flower
Mehmood the Prophet of Islam
Mehul rain
Mekhal girdle, belt
Meru famous mountain in Hindu mythology, high point
Mihir the sun
Milan, Milap union
Milind a bee
Milun union
Mirza a prince
Misal example
Mithilesh the king of Mithila, Janak, father of Sita
Mithun Gemini
Mitra friend, the sun
Mitul friend
Mohajit attractive
Mohak attractive
Mohal attractive
Mohamad the Prophet
Mohan Lord Krishna, attractive
Mohit attracted
Mohin facinating
Mohnish Lord Krishna
Mohul attractive
Moti, Motilal pearl
Moulik valuable
Mriganka the moon
Lord Shiva
Mrigendra, Mrigesh lion
Mrityunjay Lord Shiva
Mubarak congratulations
Mudita happy
Muhamad the Prophet
Mukesh Cupid
Muktananda liberated
Mukul bud
Mukunda Lord Krishna
Mukut crown
Mulkraj king
Mumtaz conspicuous
Muni sage
Murad prowess
Murari, Murarilal Lord Krishna
Murali flute
Lord Krishna
Musheer advice

Nabhanyu eternal
Nabhas sky
Nabarun morning sun
Nabendu new moon
Nabhi focus, the best
Nabhith fearless
Nabhya central
Nachiketa an ancient rishi, fire
Nadal fortunate
Nadin Lord of rivers
Nadir pinnacle
Nagarin Lord of a town
Nagarjun best among the snakes
Nagendra Seshnag
Nagesh Seshnag, Cosmic Serpent
Nahusha A mythological king
Nairit south-west
Naishadh King Nala, a hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha
Nakshatra star
Nakul name of one of the Pandavas
Nalin lotus
Nalinaksha lotus-eyed
Naman salutation
Namasyu bowing
Nambi self confident
Namdev Lord Vishnu
Nanak guru fo the Sikhs
Nand joyful
Nandan pleasing
Nandi the bull of Shiva; Lord Shiva
Nandin son, delightful
Naotau new
Narayan Lord Vishnu
Narahari Lord Vishnu
Narasimha an incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Narendra, Naresh king
Narinder the King
Narun leader of men
Natesh king
Nathan controller
Nathin protected
Natwar Lord Krishna
Naval wonder
Navalan orator
Naveen new
Navaneet butter
Navrang beautiful
Navroz a Parsee festival
Nayan eye
Nayath leading
Nedumaan prince
Nedumaran tall and handsome
Neel cloud, champion, passionate
Neeladri the Nilgiris
Neelambar blue sky
Neelanjan blue
Neelesh Lord Krishna, moon
Neelkanta Lord Shiva
Neelmadhav Lord Jagannath
Neelmani sapphire
Neelotpal blue lotus
Neeraf river
Neeraj Lotus, pearl
Nibodh knowledge
Nigam treasure
Nihal gratified
Nihar dew
Niket home
Nikhat fragrance
Nikhil entire
Nikhilesh lord of all
Nikunja grove of trees
Nilay home
Nimai Chaitanya
Nimish spilt-second
Ninad sound
Nipun expert
Nirad cloud
Niraj to illuminate
Nirajit illuminated
Niramay without blemish
Niranjan name of a river, Goddess Durga, the night of the full moon
Niral unique
Nirav quiet
Nirbhay fearless
Nirijhar waterful
Nirmal pure
Nirmalya pure
Nirmanyu free of anger
Nirmit created
Nirmohi unattached
Nirupam without comparison
Nirvan liberation
Nischal calm
Nischal pure
Nischith fixed
Nishanath moon
Nishad seventh note of the octave
Nishant dawn
Nishesh entire
Nishikanta the moon
Nishita sharp
Nishith night
Nishok happy
Nishkama selfless
Nissim unbounded
Nithik master of justice
Nithilan brilliant like a pearl
Nitin, Nitish master of the right path
Nityagopal constant
Nityananda Lord Krishna; always happy
Niyath behaviour
Nripa king
Nripesh king of kings

Oha meditation, true knowledge

Ohas praise
Ojas lustre
Om the sacred syllable
Omar an era
Omja born of cosmic unity
Omkar the sound of the sacred syllable
Omprakash light of God
Omrao, Umrao king
Omswaroop manifestation of divinity
Oppilmani purest of gems
Ori charitable king
Osman, Usman salve of God
Ottakoothan poet
Oviyan artist

Paavan purifier
Pachai, Pachaimani,
youthful, resourceful
Padman lotus
Padmanabha, Padmapati Lord Vishnu
Palak eyelash
Palani Abode of Lord Murugan
Palaniappan, Palanikumar,
another name for Lord Murugan
Palanisami, Palanivel
Palash a flowering
Palashkusum the flower of Palash
Palashranjan beautiful like a Palash
Pallav new leaves
Panchanan Lord Shiva
Pandhari Lord Vithobha
Panmoli speaks sweetly
Panduranga Lord Vithobha
Pankaj lotus
Panini the great scholar-grammarian
Pannalal emerald
Paravasu name of a sage
Parag pollen
Param the best
Paramananda superlative joy
Paramesh Lord Shiva
Parameshwar Alimightly Lord
Parakram strength
Paramhansa supreme soul
Paranjay Varun; Lord of the Sea
Parantapa conqueror; Arjuna
Paras touchstone
Parashar an ancient
Parasmani touchstone
Paresh supreme Lord
Pari charitable prince
Parijat a celestial flower
Parikshit name of an ancient king
Parimal fragrance
Parin another name for Lord Ganesha
Paritosh satisfaction
Parnad a Brahmin in the epics
Parashuram sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Partha Arjun
Parthapratim like Arjuna
Parvatinandan Lord Ganesh
Parvesh Lord of celebration
Pasupati Lord Shiva
Patakin holder of a banner
Patanjali famous Yoga philosopher
Pathik a traveller
Pathin traveller
Patralika new leaves
Pavak fire
Pavalan skilled in literature
Pavan breeze
Pavani Hanuman
Pavitra pure
Payas water
Payod cloud
Peeyush nectar
Perumal Lord Venkateshwara
Phanindra Sesh; the divine snake
Phenil foamy
Pinaki Lord Krishna
Pirmohammed the holy prophet
Pitambar Lord Vishnu
Piyush nectar
Ponnan precious
Poojan worship
Poojit worshipped
Poorna complete
Poornachandra full moon
Prabal coral
Prabhakar the sun
Prabhas lustrous
Prabhat morning
Prabhav effect
Prabodh consolation
Prabuddha awakened
Prachetas energy
Prachur abundant
Pradeep lamp
Pradosh dusk
Pradyot lustre
Pradyumna cupid
Pradyun radiant
Praful, Prafulla blooming
Pragun straight, honest
Prahlad joy
Prajesh Lord Brahma
Prajin, Prajit kind
Prakat mainfested
Prakash, Parkash light
Prakriti nature
Pralay Himalay
Pramod delight
Pran life
Pranav the sacred syllable, Om
Pranay love
Pranit modest
Pranjal simple
Pranjivan life
Pransukh joy of life
Prasad blessing
Prasanna happy
Prasenjit a king in the epics
Prasham peace
Prashanta calm
Prasiddhi accomplishment, fame
Prasun blossom
Pratap glory
Prateep king, Shantanu's father
Prateet manifested
Pratik symbol
Pratiti faith, undrstanding
Pratul plenty
Praval fierce, strong
Pravar most excellent
Praver chief
Praveen expert, experienced
Pravir brave
Prayag confluence
Premendra lover
Pritam beloved
Prithu a king from the epics
Prithvi earth
Prithviraj king of the earth
Priya beloved
Priyabrata devoted to pleasing
Pugal glory, fame
Pugalendhi glorious, admirable
Pujit worshipped
Pukhraj topaz
Pulak joy
Pulakesh joyous
Pulastya an ancient
Pulin beautiful
Pulish name of a sage
Pundalik, Pundarik lotus
Punit pure
Punyabrata dedicated to the good
Punyasloka sacred verse
Purandar Lord Indra
Puranjay Lord Shiva
Purnanada God
Purnendu full moon
Puru abundant, name of a king
Pururava the founder of Chandra dynasty
Purushottam Lord Vishnu
Pushkar Lotus, a lake
Pushpak mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu
Pyarelal, Pyaremohan Lord Krishna

Radhak liberal
Radhakanta Lord Krishna
Radhakrishna Radha and Lord Krishna
Radhatanaya son of Radha
Radhavallabh Lord Krishna-beloved of Radha
Radheshyam Lord Krishna
Radheya Karna
Rafat elevation
Raghav, Raghavendra Lord Rama
Raghu the family of Lord Rama
Raghunath, Raghunandan,
Lord Rama
Raghupati, Raghuvir
Rahas secret
Raheem, Rahman merciful
Rahul son of Lord Buddha
Raivath wealthy
Raj kingdom
Raja king
Rajak illuminating
Rajam Goddess Lakshmi
Rajan king
Rajanya kingly
Rajas Mastery, fame, pride
Rajat silver
Rajatshubhra white as silver
Rajdulari dear princess
Rajendra, Rajendramohan,
Rajesh, Rajendrakumar
Rajit decorated
Rajiv elephant
Rajanikanta moon
Rajarshi, Rajrishi king's sage
Rajyeshwar king
Rakesh the moon
Raksha the moon, protection
Rakshan protector
Ram Lord Rama; one who pleases
Ramakanta Lord Vishnu
Raman cupid
Ramanuja Lord Krishna
Ramashray Lord Vishnu; protected by Rama
Ramavatar reincarnation of Lord Rama
Ramchandra Lord Rama
Ramesh Lord Vishnu
Rameshwar Lord Shiva
Ramith loved
Ramkishore Lord Rama
Ramkrishna Lord Rama, Krishna
Ramkumar, Rammohan,
Ramnath, Ramprasad,
Lord Rama
Rampratap, Ramratan,
Randhir brave
Rangan a flower
Ranganath Lord Vishnu
Rangith well couloured
Ranjan entertaining
Ranajay, Ranajit, Ranajit victorious
Rasbihari, Rasesh Lord Krishna
Rasik connoisseur
Rasaraj mercury
Rashmil silken
Rasul angel
Ratan precious stone
Ratannabha Lord Vishnu
Rathin celestial
Rathik one who rides a chariot
Ratish cupid
Ratnakar ocean
Ratul sweet
Ravi sun
Ravinandan Karna
Ravindra sun
Ravishu cupid
Raza hope
Razak devotee
Rebanta a son of Surya
Rehman merciful
Rehmat mercy
Riddhiman possessed of good fortune
Rijul innocent
Ripudaman killer of enemies
Rishabh second note of octave
Rishi sage
Rishikesh Lord Vishnu
Rituraj spring
Rituparan joyous
Ritvik priest
Riyaz practice
Rizvan harbinger of good news
Rochak tasty
Rochan bright
Rohan ascending
Rohanlal Lord Krishna
Rohit red
Rohitasva son of King Harishchandra
Ronak embellishment
Roshan illumination
Ruchir beautiful
Rudra Lord Shiva
Rukma radiant, sun
Rupak beautiful
Rushil charming
Rustom warrior

Sabarinathan Lord Ayyapa

Sabhya refined
Sachet consciousness
Sacchidananda total bliss
Sachetan animated
Sachin Lord Indra
Sachit consciousness
Sadaiappan Lord Siva
Sandananda eternal bliss
Sadashiva eternally pure
Sadhan pocessing
Sadeepan lighted up
Sadiq kingly
Saeed priestly
Sagar ocean
Sagun possessed of qualities
Sahaj natural
Sahas bravery
Sahay help
Sahdev one of the Pandava princes
Sahib the lord
Sahil guide
Sainath Saibaba
Saipraasad blessing
Saipratap blessing of Saibaba
Sajal moist
Sajan beloved
Saket Lord Krishna
Salarjung beautiful
Saleem healthy
Salil water
Salim happy, peaceful
Salaman high
Samantha bordering
Samar war
Samarendra, Samarendu,
Lord Vishnu
Samarth powerful
Sammath agreed
Sambaran restraint; name of an ancient king
Sambhav Born, manifested
Sambit consciousness
Sambhddha wise
Samendra winner of war
Sameen valuable
Sameer, Samir, Samiran breeze
Sampat prosperous
Samudra ocean
Samudragupta a famous Gupta king
Samudrasen lord of the ocean
Samvath prosperous
Samyak enough
Sanabhi related
Sanam beloved
Sanat Lord Brahma
Sanatan eternal
Sanchay collection
Sanchit collected
Sandeepan a sage
Samgram host
Sangupt percectly hidden
Sanjan creator
Sanjay Dhritarashtra's charioteer
Sanjiv love, life
Sanjith perfectly victorious
Sanjivan immortality
Sankalpa resolve
Sankarshan a name of Balaram, brother of Lord Krishna
Sanket signal
Sanobar palm tree
Santosh contentment
Sanwariya Lord Krishna
Sanyog coincidence
Sapan dream
Saquib bright
Saral straight
Sarang name of a raga
Saras a bird, lake
Sarasija Lotus
Sarat a sage
Sarbajit one who has conquered everything
Sarfaraz head held high
Saroj Lotus
Sartaj Crown
Sarthak well done
Sarup beautiful
Sarvadaman son of Shakuntala-Bharat
Saravanan Lord Murugan
Sarvanavel Another name for Lord Murugan
Sarvesh lord of all
Sarwar promotion
Sashreek prosperous
Satindra Lord Vishnu
Satish victorious
Satrijit Father of Satyabhama, wife of Lord Krishna
Satyajit wedded to truth
Satyakam son of Jabala in the Mahabharata
Satyaki charioteer of Krishna
Satvamohan truthful
Satyanarayan Lord Krishna
Satyankar true, good
Satyaprakash light of truth
Satyapriya devoted to truth
Satyasheel truthful
Satyavan husband of Savitri; true
Satyavrata dedicated to truth
Satyendra lord of truth
Savanth employer
Savar Lord Shiva
Savitendra the sun
Sawan a Hindu month
Sayam evening
Sayed leader
Seemanta parting line of hair
Selvakumaran, Selvan prosperous
Senmal the best
Sendhil, SendhilNathan Lord Murugan
Sengannan visionary
Senthamarai Red Lotus
Sevak servant
Shaan pride
Shachin Lord Indra
Shadab fresh
Shaheen tender
Shahid patriot
Shailendra, Shattesh king of mountains
Shaistakhan polite
Shakib patience
Shaktidhar Lord Shiva
Shakyasinha Lord Buddha
Shambhu Lord Shiva
Shameek an ancient sage
Shami fire
Shamindra quiet, gentle
Shams fragrance
Shamshu, Shamshad beautiful
Shandar proud
Shankar Lord Shiva
Shankha conch
Shanmukha, Shanmuga Kartikeya, first son of Lord Shiva
Shantanu a king from the epic Mahabharata
Shantashil gentle
Shantimay peaceful
Shantinath lord of peace
Shantiprakash light of peace
Shantipriya peace-loving
Sharad, Sarat autumn
autumn moon
Sharan shelter
Sharang deer
Shardul tiger
Shariq intelligent
Shashanka the moon
Shashibhushan Lord Shiva
Shashidhar the moon
Shashikiran moon's rays
Shashishekhar Lord Shiva
Shatrunjay, Shatrughna,
Shatrujit victorious over enemies
Shaukat grand
Shaunak a great sage
Sheetal cool
Shekhar Lord Shiva
Shesh cosmic serpent
Shirshirchandra winter moon
Shevantilal a crysanthemum
Shikha flame
Shikhar peak
Shirish a flower, raintree
Shiromani superb jewel
Shishir winter
Shishirkumar the moon
Shishupal sone of Subhadra
Shiv, Shivendra Lord Shiva
Shivendu pure moon
Shivesh, Shivlal, Shivraj,
Lord Shiva
Shobhan splendid
Shoorsen brave
Shravan name of a Hindu month
Shravankumar a character from the epic Ramayana
Shrenik organised
Shreshta the best
Shreyas good
Shridhar Lord Vishnu
Shrigopal, Shrihari Lord Krishna
Shrikanta, Shrikumar beautiful
Shrikrishna Lord Krishna
Shrinath, Shrinivas,
Shripad, Shripal, Shripati,
Lord Vishnu
Shriranga, Shrish,
Shriram Lord Rama
Shriyans wealth
Shubha auspicious
Shubhang handsome
Shubhankar auspivious
Shubhashis blessing
Shubhendu luckly moon
Shubhranshu the moon
Shuddhashil well-born
Shyam, Shyamsundar Lord Krishna
Siddhanta principle
Siddhartha a name of Lord Buddha
Siddheshwar a goddess
Singaravelan Lord Murugan
Siraj lamp
Sitakanta Lord Rama
Sitanshu the moon
Sitikantha Lord Shiva
Sivakumaran Son of Lord Siva
Sivanta Lord Shiva
Smaran remembrance
Smarajit one who has conquered lust
Smyan smile
Smritiman unforgettable
Snehanshn affectionate
Snehin a friend
Sohail moon-glow
Soham 'Iam He'-the presence of divinity of each soul
Sohan charm
Sohil beautiful
Som, Soman, Somendra the moon
Somansh half moon
Someshwar, Somnath Lord Shiva
Sopan steps
Soumil a friend
Soumyakanti handsome
Sourabh fragrance
Souren of the sun
Sourish, Sragvibhushan Lord Vishnu
Srijan creation
Sual asked for
Subal a friend of Lord Krishna
Subash fragrance
Subbarao auspicious
Subhan aware
Subhash well-spoken
Subinay humble
Subramani Lord Murugan
Subrata devoted to what is right
Sudama Lord Krishna's friend
Sudarshan handsome
Sudeep bright
Sudesh country
Sudhakar the moon
Sudhamay full of nectar
Sudhan very rich
Sudhanshu the moon
Sudhi scholar
Sudhindra lord of knowledge
Sudhir great scholar, calm
Sudhith Kind
Sudip very bright
Sugata a name of the Buddha
Sugreev man with a beautiful neck
Suhail moon-glow
Suhas smiling beautifully
Suhrid, Suhrit well-disposed
Sujan Honest
Sujay Victory
Sujash illustrious
Sujit winner
Sukant, Sukanta handsome
Sukesh with beautiful
Suketu a Yaksha king
Sukhamay Pleasurable
Sukhdev giver of bliss
Sukrit good deed
Sukumar soft, meritorious
Sulekh beautifully written
Sulochan one with beautiful eyes
Sultan King
Suman Flower
Sumant, Sumanta Wise
Sumantra friend of King Dasarath
Sumedh Clever
Sumeet, Sumit a good friend
Sumitra good friend
Sunanda very pleasing
Sunasi Lord Indra
Sundar Handsome
Sundaravel Lord Murugan
Suneet of good principles; prudent
Sunil blue; sapphire
Sunirmal Pure
Suparna Leafy
Suprakash Manifested
Supratik Cupid
Supratim beautiful image
Supriya Beloved
Sur a musical note
Suraj the sun
Surajit God
Suranjan Pleasing
Suren, Suresh Lord Indra
Surdeep lamp of music
Surya, Suryabhan the sun
Suryakanta a jewel
Suryashankar Lord Shiva
Sushanta quiet
Sushil well-behaved
Sushobhan very beautiful
Sushrut well- heard
Sushruta son of sage Viswamitra
Sutej lustre
Sutejas very bight
Suvan the sun
Suvimal pure
Suyash illustrious
Swami master
Swaminath the Lord Almighty
Swapan dream
Swapnil dreamlike
Swaraj freedom
Swarup truth
Swayambhu Lord Shiva
Swetaketu an ancient sage
Syamantak a jewel of Lord Vishnu
Tahir holy
Taizeen encouragement
Taj crown
Tajdar corwned
Talat prayer
Talib divine
Talleen absorbed
Tamal a tree with very dark bark
Tamkinat pomp
Tamonash destroyer of ignorance
Tanay son
Tanmay absorbed
Tanuj son
Tanveer englightened
Tapan the sun
Tapas ascetic
Tapasendra Lord Shiva
Tapasranjan Lord Vishnu
Tapomay full of moral virtue
Tarak protector
Tarachand star
Tarakeshwar, Taraknath Lord Shiva
Taral honeybee
Taranga wave
Taraprashad star
Tarik one who crosses the river of life
Tariq morning star
Tarit lightning
Tarpan refreshing
Tarun young
Taruntapan morning sun
Tathagata the Buddha
Tausiq reinforcement
Teerthankar a Jain saint
Tejas luster, brilliance
Tejeshwar the sun
Tejomay glorious
Thakur leader, God
Thangabalu Golden
Thangadurai golden king
Thangamani Golden gen
Thangarajan golden king
Thangasami golden lord
Thangavel Lord Murugan, God
Thayanban devoted to ones mother
Theeran brave
Thenappan kind
Thevan Godly
Thinakaran brilliant like the sun, intelligent
Thirugnanam wise, knowledgeable, attained realization
Thirumal Lord Venkateshwara
Thirumalai Abode of Lord Venkateshwara, holy place
Thirumani precious gem
Thiruvalluvar Author of Tamil classic, Thirukural
Thooyavan pure, flawless
Tilak auspicious
Timir darkness
Timirbaran dark
Tirtha holy place
Titir a bird
Toshan satisfaction
Trailokva the three worlds
Trambak Lord Shiva
Tribhuvan the tree worlds
Tridib heaven
Trigun the three dimensions
Trilochan Lord Shiva
Trilok the three worlds
Trilokesh, Tripurari Lord Shiva
Trishanku a king of the Surya dynasty
Trishul Shiva's weapon
Trivikram Lord Vishnu
Tufan storm
Tuhin snow
Tuhinsurra white as snow
Tukaram a poet saint
Tula balance scale, zodiac sign Libra
Tulsidas a famous saint
Turanyu swift
Tushar snow
Tusharkanti Lord Shiva
Tusharsuvra white as snow
Tyagraja a famous poet

Udar generous
Uday appearance
Udayan rising; name of king of Avanti
Udayachal eastern horizon
Udayasooriyan rising sun
Uddhar liberation
Uddhav Lord Krishna's friend
Udit risen
Udyam effort
Udyan garden
Ujagar, Ujala, Ujwal,
Ulagan wordly
Ulagappan creator of the world
Ulhas happiness
Umanant, Umakant,
Lord Shiva
Umaprasad blessing of Goddess Parvati
Umashankar, Umesh Lord Shiva
Umed hope
Umrao noble
Unmaivilambi honest
Unmesh revelation
Unnat energized
Upagupta name of a Buddhist monk
Upamanyu name of a devoted pupil
Upendra Lord Vishnu
Urjita energized
Ushakanta the sun
Utanka a disciple of sage Veda
Utkarsha advancement
Utpal lotus
Uttam best
Uttar son of king Virata
Uttal strong, formidable
Uttiya a name in Buddhist literature
Utsav celebration

Vachan speech
Vaibhav riches
Vaijnath Lord Shiva
Vaikunth Vaikuntam, the abode of Lord Vishnu
Vajra Lord Krishna's greatgrandson; diamond
Vajradhar, Vajrapani Lord Indra
Valavan skillful
Vallabh beloved
Valmiki, Valmik the author of the epic Ramayana
Vaman fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Vanajit lord of the forest
Vardhaman Lord Mahavir
Varij lotus
Varindra lord of the ocean
Varun lord of the sea
Vasant spring
Vasistha name of a sage
Vasu divine, precious
Vasudev father of Lord Krishna
Vatsal affectionate
Ved a sacred text
Vedmohan Lord Krishna
Vedanga meaning of Vedas
Vedprakash light of the Vedas
Vedavrata vow of the Vedas
Veni Lord Krishna
Veera the brave
Viraj splendour
Velan another name for Lord Murugan
Vendan king
Vengai brave
Venimadhav Lord Krishna
Vetrival successful
Vibhas decoration, light
Vibhat dawn
Vibhishan a character from the epic Ramayana
Vibhu all-pervading
Vidur a friend of Lord Krishna
Vidyadhar learned
Vidyasagar ocean of learning
Vidyut lightning
Vighnesh, Vignesh Lord Ganesh
Vihanga bird
Vijay victor
Vijendra, Vijanyendra victorious
Vikas development
Vikesh the moon
Vikram bravery
Vikramaditya a famous king
Vikramajit a famous king
Vikranta brave
Vilas play
Vilok to see
Vilokan gaze
Vimal pure
Vinay modesty
Vinayak Lord Ganesh
Vineet unassuming
Vinesh godly
Vinod pleasing
Vipin forest
Viplab floating, revolution
Vipra a priest
Vipul plenty
Vir brave
Viral priceless
Virendra, Viresh brave lord
Vishal immense
Vishwambhar the lord
Vishesh special
Vishnu Lord Vishnu
Vishram rest
Vishwamitra a sage
Vishwanath the lord
Vishwesh the lord Almighty
Vismay surprise
Viswas trust
Vithala, Vitthal Lord Vishnu
Vivekananda joy of discrimination
Vrajakishore, Vrajesh,
Lord Krishna
Vrajamohan, Vrajanadan
Vrishin peacock
Vyasa the author of Mahabharata

Yadav Lord Krishna, descedent of Yadu

Yadavendra, Yadunandan,
Yadunath, Yaduraj, Lord Krishna
Yagna ceremonial rites to God
Yahyaa Prophet's name
Yajat Lord Shiva
Yajnadhar, Yajnesh Lord Vishnu
Yajnarup Lord Krishna
Yogendra god of Yoga
Yamajith another name for Shiva
Yash victory, glory
Yashodhara one who has achieved fame
Yashodhan rich in fame
Yashwant one who has achieved glory
Yashpal protector of fame
Yatin god of Yoga
Yatindra Lord Indra
Yayin lord Shiva
Yoganand delighted with meditation
Yogesh ascetic
Yogendra god of Yoga
Yoonus prophets name
Yoosuf prophets name
Yudhajit victor in war
Yugma twins, zodiac sign of Gemini
Yukta attentive, skillful
Yuvaraj prince, heir apparent
Yudhisthir firm in battle
Yuyutsu eager to fight