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Certified Cloud Technology Professional A Certified Cloud Technology Professional has demonstrated proficiency in the concepts, IT resources, and

implementation mechanisms used to assemble and evolve cloud platforms via common utilization models, such as Software-as-aService (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). An understanding of fundamental cloud computing concepts and terminology are second nature to the Cloud Technology Professional, as well as the advantages, disadvantages, and general implications of using and combining common cloud computing mechanisms and cloud security mechanisms. Further, the Cloud Technology Professional must possess the ability to associate cloud computing mechanisms to the realization of specific characteristics, benefits, and goals assigned to cloud environments and cloud-based solutions. Conversely, the Cloud Technology Professional needs to be able to identify the common threats and challenges to cloud services and supporting IT resources, in order to leverage cloud security mechanisms and when necessary, moderate the use of cloud computing mechanisms. To achieve this certification, the following exams must be completed with a passing grade: Exam C90.01: Fundamental Cloud Computing Exam C90.02: Cloud Technology Concepts Exam C90.03: Cloud Technology Lab

Note that the Cloud Technology Professional designation is based on vendor-neutral coverage of cloud technologies, cloud computing technology considerations, and related topics. Although vendor-specific examples of some discussed technologies are provided, none of the required exams, nor the attainment of the certification, requires any knowledge or expertise in vendorspecific products. The purpose of this certification is to instill proven understanding and capabilities of common, foundational cloud computing technology concepts, mechanisms, and considerations. This knowledge establishes a sound foundation that can be further built upon with vendor-specific training and experience. Note also that all certification requirements and course contents are reviewed and revised quarterly to stay in alignment with industry developments.

Microsoft Cloud Services: Training and Certification

Get ready for cloud technology: learn about our new Microsoft training and certifications
Business is moving to the cloud. According to IDC predictions for 2011: "80% of new software will be available as cloud services; by 2014, over one-third of software purchases will be delivered through the cloud." IDC Predictions 2011* To keep pace with their customers and employers, most IT professionals and developers will need to have additional skills. If you are ready for the challenge, Microsoft is ready to help.

Cloud Computing: What IT Professionals Need to Know Explore the advantages of moving to the cloud, and learn more about the delta skill sets that IT pros will want to acquire.

Download the Cloud Computing white paper (Microsoft Word file, 101 KB)

Microsoft cloud services: training and certification Cloud technology creates new opportunities and job roles, but it also impacts current ones. We recommend that you start by building skills that apply to both on-premise computing and cloud computing. If you already have on-premise skills, you can enhance your skill set to include cloud computing. Consult the following tables for guidance on where to get started.

Platform as a service Infrastructure as a service Software as a service

Platform as a service
Goal Certification paths MCPD: Web Developer 4 Earning the MCPD: Web Developer 4 certification will help you gain core web development skills and better prepare you to develop for the cloud. You are not required to pursue the MCPD: Windows Azure Developer certification. Or MCPD: Windows Developer 4 Earning the MCPD: Windows Developer 4 certification will help you gain core Windows development skills and better prepare you to develop applications by using cloud technology. You are not required to pursue the MCPD: Windows Azure Developer certification. Exam 70511 Exam 70Microsoft 513 Visual Exam 70Studio 516 Exam 70518 Exam 70513 Exam 70- Windows 516 Azure Exam 70583 Certification Required Get availability exams training Exam 70513 Exam 70Microsoft Available 515 Visual now Exam 70Studio 516 Exam 70519

Build your skills

Available now

MCPD: Windows Azure Developer Show employers and clients that you are ready to support the move to cloud services by earning the Obtain MCPD: Windows Azure Developer certification. Available new This certification helps validate your ability to now skills design, build, and deploy cloud-based applications that will be hosted on the Windows Azure platform.

Infrastructure as a service
Goal Certification Required Get training availability exams Exam 70MCITP: Server Administrator Earning the MCITP: Server Administrator 640 certification will help you gain core Windows Available Exam 70- Windows Server skills and better prepare you to support now 642 Server a cloud infrastructure. It is not required that Exam 70you pursue the MCITP: Virtualization 646 Certification paths

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Certification paths Administrator certification.

Certification Required Get training availability exams Exam 70669 Exam 70693 plus Microsoft either Virtualization Exam 70659 or Exam 70652

MCITP: Virtualization Administrator Get ready for "private cloud" by earning your MCITP: Virtualization Administrator Obtain certification. This certification helps validate Available new your knowledge and skills in designing and now skills deploying virtualization solutions when using Windows Server 2008 R2 in an enterprise organization. MCTS: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, Configuring System Center solutions help IT professionals Obtain manage the physical and virtual IT Available new environments across data centers, client now skills computers, and devices. This certification helps validate key skills to build a "private cloud."

Exam 70System Center 400

Software as a service
Goal Certification paths Certification availability Required exams Get training

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MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010 Demonstrate your professional messaging Available now expertise by earning the MCITP: Enterprise (and recently Messaging Administrator certification. updated) Updates that include cloud-related skills are now available. Or MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 20101 Demonstrate your Microsoft SharePoint Available now 2010 administration skills. Updates will include cloud-related skills. Or 2 Dynamics CRM 2011 certifications New certifications cover relevant skills for Available now both cloud and on-premise implementations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Exam 70Microsoft 662 Exchange Exam 70Server 663

Exam 70667 Microsoft Exam 70- SharePoint 668 Visit: Microsoft Customer Dynamics support CRM site


Certification paths

Certification availability

Certifications include Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Applications, and Microsoft Dynamics 2011: Customization and Configuration. MCITP: Lync Server 2010 Administrator Exam 70This certification helps show that you have 664 Obtain the skills to deploy and configure Microsoft Available now and Lync Server new Lync Server 2010, an integral part of the Exam 70skills Microsoft software as a service offering, 665 called Microsoft Office 365. 1 This certification will be updated to include cloud-related skills in the next year. 2 These certifications are only accessible to Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and partners. Recertification requirements for Windows Azure developers Windows Azure is a frequently updated platform for Microsoft cloud services. The skills required of Windows Azure developers will evolve more rapidly than the skills required for IT professionals working on non-cloud-based technologies. So that we can ensure hiring managers that developers who hold the MCPD: Windows Azure Developer certification have kept pace with the evolution of Windows Azure skills, we require developers who hold this certification to recertify every two years. Through recertification, we can maintain the value of the certification as Microsoft cloud services mature over time. More information about this recertification requirement will be provided at a later time. Find out more about the Microsoft cloud services

Required exams or Partner site

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Get updates about new training and certification on Microsoft cloud services Over the next year, we will introduce new certifications related to Microsoft cloud services and update many of our current certifications to include skills related to cloud technology. Subscribe to the Born to Learn blog to stay current on Microsoft cloud services, and learn about the new Microsoft Learning courses, books, and e-learning as they become available.

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Microsoft cloud services help you run your business applications and infrastructure services with freedom, agility, and flexibility. Microsoft products include offerings for the three cloud service types: software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service.

Make the most of the cloud computing opportunity with Microsoft Virtual Academy Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) is a fully cloud-based learning experience that focuses on Microsoft cloud technologies. You can access a variety of training content online and become one of the renowned experts in the IT pro community around the world. Learning through MVA is free of charge, and you can study the contents at any time and at your own pace. *IDC Predictions 2011: Welcome to the New Mainstream, December 2010, Doc. #225878.