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uecember 11 2011

1hlrd Sunday of AdvenL

Peop/e in 5i/ent Meditotion
Liqhtinq of the cond/e ond Openinq of the 8ib/e on the 4/tor

Greet|ngs uMP 202
Angels announce wlLh shouLs of mlrLh hlm who brlngs new llfe Lo earLh SeL every peak and valley
hummlng wlLh Lhe word Lhe Lord ls comlng

Cpen|ng nymn nAkk! 1nL nLkALD ANGLLS SING uMP 240
Park! Lhe herald angels slng Clory Lo Lhe new born klng
peace on earLh and mercy mlld Cod and slnners reconclled!
!oyful all ye naLlons rlse [oln Lhe Lrlumph of Lhe skles
wlLh Lh angellc hosL proclalm ChrlsL ls born ln 8eLhlehem!
Park! Lhe herald angels slng Clory Lo Lhe new born klng!

ChrlsL by hlghesL heaven adored ChrlsL Lhe everlasLlng Lord
laLe ln Llme behold hlm come offsprlng of a vlrglns womb
velled ln flesh Lhe Codhead see hall Lh lncarnaLe uelLy
pleased wlLh us ln flesh Lo dwell !esus our Lmmanuel
Park! Lhe herald angels slng Clory Lo Lhe new born klng!

Pall Lhe heavenborn rlnce of eace! Pall Lhe Sun of 8lghLeousness!
LlghL and llfe Lo all he brlngs rlsen wlLh heallng ln hls wlngs
Mlld he lays hls glory by born LhaL we no more may dle
born Lo ralse us from Lhe earLh born Lo glve us second blrLh
Park! Lhe herald angels slng Clory Lo Lhe new born klng!

Cpen|ng rayer WSL 1 (AdopLed) unlson
C Cod we are challenged Lo be paLlenL durlng Lhese days of AdvenL ?eL we flnd ourselves growlng less
paLlenL as we walL ln slow reLall llnes mange our overfllled calendars wrap glfLs and do shopplng and
home decoraLlng lnLo laLenlghL hours 8e paLlenL? ?es be paLlenL ln Lhls worshlpful momenL
sLrengLhen our hearLs cenLer our mlnds and quleL our bodles for your comlng ls near We pray as your
beloved ones Amen

L|ght|ng of the 1h|rd Cand|e of Advent kCCLAIM
8e[olce greaLly ln Lhe Lord roclalm Cod's greaLness everywhere lor Cod loves [usLlce and haLes
wrongdolng Cod blnds up Lhe brokenhearLed and comforLs Lhose who despalr
I w||| great|y re[o|ce |n the Lord my who|e be|ng sha|| exu|t |n my God
roclalm llberLy Lo Lhe capLlves and release Lo Lhe prlsoners roclalm comforL Lo Lhose who mourn
I w||| great|y re[o|ce |n the Lord my who|e be|ng sha|| exu|t |n my God
roclalm Lhe year of Lhe Lord's favor Cod's rlghLeousness for Lhe poor Lhe ouLcasL and Lhe vulnerable
I w||| great|y re[o|ce |n the Lord my who|e be|ng sha|| exu|t |n my God
roclalm Lhe comlng of hope ln a Llny baby Lhe blrLh of rlghLeousness and peace for all naLlons
I w||| great|y re[o|ce |n the Lord my who|e be|ng sha|| exu|t |n my God
SplrlL of Cod anolnL us as messengers of your good news Lo all people As we llghL Lhls Lhlrd candle of
AdvenL us proclalm Lhe promlsed comlng of ChrlsL's rlghLeousness Lhrough !esus ChrlsL
I w||| great|y re[o|ce |n the Lord my who|e be|ng sha|| exu|t |n my God
(8etb A klcbotJsoo 2011 Allve Now Novembet/uecembet uppet koom Nosbvllle 1eooessee)

kespoose lo 5ooq L|ft Up our neads e M|ghty Gates uMP 213
LlfL up your heads ye mlghLy gaLes
behold Lhe klng of glory walLs
Lhe klng of klngs ls drawlng near
Lhe Savlor of Lhe world ls here!

rayer of I||um|nat|on WSL 74 unlson
Cod Lhe more we know you Lhe more lL ls LhaL [oy dances ln our souls
So as we open Lhe pages of our famlly's hlsLory show yourself lnLo lLs words
Whlsper your love lnLo our ears uraw us lnLo Lhe embrace of your arms
LeL our hearLs beaL a llLLle fasLer as we hear Lhe sound of your volce so near Amen

kead|ng of the Scr|ptures 8evlsed Common LecLlonary ?ear 8
Cld 1esLamenL lsalah 6114 811
salm salm 126 (uMP 847)
LplsLle 1 1hessalonlans 31624
Cospel !ohn 168 1928

nymn kesponse LCkD SLAk 1C ML uMP 463
(ocb stoozo moy be sooq oftet evety teoJloq)
Lord speak Lo me LhaL l may speak
ln llvlng echoes of 1hy Lone
As 1hou has soughL so leL me seek
1hlne errlng chlldren losL and lone

C lead me Lord LhaL l may lead
1he wanderlng and Lhe waverlng feeL
C feed me Lord LhaL l may feed
1hy hungerlng ones wlLh manna sweeL

C sLrengLhen me LhaL whlle l sLand
llrm on Lhe rock and sLrong ln 1hee
l may sLreLch ouL a lovlng hand
1o wresLlers wlLh Lhe Lroubled sea

C Leach me Lord LhaL l may Leach
1he preclous Lhlngs 1hou dosL lmparL
And wlng my words LhaL Lhey may reach
1he hldden depLhs of many a hearL

Message 1hrough Song
Message of L|fe]Sermon
Covenant rayer uMP 607
l am no longer my own buL Lhlne
uL me Lo whaL Lhou wllL rank me wlLh whom Lhou wllL
puL me Lo dolng puL me Lo sufferlng
leL me be employed by Lhee or lald aslde for Lhee
exalLed for Lhee or broughL low for Lhee
leL me be full leL me be empLy
leL me have all Lhlngs leL me have noLhlng
l freely and hearLlly yleld all Lhlngs Lo Lhy pleasure and dlsposal
And now glorlous and blessed Cod laLher Son and Poly SplrlL
Lhou are mlne and l am Lhlne So be lL
And Lhe covenanL now made on earLh leL lL be raLlfled ln heaven

astora| rayer
1he ass|ng of eace

Ca|| to Cffer|ng
Cffertory rayer unlson
Gracious God, we offer you thanks and praise for this season of anticipation, this season of
Advent. As we prepare for the birth of your son, we share our tithes and offerings with the joy
and excitement that is common as one anticipates the birth of a new child. Bless these gifts in
your Holy Name. Amen. (Copyright General Board of Discipleship. Used by

1hanksg|v|ng nymn GCD ALMIGn1 WL AkL WAI1ING WSL 3047
(1ooe come 1boo looq xpecteJ Iesos)
Cod AlmlghLy we are walLlng for a savlor Lo appear
MeeL us ln our deserL [ourney glve a slgn LhaL you are near
burnlng bushes parLed waLers food aplenLy ln Lhe wlld
As we look for slgns and wonders help us see you ln a chlld

Cod lncarnaLe we are walLlng for Lhe feasL day of your blrLh
Looklng back and looklng forward Lo Lhe ChrlsL's reLurn Lo earLh
Pelp us Lo proclalm Lhe gospel 'Lll Lhe world ls reconclled
LeL us seL your holy Lable for each woman man and chlld

Cod Lhe SplrlL we are walLlng for your presence here and now
Pumbled by our slnful weakness aL your mercy we wlll bow
Search our hearLs and make us ready speak ln language sLrong and mlld
help each one of us your people Lo recelve you llke a chlld

1hanksg|v|ng rayer
1he Lord's rayer
1he Lord haLes ln[usLlce
We go to do [ust|ce
Cod haLes robbery and wrongdolng
We go to do a|| the good we can
Co Lo love and serve
8ebulld where Lhere has been desLrucLlon
8rlng [oy and gladness where Lhere has been mournlng
8e[olce always ln Lhe power of Lhe SplrlL
May Lhe love of Cod Lhe grace of Lhe Lord !esus ChrlsL and communlon of Lhe Poly SplrlL be wlLh you
now and evermore Amen
(Copyright General Board of Discipleship. Used by permission.)


uMP unlLed MeLhodlsL Pymnal
uM8CW unlLed MeLhodlsL 8ook of Worshlp
WSL Worshlp and Song Leader's LdlLlon
1lWS 1he lalLh We Slng