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Strike Fighters 2 Installation Notes

Strike Fighters 2 Installation Notes

Installation Notes:
All the games in Strike Fighters 2 series (Strike Fighters 2, Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, Strike Fighters 2 Europe, etc) will install into the same folder merged by default. If you're installing more than one title, you must install them in the order they were released: 1. Strike Fighters 2 2. Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam 3. Strike Fighters 2 Europe 4. Strike Fighters 2 Israel 5. Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 1 6. Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 2 If you have a newer title already installed and wish to install an older title (for example, installing Strike Fighters 2 when you have Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam already installed), you must uninstall all the games first and then re-install them in correct order.

Un-installation Notes:
You should generally uninstall games in reverse order they were installed, ie, uninstall Strike Fighters 2 Europe first, then Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, then Strike Fighters 2 last. Uninstalling the Strike Fighters 2 will delete the merged folder and all the files for others in the series as well, so this should be uninstalled last.

Patching / Update Notes:

When you have more than one Strike Fighters 2 games installed merged, you only need to apply the patch for the latest game installed. Patches for other games do not need to be applied. For example, merged install of Strike Fighters 2 plus Strike Fighters 2 Europe should use only the Strike Fighters 2 Europe patch and not the Strike Fighters 2 patch. Not all Strike Fighters 2 installs will require patching. Web-based setup files are sometimes updated to include the latest patches. Please check the version date on the lower right corner of the main screen to see if your game requires patching. If you're merging games, you do not need to apply any patches before merging. The newer game will update the older games to the latest standard.

Saved Game Folder Notes:

Strike Fighters 2 saves out all customization files (options file, controls file, pilot data, campaign saved data, and any screenshots taken) into "Saved Game" folder. Exact location of the Saved Game folder depends on your Windows version: On Windows 7 and Windows Vista, Saved Game folder (for Strike Fighters 2) is
C:\Users\*username*\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2

You can also go to the saved game folder by right clicking on the game icon in Games Explorer and selecting


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Strike Fighters 2 Installation Notes

"goto Saved Game folder". On Windows XP, Saved Game folder is

My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2

You can also go to the saved game folder by its full path
C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2

Each game will have its own Saved Game folder, "StrikeFighters2" folder is for Strike Fighters 2, "StrikeFighters2 Vietnam" folder for Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, etc. The Saved Game folder is created when the game is first run, and not by the installer. Some contents of Saved Game folder are also updated when you run the game first time after applying a patch. The Saved Game folder is not deleted by the uninstaller. To do a full, clean and fresh "re-install", you may need to delete the Saved Game folder to remove any mods installed there. If, for whatever reason, you need the aircraft lsit "rebuilt", you can delete the file Options.INI from Saved Game folder, and it'll rebuild the list next time you run the game. You may need to do this if you find you're missing some airplane after patching or installing games.

Modding Notes:
Strike Fighters 2 series do not look for mods in the program folder where the games are installed. They instead look for mods in Saved Game folders, so all mods should be installed into the Saved Game folder. Some mods may require additional sub-folders within the Saved Game folder (for example, Terrains folder, or Objects\Weapons sub-folder). Any such folder not created by default can be manually created by simply right clicking on an empty place to bring up Windows menu, select New, then Folder. By default, all games use separate Saved Game folders, so mods are also kept separate for each game by default. If you wish to have mods folder also merged, you can edit the Options.INI, [Mods] section, Directory= line. Options.INI (and only this file) must remain in the default Saved Game folder.


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