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1WhaL ls dlfference beLween C C++ ?

2WhaL ls daLa encapsulaLlonlnformaLlon hldlng polymorphlsnconsLrucLorsdesLrucLors?

3Where do you rank yourself ln C(ouL of 3)?
4Lxplaln ln Lhree llnes polnLers Lo me?
3ls Lhere anyLhlng slmllar beLween C C++ wlLh reference Lo daLa hldlng?
6WhaL ls funcLlon overloadlng and funcLlon overrldlng?
7WhaL ls a llnk llsL? Pow many Lypes of llnk llsL are Lhere and whaL ls Lhe dlfference beLween Lhem?

waL ls a Lhread?
1ech WaL ls a process?
Me A programme ln execuLlon ls a process(4 runs)
WaLs dlff beLween parallel processlng and chaln processlng?
WaL ls da role of CS durlng 8ooLlng?
WaL ls a kernel?
WaL ls a funcLlon?
WaL header flle do u use Lo geL graphlcs ln C
Pow do u creaLe a header flle
ulfference beLween C and C++
WaL header flle do u use flrsL ln C++?
lnsLead of headers waL do u use ln !ava?
Me packages ( a real long 1ech lslnL lL? )
dlff b/w maloc and caloc ?
Switch advantages?
Inline Iunction??
Exception handling?
DiiI b/w c and java?
DiII b/w 8086 and 8088?
Lell me someLhlng abouL mlcroprocessor?
lv)sLack queue
v)llnked llsL
wL ls dlff beLween sLrucLure and arry or unlon ?
ls array plonLer?
wL ls mean by u
lf a new Lask ls glven how wlll u do lL
3how wlll u conLrol Lhe Lrafflc uslng auLomaLlon for real Llme
4dlff beL C and C++
3whaL do u know abouL daLa sLrucLuresappllcaLlonand funcLlons
6belng LCL engg y do u choose sofLware felld
Lypes of Lopologles
dlff bw mlcroprocessors and conLroller
dlff beLween deflnlng and declarlng a varlable ln C
waL r Lhe sLages ln a sofLware llfe cycle
2waL ls sllce Llme
3does Lhe sllce Llme change
4Cn waL basls
4ulf b/w SysLem s/w appln s/w
3named a few s/w and Lold Lo ldenLlfy Lhem and y
6WaL ls a Lree
7Lxplaln 8lnary Lree
8waL ls Lhe baslc rule of blnary Lree
9Lxplaln Llnked LlsL
10Lxplaln SLack Cueue
uLllnL C8LA1lvl1? ln SlMLL LnCLlSP WC8uS
WP1 lS An A88A?PCW l1 lS ulll l8M LlnkLu LlS1
Sl8WP1 lS 8LCu8SlCn ??
WCP SC81lnC 1LCPnlCuL lS MCS1L? uSLu ???
nAML 1PL ll8S1 8CCLSSSC8???
prlnLf((prlnLf(da))ls lL correcL ???? wlll lL execuLe ???
whaL ls Lls symbol ????
Sl8 CAn l knCW 1PL AnSWL8 lC8 8ln1l(d11)
O Graphics:Painters algorithm is used Ior...........
O Graphics:Why is 'Lighting' operations done on World Coordinates?
O Graphics:One more question
O Some question on C External Variables.
O How can you call a Iunction written in FORTRAN Irom a C program ?
O Normal question on pointer addition
O Another question on pointer adition
O A question on 64 bit OS's and Virtual Memory it will be having
O Another question on 64 bit OS
O A structure was given and it contained normal data as well as some bit-wise data.You had to
Iind the total size taken up by the structure
O A big code with lots oI pointers. There was a struct which contained 2 arrays. Then an array oI
that structure was declared. The code used these structures and you had to Iind the values oI a
variable 'j' at various points inside the code
O A code which had some declarations oI some data items. There were a couple oI normal data
items(char,int..) and some pointers as well and a malloc call. You have to Iind the total memory
taken up in the stack(Hint:Pointers and all are allocated in heap, not in stack, so dont count
them).Also in most oI these questions, they were speciIying that the OS was 32 bit
O A question on nesting oI pointers. There was this pointer to a Iunction which returned an array
oI char pointers.....You had to give the exact deIinition oI the Iunction
O Value oI 2 particular variables in C(MAXINT and some other constant)
O What do you need to do to open more than 10 Iiles simultaneously in MicrosoIt Operating
System? -change stdio.h/change CONFIG.SYS/compiler dependent
O A question on Macro( consisted oI something like CTRL&037)
O Another question on Macro expansion
O Yet another question on Macro expansion
O UNIX question on 'who' output and then doing some other operation and then asking you
whats the output.
O UNIX question on 'awd' operation.
1. Which type oI movies do you like?
2. Tell me about your educational background?
3. How can I reach your Residence, because I don't the place where you are residing
at chennai?
4. What is your ambition?
5. Then he asked some questions Irom Microprocessors?
6. What is a JMP command, MOV command?
7. How many registers are there in 8086?
8. What is a Accumulator?
9. What is the speciality oI Accumulator?
10. What is JC and JNC?
11. What is AD Convertor (Analog-to-Digital) and How it works?
12. What is lower-level programming and Higher-level programming?
13. Why Microprocessor is called as Lower-level programming?
14. What are all the advantages oI using Higher-level programming?
15. Is Microprocessors 8086 32-bi t or 16-bit?
16. Today's Economic Times contains how many pages?( Since I mentioned
Economic Times in the Iorm provided by SYNTEL at the Interview)
17. What is the color oI Economic Times?
18. In what level do you represented in "Badminton"? (Since I mentioned Badminton
at the Sports / games column in the Iorm)
19. Is there any questions Ior you to ask,
whaL r polnLers
dlfferenL daLa sLrucLures ln c
Lhen he asked me my sub[ecLs ln 6Lh sem compuLer neLworks was one of Lhem so he asked me use
of daLa llnk layer
osl model layers
lease may l geL ln slr
slr yes please
slr good afLernoon valbhav
me good afLernoon slr
Slr Lell me abouL ur self
me l have Lold each and every Lhlng abouL me (when l Lold l m a unlverslLy Lopper he lmpressed)
Slr suppose u r on mars and u wanL Lo send ur leLLer Lo ur Collegeso whaL wlll be Lhe posLal add
me kdk college of enggnandanwannagpur maharashLralndlaaslaearLh(galaxy)
slr lmpressed (hmm)
Slr do u know any Lhlng abouL daLa sLrucLure
me yes slr
Lell Lhe deflnlLlon of daLa sLu
me Lold(perfecLly)
Slr can u wrlLe a program for llnk llsL
Me ya why noL
mewrrlLen Lhe program for llnk llsL(creaLlon)
slr wonderful
Slr why do we requlre Lhe daLa sLruc?
Me Lold hlm (by glvlng Lhe example of llnk llsL (LxLenslon of program can be posslble aL run Llme)
Slr good
Slr can u wrlLe a program for llbonaccl serles
Me why noL slr
Me wrlLLen Lhe program successfully
Slr lmpressed uo u know Lhe perfecL deflnlLlon of CC (ob[ecL orlenLed programmlng)
Me sorry slr l don'L know
Slr lL's ok
Slr can u Lell me Lhe feaLure
Me Lold every one
Slr why do we requlre Lhe header flle
Me cozlL conLaln Lhe proLoLype of funcLlon whlchever used ln progllke couL cln
Slr Cood
Slr can u creaLe ur own header flle
me yes slr(Lold hlm)
Slr ok nlce Lo meeL u valbhav (smlle)u can go now
iII b/w main mem n auxiliary mem
9)what search engines do u use
10)are u aware oI any new innovations in soItware Iield
wat do u mean by demand paging?
wat r the key Iunctions oI these osi layers?
wat is current version oI oracle?
lease wrlLe a slmple program of [ava?
C WhaL are Access modlflres?Lxplaln?
C WhaL ls LxcepLlon Pandllng?WhaL r dlffrerenL Lype of excepLlons?Pow many Lypes of excepLlons r
C WrlLe a program of excepLlon handllng?
C WhaL ls ArraylndexCuLof8ound LxcepLlonnullolnLer excepLlon?
C WhaL ls mulLlLhreadlng? explaln wlLh an example?
dlff beL c c++
oops concepLs
prog llke even nd prlme no
armsLrong no eLc
very easy ones
she : What r ur hobbies ?
me : Told .
she : Asked me speciIic documents one by one.
me : I handed over them exactly in the same order one by one as soon as she asked Ior. she got
I was told 2 wait outside. the technical round started in abt 10 min. I wnt in & shooke hand he
was startled.
asked me wat was I good at.
I answered C & DS.
he asked me in deep abt DS & jus the basics oI C.
asked me abt header Iiles.. I explained him all abt it in detail he got impressed. and gave some
problem which had a user deIined header Iile.
I answered & he got conIused.
I explained Irm strach line by line.
he asked me 2 chnage the value oI a variable without using assignment operator.
I took a little time & took an array & mixed pointers.. and changed the base address oI the array.
he was damn damn impressed, while during all this process I used the assignment operator Iour
More than the answer thy look at ur approach.
he asked me abt printI Iunction unions & structures, stacks..
Q1.., what do u know about syntel?
A1.. (as I really din`t knew) I said conIidently and in a straight way tht 'I really don`t know
about syntel
He was amazed and said tht ' you are appearing Ior interview and u don`t know abt company '.
And then I told him about my busy schedule(as I was doing summer training in iit kanpur ) .
then he moved through my Iorm(which they gave us aIter declaration oI result) and cv and as I
mentioned c, paper presentation, summertraining project etc

Q2. tell me abt ur selI.
A2 .blab la ( explore ur selI and tell them about ur positive points and achievement)
Q3. he said me to write a simple c program oI 'swap two number without using third variable
A3 . this was an easy one
Q4. then questions on c .he asked me datatypes , libraries, uses oI libraries etc..
Q5 (as I mentioned paper presentation in my Iorm and cv) he asked me to explain my paper .( be
sure Ior whtever u write in ur resume)
Q6. then he moved to my summertraining project and said me to tell him abt project and wht
technologies I have used.
Q7. as I was working on shell programming by listening this (he was impressed)
And thrown some question on shell programming
Like , how many types oI shell are thr, And command in shell programming ? he moved to datastructure
And asked about linked list
And bubble sort.
Q9.. Then he asked me to explain soItware liIe cycle.
Q10. Iinally he said me to ask any question to him( at last I got chance to ask a question to him
In this question I asked hoe to inhace my expressing power( as I was quite conIident but was
lacking while explaining in a proper way)
my Lurn came around 8 pm n was abouL 2030 mln long
1) dlff b/w reLurn by value n reference
2) baud raLeosl levels
3) slnce my lnLeresL was ln neL l was shooLed ques on proxyllnksblog eLc eLc
4) l was offered a very slmple puzzle buL was unable Lo solve lL
3) how many placemenLs have you appered lnLo?
6)whaL can synLel expecL from you ?
1)whaL ls a polnLer
2)whaL ls an array
3)can you wrlLe a program uslng boLh
4)can you wrlLe a sLrucLure for double llnked llsL
3)whaL ls Lhe dlfference b/w sLrucLure and a collecLlon
The written test very simple 25 questions oI aptitude and cut oII is 13 strictly and verbal 15
questions 8 is the cutoII strictly. out oI which the Iirst 10 are very tough
(1-5) six sentences are given arrange them in order and question will be like this
Q)which will be the third sentence in paragraph
a) A b)C c)E d)F e)B
(6-10) Iour types oI lengthy sentences are given and you have to decide which is
1)assertion 2)Supporting Statement 3)Contradictory Statement 4)not related to the topic
This is very conIusing and time consuming.
(11-25) are very easy iI you answer them careIully you will get 15 out oI 15 and it will take les
than 10 minutes
Q)In a certain code TELEPHONE is written as ENOHPELET then how do you write
FRESHERSWORLD like as my experience is considered better to leave 1-10 answer
the remaining 15 you can answer correctly.
When yu come to verbal part there were 4 analogies which are simple iI you thorougly prepare
R.S.Agarwal(verbal &non-verbal Reasoning) you will answer them Iour correctly. So,it is very
easy to pass the written test.
hrabouL malloccalloc
hrsLorage classes
hr program 4r calculaLlng Lhe day when daLe ls glven
meexplalned Lhe loglc
hr he sald l would llke 2 ask more qs 4r u buL l am vexed
11ell me someLhlng abouL yourself?
uo prepare Lhls quesLlon properly coz Lhey wlll ask u quesLlon based on LhaL Lhey never Lake your
2SLand up and go o sLage n glve a presenLaLlon on whaL u know abouL synLel for 3 mln?
l was sLunned for a momenL yaar buL home how l manage n was confldenL Lo whaL l sald buL frlend lL
was done only
wlLh me)
31ell me fasL abouL your from 10Lh Lo 3Lh Sem ?
Pere Lhey see your presence of mlnd wheLher u say correcL or noL
41ell me abouL compuLers
3WhaL ls fronLend and backend?
6lounder of mlcrosofL?
7Who develop !AvA?
nterviewer - Why we use "virtual in java.

Me-there is no virtual keyword in java.
Interviewer - What is abstract class.

Interviewer-give me example of abstract class.

Me- told.
Interviewer-(not satisfy)are you sure about this example?

Me-Yes sir, I am sure.
Interviewer- he started to teach me. He gave me example of shape class and draw method.

What else do you know?

Me- Operating System.
Interviewer -What is Process?

Interviewer -what is deadlock?

Interviewer -have you any question to ask?
Prk wrlLe down d code whlch lmplemenLs all d four meLhodologles of oop
Lhn askd how ws ma day and wL lunch l had
1P8WPA1 lS operaLlng sysLem?
1P8where lL ls used y are we uslng lL
1P8whaL ls P1ML?
MLLold(l was asked dls quesLlon because l hav glven dls ln ma resume)
1P8y do we use hLmlwhaL are lLs uses and abouL Lhe 1ACS used ln LhaL
l was also asked hr quesLlons llke
whaLs ur proudesL momenL ln ur llfe
whaL are yor achlvemenLs
whaL dld u learn from ur achlevemenLs
who ls ur role model
why he s ur role model
MLgood afLernoon mam
P8good afLernoon Lak ur seaL preeLhl so how ws ur Lech lnLervlew
MLyea lL was qulLe easy
P8oh qulLe easy???hmmmm
P8Lel me abouL urself
P8asked qn on whaL l hav sald
P8Lell me abouL whaLs happenlng ln l1 lndusLry
P8r u ok lf u r posLed ln any locaLlons?
P8r u wlllln Lo work ln nlghL shlfLs?
P8wlll u slgn bond??
P8any querles??
MLasked abouL Lhe areas l need Lo lmprove on
P8ur arLlculaLlon ls goodcan be more aggresslve buL lL ll be ok lf u r ln Lo pro[ecLs
MLwlLh Lhose words l had a hope LhaL l ll be selecLed
MLasked abL d klnda pro[ecLs we ll be asslgned and Lhe duraLlon
MLLhanked and lefL Lhe room
so guys be cool lLs easy Lo crack Lhe Lech and hr of any concern u [us need Lo be sLrong ln
communlcaLlon skllls lL maLLers a loL and confldence