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Zombies on the Loose

GAM385- Casual Game Design

Zombies on the Loose
Concept Document
1oseph Medrano

%itle: Zombies on the Loose
Genre: Shooter/RPG
Platform: PC, and iPhone/iPod %ouch.
1. Summary

Zombies on the Loose is a top view, role playing, and action shooting game. The
objective to the game is to get Irom your House and work your way through the City, to
the Military base Ior protection. The road won't be easy and will be plenty oI Zombies to
kill. Starting with a pistol with unlimited ammo, you must not let the Zombies eat you.
The player must Iend oII the Zombies that are trying to attack the player, as level one will
start oI very easy with 10 zombies, one shot to Ior each to kill. While each level progress,
so will the Zombies count, health, and speed. There will also be diIIerent types oI
Zombies; some will run at you while others will try to ambush. At the end oI each level
you will Iight mini bosses, in which will take a lot more damage than Zombies. AIter
deIeating the mini bosses or bosses you will be rewarded with cash and a Iull health bar,
in addition to visiting the Gun Shop and upgrading your weapons or additional armor
(Health). The theme is a survival horror, similar to LeIt Ior Dead and Zombie
Apocalypse. The goal is to make a great Shooter/RPG game, which will make a person
smile. Let's Iace it, shooting Zombies is always Iun in any way, shape, or Iorm.

2. Design Goals

Adding simple game play Ior the iPhone/iPod Touch, and PC. Making the controls
simple to play on each platIorm.
Character Animation Setup includingPlayer/Zombies/Bosses
ncorporating weapon system Pistol, Uzi, Shotgun, Rockets, Grenades, Duel Wield
Revolvers, and Sniper RiIles.
Decide on Programming C/C/Lua/Python
Adding the Role Playing aspect, and balancing into the game
Level Display and Camera view, so it`s not too hard Ior the player to grip the game

3. Controls-iPhone/iPod %ouch, and PC

The controls will be very simple Ior the PC as you will only need the Mouse and
Keyboard. On the Mouse this will help you with the Main Menu, Gun Shop, and
weapon selection. The arrow keys Down, LeIt, Right, and Up will be the
movement Ior the character and the way your character will aim. Using the Space
Bar key will let you shoot your gun. The ShiIt key will cycle through your
weapons and Enter Key will use the grenade in which you will be given two per
level and tremendous damage to bosses and kill all zombies in a distinct area.

With the iPhone/iPod Touch the can be played with either side on tilt oI the X or
Y axis. To cycle through the weapons just slide your Iinger on the character, and
to use the grenades all you have to do is double tap the spot with your Iinger to
make a huge explosion. Holding your Iinger down will make you move through
the level, just move your Iinger in the direction you want and your character will
Iollow (You can also just click your Iinger on the screen and your character will
go to that distinct spot). There will also be a FRE button in the bottom leIt
corner, which will have you continuously shoot; the player is capable oI turning it
on or oII. Example Pistol, Uzi, Duel Wields Continues FRE button on. Turn oII
the FRE button when using grenades, sniper riIle, and rockets Ior better aim and
so that you don`t hurt yourselI with explosion damage. The Gun Shop is very
simple, aIter each level the icon will appear to either go to the next level or stop
by the Gun Shop Ior your upgrades.

There will only one set oI controls (Beginner) Ior the layout, but you will be able
to change the Y and X invert. You can pick standard or change it to invert Ior
some players (myselI) that does diIIerently but Ieels comIortable. To make it a
little bit easier Ior the players Ieel that the controls should be linear as it won`t
add to much conIusing when using the iPod Touch or iPhone controls. The only
controls that can be changed are on the PC which you can use the W,S,D,A in
place Ior your arrow keys Ior WUp, SDown, ALeIt,and DRight.

4. Game play Mechanics

Game play mechanics is about a Iew topics. The main purpose oI the game is
about shooting zombies. t plays a lot like Zombie Apocalypse Ior the Xbox Live
Arcade game. Learning on how to aim and using quick reIlexes and judgment will
also play a role. Making irrational decisions can make you lose health or get a
game over, in which you would have to restart the level progression. The game
simplicity is Ior casual gamers and makes it very easy Ior PC users and iPod
Touch/iPod Phone owners. The interIace between the two interIaces are diIIerent,
iI needed to be explained please look at the controls Ior help.

Try and avoid zombies iI possible and make sure when going through the level
you don`t run into toxic waste or hit Ilammable barrels. There will also be pits
which you will Iall into a hole and have to Iight oII an ambush oI zombies.
Spending your cash when receiving at the end oI the level needs to be spent
wisely. Look through the Gun Shop and it will distinguish what is needed and
how much it will cost to allocate the upgrade.

The player wants to spend the money careIully at the Gun Shop to help beat the
upcoming levels easier, (you cannot go wrong either way). Beat the level and
you`re rewarded to upgrade your character. Upgrades Ior the weapons which can
consist oI weapons damage, rate oI Iire, and accuracy. AIter beating the mini boss
or boss you will be rewarded with money. When a gun is Iully upgraded the
player gets a red laser sight and silenced weapon (only Ior gun). Go to the gun
shop and click to upgrade your weapon, the more upgrades the higher the cost is.

5. Main Screen User Interface

Camera View Display

Gun Shop D|sp|ay


D|fferent type of 2omb|es]M|n| 8osses]8osses


. Interface-

Sound- The music in the game gets as creepy as can be. You are alone; all you
can hear are the screams oI the innocent being chased and eating. The moans oI
the zombies getting closer Irom the dark skies as the music gets louder as the
zombies get closer. When a boss is near the music turns into loud drum noise as
the boss gets closer.

UI- Ieel the best would be Diegetic Interface/Haptic that will include the world
(level) and can be seen also heard by the game character. Haptic would work
perIect Ior the iPod/iPhone and Diegetic would be great Ior the PC. The updates
should be real time as it would create a smoother more natural Ilow to the game.
The color stays at a continuous representation Ior a realistic color space that
allows a higher resolution Ior color perception.

. Marketplace and Audience

The idea customer Ior Zombies on the Loose would be Teens/Mature audience.
The reason why is to respect the ESRB rating Ior Violence, and Blood in the
game. Most zombie games are usually Ior hardcore gamers and can be a challenge
when playing game like LeIt Ior Dead, or Dead Rising. Taking a diIIerent
approach and turning a zombie game into a casual game can really be successIul.
I you can`t beat them then join them and when talking about this you need to hit
the biggest swarm oI casual gamers by adding a Iun plus simple game like
Zombies on the Loose Ior their enjoyment. Approaching Zombies on the Loose
towards an audience oI Facebook or application Ior iPhone/iPod Touche could
really do hit home plate Ior the audience to play.

Using the tools laid out is the key oI success, by using the marketplace to my
advantage would be a tremendous help. The best step would to advertise through
Facebook Ior the PC and promote ideas Ior applications Ior the iPhone/iPod
Touch. Charging a onetime Iee oI $4.99 Ior the PC and application seems very
reasonable Ior an excellent survival/horror game, which is just a Iun casual game
to play.

I everything goes well then it would be wise to expand it through Xbox Live
Arcade and charge 400 points ($5.00) and on the PSN Network Ior PS3, PSP, in
addition to the PSP Go. The Iirst step is getting the name out oI the game and
starting small, this would be the best step beIore you go big. Using Facebook in
addition to application through the Apple store would also be a good road to look


By enhancing the experience Ior players in the community, Ieel it would be best
down the road to have a set LeaderBoard Ior Zombies on the Loose and maybe
even prizes to keep the consumer coming back. t would also be nice to have
diIIerent level diIIiculties aIter beating the game Ior a challenging role. The best
way is to keep them coming and giving the players something new. I the
consumer Ieels that you`re giving them something worth wild and their time, then
the word will get around. AIter a Iew months would like to present
downloadable content, in which would include extra levels, and diIIerent seasons
(Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring elements) to give new experiences Ior the