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Write the names of the animals into the gaps.













Decide whether the following words belong to animals on the farm or wild animals. Write them into the correct column: seventeenth, twenty-sixth, twenty-first, second, twenty-two, six, twentyfourth, two, thirty-four, twenty-third
seventeenth tw enty-sixth tw enty-first second tw enty-tw o

six 4

tw enty-fourth 5

tw o


tw enty-third

Cardinal numbers

Ordinal numbers

Choose the correct form of be (am, are, is). Example: He __ a boy. Answer: He is a boy.

1) I 2) My father

a girl. at work. my cats. in the cage.

3) Trixi and Susi 4) The hamster 5) I a painter.

6) My green pencil 7) Emma and Betty 8) 9) His sister 10) We

on the floor. good friends.

you from Scotland? seven years old. children.

Use the correct personal pronouns. Watch the words in brackets. Example: ___ often reads books. (Lisa) Answer: She often reads books.

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

is dreaming. (George) is green. (the blackboard) are on the wall. (the posters) is running. (the dog) are watching TV. (my mother and I)

6) 7) 8) 9)

are in the garden. (the flowers) is riding his bike. (Tom) is from Bristol. (Victoria) has got a brother. (Diana) got a computer, Mandy?

10) Have

Write the numbers as words into the gaps.
















Put in the correct form of the plural. Example: school - ______ Answer: school - schools

1) desk 2) pencil 3) bike 4) cat 5) invitation 6) watch 7) game 8) cage 9) cake 10) box -

Choose the correct forms of to be and form sentences in the Present Progressive.

1) John and Mandy 2) I 3) It 4) We 5) The children 6) My pets 7) Aunt Helen 8) Our friends

cleaning the kitchen.

reading a book at the moment. raining. singing a new song. watching TV. sleeping now. feeding the ducks. packing their rucksacks.

9) He 10) They

buying a magazine. doing their homework.

Put in the following forms of be (am, are, is) into the gaps. Do not use short/contracted forms. Example: He __ a boy. Answer: He is a boy.

1) My mother 2) The pupils

in the kitchen. not at school today. from Brazil.

3) Maria's grandmother 4) I 5) It 6) They a football fan. Sunday today. in the car.

7) His pencil case 8) 9) I

at home.

you from Sheffield? not your friend. here.

10) Hey John! We

Answer: class / in / your / is / John Is John in your class? 1) your this is apple ? 2) you are happy

? ?

3) is name your Josephine 4) comics the old are ? 5) your in Charlie class is ? 6) sandwich box is your blue

? 7) are they German ? 8) the chair red is ? 9) I late am ? 10) the kids clever are ?

Answer: teacher / where / your / is Where is your teacher? 1) you are old how ? 2) that is in what English ? 3) how are you ? 4) teacher where your is ? 5) Gerry why late is ? 6) you are upstairs why ? 7) pencil case is my where ? 8) late the children are why ? 9) his sister when is home ? 10) homework what is for ?

Fill in the article >a<, >an< or >the< where necessary. Choose >x< where no

article is used.

1) I like

blue T-shirt over there better than hour.

red one.

2) Their car does 150 miles 3) Where's 4) Do you still live in 5) Is your mother working in 6) Carol's father works as 7) The tomatoes are 99 pence 8) What do you usually have for 9) Ben has

USB drive I lent you last week? Bristol? old office building? electrician. kilo. breakfast?

terrible headache. whole afternoon free to explore the city.

10) After this tour you have

Finish the sentences with the singular or plural form of the nouns. Example: There is a ____ on the table. Answer: There is a book on the table.

1) The cat is sitting on my 2) There are five 3) I have two 4) They are riding their 5) We have a 6) How many 7) My mother has a new 8) There are three windows in the 9) Susan has four 10) There is one . . . .

. on my desk.

do you have in your bag? . .

on the floor.

Use >a< or >an<. Write the correct forms of the indefinte articles into the gaps. Example: We read __ book. Answer: We read a book.

1) Lucy has 2) Let's sing 3) Emily needs 4) I need 5) Ben has 6) Peter has 7) We listen to 8) She has

dog. song. new desk in her room.

blue pen. old bike. aunt in Berlin. English CD. exercise book in her school bag. hour.

9) The speed of this car was 160 miles 10) They finished unit.

Which article a or an can be put before the following words or phrases? Write the words or phrases into the correct column. European school, error, animal, old car, younger brother, bird, expensive bike, uncle, book, astronaut
European school
bird 4

expensive bike 5


old car

younger brother