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The Son Of The fifth Sun Samael Aun Weor


From more than 18 millions of year the humanity have been fornicating, and if that path
were the correct, humanity would be living in the Eden of eternal wonders, would not be
famines nor wars and men would already be Angels.

But observe the humanity over there, my brother: since 18 millions years ago lives
ejaculating the semen and, is it perhaps happy? Do men became Angels already? Is it the
Earth an Eden? If the way of the animal passion were the authentic, men would be
already an Angel.

To teach to ejaculate the semen, is it perhaps something new? In what epoch men have
become Angels through the fornication? The humanity failed, precisely because of the
seminal ejaculation. Then, what?

Babylon the great, the mother of all fornications and abominations of the Earth will fall,
because all the nations have drunk from the wine of the fornication's furore, and the kings
of the Earth have fornicated with her, and the merchants of the Earth have got reach with
the potencies of her pleasures.

This perverse generation of vipers, this Great Babylon, will be burned with fire, because
it was millions of times more corrupt than the Atlantis. The Great Babylon, the
abominable modern civilization, has become refuge of demons and haunt of any impure
spirit, and home of any impure and detestable bird.

The world is shaken with its earthquakes; the dangerous symptoms of the great tragedy,
announce a catastrophe and several worsts catastrophes, thousand of times worst that
those that finished the Atlantis!

It is really impossible to deny, that we are in a moment of worldwide crisis. Never before,
in the history of our Aryan race, it existed a more terrible moment.

Everywhere are listened sighs and laments, everywhere walls of execution by shooting,
unfortunate people that expend the last moments of their lives in hard labour,
remembering -with supreme anguish- their beloved relatives; widows that dead of hunger
with their children, etc. The Earth is full of armies and everywhere there are wars and
rumours of wars.

The actual chaos is frightful, and the tyrants -sit in their throne of blasphemy- uselessly
try to establish a new order, based in blood and rum.

Paris, as a great harlot, continues wallowing -dirty- among its bed of placers. London has
become a new Sodom and it is even trying to establish the legal marriage between

The Son Of The fifth Sun Samael Aun Weor

United States of North America has fallen in the collective craziness: not only destroys
countries but it is also destroying itself. China, the venerable China of Confucius and
Laot-Se, has fallen as a prostitute in the arms of the marxism- leninism; has imported a
corrupt doctrine of the western world; however, it declares itself: "enemy of occident."

The third world war in inevitable. Those that outlined and made the first and second
world wars, are already working very actively in order to form and crystallize the third
world war, that it will be millions of times more horrible than the two preceding wars.

Every sense of mercy has disappeared: now even it is believe a luxury to have a "stone
heart." In many schools and colleges it is been teaching that the charity is a weakness and
that never a person has to give alms. In this form, the students become perverse from the
very school.

After the second world war, it fell down over the entire humanity the moral epidemic of
the so called rebels without cause. These teenagers of the new wave, without God and
Law, go in gangs everywhere: they kill, injure, get drunk and no government can control
them. The most grave in this rebels without cause is their state of absolute moral
irresponsibility; when they are delivered to the courts, they never know why they killed,
why they made that, and the worst of all is that they do not even want to know.

The sublime artistic world, has reached the maximum degeneration: the temple of the art
has transformed itself in a brothel, in a brothel in which the homosexuals, the drug
addicts, alcoholics, harlots, assassins, thefts, etc., find refuge.

It is so grave the human corruption, that the killing has transformed itself in an art, and to
the height of folly, there exist "clubs of assassins" and abundant literature about the arts
of killing.

All the branches of the actual art, accuse lust, alcoholism, drugs, homosexuality, blood,

The classical authors are seen in these times with the most infinite contempt. To play
Beethoven or Mozart in any modern party, it means the general leaving of the guests.

Everywhere abound the assassins, thefts, infanticides, matricides, uxoricides, assaults,

rapes, genocides, prostitution, hatreds, revenges, sorceries, merchants of souls and
bodies; greed, violence, envy, pride, arrogance, gluttony, laziness, calumnies, etc.

Really, the Aryan race is a corrupt fruit, a fruit that will fall from the tree of life under the
weight of its own rottenness.


Samael Aun Weor