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Name: Samantha Deighton Lesson Title: Creating a Muckraking Newspaper Lesson Length: 95 minutes Unit: Progressive Era Course:

US History Grade Level: 9-12 Considering the context: Purpose: The main purpose of this lesson is to assess whether or not the students understand the social issues occurring at this time, what was done to try and change these issues, and the governments response to these actions. I want the students to create their own texts, having to tell their own opinion of what happened, take on the role of a progressive reformer, and play the part of muckraking journalists. By not merely retelling history, and having to put their own spin on things, I am hoping that the students will be more involved in the content. Lesson in Unit Context: Throughout the entire unit the students have been writing articles and creating cartoons about the various social issues and governmental responses of this time period. In this lesson they will be compiling the articles that they have already written and putting them into a format that looks like an authentic newspaper from the progressive era. They will be adding to their previous work by adding pictures and making minor corrections and surface level detail. This is the end of the unit assignment and is used to wrap up the unit before the unit test. Considering the learner: Students have already written all of the articles that they are using in their articles. They have also already created their political cartoon. They know all of the content information that will be used to create this newspaper. However, I am not sure how many students have created something like a newspaper before so I will spend the first part of the class modeling how to do this. What do you know about group dynamics in this class that might affect instructional planning? Do you have students with exceptionalities and how has this affected your planning?

Considering the content: What are your learning objectives? Students will be able to: Design and create their own muckraking newspaper, simulating those of the Progressive Era (Including articles, a political cartoon, photographs, etc.) (Michigan Technology GLCE 9-12.CI.1, 9-12.CI.3 and 9-12.TC.12). Describe and critique the problems with child labor and working conditions during this time (HSCE 6.3.1)

Construct their own political cartoon addressing an issue of this time period. Defend or criticize one of the Constitutional Amendments from this era (HSCE 6.3.2) Formulate an interview with a progressive reformer, outlining their stance on different social issues and current events of that time (HSCE 6.3.2) Create a letter to the editor style article arguing why either Social Darwinism or the Gospel of wealth is the only correct belief that one should hold (HSCE 6.3.2) Edit and revise their articles and newspaper (Michigan Technology GLCE 9-12.TC.13).

Essential Question o How did the social movements of the progressive era have an impact on governmental policy?

Assessment I have assigned intervals during which the students are required to turn in certain articles or pieces that will be included into their newspapers. I will look over the articles and cartoons that the students turn in and make any comments and/or suggestions that I think the students need to make. The students will then have time before and during this lesson to make those changes to their articles. I will have progress checks every 20 minutes of this lesson to ensure that all of the students are making progress on their newspapers. Students will print off and present their newspapers the day after this lesson. I have already given the students the rubric which they will be graded by and I will use this rubric to give them their final score for this assignment. They will receive their newspaper back with the graded rubric attached. Materials Previously written articles and political cartoons created by the students. Media Center computers Microsoft Word

Instructional Sequence Introducing lesson I will begin the lesson by instructing all of the student to log onto a computer and to open up Microsoft Word. I will then have them follow along as I model how to set up various layouts for newspapers that they can create using Microsoft Word.

I will briefly model how to add text, photographs, change font/color/sizes, etc to the document. I will address any questions the students may have. I will then instruct students to begin compiling all of their articles and pieces for their newspaper (reminding them to use their checklist and rubric to ensure they are including everything that is needed).

Body of the lesson During class I will be walking around, answering any questions and helping anyone who needs assistance. I will do progress checks approximately every 20 minutes, letting the students know how much time they have left and ensuring that they have been making progress on their newspapers. While students are working I will continually remind them that their newspapers should be reflecting the social issues that were occurring, the people and actions taken to improve these issues, and the response of the government. Concluding the lesson At the end of class I will have all of the students print off their newspapers and make sure that they look how they want them to in order to present the following day. If students finish early I will have them start to plan out what they will say in front of the class about their newspaper and what they included within their newspaper (the articles, topics they chose, pictures, etc).