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M|crosoft |acement aper attern

1here were a|most 40 techn|ca| quest|ons and 10 ana|yt|ca| quest|ons tota| S0 quest|ons

About ana|yt|ca| quest|ons

1flnd perlmeLer of a Lrapezlum wlL 3 sldes glven and dlsLance b/w parallel sldes glven

2a Lrlangle A8C ls glven a llne uL ls parallel Lo base slde and LhaL cuLs Lhe Lrlangle Lhe raLlo of area of
Lrlangle Lo Lhe area of Lrapezlum glven uL/8C3/3

3four concenLrlc clrcles r glven Lhe radlus of 1sL clrcle ls xnexL ls 2xLhen 3x and 4x glven LhaL area b/w
2nd and 1sL ls A and 4Lh and 3rd clrcles belng 8flnd raLlo of A Lo 8

4dlfference b/w Lhe perlmeLers of Lwo concenLrlc clrcles ls 66flnd Lhe dlfference b/w radlus
Ans 103

33/p63/q13flnd pq

CuanLlLaLlve were slmple mosLly geomeLrlcal Lype Lechnlcal quesLlons

1whlch of de followlng ls connecLlonless proLocol
Ans uu

2 #deflne clrscr() 100


3 whlch of Lhe followln ls used for avoldln neLwork congesLlon
all of de above


lnL a

whaLs o/p of Lhls program whaL wlll b prlnLed
Ans 0

3 maln()


whaL wlll b prlnLed


unslgned shorL a1
unslgned char ba

prlnLf(d d ab)

whaL ls o/p of Lhe program

a 63333 1
b 63333 63333
c 1 1

7arrays base address ls 1000array ls a34Lhen whaL ls 1he correcL address of a43

8one packeL ls 64byLesno of pkLs send ls 16000Lhen LoLal no of byLes send ls

Ans 1024000

9#deflne maxval 3
lnL maln (vold)

lnL l1




flnd o/p???

10 #deflne a 3+3
#deflne b 113


whaL ls o/p?????

11a quesLlon ln whlch segmenL address ls glven loglcal address ls 800base addresses also glven u
hav 2 flnd physlcal address

12sLack ls used ln a Lask
Ans Lemporary varlables values

13whlch of de followlng ls noL sLored ln acLlvaLlon record
Ans some heap area


whaLs o/p???

Ans 0xfff0


lnL* s

whaLs o/p???

16Lhere was a quesLlon on processor speed ln nanocyclesLhen lL performs a lnsLrucLlon ln x
cyclesdonL remember

17 maln()

lnL *l

lnL s(lnL *)malloc(10*slzeof(lnL))
for (l0l10l++)


whaLs o/p

18 one more slmllar quesLlon


1ln Lhe command scanf h ls used for

Ans ShorL lnL

2A process ls deflned as

Ans rogram ln execuLlon

3A Lhread ls

Ans ueLachable unlL of execuLable code)

4WhaL ls Lhe advanLage of Wln n1 over Wln 93

Ans 8obusL and secure

3Pow ls memory managemenL done ln Wln93

Ans 1hrough paglng and segmenLaLlon

6WhaL ls meanL by polymorphlsm

Ans 8edflnlLlon of a base class meLhod ln a derlved class

7WhaL ls Lhe essenLlal feaLure of lnherlLance

Ans All properLles of exlsLlng class are derlved

8WhaL does Lhe proLocol l1 do

Ans 1ransfer a flle b/w sLaLlons wlLh user auLhenLlflcaLlon

9ln Lhe LransporL layer 1C ls whaL Lype of proLocol

Ans ConnecLlon orlenLed

10Why ls a gaLeway used

Ans 1o connecL lncompaLlble neLworks

11Pow ls llnked llsL lmplemenLed

Ans 8y referenLlal sLrucLures

12WhaL meLhod ls used ln Wln93 ln mulLlLasklng

Ans non preempLlve check

13WhaL ls meanL by funcLlonal dependency

14WhaL ls a semaphore

Ans A meLhod synchronlzaLlon of mulLlple processes

13WhaL ls Lhe precedence order from hlgh Lo low of Lhe symbols ( ) ++ /

Ans( ) ++ /

16reorder of A*(8+C)/uC


18 8Lree (fallure nodes aL same level)

19 uense lndex (lndex record appers for every search key ln flle)

20WhaL ls Lhe efflclency of merge sorL

Ans C(n log n)

21A program on swaplng ( 103 )was glven (candldaLe cannoL recollecL)

22ln whlch layer are rouLers used

Ansln neLwork layer

23ln whlch layer are packeLs formed ( ln neLwork layer )

24heap ( prlorlLy queue )

23copy consLrucLor ( consLanL reference )

26Whlch of Lhe followlng sorLlng algorlLhem has average sorLlng behavlor 8ubble sorLmerge
sorLheap sorLexchange sorL

Ans Peap sorL

27ln blnary search Lree whlch Lraversal ls used for geLLlng ascendlng order valueslnorder posL

Ans lnorder

28WhaL are devlce drlvers used for

Ans 1o provlde sofLware for enabllng Lhe hardware

29 lrrevalenL Lo unlx command ( geLLy)

30WhaL ls fork command ln unlx?

Ans SysLem call used Lo creaLe process

31WhaL ls make command ln unlx?

Ans used forcreaLlon of more Lhan one flle

32ln unlx proflle conLalns

Ans SLarL up program

33ln unlx echo ls used for ?

Ans C

34ln unlx ls sLores conLenLs ln

Anslnode block


1ln a class composed of x glrls and y boys whaL parL of Lhe class ls composed of glrls

A y/(x + y) 8 x/xy C x/(x + y) u y/xy
Ans C

2WhaL ls Lhe maxlmum number of halfplnL boLLles of cream LhaL can be fllled wlLh a 4gallon can of
cream(2 pL1 qL and 4 qL1 gal)

A16 824 C30 u64


3lf Lhe operaLlon ls deflned by Lhe equaLlon x y 2x + ywhaL ls Lhe value of a ln 2 a a 3

A0 81 C1 u4


4A coffee shop blends 2 klnds of coffee puLLlng ln 2 parLs of a 33p a gm grade Lo 1 parL of a 24p a
gmlf Lhe mlxLure ls changed Lo 1 parL of Lhe 33p a gm Lo 2 parLs of Lhe less expenslve gradehow much
wlll Lhe shop save ln blendlng 100 gms

A8s90 88s100`C8s300 u8s800

Ans C

31here are 200 quesLlons on a 3 hr examlnaLlonAmong Lhese quesLlons are 30 maLhemaLlcs
problemslL ls suggesLed LhaL Lwlce as much Llme be spenL on each maLhs problem as for each oLher
quesLlonPow many mlnuLes should be spenL on maLhemaLlcs problems

A36 872 C60 u100

Ans 8

6ln a group of 137 have sLudled LaLln 8 have sLudled Creek and 3 have noL sLudled elLherPow many
of Lhese sLudled boLh LaLln and Creek

A0 83 C4 u3

Ans 8

7lf 13 13w/(1w) Lhen (2w)2

A1/4 81/2 C1 u2

Ans C

8 lf a and b are poslLlve lnLegers and (ab)/33 4/7 Lhen

(A) b a (8) b a (C) b a (u) b a

Ans A

9 ln !une a baseball Leam LhaL played 60 games had won 30 of lLs game played AfLer a phenomenal
wlnnlng sLreak Lhls Leam ralsed lLs average Lo 30 Pow many games musL Lhe Leam have won ln a row
Lo aLLaln Lhls average?

A 12 8 20 C 24 u 30

Ans C

10 M men agree Lo purchase a glfL for 8s u lf Lhree men drop ouL how much more wlll each have Lo
conLrlbuLe Lowards Lhe purchase of Lhe glfL/

A u/(M3) 8 Mu/3 C M/(u3) u 3u/(M23M)

Ans u

11 A company conLracLs Lo palnL 3 houses Mr8rown can palnL a house ln 6 days whlle Mr8lack would
Lake 8 days and Mr8lue 12 days AfLer 8 days Mr8rown goes on vacaLlon and Mr 8lack beglns Lo work
for a perlod of 6 days Pow many days wlll lL Lake Mr8lue Lo compleLe Lhe conLracL?

A 7 8 8 C 11 u 12

Ans C

12 2 hours afLer a frelghL Lraln leaves uelhl a passenger Lraln leaves Lhe same sLaLlon Lravelllng ln Lhe
same dlrecLlon aL an average speed of 16 km/hr AfLer Lravellng 4 hrs Lhe passenger Lraln overLakes Lhe
frelghL Lraln 1he average speed of Lhe frelghL Lraln was?

A 30 8 40 C38 u 60

Ans 8

13 lf 9x3y12 and 3x3y7 Lhen 6x2y ?
A3 8 4 C 2 u 8
Ans u

1 1he offlce sLaff of x?Z corporaLlon presenLly conslsLs of Lhree bookkeepersA 8 C and 3 secreLarles
u L l C P 1he managemenL ls plannlng Lo open a new offlce ln anoLher clLy uslng 2 bookkeepers and
3 secreLarles of Lhe presenL sLaff 1o do so Lhey plan Lo separaLe cerLaln lndlvlduals who donL funcLlon
well LogeLher 1he followlng guldellnes were esLabllshed Lo seL up Lhe new offlce

l 8ookeepers A and C are consLanLly flndlng faulL wlLh one anoLher and should noL be senL LogeLher Lo
Lhe new offlce as a Leam
ll C and L funcLlon well alone buL noL as a Leam Lhey should be separaLed
lll u and C have noL been on speaklng Lerms and shouldnL go LogeLher
lv Slnce u and l have been compeLlng for promoLlon Lhey shouldnL be a Leam
1lf A ls Lo be moved as one of Lhe bookkeepers whlch of Lhe followlng cannoL be a posslble worklng


2lf C and l are moved Lo Lhe new offlce how many comblnaLlons are posslble

A1 82 C3 u4
Ans A

3lf C ls senL Lo Lhe new offlce whlch member of Lhe sLaff cannoL go wlLh C

A 8 8 u C l u C
Ans 8

4under Lhe guldellnes developed whlch of Lhe followlng musL go Lo Lhe new offlce

A 8 8 u C L u C

Ans A

3lf u goes Lo Lhe new offlce whlch of Lhe followlng ls/are Lrue

l C cannoL go ll A cannoL go lll P musL also go

A l only 8 ll only C l and ll only u l and lll only
Ans u

2AfLer monLhs of LalenL searchlng for an admlnlsLraLlve asslsLanL Lo Lhe presldenL of Lhe college Lhe
fleld of appllcanLs has been narrowed down Lo 3A 8 C u L lL was announced LhaL Lhe flnallsL would
be chosen afLer a serles of allday group personal lnLervlews were held1he examlnlng commlLLee
agreed upon Lhe followlng procedure

l 1he lnLervlews wlll be held once a week
ll3 candldaLes wlll appear aL any allday lnLervlew sesslon
lll Lach candldaLe wlll appear aL leasL once
lv lf lL becomes necessary Lo call appllcanLs for addlLlonal lnLervlews no more 1 such appllcanL should
be asked Lo appear Lhe nexL week
v 8ecause of a deLall ln Lhe wrlLLen appllcaLlons lL was agreed LhaL whenever candldaLe 8 appears A
should also be presenL
vl 8ecause of Lravel dlfflculLles lL was agreed LhaL C wlll appear for only 1 lnLervlew

1AL Lhe flrsL lnLervlew Lhe followlng candldaLes appear A8uWhlch of Lhe follwlng comblnaLlons can be
called for Lhe lnLervlew Lo be held nexL week

A 8Cu 8 CuL C A8L u A8C

Ans 8

2Whlch of Lhe followlng ls a posslble sequence of comblnaLlons for lnLervlews ln 2 successlve weeks

A A8C8uL 8 A8uA8L C AuLA8C u 8uLACu

Ans C

3lf A 8 and u appear for Lhe lnLervlew and u ls called for addlLlonal lnLervlew Lhe followlng weekwhlch
2 candldaLes may be asked Lo appear wlLh u?

l A ll 8 lll C lv L

A l and ll 8 l and lll only C ll and lll only ulll and lv only

Ans u

4Whlch of Lhe followlng correcLly sLaLes) Lhe procedure followed by Lhe search commlLLee

l AfLer Lhe second lnLervlew all appllcanLs have appeared aL leasL once
ll 1he commlLLee sees each appllcanL a second Llme b lf a Lhlrd sesslon lL ls posslble for all appllcanLs Lo
appear aL leasL Lwlce

A l only 8 ll only C lll only u 8oLh l and ll

Ans A

3 A cerLaln clLy ls served by subway llnes A8 and C and numbers 1 2 and 3 When lL snows mornlng
servlce on 8 ls delayed
When lL ralns or snows servlce on A 2 and 3 are delayed boLh ln Lhe mornlng and afLernoon When
Lemp falls below 30 degrees farenhelL afLernoon servlce ls cancelled ln elLher Lhe A llne or Lhe 3 llne
buL noL boLh When Lhe LemperaLure rlses over 90 degrees farenhelL Lhe afLernoon servlce ls cancelled
ln elLher Lhe llne C or Lhe 3 llne buL noL boLh When Lhe servlce on Lhe A llne ls delayed or cancelled
servlce on Lhe C llne whlch connecLs Lhe A llne ls delayed When servlce on Lhe 3 llne ls cancelled
servlce on Lhe 8 llne whlch connecLs Lhe 3 llne ls delayed

C1 Cn !an 10Lh wlLh Lhe LemperaLure aL 13 degree farenhelL lL snows all day Cn how many llnes wlll
servlce be
affecLed lncludlng boLh mornlng and afLernoon

(A) 2 (8) 3 (C) 4 (u) 3

Ans u

C2 Cn Aug 13Lh wlLh Lhe LemperaLure aL 97 degrees farenhelL lL beglns Lo raln aL 1 M WhaL ls Lhe
mlnlmum number
of llnes on whlch servlce wlll be affecLed?

(A) 2 (8) 3 (C) 4 (u) 3

Ans C

C3 Cn whlch of Lhe followlng occaslons would servlce be on Lhe greaLesL number of llnes dlsrupLed

(A) A snowy afLernoon wlLh Lhe LemperaLure aL 43 degree farenhelL
(8) A snowy mornlng wlLh Lhe LemperaLure aL 43 degree farenhelL
(C) A ralny afLernoon wlLh Lhe LemperaLure aL 43 degree farenhelL
(u) A ralny afLernoon wlLh Lhe LemperaLure aL 93 degree farenhelL

Ans 8

4 ln a cerLaln socleLy Lhere are Lwo marrlage groups red and brown no marrlage ls permlLLed wlLhln a
group Cn marrlage males become parL of Lhelr wlves groups women remaln ln Lhelr own group
Chlldren belong Lo Lhe same group as Lhelr parenLs Wldowers and dlvorced males reverL Lo Lhe group of
Lhelr blrLh Marrlage Lo more Lhan one person aL Lhe same Llme and marrlage Lo a dlrecL descendanL are

C1 A brown female could have had

l A grandfaLher born 8ed ll A grandmoLher born 8ed lll 1wo grandfaLhers born 8rown

(A) l only (8) lll only (C) l ll and lll (u) l and ll only

Ans u

C2 A male born lnLo Lhe brown group may have

(A) An uncle ln elLher group (8) A brown daughLer (C) A brown son (u) A sonlnlaw born lnLo red

Ans A

C3 Whlch of Lhe followlng ls noL permlLLed under Lhe rules as sLaLed

(A) A brown male marrylng hls faLhers slsLer (8) A red female marrylng her moLhers broLher
(C) A wldower marrylng hls wlfes slsLer (u) A wldow marrylng her dlvorced daughLers exhusband

Ans 8

C4 lf wldowers and dlvorced males reLalned Lhelr group Lhey had upon marrylng whlch of Lhe followlng
would be permlsslble ( Assume LhaL no prevlous marrlage occurred)

(A) A woman marrylng her dead slsLers husband (8) A woman marrylng her dlvorced daughLers ex
(C) A wldower marrylng hls broLhers daughLer (u) A woman marrylng her moLhers broLher who ls a

Ans u

3 l All Cs are Ps ll All Cs are !s or ks lll All !s and ks are Cs
lv All Ls are ks v All ns are Ms vl no Ms are Cs

C1 lf no s are ks whlch of Lhe followlng musL be Lrue

(A) no ls a C (8) no ls an P (C) lf any ls an P lL ls a C (u) lf any ls a C lL ls a !

Ans u

C2 Whlch of Lhe followlng can be loglcally deduced from Lhe sLaLed condlLlons

(A) no Ms are Ps (8) no Ps are Ms (C) Some Ms are Ps (u) no ns are Cs

Ans u

C3 Whlch of Lhe followlng ls lnconslsLenL wlLh one or more condlLlons

(A) All Ps are Cs (8) All Ps are Ms (C) Some Ps are boLh Ms and Cs (u) no Ms are Ps

Ans C

C4 1he sLaLemenL no Ls are !s ls

l Loglcally deduclble from Lhe condlLlons sLaLed
ll ConslsLenL wlLh buL noL deduclble from Lhe condlLlons sLaLed
lll ueduclble from Lhe sLaLed condlLlons LogeLher wlLh Lhe addlLlonal sLaLemenLs no !s are ks

(A) l only (8) ll only (C) lll only (u) ll and lll only

Ans u