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Lightening Arrester is a single component in a lightening protection system.

In addition to rods placed at regular intervals on the highest portions of a structure, a lightening protection system typically includes a rooftop network of conductors multiple conductive paths from the roof to the ground, bonding connections to metallic objects within the structure and a grounding network.The actual rooftop lightening rod is a metal strip or rod, usually of copper or similar conductive material. Lightening protection systems are installed on structures, trees, monuments, bridges and even water vessels to protect from lightening damage.

Iluminat parascntei este o component unic ntr-un sistem de protecie fulger. In plus fa de bare plasate la intervale regulate pe cel mai inalt poriuni de o structur, un sistem de protecie fulger include de obicei o reea de conductoare pe acoperi multiple ciconductoare de la acoperi la sol, conexiunile lipire cu obiecte metalice n cadrul structuriii o reea de mpmntare. acoperi real iluminat tij este o fie de metal sau tije, de obicei din cupru sau material similar conductor. Sisteme de iluminat de protecie sunt instalate pe structuri, copaci, monumente, poduri i chiar pentru a proteja navele de ap de la iluminat daune.

aBC ofer esturi utilizate att pentru membrana exterioar i materialul de linie intern a structurilor de tesatura. Am California Fire certificari Marshal pe construcii diferite, i-au dezvoltat rezisten mai mare substraturi s se ocupe de constructii subliniaz span mari. Alte caracteristici, cum ar fi protecia UV, mai multe materiale de culoare, fisurarea la rece si aderentele, au fost abordate n construcia de a oferi un laminat de lunga durata pentru aceste aplicaii structura. Capacitatea noastr de a furniza aceste materiale n limi cuprinse 62 - 85 cm latime, va ajuta arhitect i fabricator n proiectarea i construirea de uniti de structuri.

Reinforced Vinyl Laminates

FILM: Disponibil in diverse grosimi i culori, ofer membran de protecie Scrim: n general produse pe echipamente proprii, care prevede ntrirea randamenteledorite r upere / rezistena la rupere ADEZIV: Obligatiuni film i scrim terminat laminat este format prin combinarea acestor trei componente n condiiicontrolate cu caldura, presiune i tensiune. Modelul de grava este aplicat n timpulacestui proces.

ABC haABC a dezvoltat-o tesatura pentru a satisface

nevoile acestei cereri foarte specifice iexigent. De 18 de grame pe curte ptrat, cu dou straturi din PVC / poliester laminat,este fundamentul acestui material. Aceasta variaz n lime 66-78 cm. Acest materialeste conceput pentru a rspunde preocuprilor de contracie sau stabilitatea dimensionala, rigiditate, rezistenta la frig i de expunerea la soare, meninnd n acelai timp puternic rezistenta la rupere i aderene necesare pentru a rezista la utilizareaconstant a viteze de autostrada experienele produsului. n timp ce negrul esteculoarea cea mai comune pentru acest material, exist, de asemenea, alte culori disponibile.

s developed a fabric to meet the needs of this very specific and ABC has developed a fabric to meet the needs of this very specific and demanding application. An 18-ounce per square yard, two-ply PVC/Polyes ter Laminate, is the foundation of this fabric. It ranges in widths from 66 to 78 inches. This fabric is designed to address the concerns of shrinkage or dimensional stability, stiffness, resilience to cold weather and exposure to sun, while maintaining the strong tear resistance and adhesions needed to withstand the constant use of highway sdemanding application. An 18-ounce per square yard, two-ply PVC/Polyester Laminate, is the foundation of this fabric. It ranges in widths from 66 to 78 inches. This fabric is designed to address the concerns of shrinkage or dimensional stability, stiffness, resilience to cold weather and exposure to sun, while maintaining the strong tear resistance and adhesions needed to withstand the constant use of highway speeds the product experiences. While black is the most co

Tonneau Covers

Welcome to Leo Technical Textiles

With the changing business dynamics, companies that transform themselves with the changing times emerge as successful entities in the present era. Leo technical textile is one such fitting example that has been keeping pace with the transforming requirements of the global industry. Today, it is a successful Manufactures, Exporter, and Supplier ofAluminum Filter Fabric & All types of filter , PTFE Teflon Coated Fiberglass cloth Fabric, PTFE Coated Fabric and Tapes, Teflon Coated Fiberglass Belts, Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Fiber Glass Tape, Polypropylene Glass Lining (PPGL) Fabrics & FRP cloth & etc... All these products are widely used in electrical & thermal insulation, Garment, Textile, Dairy Industries, Packaging Industries, Pharmaceutical reinforcement materials, filtration of molten aluminum, gas, and liquid so on. The company was established in the year 2003 with the vision of delivering the best range of products at reasonable rates. In this short span of time, we have earned the reputation as a distinguished brand in the industry, being an ISO 9001:2000 company;we reiterate our obligation to keep up the superior quality of our products as per the ISO standards from time to time.

Aluminiumfilter fabric Aluminum filter fabrics are in treated or none treated Glass Weave Mesh. The filters are the ideal solution for improved quality of Aluminum castings and scrap reduction. Which are extremely cost effective and of High integrity.

Product Specification

Widely used for Filtration of molten Aluminum foundry of automobile wheel, motorcycle wheel, cylinder piston as well as Aluminiumalloy parts and casting filtering.

Suitable for casting up to 750Deg C. Remove inclusions to improve mechanical properties and surface finish. Available in a variety of standard mesh size from 100 mesh to 400 mesh (Special sizes available to order). Available in a variety of standard width

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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth Product Specification

Our products combine the chemical, electrical and release properties of PTFE / Teflon and Silicone with the mechanical properties of woven fiberglass. The material resulting when PTFE/Teflon is combined with Glass Fabric has the following general properties.PTFE teflon is itself a highly versatile product with remarkable properties, Nonstick, extra low friction, self lubricating, non wet table, non toxic, resistant to a wide of chemicals, combines excellent electrical properties with working range 3mil, 5mil, 6mil, 10mil, 14mil, 20mil, 28mil, 30mil, Mesh (4x4) between -50 0C to + 260 0C. Fiber glass is well known as an excellent material in terms of its high temperature resistance. Combining there extra ordinary materials. gives one products of practically unsurpassed utility and value. Selected woven glass fabrics are coated and impregnated with PTFE resin. There are a wide range of varieties of PTFE / glass fabric specifically designed for use in a variety of applications in heat - sealing, chemical, food processing, textile, garments, lamination, extruded rubber profile curing ect., Product Style Thickness Standard Width : LT 3NP, LT 5NP, LT 6NP, LT 10NP, LT 14NP, LT 22NP : 0.08mm to 2mm : 1000 mm

Low friction non-sticking smooth surfaces. Dimensional stability under heat and pressure. Excellent chemical resistance. Excellent mechanical strength Superior heat and cold resistance. Class H Insulation rating (180 C). High dielectric strength. Low electrical losses non tracking

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PTFE (Teflon) Coated Fabric and Tapes

Product Specification

A range of pressure sensitive adhesive backed tapes from premium quality PTFE coated glass fabrics. These tapes are self wound and demonstrate advantage in speed of application, storage and convenience in use. These tapes are used in sealing of polymer film in FFS, impulse sealer, band sealer and bags making machines. During this operation the plastic film is hot and sticky and the operation is made more efficient, if the sealing bars are covered with the strips of the PTFE COATED GLASS FABRIC and PTFE COATED GLASS FABRIC ONE SIDE ADHESIVE, which is a very good heat conductor and gives non - stick surface. Our MC 5NP OSA TAPES are normally used in this application.

Leo Technical Textile produces a wide range of coated materials, including specialty fabrics, pressuresensitive tapes, engineered conveyor belts, and silicone products with Brand LEO The lightweight, durable, non-stick, dielectric and thermal characteristics of these chemically-resistant coated materials makes them well-suited for applications in the plastic packaging, textile manufacturing, chemical, silk-screening, oil, aerospace and distribution industries. LT-3NP(0.8mm), LT-5NP(1.3mm), LT-6NP(1.5mm), LT-10NP(2.5mm), LT14NP(3.5mm) From 10mm to1000mm Standard Roll Length 10m Operating temperature range 50 C to 260 C Excellent release & Non-Stick Properties Dimensional Suitabilities under heat & pressure Electrical Insulation. Microwave, Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red Radio Frequency Resistance

Sizes Width Length

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Teflon Coated Fiberglass Belts

Product Specification We provide a wide range of PTFE Coated Fiber Glass Cloth Belts fabricated using superior fiber as raw material. These are widely reckoned by our clients for features such as dimensional stability, high intensity, low coefficient of friction & conductivity, anti-aging, non-flammable and resistance to chemical & acids. Available in standard specification. This open mesh PTFE impregnated fiberglass belting is available in brown and black in widths up to 3950mm and in any length. The fluorocarbon resins used in the curing process are chemically inert, and the woven glass substrate provides exceptional strength and dimensional stability. Its non-stick surface,

operating temperature range from 60 C to +260 C and the 70% open area makes this belting the perfect solution for many drying applications. Benefits Of PTFE / Teflon coated Fiberglass Belts. Energy Savings Maintenance Costs Cost PTFE/Glass Belts prove better heat transfer and absorb less energy. PTFE/Glass Belts have non-stick surface and are easy to clean. PTFE/Glass Belt costs less to purchase. Its low relative mass allows it to function in a simpler, less expensive pulley and drive systems LT 3NP, LT 5NP, LT 6NP, LT 10NP, LT 14NP, LT 22NP

Sizes Available: Features 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Operating Temperature range -50C to 260C Smooth release Non-Sticky Surface Dimensionally Stable Resistance to most chemicals and solvents Non Flammable Non Toxic With or without Buttons With Eyelets Two Ply Laminated Belt Edge Reinforcement Tracking Devices 5NP, 10 NP, 14 NP, 22 NP etc

Types Of Joints 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Heat sealed overlap Heat-Sealed Butt Finger Splice Fabric Pin Splice Alligator Splice Porous Overlap Splice Leno Splice (Porous) Smart Loop (Bull nose) Splice Peek Spiral Splice


Two Ply belt for heat sealing of plastics pouches in continuous band sealer for higher rate of production. In Garment Industries for fusing of collar and cuffs. To wrap and side sealing of soaps, biscuits and toilet paper rolls. For continuous drying oven to dry textile materials.

For food industries. For continues lamination of non-woven material.

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Double Sided Cloth Tape A high tack double sided cloth tape which is both economical and reliable. Offers a permanent bonding to most substrates including fixing of carpets and signs, graphics etc.

Product Specification Features

Ideal for use both indoors and outside High tack High initial grab Custom widths available to order A white tape Very economical double sided tape

Fiberglass Adhesive Tapes

Product Specification The fiberglass adhesive tapes offered by us acts as complete solution to the insulating requirements. We offer Class F and Class H fiberglass adhesive tapes. The insulation property of Class H adhesive tapes is conformed by electrical insulating sleeves confirms. Additionally, these fiberglass adhesive tapes are tested and checked by our quality assistants to ensure quality of our tapes. These adhesive tapes are ideal for lead insulation and electrical connections. Features: 1. Endure high amount of heat and temperature. Long-lasting Sleeves are available in various colors High tensile strength

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FRP Cloth

Product Specification

S-glass fiber fabric is characterized by good wet-out, high strength, corrosion-resistant, insulation, etc. It is widely used in air craft and spaceflight industry, ship industry, chemical industry, medical industry, military industry, sports goods, etc.

It is available in manufacturing FRP fishing pole, golf pole, baseball ball, surfboard, sailboard, skis, ice stick, etc.

Polypropylene-glass lining (PPGL) fabric

Product Specification Polypropylene-glass lining (PPGL) fabric is a very unique and special weave fabric. The fabric contains both polypropylene yarn and glass fiber yarn, the best advantage is it allows the user to have the maximum benefit of high chemical and corrosion resistance properties of fiber glass yarn along with improved mechanical properties of Polypropylene. This fabric having lighter in weight and bearing a greater strength and chemical resistance. Widely used in manufacturing PVC sheets. PVC sheets widely used in industrial application such as:-

Chemical Industry (construction / fabrication of large size storage tanks, process vessels, blowers, scrubbing towers, ducting and large diameter piping structure). Mining Industry. Sugar Industry (fermentation vessels). Steel Industry (pickling tanks). Water, Food and Waste Treatment Industry (process equipments, cooling towers, silos, stripping columns). Available in a variety of standard width sizes from 1400 mm to 1650 mm (Special sizes available to order).

Available in roll, flat sheet, pressed shapes or stitched form, to suit application.