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Building Clouds Adds Open Protocol Hardware to Its Product Line

Open protocol building and energy management hardware has been added to the Building Clouds product line. The Opendiem software suite and Building Clouds hardware products provide an all-in-one, end-to-end solution for controls integrators. Union City, CA, December 13, 2011 --( Building Clouds offers open hardware solutions compatible with their Opendiem Software Energy Management Suite. Customers can choose LonWorks controllers with pre-programmed applications for HVAC, industrial processes, energy management, lighting systems, and more designed to work with industry standard I/O devices for monitoring and control. Application specific control drawings and installation instructions are available to help end users complete their projects quickly and under budget. Advanced users can purchase fully programmable controllers for their custom applications. For light commercial, education, or small office applications Building Clouds offers a Wi-Fi (802.11) ecosystem of compatible devices to control HVAC, plug loads, lighting, irrigation systems, and more over existing wireless networks. Building Clouds Co-Founder Rick Costanza believes The addition of compatible hardware to our open software platform will provide controls integrators an end-to-end solution when installing energy management and control systems. Our engineering team has over 100 years of proven building automation experience, the hardware and software packages we provide are time tested and proven. Data sheets and more information regarding Building Clouds' Opendiem software and compatible hardware products are available on their website ( Building Clouds offers engineering support including control drawings, sequence of operation documentation, and technical support to controls integrators throughout the world. About Building Clouds, LLC Building Clouds is changing the way building systems connect, share data, and make intelligent real time decisions. We provide complete hardware and software solutions for Building Automation and Energy Management Systems that seamlessly integrate data generated from building services and industrial processes into a simple easy to use web-based interface accessible literally anywhere, anytime. The Opendiem Suite can be hosted on any virtual cloud-based hardware platform so it doesn't require a proprietary connection to a controls network. Using your existing IT network infrastructure or the Internet, Opendiem allows you to monitor and control the settings and efficiency of building systems and industrial processes. Based on proven communications standards, Opendiem is fluent in most building management and industrial control system protocols. Product details can be found at Building Clouds, Opendiem, and their associated logos are trademarks of Building Clouds, LLC. Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective holders.
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