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Information systems as a strategic partner in organizational performance , Cleophus Gaines, Troy University; David Hoover, Troy University; William

Foxx, Troy University; Tish Matuszek, Troy University; Rodger Morrison, Troy University. Measuring the Purchase Intention of Visitors to the Auto Show, Nasim Z. Hosein, Northwood University. Franchising and the Impact of McDonald's, Steve Gerhardt, Tarleton State University; DanDudley, Tarleton State University; Samuel Hazen, Tarleton State University.

Volume Nine: Agricultural risk management in the Northern Coastal Plains of South Carolina, Nick Hucks, Horry Telephone Cooperative; Von Todd, Horry Telephone Cooperative; Robert B. Burney, Coastal Carolina University; Thomas W. Secrest, Coastal Carolina University. Performance Appraisal in the Workplace, Kenneth Chukwuba, Walden University. The role of public intellectuals in shaping economic development policy debates, Terry W. Mullins, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; M. Gale Blalock, University of Evansville. Corporate wikis underground: An investigation of motivation and collaborative engagement, Deborah A. Gears, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology. Determining employment relationships under federal and state law: why should employers worry?, Gerald E. Calvasina, Southern Utah University; Richard V. Calvasina, University of West Florida; Eugene J. Calvasina, Southern University. Consideration set of automobiles: Purchase feedback and exclusivity in formation, Jung Seek Kim, Edinboro University; Brian T. Ratchford, University of Texas at Dallas. The learning organization: from dysfunction to grace, Jeff Haldeman, Webster University. Beyond e-commerce retail consumer attitudes and behavioral intentions, C. Michael Powell, North Georgia College & State University. Managing Value Chain Strategy, Peter H. Antoniou, California State University San Marcos; Catherine E. Levitt, California State University at Los Angeles; Cynthia Schreihans, California State University San Bernardino. A generation lost: the reality of age discrimination in todays hiring practices, Thomas H. Butler, Alvernia University; Beth A. Berret, Alvernia University. Online bookstore - A new trend in textbook sales management for services marketing, Prathamesh Muzumdar, The University of Texas at Arlington. The value proposition of small businesses: economic engines for job creation, Ray M. Valadez, Pepperdine University.

Volume Eight - September, 2011:

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The critical influence of customer food perceptions on overall theme park evaluations, Gary Geissler, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Conway Rucks, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Modeling the effects of new venture strategy on the environment, Lindle Hatton, California State University Sacramento. A normative view of the role of middle management in the implementation of strategic change, Rosalie Kuyvenhoven, Turner Consulting; W. Christian Buss, State University of New York/University at Albany. The Role of authenticity in relationship marketing, J. Barry Dickinson, Holy Family University. The effects of nonprofit organization-specific factors on governmental support to nonprofit organizations, Nicholas Marudas, Auburn Montgomery; Fred Jacobs, Auburn Montgomery. Brand equity, marketing strategy, and consumer income: A hypermarket study, Hui-Chu Chen, TransWorld University; Robert D. Green, Lynn University. Special event management and event marketing: A case study of TKBL all star 2011 in Turkey, Huseyin Kose, Anadolu University; Mehpare Tokay Argan, Bilecik University; Metin Argan, Anadolu University. The Wheel of Retailing revisited: toward a Wheel of e-Tailing?, Victor J. Massad, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania; Mary Beth Nein, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania; Joanne M. Tucker, Shippensburg University. A research agenda for investigating the effectiveness of branding in virtual reality, Julie M. Pharr, Tennessee Tech University. Economic performances of U.S. non-profit hospitals using the Malmquist productivity change index, ChulYoung Roh, City University of New York/Lehman College; Changsuh Park, Soongsil University, M. Jae Moon, Yonsei University. Consumer attitudes and perceptions concerning active adult communities: an exploratory study, Donald Bernstein, Roosevelt University; Marshall Ottenfel, Roosevelt University; Carl Witte, Roosevelt University. The C.A.L.M. method of mass product distribution: An update & comparative analysis, Marvin G. Lovett, The University of Texas at Brownsville; Irma S. Jones, The University of Texas at Brownsville.

Volume Seven - April, 2011:

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Motivation and monetary incentives: A closer look, Susan DelVecchio, East Carolina University; Judy Wagner, East Carolina University. Revisiting economizing as a fundamental strategy, Isaac Wanasika, University of Northern Colorado. A mediating influence on customer loyalty: The role of perceived value, Mei-Lien Li, Lynn University; Robert Green, Lynn University. An empirical investigation of manufacturing Chinese private labels, Wei Song, Thompson Rivers University. Manufacturing firms and hyperinflation- survival options: the case of Zimbabwe manufacturers (20052008), Samuel Gumbe, University of Zimbabwe; Nyasha Kaseke, University of Zimbabwe. Social capital and music entrepreneurship, Nancy Rossiter, Jacksonville University; Peter Goodrich, Providence College; John Shaw, Jacksonville University.

The transference of brand attitude: the effect on the celebrity endorser, Samuel Doss, Florida Institute of Technology. An analysis of cultural impact on international business performance via foreign market entry mode: case of South Korean MNCs, Cheong-A Lee, Pusan National University; Ho-Yeol Bang, Pusan National University; Jong Wook Ha, Columbus State University; Joo Young Lee, The University of West Alabama; Young Hee Yun Kim, Tuskegee University. Management information systems and business decision making: review, analysis, and recommendations, Srinivas Nowduri, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Product placement effectiveness: revisited and renewed, Kaylene Williams, California State University, Stanislaus; Alfred Petrosky, California State University, Stanislaus; Edward Hernandez, California State University, Stanislaus; Robert Page, Jr., Southern Connecticut State University. First-mover advantages: flexible or not?, Bin Shao, West Texas A&M University. Success factors and cost management strategies for logistics outsourcing, George N. Kenyon, Lamar University; Mary J. Meixell, Quinnipiac University.

Volume Six - January, 2011: (order printed edition) Effective customer relationship management of health care: a study of hospitals in Thailand, Bunthuwun Laohasirichaikul, Siam University; Sirion Chaipoopirutana, Assumption University; Howard Combs, San Jose State University. Human resource management policy and practice issues and medical marijuana, Gerald Calvasina, Southern Utah University.
Chinese and U.S. consumers perceptions of the effectiveness of celebrity athlete endorsers , Allen Schaefer,

Missouri State University; R. Stephen Parker, Missouri State University; Diana Haytko, Florida Gulf Coast University. Diffusion and experience curve pricing of new products in the consumer electronics industry, Tarique Hossain, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Aligning program offerings and academic research with business needs for closely held business, Stephen Betts, William Paterson University; Mahmoud Watad, William Paterson University; Elizabeth McCrea, Seton Hall University. Entrepreneurial intuition, an empirical approach, Frank La Pira, ESC St Etienne, France. Formal and informal surveillance and competitiveness of shopping centers in Nordic countries, Sami Kajalo, Aalto University; Arto Lindblom, Aalto University. Strategic alliances with competing firms and shareholder value, Candace Ybarra, Chapman University; Thomas Turk, Chapman University. An application of the marketing concept in health-care services planning: a case report, Donald Eckrich, Ithaca College; Warren Schlesinger, Ithaca College. Lost in transition? The human influence on marketings emerging service-dominant logic, R. Zachary Finney, University of South Alabama; Deborah F. Spake, University of South Alabama; Treena Gillespie Finney, University of South Alabama.

Research trends in the Academy of Management publications, Jeffrey A. Miles, University of the Pacific; Stefanie E. Naumann, University of the Pacific. Pioneering a rural hospitality research center: examining best practices and stakeholder perceptions, Lisa Marie Assante, Southern Utah University; Whitney Johnston Mulaj, Wynn Resorts; Emmett Steed, Southern Utah University.

Volume Five- June, 2010: (order printed edition) (order printed edition) The worth of sport event sponsorship: an event study, Jin-Woo Kim, The University of Texas at Arlington. Cerveceria Cauhtemoc-Moctezuma: selecting countries for a global expansion effort, Richard Connell, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defense Force Academy. Constructive deviance: striving toward organizational change in healthcare, Dana Robbins, The University of Tampa; Bella Galperin; The University of Tampa. Strategic human resource management, small and medium sized enterprises and strategic partnership capability, Olumide Ijose, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. Evolution and development of metro-casinos, Denis Rudd, Robert Morris University; Richard Mills, Robert Morris University; Stanko Racic, Robert Morris University. Linking marketing activities to shareholder value: philosophical and methodological issues, Jin-Woo Kim, University of Texas at Arlington; Michael Richarme, University of Texas at Arlington. The role of leadership between the employees and the organization: a bridge or a ravine? -an empirical study from China, Pan Jing-zhou, Qufu Normal University; Zhou Xiao-xue, Qufu Normal University; Zhou Xia-qing, Jinan Engineering Vocational Technical College. Hospital management reform: a step to healthcare reform, R. Peter Heine, Stetson University; E. Nick Maddox, Stetson University. Indoor multimedia network model and remote control in e-advertising in international business; Mislav imunic, University of Rijeka, Croatia; Elvis Mujacevic, University of Rijeka, Croatia, Ljubica Pilepic, University of Rijeka, Croatia. Numbers, quantification, and the amplification of weak strategic signals; John Mankelwicz, Troy University Southeast Region; Robert Kitahara, Troy University Southeast Region. M and A performance improvement: A non-traditional view; Richard Connell, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Target marketing and the product: categorizing products to understand the resulting marketing communication outcome measures; Yuvay Jeanine Meyers, Howard University.

Volume Four - March, 2010: (order printed edition) Founder human capital and small firm performance: an empirical study of founder-managed natural food stores, Gerry Segal, Florida Gulf Coast University; Dan Borgia, Florida Gulf Coast University; Jerry Schoenfeld, Florida Gulf Coast University. Preparing the next generation for the family business: relational factors and knowledge transfer in mother-

to-daughter succession, Nancy Higginson, Fort Lewis College. Understanding total cost ownership issues from a value analysis perspective, Harash Sachdev, Eastern Michigan University. Propositions for investigating adoption and diffusion of the magnet hospital concept through the lenses of organization theory, Tom Sanders, University of Montevallo. Circadian rhythms and their effects on advertising recall , Nora Martin, University of South Carolina; Diane Prince, Clayton University. The millennials and money management, B. Andrew Cudmore, Florida Institute of Technology; John Patton, Florida Institute of Technology; Kemble Ng, Florida Institute of Technology; Charles McClure, Florida Institute of Technology. E-personalization and online privacy features: the case with travel websites, JungKook Lee, Indiana University Purdue University Columbus; Xinran Lehto, Purdue University. The Choice between Front-Loaded and Rear-Loaded Coupons for New Brands, Rong Chen, Tsinghua University; Xue Bai, Tsinghua University; Feng He, University of Science and Technology Beijing. Employer obligations versus fulfillment and the effects on organizational citizenship and innovative work, Sandra Newton, Sonoma State University; Linda Nowak, Sonoma State University. Marketing practices of hotels and resorts in ChiangMai: a study of products, pricing, and promotional practices, Chonlada Sangkaworn, Ramkhamhaeng University; Bahaudin Mujtaba, Nova Southeastern University. A comparison of the validity of interviewer-based and online-conjoint analyses, Andreas Klein, University of Duisburg-Essen; Katrin Nihalani, University of Duisburg-Essen; Krish S. Krishnan, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Infusing value: application of historical management concepts at a modern organization, Andrew Clem, Nova Southeastern University; Bahaudin Mujtaba, Nova Southeastern University.

Volume Three - January, 2010: (order printed edition) Converses Breaking-Point Model Revised, Steven Anderson, Austin Peay State University; John Volker, Austin Peay State University; Michael Phillips, Austin Peay State University. Ethnography in Product Design - Looking for Compensatory Behaviors, Paul Skaggs, Brigham Young University. What Management and Quality Theories Are Best for Small Businesses?, Mildred Golden Pryor, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Leslie Toombs, University of Texas at Permian Basin; Donna Anderson, Texas A&M University-Commerce; J. Chris White, ViaSim. Public Administration and Economics: Twin- Sciences That [Should] Go Together for RoundedKnowledge?, Mashupye Herbet Maserumule, Tshwane University of Technology, Soshaguve Campus, South Africa; Polly Mashigo, Tshwane University of Technology, Ga-Rankuwa Campus, South Africa. Elvis: Dead and Loving It - The Influence of Attraction, Nostalgia, and Risk in Dead Celebrity Attitude Formation, Robert D. Evans, Jr., Texas A&M International; Phillip M. Hart, University of Memphis; John E. Cicala, University of Memphis; Dan L. Sherrell, University of Memphis.

States, firms, and the structure of market risk, Barbara Weiss, The University of Tampa. Fragrance in the workplace: what managers need to know, Christy De Vader, Loyola University of Maryland. The case for rail transportation of hazardous materials, H. Barry Spraggins, University of Nevada, Reno. Does level of education influence psychological traits? Evidence from used car entrepreneurs, Donatus Okhomina; Fayetteville State University. The impact of contingent time off on productivity in a small manufacturing environment, Diane Lockwood, Seattle University; Colette Frayne , California Polytechnic State University, Harriet Stephenson, Seattle University; J. Michael Geringer, California Polytechnic State University. An empirical investigation of the adoption behavior of technological service innovation, David Smith, Palm Beach Atlantic University; Edgar Langlois, Palm Beach Atlantic University; Marius Lazau, Palm Beach Atlantic University. Designing for knowledge worker retention & organization performance, Klara Nelson, The University of Tampa; Joseph E. McCann, Jacksonville University.

Volume Two - May, 2009:

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DIVERSITY IN WORKPLACE CAUSES RISE IN UNIQUE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND CHANGES IN CAFETERIA PLANS, Gayle White, Southern Arkansas University. The Transitions of Managers into Newly Acquired Organizations, Donnie Smith, California State University - Fullerton. Examining Role Model and Information Source Influence on Breed Loyalty: Implications in Four Important Product Categories, Paul Clark. Indiana State University; Jay Page, Mississippi State University. Category Width and New Household Technology Adoption: Developments of the Measures, Donald W. Eckrich, Ithaca College; Michael McCall, Ithaca College. THE STRUCTURE OF ONLINE MARKETING COMMUNICATION CHANNELS, Robert Owen, Texas A&M University-Texarkana; Patricia Humphrey, Texas A&M University-Texarkana. Measuring the Emotional Quality of Products: How Entrepreneurial Firms Can Efficiently and Effectively Improve New Product Development Practices, Brooke Envick, St. Marys University; Eileen Wall-Mullen, St. Marys University. How Religion Has Embraced Marketing and the Implications for Business, Ann Kuzma, Minnesota State University, Mankato; Andrew Kuzma, Yale University; John Kuzma, Minnesota State University, Mankato. Determinants of Booster Seat Usage: What Makes Parents Commit to Using Booster Seats On A Regular Basis , M. Meral Anitsal, Tennessee Tech University; Ismet Anitsal, Tennessee Tech University; Kevin Liska, Tennessee Tech University. A Conceptual Framework for Designing Localized Business Websites , Ali Al-Badi, Sultan Qaboos University, Al-Khoud, Sultanate of Oman; Syed Naqvi, Sultan Qaboos University, Al-Khoud, Sultanate of Oman. The Impact of Crime on Business: A Model for Prevention, Detection & Remedy , Martin Bressler, Houston Baptist University.

Runway Incursions: Airport Movement Area Driver Training Demographics Suggests Revisions to Airport Driver Training Methods, William Rankin, University of Central Missouri; John Cokley, University of Queensland. Role of Relationship Marketing in Competitive Marketing Strategy, Nagasimha Kanagal, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Volume One, December, 2008:

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Green Advertising and Environmentally Responsible Consumer Behaviors: Linkages Examined, Diana L. Haytko, PhD, Missouri State University; Erika Matulich, PhD, University of Tampa. The Economic Impact of Women-Owned Businesses in Northeast Florida, Hassan Pordeli, Jacksonville University; Gordon McClung, Waynesburg University; Gwen Martin Center for Women Business Research. Personal Liability and Human Resource Decision Making, Gerald E. Calvasina, Southern Utah University; Richard V. Calvasina, University of West Florida; Eugene J. Calvasina, Southern University. Team-Based Approaches to Compliance with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Lois Bryan, Robert Morris University; Michael Yahr, Robert Morris University; Daniel Rota, Robert Morris University. Factoring for X: An Empirical Study of Generation Xs Materialistic Attributes, Nora Martin, University of South Carolina; Diane Prince, Clayton State University. Individual Differences and Workplace Spirituality: The Homogenization of the Corporate Culture, T. Winters Moore, East Tennessee State University. Reactions to Different Levels of Personalization of Feedback: Moderating Effect of Individualism, Feruzan Syrus Irani, Auburn University. Utilizing the Organizational Leadership Assessment as a Strategic Tool for Increasing the Effectiveness of Teams within Organizations, Justin Irving, Bethel University. Social/Interpersonal Skills in Business: In Field, Curriculum and Student Perspectives, Marvin Lovett, University of Texas at Brownsville; Irma Jones, University of Texas at Brownsville. IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL SIZE MEASURES ON RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ORGANIZATIONAL INEFFICIENCY AND DONATIONS, Nicholas Marudas, Auburn Montgomery; Fred Jacobs, Lulea Institute of Technology and Auburn Montgomery. WHAT FACTORS AFFECT A PROMOTION SYSTEMS LONG-TERM USE?, Dan Baugher, Pace University; Andrew Varanelli, Pace University; Ellen Weisbord, Pace University. Key Philosophical Decisions to Consider When Designing an Internship Program, Richard Divine, Central Michigan University; Robert Miller, Central Michigan University; J. Holton Wilson, Central Michigan University; JoAnn Linrud, Minot State University.