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Cody Baker Mr.

Neuburger Comp 102 December 14, 2011 Final Essay In the fall of 2011 I dreaded going into this class because I thought it would be another boring class that wouldnt teach me anything about writing an essay. My opinion on this class changed dramatically during the first couple of weeks. This class became one of my most liked classes because it allowed me to express what I felt about the short stories we read and express myself in my writing. When I first started this class I knew how to write an essay, even if the essay would take me hours and even days to start with the introduction paragraph. By the end of the class I have been able to start and finish an essay whether it is a paragraph or many pages long in just a couple of days, without the paper going in all different directions. The lesson that helped me the most was the paragraph essays that we did in the start of the semester. The lesson would include us writing about how we felt on the topic we had to read while using an MLA format and not including the Letter I while expressing our opinion. The paragraph essays helped me the most because it forced me to use at least seven to nine sentences and no less than 160 words and no more than 216 words. Before this class my paragraphs would barely be four sentences that would include run on sentences and fragments that would not make sense to anyone reading them.

Our class did a research project that lasted a couple days longer than it should have, even if there is a whole lot of information over the holocaust. The paper actually taught me things that a normal research paper wouldnt because I would spend more time writing the paper instead of reading and learning about the topic I was writing about. The project showed me multiple things about writing that I didnt know I could do and one of those is writing a ten page paper, if it was any longer than ten pages my paper would have been useless. Our final project consisted of a digital story over a subject of our choice which allowed the class to explore the horizons and see where each of us comes from so to speak. This project would be the first time for me, and probably a first for many of my class mates. The project should have had more time to develop to let us explore and play around with the technology we had to use. Being able to use the computers as often as we wanted helped in getting our papers and essays done in a mannerly fashion, and allowed the class to explore with the Microsoft Word program. Having the ability to upload our essays to blog posts helped a lot in my organization, because it was easier to keep track of all my papers and I wouldnt have to look and look for papers in my bag just to see what my grade on the paper was. In August 2011 I signed up for a class that I dreaded and regretted taking. After months of doing nothing but researching, writing, talking and uploading papers to blog posts, I am going to say that this class has become one of my favorite classes that I liked to attend this past semester.